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Willie's Gone!

I'm so happy right now.

see ya

Can anyone figure out why the hell the Hornets would make this trade? Are they trying to force CP3 out of New Orleans?

teddygreen on Sep 23 at 11:39

This is good news for the development of Evan turner. No longer will the head coached be seduced by the mediocrity of Willie Green. It will be interesting to see if Paul can could anything with Smith. Smith is athletic and if he can complete an alley oop, he may find a nice with the Hornets.

I'd say the odds are infinitely better that Paul could've made something out of Brackins than Jason Smith. Smith is a nothing.

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen.

Thank you Willie! Glad to see you move on!

Jason, I hope you heel and show glimpses of you pre-injury mobility.

A welcome deal for the Sixers. Taking Willie out of the backcourt equation is a good thing.

hahaha Brian how long did it take for you to remove Willie from the roster?
How do you reckon Willie's 390 minutes are going to be divided?

Turner and Meeks, I'd think.

Joe reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 11:50

Our little-armed-Willie with a 3 pointer...

Ok. I'm waiting to hear about the 2012 2nd rounder that was included... this can't have actually happened.

The Sixers get the better side of a marginally useless trade? Awesome.

And Brackins was poor in college. He is so repetitive with Thad and Nocioni as far as I know...

Looks to me like he took way too many threes (3.1/40 minutes) and can't shoot them (31%). Rebounding numbers were good in his sophomore season.

I think he's a bigger body than Thad, and can probably legitimately play the four. Wait and see, I guess. I'd rather have him in the front court rotation than Smith.

paul reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 12:55

Since I have a connection to Iowa and Iowa State, I watched Brackins a number of times as a sophomore and as a junior. As a sophomore I thought he was far too physically weak to make much of a contribution in the NBA and thought it was amazing that he was rated a five star player out of high school. He was easily pushed around as a post player by less talented but more physical players.

He was much better as a junior. Perhaps he still wasn't a great inside player and that might explain the amount of threes. Also, he was required to carry quite a bit of the Iowa State scoring load. He has talent and speed. Whether he has enough strength yet I'm not sure.

Still, I think I would have taken just Songalia for Smith and Green so if Brackins develops into a decent rookie that will just be icing on the cake.

Brackins summer league stats. What's with all the 3 ptrs?


10 for 21... I'm not complaining.

Don't think Brackins will be seeing too much floor this year; however, If Songaila is healthy, he may be used to push Speights for bench minutes. He's avg'd approx. 19 minutes a game the last couple seasons. Smith just couldn't do that.

So even though Speights out performed Hawes last year in almost every category when he was healthy we are just presuming that Hawes is starting?

sfw reply to GoSixers on Sep 23 at 12:49

I don't consider Speights a center. That doesn't mean he won't get some of those minutes. Speights was a dog last year. Don't care about the stats. Don't know about Hawes but he will also have to earn his minutes.

That's great that you don't care about stats. I'm thrilled for you, but if you thought speights was a dog then Hawes was a corpse. Just because you didn't see him play doesn't mean he didn't suck worse than speights

I remember the scouts talking about this guy during the draft and Brackins got double/triple teamed his last year and he ended up having a down year. If you look at his first 2 years he was brilliant. Anyway, can anyone say that this trade is bad for the sixers? I surely can't!!! IN ROD WE TRUST!!!

speekeasy reply to smh1980 on Sep 23 at 23:52

Analysts talked about Brackins goin in the lottery if he left after his junior year. He was the whole team his senior year. I've always liked him and he has some potential. Brackins isn't a banger but he's got legit height and is pretty skillful for a big. Probably won't be the rebounder we need though. Reminds me a little of Speights. He seems like a good kid because he lost a good deal of money to come back and get his degree for a bad Iowa State team. Suffice to say I love the trade

speekeasy reply to speekeasy on Sep 23 at 23:54

Really like the new look for the site too, Brian.

I cannot remember the last time I was this happy. Even when we got the second pick in the draft, I wasn't this elated.

Thank you Rod Thorn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling that off.


