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Sixers Appear in Melo Rumors

johnrosz on Sep 15 at 23:12

Surprised by the snippet about Thorn not being in love with the idea of acquiring Favors in the 3 team deal...I mean, didn't he draft Favors in the first place? Makes you wonder how much say he had in NJ after new ownership took over. If Favors were "his guy" I would think he'd jump at the opportunity to make that move.

I agree with your take.

Moves I would make if available (which they probably are not):

1. Iguodala for a a top young PF/C and expirings (Favors or Cousins,)
-Jrue/Turner/Favors makes for a nice foundation. You have 3-4 years to figure out the rest.


2. Turner as part of a package for Melo.
-Jrue(20)/Iguodala(26)/Melo(26) would be tremendous. Find bigs with a pulse and you are competing with Miami and LA.

This trade will run into the problem of Either NJ parting with Troy murphy, or either the sixers/Denver end up with the clunker Devin Harris. No way it works for the nets w/o one of those 2 players leaving The nets(unless this trade happens in December) and neither the sixers or the nuggets want harris I would assume and if Nets move Troy Murphy and Derrick Favors they have no Power Forward lol.

Ideally if the sixers can come out of this with Favors and keep Jrue and Turner and don't take back any salary past this year i'll be all for it, even if it means giving up speights and Young. I don't think the Nets need to send any picks to the sixers at all if we end up with Favors and 10 million in cap relief (plus not having to resign Thad will essentially give us another 5 million off our cap # next year).

Realistically speaking i'd say this trade isn't going to happen (less than 5% chance of happening) too many things are going to keep it from happening.

tk76 reply to Jason on Sep 15 at 23:30

I have MUCH more faith in Thorn somehow pulling off a major deal that Ed.

How about pulling a major deal and not getting raped in the process?

Thorn got great value when he traded for both Kidd and Vince Carter in NJ, but I don't think this is really that type of situation, do you?

Another rumor, this time it's Dampier. I call B.S. on this one, the Sixers could offer him the minimum and stay under the lux tax, but he's going to get offers for that from better teams, in better situations. They could offer him as much as the MLE, but do you really think they're going to go over the luxury tax to bring Dampier in? Me neither.

Joey reply to Brian on Sep 15 at 23:36

How close are the Sixers over the luxury Tax? Can they afford to go after Dampier?

They're about $1M under the luxury tax, so they can offer him the veteran's minimum, that's it.

Sometimes a GM take a player because that player is slotted to be taken at a certain place. Perhaps Rod Thorn took Favors because he didn't want backlash of being the GM that missed out on Favors' potential. Rod Thorn did rave about Al Farouq Aminu. Stupid speculation that can't be proven on my part, but perhaps Rod Thorn wanted Aminu more...

Aminu turned pro following his sophomore season, and he's generally projected as a top-7 pick. It's his grace and wide skill set that get scouts' attention. As New Jersey Nets president Rod Thorn described, Aminu is the one guy in this draft who can grab the rebound, dribble the length of the floor and finish in the post.

Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/05/22/1451110/aminu-dont-confuse-lazy-with-laid.html#ixzz0zexPL2OH

It's certainly possible. Personally, I'd rather have Favors, and I'd love to find a way to get him now.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 1:06

If you look at it in terms of getting Iguodala for a top 3 pick in the draft...I don't think you'll ever get any more value than that. If they are in fact going to trade him at some point, this seems like the most logical scenario.

I believe Thorn was already on his way out when the draft happened. I still believe the Russian was too interfering and controlling and that is why Thorn left...I wouldn't be surprised to hear his opinion on who to draft was vetoed by others with less experience.

Check the post on the Thorn conference call. I asked him this very question.

I love your 2nd deal Brian. Jrue, Turner, Favors. That's a rebuild worth doing, plus JR Smith and Lou would be the ultimate "all offense, no defense" backcourt. Eddie Jordan would foam at the mouth watching that.

