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First Look: 2010 Redesign

Lou Amundson to GSW, reportedly a two-year, $5M deal. Good pickup for Golden State. Their front court is now Biedrins, Lee, Amundson, Udoh and Gadzurich. They swapped Randolph and Turiaf for Lee, Amundson, Udoh and Gadzurich's expiring contract. That's a step in the right direction, no?

I gotta say I'm sick to my stomach about all the stuff I've read about Iguodala 'translating his USA game' back to the NBA. I can't read that 'he grew up' in Turkey one more time. I can't read that he should become a defensive stopper for the 76ers, because he has always played his ass off defensively. People are calling for him to stop playing offense all-together. God, there a lot of people who don't watch the Sixers play and still find a way to write about them.

Unfortunately, if you were watching Iguodala play for the first time in these World Championships (as I'm sure a lot of people were), you'd conclude he has little or no offensive game outside of 5 feet. I think he made two jumpers (two 3's) the whole tournament and missed most of the others badly. He shot 9-19 on free throws. For the most part, he couldn't (or wouldn't) penetrate against the zone. He's never been the type of player who can roll out of bed and hit a jumper, and it's a credit to both him and the coaching staff that they eventually found a way for him to contribute in the halfcourt as the fifth option (having him crash the offensive boards, something he never does with the Sixers).

On the flip side, he got a lot of credit nationally for the other parts of his game that Sixer fans have come to appreciate: rebounding, passing, steals, defense, and transition scoring. (Check ESPN's Daily Dime Live transcript for the Russia game, for example.) So some credit is better than no credit, which is what a lot of Sixers fans give him.

Rich reply to Statman on Sep 13 at 14:27

This is more Sixer-centric writing I'm referring to. The national stuff was all good from what I saw. I'm just tired of people saying that if he defers and checks his ego, they would have been a better team. It is amazing that even though he showed little offense, he still got dap, which is good. I watched the game yesterday with a friend who doesn't watch the Sixers but he was impressed with AI9's passing. Even though his shooting was nonexistent, he was the team's best passer/playmaker against the zone along with Odom.

Is it possible to center the new design like the current one is?

Like the new design, tested the search function and liked how it works (it pulls your tweets in as well).

Good season preview write-up from HoopsWorld:


Thanks, I added it to the Reading List on the new site.

A couple new features I didn't point out (I'll add them to the post above)

1. Reading List - Basically, this is a collection of links. I usually post them in the comments, now they'll be on the home page and the sidebar of other pages. If you're looking for something to read, check there.

2. Schedule - This is still in development, but the schedule is going to be interactive, with results for each game. If you click on the date or game number, you'll be taken to a mini-site for that particular game (assuming it's already been played). On the page, you'll find the rotation chart, four factors worksheet, player of the game, and all related content (preview, game thread, post-game wrap).

There's more to come, but those features are in place now, in some form.

Looks good, I agree with Jason that I would prefer it centered. (Viewed in Firefox)

Brian, the redesign is a bit choppy looking in Chrome. The formatting is off, and the R column is cut off (and you can't scroll over.) I am using an XGA screen, and I'm guessing the redesign can't handle this for some reason.

What's your resolution? I don't have chrome on this machine, but I'll check when I get home.

XGA (1024X768)

I have a full sized monitor at home, so I'll see how it works there.

BTW, it worked fine on my phone (Opera Mini) but it loaded slowly (which is unusually for that browser.)

I'm wondering about load times, especially on phones. I'm hoping it'll only be an issue on first load.

I just re-checked. Opera Mini (older Win Mobile phone) standard site accessible in 6 sec, fully loaded in 9 sec. New site accessible in 8 sec, fully loaded in 12 sec. So not so bad. But mini reprocesses web pages to speed up browsing. No sure how full functioned mobile browsers will do.

johnrosz on Sep 13 at 22:49

Saw this on RealGM

"In Philadelphia, I was asked to focus more on defense. But with the Kings, they expect me to play a more offensive role. I'll be able to accomplish many more things with my new team," Dalembert said.

That's going to be fantastic. About time someone besides Sammy realized what a versatile threat he is on the offensive end...

Saw that earlier, too funny.

That front court has so many marbles loose it isn't even funny. Cousins, Sammy and Whiteside. Funny thing is, I think there's a very good chance they can all really play.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Sep 13 at 23:48

i bet that the Sammy D as an offensive weapon experiment ends the minute he starts showing off the long range jumper he spent so much time on in practice here. i wanted the sixers to take a chance on whiteside because...well why the hell not? Wish this team would be more willing to buy picks later in the draft.

That new homepage could use more pix of Jaime Maggio but otherwise looks pretty good...except not all of the Twitter links in the Reading List are active, and why is Joba Chamberlain a Top Tag??

Joba's a leftover from the days when this was a Sixers, Yankees and Eagles blog. I removed him from the top tag list. Also, which links aren't working for you in the reading list? They're all active for me, I think.

Heh the only ones that weren't working were the Twitter tags for several slacker '6ers, just wanted to see if anybody else noticed that!

First impression - big improvement. I like to take a superficial look first, to see if the graphics catch my eye and make it easy to locate different parts of the page. I like the look and the new logo of you with your head in your hands. (But I really think you're gonna have to change it some day!)

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