I feel like I'm shortchanging Jason Smith. My elation over the removal of Willie Green from the Sixers is clearly overshadowing how happy I am the Sixers won't (a) be playing Smith this season and (b) be in a position to give him an ill-advised extension next summer.

sfw reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 12:28

So, Brackins comes in with his rookie deal? 3 years?

First two season are guaranteed ($1.3M and $1.4M), then the Sixers can cut bait or pick up two options for years 3 and 4 ($1.5M and $2.4M).

sfw reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 12:34


No problem. He's relatively cheap (because he was a late first-round pick), so his contract isn't a whole lot more than the minimum, in terms of cap space in coming years.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Sep 23 at 13:16

Not only warm body but Songalia is more then a servicable back front court player off the bench. He has got a nice jumper and can run the floor. And they got a prospect which was #21 in this years draft so a very nice trade in my book.

i like this trade

I have basically taken off the summer on the 76ers. I had a back procedure this am and I feel miserable till now! Thank you our new Pres Thorn for making me feel better! This is just too good to be true. Two players that charm our coaches for playtime for years gone in one big swoop! What a wonderful day!

This is fantastic news. Any trade that got Willie Green out of here would be a positive in my book.

Wow, the sixers just pulled off a deal that benefited them :O. Whose minutes will songalia end up taking? Will he just be given Jason smith like minutes? Hopefully he doesn't take too many from our young players that are probably already better than him lol.

None of these players are any good, but Songalia is just god awful. Literally cannot get from one end of the floor to the other in under 10 seconds. He's slow he usually gets up the floor after the point guard, even if the point guard is walking. Thank god he's expiring. This trade is just a waste of plane tickets and an exchange of stiffs. No grade because nothing relevant happened. But hey, that's better than an F deal, such as signing Tony Battie.

Jason reply to stoned81 on Sep 23 at 13:18

I disagree with that we turned 2 nothings into a prospect, maybe a fringe one, but he's at least an improvement over Jason Smith and willie greens useless soul.

I do agree with you that Songalia is awful, i'm hoping he gets less minutes than Jsmith did here lol.

Highlights of Craig Brackens:


Looks a lot better in the highlights than in the stats.

Rob_STC reply to scott on Sep 23 at 13:31

Songalia shoots 50 % for his career and 85 % from the line. I disagree , he can get up and down the court. He's been a nice bench player who has played 18-20 minutes a game. Jason Smith had absolutely no clue when he was on the court.

Thanks for the link. He looks like he has a really good handle for a big. Shot selection is probably going to be important for him early on. Don't want him just settling into being a jump shooter in the pros.

Wait, is ricko here? Do we now judge a player based on his youtube highlights?

You tube highlights are as an effective evaluation tool as points per game, maybe less so. It's inherent in the name. Highlights are edited footage that show the best of a player. They aren't full game film, they are cut up video by someone who wants to show only the good of a player. It's like those commercials you see for movies where snippets of reviews are quoted to indicate the reviewer had positive things to say about a crappy movie. Ever take the time to look up the entire review? There's something to be said about context and the entirety of a piece, both of which a you tube highlight reel ignores. I'd just numerous available scouting evaluations based on his entire career before i trust youtube

Rich reply to GoSixers on Sep 23 at 14:00

People understand the concept of a highlight reel.

bebopdeluxe reply to Rich on Sep 23 at 14:57

And if they don't, they sure do now!

Thanks for pointing that stuff out for us.

Scott reply to GoSixers on Sep 23 at 15:17

Ha! I was just trying to see what the guy looked like. I've never actually watched him play.

Wasn't trying to make some intense evaluation of his game. Ease up. Thanks for explaining what highlights are, though. Sheesh.

Sixers Front Office reply to GoSixers on Sep 23 at 18:20

So you mean to tell me this guy isn't some basketball phenom, and we shouldn't of based our opinion on this video?


If only you were around sooner to educate us.

Donovan reply to GoSixers on Sep 23 at 19:03

Based on your recent posts, it is abundantly clear that you are John Magee. Great.

bebopdeluxe reply to Donovan on Sep 23 at 20:39

Perish the thought.