A quick note on the redesign. A couple people asked for the content to be centered on the page, rather than flush left. I created a test page to show how that looks, I don't like it as much.

Centered vs. Flush left.

I'm going to stick w/ flush left, mainly because I'm using padding and white space to define content areas (rather than lines and boxes), and having the entire page floating in white space lessens the effectiveness of that design.

Just wanted to let you know that I did check it out, and why I decided what I decided.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 8:33

I like it flushed left better, but a vertical separator, or some more space between the posts and the links may help even it up a bit.

I believe this trade works:

Jersey gets : Carmelo + Hawes

Denver gets : Iguodala + Thad

Sixers get : Favors + Murphy + draft pick

What do you think, fair for each team?

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Sep 16 at 1:38

Would think Denver wants more in terms of cap relief or future picks

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Sep 16 at 2:59

If this happens i'd be very happy, would enjoy the sixers raping the other two teams in a trade for once. The problem i see with this trade is the sixers getting a pick (Den would get it) and 2nd New Jersey won't trade away both Murphy and Favors because they would then have no PF and hawes wouldn't be enough to get the trade through (he's a center and so is lopez, who plays the 4?) The nets would not be a contender after this trade so why would they do it? I think we'd have to replace Hawes in the trade and give Speights to NJ, in order for New Jersey to consider this.

Trade would look like this

Jersey gets : Carmelo + Speights

Denver gets : Iguodala + Thad+ draft pick

Sixers get : Favors + Murphy

I don't think the trade above will happen unless nets just decide they want Carmelo.

I think in order for any trade to go down there will have to be a 4th team involved to take on Devon Harris for it to be possible imo, i just don't see Nets giving up Murphy and favors causing them to have a void in their starting lineup which keeps them from being a contender are they even the 4th best team in the east after this trade? Only way a trade happens b/w the 3 teams is if either the nets make a mistake and give up both murphy and favors, or the sixers decide to take back the Harris contract.

Yeah, I think that version of the trade you did is actually a lot better. Denver should be happy with the value they get there. And it's pretty clear NJ wants to get a star player after they struck out on big free agents. I think it's quite possible the nets make a mistake as well. Look whos running their organization now. :)

Like I said in an earlier post, if the Sixers can't get Melo in a trade, a superstar in the league, I'm going the whole season with the cards that we've been dealt, let our expiring contracts play out, evaluate the young talent and hope for the best in the free agent market in th 2010-11 off-season. I don't want any part of Devin Harris or JR Smith.

deepsixersuede reply to KellyDad on Sep 16 at 8:27

I don!t know why the nets want to move Harris, they now, with T.Williams, can allow him to play off the ball in more of a scorers role where he can be successful. And Murphy has value as a player and expiring contract.

If a package of Turner, Thad and expirings gets Carmelo I pull the trigger or if Iggy gets me Favors I do the same.

We don't have any cap space next summer. If they renounce Thad, Hawes and Smith, they're looking at maybe $5M in cap space (assuming there's no strike and the cap stays the same as this season), meaning they have less than MLE money.

Damn...wouldn't it be nice to have Sammy's expiring contract right about now.

Maybe the Sixers just peek their head in and dump off Nocioni?(give away Thad in the process)

Sixers get K-Mart, K-Humph
Nets get Carmelo, Nocioni
Denver gets Thad, Kapono, Favors, Murphy, Hawes

Maybe the Sixers get Balkman or Damion James somehow as well and dump off Willie, Smith, or Meeks, so they keep a SF/PF on the roster.

That would work for me, but I don't have as much hope for Thad as some do. Basically, what you're doing w/ this trade is giving away Thad to get out of paying Nocioni next season. No one else in the deal really matters for the Sixers, and it's debatable whether Thad does.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 10:10

Yes, it is debatable whether we'd be giving up on Thad too soon.

