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Projecting With Advanced Stats (Part 1)

deepsixersuede on Sep 22 at 7:38

Brian and Joe, thanks for the effort; I try to understand the advanced stats better and any education on it is definitely beneficial. These seem pretty accurate. Is coaching the variable in any advanced statistic?

In any stat?

I would say none that I know of.

If you take a look at David Berri's new book "Stumbling on Wins" he has a discussion on coaching that you may find interesting based on stats. I haven't gotten around to reading it, though, so I can't really recommend it. I did really like his first book, though, "Wages of Wins", for what it's worth.

Thanks for the little shout out. As Brian said, this is him, not me. I gave him a little seed of an idea and that was it.

As a note, the metrics are based on offensive and defensive efficiency. So Dallas and San Antonio being so far off is actually more a statement that Dallas was lucky and San Antonio wasn't IMO. San Antionio outscored their opponents by a larger margin and won 5 less games? Seems odd.

I love these advanced stats! Can't wait to see more.
On a side note, pretty cool article from last year on Evan Turner.
Easy guy to root for.

Good link.

i wish the links spent more time on how they are turning efficiency into wins. without that the other math has no backing

From the Sixers official Twitterer: "Coach Collins says Green "one of the best professionals this team has ever had", added telling him about trade was very difficult this a.m."

I would've given my left nut to be the guy making that phone call.

wow with the new site design i can finally post with my phone. :)

i'm sure that efficiency and wins are related, but some day i would like to investigate how people decide to weigh the factors, to see which systems i support and make sure they arent forcing results

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