John Magee - the thread killer

johnrosz reply to bebopdeluxe on Sep 23 at 20:58

Whatever happened to JEMagee anyway

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to johnrosz on Sep 23 at 21:55

JohnEMagee got his. i assume this is what happened to him . you know you are serious piece of garbage when bloggers continue to speak of you months after the last sighting!

lol the most bitter man in the world, he just couldn't stay away!

On the trade, we got something for nothing which is a good thing.

oh man, oh man, oh man. This just made my freaking WEEK!

From the Sixers official Twitterer: "Coach Collins says Green "one of the best professionals this team has ever had", added telling him about trade was very difficult this a.m."

I would've given my left nut to be the guy making that phone call.

Number of games coached by doug collins with willie green on the roster - zero

That must help in being able to state the positives :)

Oh what a day! I don't understand what Dell Demps is thinking, but Brackins has some talent. Songaila is a pretty big stiff, but so are the two guys we got rid of.

I watched Brackins play a couple of times. Look at his junior year numbers, he was a lottery pick (10ish range?) if he came out that year. He came back to school to try and get better and had a rough year. Also, you have to remember he was playing on a severely undermanned Iowa State team in a loaded Big 12 Conference this year. He is definitely a talented offensive player. Shoots too many threes though.

johnrosz on Sep 23 at 14:19

You guys are way too giddy about a somewhat lateral move. It's just the first trade in like 4 years where the Sixers didn't get absolutely fleeced. Is Thad the only player left from the Billy King regime now?

Iguodala and Lou are both survivors of the BK era.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Sep 23 at 14:25

I think everyone knows it's not a huge splash, and the deal can't be judged until we see what Brackins is. I think kind of a less efficient version of Speights on offense.

But come on, do you really want to watch Willie play way too much for another season? You aren't happy about that?

bebopdeluxe reply to johnrosz on Sep 23 at 15:03

We get rid of two guys that I wanted to see NOWHERE NEAR the court for a young big with some potential upside. Brackens is certainly better than the summer league/training camp flotsam-and-jetsam that is out there...perhaps he keeps the fire lit under Speights' ass...and if the guy turns out to be anything, we could perhaps move one of our other assets (like Thad or Speights) to get a young developmental defensive big.

No downside. Potential upside.

THOSE are the trades I like.

I really though this was going to be Willie Green's breakout year :)

I wonder if Stefanski was like, "But I thought we were going to extend those guys. Willie Green is our starting shooting guard! Rod, you're ruining everything."

I guess this pretty much kills our already slim chances of getting involved in the Carmelo sweepstakes. Bummer.

Not really. We've still got Kapono and Hawes (and even Thad, if it comes to that) as expiring contracts, plus in three months Songaila can be moved. If Melo isn't moved quickly, we could get back in on it. If Iguodala's involved, we still have more than enough assets, not that I want that to happen.

Court_visioN on Sep 23 at 15:20

can songaila be flipped in another deal at the deadline? not saying we should, just wondering.

Yep. He can be traded right away, I believe. But he can't be packaged with another player from the Sixers in the deal. He can be part of a package after 3 months, I believe.

I can't say I'm in love with Brackins. I'm not sure what he projects to as doing well on the NBA level. He played a lot of mid-post in college, but he's not great at establishing position, and it led to a lot of contested jumpers that he didn't shoot a great percentage on. He's not great as holding defensive position in the post, he's not a great athlete to be a shotblocker, he's not strong enough or consistent enough to be a great rebounder, and his range, while he shows flashes, isn't consistent and he's fairly inefficient from midrange.

Perhaps his post game translates, I'm just not sure. He certainly didn't get much help from his guards, so maybe he's got some untapped potential. I thought he was a late first/early second guy, not mid-first. I definitely liked him more on a non-guaranteed second round deal.

That being said, even though the Sixers are adding salary on this deal, just not having Bill is reason enough to celebrate.

I plan to watch about 5-7 games of tape tonight to refresh myself, and perhaps some summer league.

Can you check his shot distribution in Synergy? He's had pretty poor field goal percentages in college for a PF, I assume he just took way too many jumpers, but I'd love to see numbers.

