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Pressing Questions: September 24

Also, from the comments on the last post, the Sixers have invited Chris Quinn to camp. I actually think Quinn would serve a purpose on the roster, but I find it highly unlikely the Sixers will add a 15th player, and I believe all their contracts are guaranteed. It would make sense to buy out Songaila, unless they're hoping to package his expiring contract in a deal later this season.

Thanks to Tom Moore for sharing the Quinn news with us.

Sticking with regular commenting system until further notice. Too many problems with Disqus.

As for my fav WG game of last season, gotta go with the 4 shots taken in less than 5 min played in Sacto on Jan 15th.
I will miss those (well, actually no)

Can't you just say goodbye and leave the guy alone? By definition, there are a lot of below average players in the league. Most of them wouldn't be in the league if they weren't dedicated professionals and solid people, as Willie is.

Jason Smith is gonna be the 8th man on that team and shoot lots of 18-footers.

So you've never criticized a single player in the league or mocked them for being paid too much or producing too little?

Can't you allow people to have their own opinions without being so sensitive?

Of course, of course. Fans are supposed to call 'em as they see 'em. And you don't want players who aren't good. I just got tired of the monotonous put-downs - not one good thing to say about the guy?

He was a Sixer, and that's cool in my book.

He was a Sixer, and that's cool in my book.

That's great, but he was mediocre, at best, and got way too many minutes, and should have been gone years ago, but Billy King blew his mulligan.

He made millions of dollars being a barely average basketball player regardless of where he was drafted, he isn't the kind of a player that a winning basketball team has in their rotation, let alone 20-25 MPG

Yeah, dude, I know. I watch the games. That wasn't the point. If you don't get it, just drop it.

The Greek reply to GoSixers on Sep 24 at 18:33

Coming from you magee thats a joke. Let the guy state his opinion no matter how wrong he may be.

I'm happy he's gone, but I'm gonna pick a game where he was actually good. I remember this one to end the season where he was great in Toronto. Is 37 his career high?-


Here's the latest on Melo.

So if Melo winds up on the Nets, and the Nuggets don't get a player anywhere near his level in return, has the balance of power shifted to the Eastern Conference?

You've got two playoff teams out West losing arguably their best players (Amare and Melo). The Spurs are getting older, no team out West made any significant improvements that I can see. This may tip the scales in favor of the East, no?

Tray reply to Brian on Sep 24 at 14:23

I have no clue, but conference balance doesn't seem to matter much anymore when we're basically guaranteed a Lakers/Heat Finals.

We aren't guaranteed a Heat finals unless you believe the games are fixed because the heat still have no freaking big men and dwight howard will kill them.

Jason reply to Brian on Sep 24 at 14:25

I think the trade would just make it more lopsided for the east. East has 4 legitimate Finals contenders, i think the west has LAL, Dallas, and that's it.

two questions that i have, are the Thunder the 3rd best team in the west now? and if Melo goes to the nets are the nets even a top 4 team in the east?

Forgot about Boozer moving East as well.

raro reply to Jason on Sep 24 at 16:16

If this trade does go through, does that make Jordan Farmar their starting PG? Seems like it would leave the Nets with a lot of holes in their roster.

From Denver's perspective, getting Kirilenko, Favors and possibly a pick for Carmelo is not bad.

Supposedly they're getting DJ Augustin, too. LB must be heartbroken.

Jason reply to raro on Sep 24 at 19:03

They would surprisingly have a good line up/bench

Roster would be

PF-Murphy/Humphries (has good stats i can't say i've seen him play.

It's not bad depending on how you rate Farmar/Williams/Murphy. I think they could sneak into the 4 seed if Celtics have slow regular season, but i don't think that team is capable of winning a series vs the elite teams.

Joe reply to Jason on Sep 24 at 19:46

Not sure what the expectations for that team would be.

The team would win 30+ game easily though and likely 40. I haven't looked close enough to see if they would be better than that. I don't think, though.

Melo would get so much credit it would make me sick. And Troy Murphy would continue to be ignored despite stellar numbers.

Jason reply to Joe on Sep 24 at 22:00

I think Nets with melo would win around 50 games, I also think after looking at their line up they could pose a threat to Miami heat. Who guards Murphy and lopez? Also how different do the nets look from the lakers, both have similar structure after the trade. I hate the price they are giving up to get Melo, way overpaying imo, but it's not a terrible team if the trade goes down.

Yes, I think so. The Lakers & Oklahoma City might be the 2nd & 3rd best teams though, talentwise.

Lost in most of the Nets discussion is what a great job Thorn did with that roster. They had one of the worst seasons ever and still have an appealing core group (Lopez, Favors, Morrow?). He cleared out all the junk and set them up for this:

The Denver Nuggets and New Jersey are having ongoing discussions centered on No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors(notes) and the Nets’ 2011 first-round pick and a protected 2012 first-rounder the Nets received from the Golden State Warriors going back to the Nuggets. The proposed trade also would involve the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Bobcats. - Wojnarowski
(Kirilenko & Harris also moving)


we should get it on this somehow.

The Wiz extended Blatche for three years. Better them than us with Thad.

Joe reply to Brian on Sep 24 at 18:14

3 years, 23 million basically.

LOL. Poor get poorer.

On Willie Green, I think it was a good trade for us and I'm not sad to see him leave, but I think you can't kill the guy for being what he is. He's a 2nd round pick who scratched and clawed and made a career for himself by working his a$$ off. It's hard to fault him for that. It's not his fault that the front office built a series of teams so flawed that playing him was a reasonable option. I'm glad we have better options now, but I also wish Willie all the best.

