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Rod Thorn Conference Call

Thinking about the advanced statistics...

Funny thing is Philly sort of pioneered all this years ago. Wasn't Harvey Pollack the first guy to keep track of things beyond simple points and rebounds? Of course thats like saying Philly is like Silicon Valley becasue Univac was built here in the 50's ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIVAC_I )

Yep. Has anyone ever gotten Pollack's book? The excerpts I've seen always seemed kind of trivial to me, like the Sixers win 60% of games in which they win the opening tip.

That's why they signed Bol, right :)

So yes, it wasn't only me thinking that by saying Sixers are "a cap team, not a luxury tax team" (if I understood correctly) he actually didn't answer my question about our current financial situation...
Some other points on my last post:


while I missed 2-3 that you covered, thank you Brian

"but the team is not going to blow it all up and start from scratch."

this disappoints me greatly :(.

I wouldn't take it that seriously. If they get an offer they like that's a rebuild, they'll just spin it some way by talking about meaningless stuff, like Argentinian toughness, or a center's passing ability.

I think he's correct on this, usually teams with many players past their prime (+ perhaps a veteran superstar) with no high picks and in cap hell have to rebuild and start from scratch.
We were in that situation in the last years of the Iverson era, with Snow, Mc Kie etc etc now it's totally different.
I think he meant something like "let's keep our young core and build from it".
I also had the impression that he would have NEVER made the Dalembert trade if he was in charge.

I hope you and Brian are right on this, but if he's not willing to move iguodala for a young prospect like favors then i won't be pleased.

I kind of got that feeling too, like he continually has to spin it, but he's not really behind it. He pointed out a couple times that he wasn't here when they made the deal.

Take it a step further, and he talks about how the defense was particularly disappointing last season, and he keeps stating the obvious, Hawes is an offensive center, Dalembert was a defender.

So he didn't answer any questions really. But he did go out of his way not to throw Iguodala a bone?

Sounds great...

I may have missed a bit in that Iguodala quote, Dannie has a different account of it over at recliner gm. He was basically saying they're both really good, but different players.

Hey Derek,
who do you think is the better actor: Paul Peirce or Derek Jeter?

Thanks for the question, Mitch. I'd say the better actor is Eli Manning.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 16:43

since the yankees were brought up. Are you at all concerned about AJ Burnett and his 5 and a half ERA, Pettitte coming off an injury, and Phil Hughes and his smoke and mirrors success in a playoff series?

Concerned? Not really. It's basically Sabathia and then hope you can score 10 runs in the other games. All I can do at this point is watch quietly and hope this is the last season I have to see Joe Girardi managing this team.


johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Sep 16 at 16:46

I can't stand the Captain, but there's nothing wrong with what he did, that's a heads up play. The umpire should be the one getting all the criticism for missing a blatantly obvious call, not Jeter

If it were A-Rod, or Manny, or Someone on the white sox i guarantee you 95% of america would be saying how horrible they are.

Jeter is grossly over worshipped and this is just more evidence, like that disgustingly idiotic fawning yahoo piece the other day.

The only Good part is that the yankees are going to pay him way too much money next year so he can ripken the team

Don't be bitter. It's not like the Yanks ever did anything to the Phils...oh, nevermind.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 18:24

This is a Sixers blog isn't it ? Oh okay I thought I was at the wrong place. Thanks for getting the conference call on the blog.

Blog comment sections are new to you?

Steven reply to Brian on Sep 16 at 17:21

How is Eli a good actor?

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