Will do tonight. From what I remember, outside of set jump shots, he played a lot in the mid post, which led to a lot of jumpers and turnarounds. I'm not sure he gets a lot of that off in the NBA. I'll check the shot distributions tonight.

He shot 40% off post-ups, 34.2% on spot-ups, 28.6% off isolations, 62.8% off cuts. Overall in the half court he shot 40.3%, 46.7% in transition. 32.9% on catch and shoots.

I'll have a full write-up tonight

Thanks for looking that up. Wondering what Thorn saw in him prior to the draft and whether Brackins was the key, or he just saw an opportunity to clear out some flotsam.

Funny. I just read the same scouting report about Brackins on draftexpress. Thats the problem with guys on this blog. Guys wannna to know everything about everybody and they don't know shit.


There's a reason for that.

I work with DraftExpress. Been credentialed for the last two NBA Drafts through DraftExpress. Have access to Synergy Sports Technology through DraftExpress. Was at the NBA Lottery, was at the NBA combine, was at draft workouts.

Maybe you should know who you're criticizing before you make stupid statements about posters who want to sound like they know everything.

If you want to discuss this offline, you can email me at my email address.

derek.bodner at DRAFTEXPRESS.COM

You people are so dumb. How can you blame Willie, who should be the 7th or 8th player of the bench for most teams in the league for the coaches giving him starter or 6th man minutes? Was he supposed to tell the coach "I'm playing too many minutes coach. Take me out!". You guys are making him sound like he was a 1st round pick that had great expectations coming out of college like Kwame Brown or Darko Milic. If anyone is to blame blame the guys putting him on the court for extended minutes.
Whats so good about this trade besides saving some money off the cap? All four of these guys stink. Brakins sounds just like Jason Smith. They were even drafted in damn near the same position. This trade is so marginal that I'm suprised it even made the web.

"Whats so good about this trade besides saving some money off the cap? "

For someone who just criticized me for "pretending" to know what I'm talking about, you should probably realized WE LOST MONEY during the following years on the cap.

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 16:25

From Collins' luncheon today:

* Thought it was interesting he now says Iguodala will play "both" the two and three spots.

* Thinks "next year, you're going to talk about (Jrue Holiday) as one of the top five point guards in the NBA."

* On roster changes: "I fee like we haven't hit any home runs, but we have quietly improved our team. Now we all get to put it together."

That top 5 PG statement is really bold. Sort of reminds me of last summer Stefanski predicting Iguodala would finally be selected as an All Star (although Team USA was almost as good :)

IMO the Iguodala playing minutes at SG stems from:

-Hedging his bets on Turner being ready to step in right away and logs heavy minutes at SG.

-Minutes freed up now that WG has taken his "pictures" to N.O.

-The realization that Iguodala will have to play minutes at SG to free up the logjam at SF (Thad, Nocioni, Kapono.) Those guys need some minutes, and won't get them if Iguodala plays 40 min/nt solely at SF.

-The realization that Iguodala is well suited to play SG when he is on the floor with a quality shooter (Nocioni?)

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 16:41

Collins also said Brand weighed 252 the other day and that Speights has also lost weight and is in better shape.

I'd love to see Speights get back to the shape he was in when he entered the league.

I thought this was hilarious. Sam Amick at NBA Fanhouse is usually pretty sharp but this, from his write-up on the trade, is absurd:

"The former San Antonio executive [Dell Demps] is clearly determined to show point guard Chris Paul how serious he is about winning after months of legitimate rumblings that the All-Star wants out." He's going to show CP3 how serious he is about winning by trading for WILLIE GREEN!?!

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 16:47

Collins' opening line: "I'm starting Michael Vick at point guard Tuesday (when camp opens), just so you know."

speekeasy reply to Tom Moore on Sep 24 at 0:26


As I've talked about far too much, Iguodala is fine at SG, but in terms of winning and losing, this team would be better served to play him at PF for some time than SG. He's the best rebounder on the team, and he may just be the best defensive four they have.

Here's an analysis done by a Hornets blogger when Brackins was picked, including a little bit about his shot selection (spoiler alert: 15% of his attempts were in the paint).



Is it me, or are the Sixers still trying to acquire players that fit into Eddie Jordan's Princton offense, No Defense scheme?