But I'd be more worried about our front court. Essentially we're banking on Speights to be our only center. Are we resigning ourselves to a year of small ball only? I know Hawes might not be the answer...but does Humphries play center? K-mart probably won't be on the court for half the year. Brand at 5 is a gimick.

I don't like that deal. I want Favors if we're helping this deal go through.

The absence of Hawes doesn't make our front court any more of a joke than it is right now. Agree that my priority would be getting Favors if we're going to involve ourselves in a deal sending Melo to NJ.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 10:20

Well, I know your position on Hawes- but at the very least we'd have two centers to hack at D. Howard instead of one.

I'm going to stay optimistic about Hawes for the time being. I admit I didn't see him play any significant number of minutes last year and I know his shooting numbers aren't good for a big man- but he's 22, 7ft, and he did put up 10-6 in 26 minutes last year.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 10:21

Oh- and he's cheap.

He's got to add more to the center position than having to go small ball 90% of the time, right?

We're screwed up front either way. Playing w/ Hawes as your five is essentially playing small anyway.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 10:28

In a way I guess. I'd rather keep him and Thad, eat Nocioni's contract than have to take on K-mart and Humphries.

This year doesn't matter too much. The only way you don't make this trade is if you think Thad's going to be with the team beyond this season, meaning you think you're going to extend him or at the very least, make him a qualifying offer.

ryano reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 10:37

I'll play the optimist card. I think he has more to offer. Remember end of the year two years ago and that Orlando series? Thad looked like he might make a big jump forward.

Eddie Jordan screwed the whole team last year. I blame Eddie and want to give most of these guys the benefit of the doubt. When have we ever seen Thad play his natural position?

We aren't going to see it this year, either. Collins already said he likes him as a small four.

Joe reply to ryano on Sep 16 at 16:26

Who do you blame for Thad's step back in his second season?

Quick update on the redesign: The schedule page is done, you can see it here: http://www.depressedfan.com/schedule and there's a fake game entry in there to show the individual game page layout. That one is about 95% done, but you can check it out here: http://www.depressedfan.com/basketball/sixers/2010-2011/games/1/

You can get all these updates on Facebook first, just "like" the page at http://www.facebook.com/DepressedFan

I like the POG in the fake game ;-)

I thought about going w/ Willie :)

ESPN wrote up about the trade rumors as well. If Iggy leaves and Favors+pick+garbage contracts come back...does Thad get the minutes at 3? Does that change anyone's mind about the trade if we can get it done without giving up Thad? (Again- I'm taking the optimist's stance on Thad's potential)

I haven't heard too many people say they wouldn't do it if we got Favors/picks/expirings in return. If Thad doesn't go, sure, you can start him at the three, see what he does. Nothing to lose. But you aren't making the move to clear a starting spot for Thad, not at all.

Favors, to me, is the equivalent of a toosly single-A outfielder with great offensive numbers. Maybe he'll pan out, and maybe he really won't. I see no way of knowing that he'll be markedly better than Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Tyrus Thomas, Stromile Swift, etc. He's a lottery ticket (okay, probably more like a raffle ticket), not this great value.

There's also no way of knowing if he'll be markedly worse than Dwight Howard, etc.

Personally, if you make this move, you're getting worse in the short term for the chance to be better in the long term. Personally, I think Favors is a good gamble in that respect, and you're also clearing cap space and improving your draft positioning. That's the type of deal I can understand if you're giving up Iguodala. Getting Melo is nearly lateral talent-wise, and you're tying up more money with less chance of high draft pick(s) in the future.

Mike P reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 19:49

People have been saying that since they've gotten Murphy, Favors has improved remarkably from Summer league. A little competition sparked a fire in him and he's been doing everything they wanted.

I'd love if we gave up Iggy to get Favors and some expirings. It would be sad to see him go to another situation exactly like the Sixers though.

I agree on getting Melo would be a mistake. Our best piece to put beside him plays the same position. We'd be stuck with a team that would be around .500 again, this time with Melo on a Max contract.

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