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Team USA vs. Turkey

Really excited for this game. I think it's going to be a very close W for us.

This tournament has been very refreshing for me basketball wise. With Andre playing a large role and it being our national team, I found myself really passionately watching and routing for wins. I didn't feel that way at all last year watching the Sixers. It has reminded me just how much I enjoy watching basketball when maximum effort is given, win or lose. By the end of last season, I wouldn't even care if there was a game on. Feeling somewhat optimistic that even if the W's don't jump that much for us, I'll lose that apathetic feeling that took over me last year.

Should be a great game. Hope we get the win.

Rob_STC reply to Ryan F on Sep 12 at 11:12

I agree with that. This is enjoyable for a basketball fan especially if you have one of your own guys playing. I say to Sixers fans think about the 23 win team in OKC and how they improved the next year. Just sayin.

Alright, here we go. Same starting lineup for the US, looks like Iguodala on Turkoglu.

They're going at Odom early and often. Funny hearing about the Turkish big man faking an injury last night.

Durant is still unconscious.

I'd get Westbrook in there to penetrate against this crazy zone.

Turkoglu is a bitch.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Sep 12 at 14:56

My least favorite player in all of the NBA.

Great D by Gordon. Thats the way to pressure the ball.

22-17 after the first quarter. Defensively, I thought they were fine, on offense they need to do a better job against the zone.

Couple nice passes to Odom in the first that he just dropped. Wouldn't mind seeing Love get a few minutes in the second.

Iguodala back in early in the second. Durant is the five in this lineup, I think.

Great box out by Iguodala on the Turks center! wow

Sick block by AI9.

Durant's a fireball right now

Stop jacking up these horrible shots, please.

Alright, up by 10 at the half. Someone other than Durant needs to be able to score.

What do you think, start Curry over Rose in second half? Rose can't make a shot and looks a bit out of control this game.

Nice. Iguodala and Odom really, really work well together.

Why is Iguodala passing up open shots in the half court offense?

Because he knows what he can and can not make and as opposed to playing with the sixers, there are better shooters on the court that he's more than happy to defer to.

Every time I think this is over, the Turks make a little run. Defensive intensity has picked up, though. Get Gay out of there.

Up 13 after three. I'd go with Odom, Durant, Iguodala, Gordon, Westbrook to start the fourth.

18-point lead, 7:30 to go. That should be it.

Rose looks bad in the two games I've seen. Curry's shot looks sweet as hell.

Durant is unconscious. If they're gonna count a 20-footer as a 3 he's gonna knock them down all day.

I hope Iggy makes the next Olympic team. He definitely brings defensive intensity and intangibles to the team. Along of course with his athleticism.

Congrats to Team USA.

Here's an idea. 2008 Team USA team vs. 2010 team USA. Would be a fun exhibition game.

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