Hawes, Nocioni and now Songalia? Those guys have EJ written all over them. And I'm not taling skin color, but style of play. Faux tough (or in Hawes case just soft), jumnp shooters who are willing passers.

Agreed. In fact, Songalia was one of Jordan's favorites in DC. I'm more afraid of Songalia than Jason Smith because Songalia has somehow commanded minutes everywhere he's played, despite being a terrible player. I feel like everyone in the league knows Jason is horrible, but he's expected to be 12th man getting 3 mins a game. Songalia is actually expected to contribute a little, even though he can't. That's more dangerous.

On the bright side, maybe people will stop complaining the Sixers don't have any foreigners after a year spent watching the mullet and Darius.

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 17:03

Collins on Iguodala: "As I look at our team right now, I’m probably going to have to use him a lot at the 2. And that means if I play Thad at the 3 with him, the one thing I’ve talked to him about is he can’t be a mistake player. Sometimes he wants to pound that ball and spin and get himself into traffic … "

Did he talk about anyone else and what they need to do? You know, like the rest of the teams ability to (not) rebound? Or Thads ability to score in the half court or hawes ability to be useful defensively? OR did he put most of it on Jrue and Iguodala.

Btw, if Wojo's info is correct, Dell Demps might be a worse GM than Billy King, he believes WG can be a back up PG

There was a time I thought Green could play some PG. But that was years ago, and I have not seen any hint of PG skill since. But I guess its possible that he was trying to fill the "scoring role" all these years, and we missed out on his inner PG :)

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 17:15

Collins on the Sixers' defensive philosophy: "If you view the basketball court as the lane is our house, inside the 3-point line to the lane is the yard and outside is the fence, we want to chase people inside the fence, make ’em play in our yard and keep ’em out of our house."

Looking at the Hornets roster I feel for their fans.

We all know the frustration of seeing Willie get steady minutes ahead of promising (and not so promising) young players. And in the Hornets case, expect Willie to get his 25 minutes at the expense of Thornton and Belinelli.


Not exactly a reason to want to stay a Hornet if you are CP3.

Tray reply to tk76 on Sep 23 at 17:52

They can't be crazy enough to let Willie eat into Thornton's minutes. Then again, they were crazy enough to trade for him.

I left out Q-Pon (Quincy Poindexter) who was their other 1st round pick. he is a wing, and likely will learn by watching Willie when he's got in going on.

Rich reply to tk76 on Sep 23 at 18:30

I wonder what a healthy Chris Paul does though. That team was a 2 seed a couple of years ago and he was doing it with a very similar cast. If he's healthy, it's hard to imagine them not making the playoffs.

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 17:22

Collins: "I’m aware of how many coaches they’ve had. I told them the other day, I said, ‘At some point and time, we have to all roll up our sleeves. If things don’t change, the name on the plate and the coach will change again.’ At some point, you have to do it together. ...

"When I talked to 'Dre the other day, I said, ‘Dre, get away and refresh yourself. I’ll see you at training camp. I want to work with you on how much you’ll practice.’ And he goes, ‘Thank you. I played for so many coaches, I feel like every training camp I have to prove myself.’ I said, ‘I just want you to be fresh – I know what you can do.’ He was appreciative of that. He doesn’t have to come in and do anything special – I just want him to do the things he’s good at."

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 17:28

Collins: "When I look at our big guys, the three rotation guys would be Elton, Mo and Spencer. Then I’ve got Darius for situational things and Tony (as an emergency 4-5). Brackins is a guy we want to develop."

Hmmn. I don't really have a problem with that. Would like to hear his plans for small lineups, though. Not sure I'm crazy about 30 min/game for those three guys, and I'm not sure any of them can handle that type of workload.

I always assumed Songaila was a good rebounder because he got a lot of time in Washington. Not really. He seems to be getting worse as his career goes on.

He got a lot of time in Washington because EJ was his coach. Songalia would actually play center in the 4th quarter of games instead of Haywood. I'm serious.

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 18:22

Collins' remarks today about using Iguodala more at the 2, etc., could indicate he's going to bring Turner along slowly and the No. 2 overall pick might not be a lock to start right away.

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 18:29

Collins on Holiday: "I talked to Jrue Holiday today and I looked into his eyes and I said, ‘Jrue, the one thing I came in with is I got me a good point guard, man.’ And to win in this league – in the NFL, you’ve got to have a good quarterback – well, in the NBA, the way the game is today, you better have a good point guard.

"I honestly believe – and this kid is such a good kid, and he’s such a hard worker, and he’s so pure – I honestly believe that next year, you’re going to be talking about him being one of the top five point guards in the NBA. I think you’re going to speak about him in the same breath as Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose…and Jrue. And you’ve got Steve Nash – you’ve got a lot of great players. But I honestly believe because he can play both ends of the floor. He can disrupt you on one end and he’s unselfish."

T McL reply to Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 23:04

To Derek Bodner and Tom Moore.

You two (among others) are such an asset to this blog. This thread is just further confirmation of that. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in.

Wojnarowski tweets:

For those asking about Hornets motivation for today's trade, GM Dell Demps believes SG Willie Green can move over and back up Chris Paul.


Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 19:04

Green played a lot of backup point here last year and had a pretty good assist-to-turnover ratio.

Is the league that sad that a little over 2:1 is considered a pretty good A:TO ratio?

It's not his A:TO ratio that bothers me anyway, it's his assist rate - he don't like to pass


Rich reply to Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 20:03

A bad shot is very often as bad as a turnover.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 21:27

Green doesn't turn the ball over much, but the idea that you trade for him of all people as a backup point guard is pretty zany. What if Paul gets hurt this season like he did last, are you going to go with Green as your starting point guard?

deepsixersuede on Sep 23 at 19:12

I am not sure who has a better career between Smith and Brackins but it is good to open up backcourt minutes and balance the roster. Brackins seems to have the same issues as Spieghts, hopefully Collins can get through to those 2 and Hawes.

Wouldn't this be a good time to add a big man coach? Preferably a perimeter type with a major attitude for toughness who could step on the court and get into it with them. Is D.Cowens available?

Tom Moore on Sep 23 at 20:27

A source confirmed the Sixers have invited backup point guard Chris Quinn, who has played for the Heat and Nets, to camp on a non-guaranteed contract.

Joe reply to Tom Moore on Sep 24 at 8:21

I have always liked Quinn.

He does a good job getting other players the ball in a position to make a play, he doesn't turn it over much, and he drains 3s.

Obviously he isn't a starter or anything, but, as a 4th-5th guard for this team, he is fine.

eddies' heady's on Sep 23 at 23:32

Looks like that starting lineup I predicted on the thread where you asked us to may come true. From day one, I've never been one to believe that Evan Turner would start on this team, even as bad as it was/is. He's just not ready and will struggle having to be off the ball.

And someone replied to me that the prediction was unlikely b/c Collins considered Dre mainly a three. I was very curious where that assumption came from, as I never saw anything publicly where Doug said that.

Glad to hear Doug try to nip Dre's penchant for turnovers in the bud, if he does see more time at the 2.

chief youngblood on Sep 24 at 0:19

Resident of the great and often misunderstood state of Louisiana right here , gonna lay some info about Brackins and Songalia on ya ' in exchange for some first hand knowledge about Green and Smith if you'll be so obliged

Songalia - He was well liked in New Orleans and was pretty valiant in his attempts to play the 5th spot for us on occasion , not too terrible of a match-up against second and third sting PF's unless of course they pound on him in the paint , neither Songalia or Brackins likes to go anywhere near the paint ( in Brackins case their is a little more hope for improvement being a rookie and all ) but Songalia prefers to take his shots in the 15-18 ft. range , and will surely frustrate with his rebounding numbers , but like I said despite all this remained pretty well liked , he plays hard.

Brackins - Spent the entire summer league posted up behind the 3 point line waiting to launch , which to his credit he does pretty well , but for a 6'11 PF he was abysmal in the paint, just terrible really . But like all rookies he has potential to learn , he drew alot of comparisons to Channing Frye coming out of college but even if the shot is their I don't see it .

With all this said , and from what i've read about Green and Smith it seems like you guys came out on the better end of this one ( barring some larger move by Demps ).

now somebody tell me something I don't know about Green and Smith

There's really not much to tell. If Green gets minutes, he'll go through spurts where it seems like he can't miss and he'll hit four or five jumpers in a 5-minute stretch. Then you'll look at the scoreboard and realize somehow your team has been outscored by 10 in the same amount of time. He's pretty much a zero on the defensive end, doesn't crash the boards, rarely hands out assists. Basically, if he's really, really hot shooting the ball, you may break even on his matchup. If he isn't hot, he's going to absolutely kill the team.

Smith has some athleticism and skills. He can shoot a bit from the outside, but he's just a terrible, terrible rebounder. He plays the pick-and-roll pretty well, but doesn't really do a whole lot more for you on the defensive end.

In the end, you got two expiring contracts, which could wind up being a decent haul for what you gave up if Brackins doesn't pan out. Of course, your side of the deal has zero upside. Willie is what he is and I don't think Smith has a future in the league.

From our perspective, we've seen Willie play way too many minutes year in and year out for a number of coaches. Just having him off the roster and unavailable as a "veteran safety blanket" for Collins is a huge step in the right direction for this season, which is a sad comment on the state of affairs in Philly, but what can you do.

I saw on the bleacher report willie was named the 10th best sixer of the decade.

Bleacher Report isn't exactly known for being well written insightful or having a clue.

Sal19134 on Sep 24 at 5:52

You guys are really forgetting that Willie Green is the definition of a professional athlete. The guy comes to work every day and works hard. He came back from his injuries which I thought were gonna put him out the league and he fought for minutes. It says something that through all the coaches the Sixers have had Willie Green has been able to get on their good side and stay on the court longer then he ever should. Green has also came a long way in his 3 point shooting, and he still got the strength and quickness to get into the lane whenever he feels. If the Hornets didn't have Marcus Thornton this trade would make sense because Green can provide a spark off the bench for a veteran team. But there is no way he's playing PG he just doesn't have any court vision. And he is not a good passer. But then again we really don't have much tape on him passing. Green is a one dimensional shooting guard whose a black hole with the ball in his hands but when he's on, the guy can put up points quickly. Probably because he knows he's not staying in the game long.

Jason Smith coming out of college had gobs of potential. Most scouts said there wasn't a difference really between him an Yi Jianlin. Smith is a legit 7' footer with a 38 inch vertical. Thats pretty impressive. Not to mention he runs the floor like a deer. Smith also can hit the outside shot, and has a developing dribble game. With that said we didn't see any of it in Philadelphia. I thought he could atleast be a nice hustle guy because of his athleticism but he seemed goofy even doing that. But I still think he has untapped potential and may be able to do well in N.O.'s pick and roll offense.

The best part about this trade is that Collins said Turner plays better with Lou Williams then Jrue so he may come off the bench. But with Green off the team and Collins' dream of turning Iggy into the one of the best all around Small Forwards in the league I'm praying Turner starts. Another positive is that Jodie Meeks is better then Willie Green and he will have a breakout season. Meeks can shoot, defend, and is athletic. If you want to see a show YouTube Meeks dropping 54 when he played for Kentucky. Meeks will develop into a great bench player for us and provide us with everything Green couldn't. Consistent shooting off the bench. Brackins is 2 years away from making an impact on an NBA season.

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85 – Andre Iguodala (SF)
76 – Evan Turner (SG)
73 – Elton Brand (PF)
73 – Louis Williams (PG)
72 – Marreese Speights (PF)
72 – Thaddeus Young (PF)
70 – Jrue Holiday (PG)
69 – Willie Green (SG)
68 – Andres Nocioni (SF)
66 – Spencer Hawes (C)
58 – Jason Kapono (SF)
58 – Jodie Meeks (SG)
57 – Tony Battie (C)
56 – Jason Smith (PF)

(Ratings for Songaila & Brackins unfortunately not available yet)

NBA 2K11 Ratings (rest of NBA)

Ugh, forgot to post at the top that those are the NBA 2K11 ratings for the Sixers, if stuff like that interests anyone here.

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