On Jrue, I don't know about top 5 next year, but I do like what Collins seems to be doing by saying this. He's making good relationships with the guys who will be our leaders (i.e. Andre and Jrue) and I think that'll help for when he makes adjustments in their game.

I don't see anyone who kills him for who he is

But on a well coached team with competent coaching, willie green doesn't get 25 MPG


All you 'leave willie green alone' people better not have anything to say about Andre Iguodala

paul reply to GoSixers on Sep 25 at 11:01

"All you 'leave willie green alone' people better not have anything to say about Andre Iguodala"

Well, OK, sure.

I agree with the previous poster. I found the relentless negativity about Willie Green on this site really irritating and tiresome for the following reasons:

1) For a mid-second round pick, he did pretty well for himself. You don't project a mid-second rounder to start or play 25 minutes or more a game. It's not his fault that he played that much for so many seasons here. My guess is that the coaches (true professionals who have spent their lives in the game as opposed to opinionated motor mouth bloggers who think they are impeccable deep thinking analysts because they can calculate a few quantitative measurements) felt that he added something. Furthermore, if we go back to the NBA salary structure of a few years ago, he was a relative bargain for a veteran with his lifetime minutes and production.

2) People around here never gave him credit for adjusting his game as he matured. Four or five years ago, I hated when he came into a game. The last couple of years, he's been a different player from those days. He doesn't take the same quantity of shots and he keeps the ball moving when he's in the game. You hardly ever see him holding onto the ball trying to figure out a way to score anymore. Maybe there's hope for Lou to change, too. And Green wasn't such a bad defender either.

Rob_STC reply to paul on Sep 25 at 11:46

I think all the negativity from "true Sixer fans" is tiresome. I mean what happened to it is a new season, new coach , some new players and optimism ? I love stats as much as the next person but at the beginning of a new season you can play it on paper but I guarantee nobody's predictions will be 100 %. If that's the case let's forget about the season, put the Sixers in the lottery and the Heat and Lakers in the finals. I realize being a diehard fan is maybe looking at the team through rose colored glasses but until they play at least a 3rd of the season I can't make any judgements except root for the team and hope for the best outcome.

My thoughts exactly! Why play the games, blog, go to games and spend thousands of dollars, in other words, why are ya'll wasting so much time on a foregone conclusion??

And using last years stats with the 76ers is like using last years stats on Durant w/ the USA team!

The only forgone conclusion here is that the Sixers aren't winning a championship this season. I don't think anyone is delusional enough to believe that. As far as why follow them, well, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm looking forward to seeing the development of Jrue, Turner and Iguodala. I'm looking forward to seeing a team play hard on the floor and have the ability to beat any team on any given night. Basically, I'm hoping they'll get back to where they were a couple seasons ago when things were on the upswing and the young players were doing the heavy lifting.

I think all the negativity from "true Sixer fans" is tiresome. I mean what happened to it is a new season, new coach , some new players and optimism?

Blind optimism isn't a requirement for being a fan in my book. Taking a realistic look at what the roster can reasonably be expected to accomplish isn't a bad thing, either.

They have a new coach, they've added one new piece that I believe is going to be worthwhile, it looks like they've upgraded their front office. These are all positive signs, and I'm looking forward to the season, but that doesn't mean I'm going to just blindly say, "Things have changed, we're a playoff team!" because I just don't think that's the case. I hope I'm surprised, and I'm certainly going to root for it, but I think expecting a huge turnaround and a playoff berth just isn't realistic.

Rob_STC reply to Brian on Sep 25 at 14:56


I wasn't necessarily referring to you in terms of the negativity. What I am saying is any human being would tire of reading negativity over and over again unless your the one who creates it. That's different then venting over a loss of a game or something like that. It seems like because the Sixers are irrelevant to most Philly fans there is lots of negativity. I choose to be positive as I said and I am sure I am in the minority.


Is there a reason you continue to read this blog and comment here if you have such a low opinion of the content?

Furthermore, if we go back to the NBA salary structure of a few years ago, he was a relative bargain for a veteran with his lifetime minutes and production.

Actually, if you go back to 2008, there were four players in the history of the league who played comparable minutes to Willie and produced less.

If you look at his career numbers now, there are 12 players in the history of the league who have played as many minutes and produced less.

I do love your "if he's a coach in the NBA, he can't possibly be wrong" logic, though. That's priceless.

paul reply to Brian on Sep 26 at 13:07

I can think of a number of players just off the top of my head who have received far more compensation than Willie Green for significantly less lifetime contribution. How about these names:

Brian Cardinal, Jerome James, Adam Morrison, Vitaly Potapenko, Speedy Claxton?

And those are just lower priced players who come to mind without digging further. Some others lesser lights like Greg Buckner made almost as much or more in some years.

I never said a coach can't be wrong. What I said is that I will tend to respect the opinions of a series of coaches over some opinionated bloggers who have no record of accomplishments in the sport. Willie Green wasn't just played by one coach. He was played by four.

I'd love to see you print a retrospective of your various predictions that didn't come to pass, but I won't hold my breath.

Why do I read this blog? I dunno. Maybe because I'm a Sixers fan, there are some good bits of information here, and there are some posters here who are fair and reasonable.


For those who are into predictions on teams the Thunder were ranked 21st and the Bucks 29th. Some of the others obviously not close, ala Wizards and Raptors.

ESPN's predictions are worse than most, but OKC was an example I used in this post about how teams can, and do, outperform projections by a large margin.

Tomas Perez on Sep 25 at 22:00

I don't know if anyone has said this yet, or if they're having this problem. But some of the words are getting cut off by the right side border. It might be my computer dimensions, but I don't know the dimensions. Just thought I would give my 2 cents toward the site makeover.

Are you talking about some of the words in the comments, or some of the words in the body of the text?

Tomas Perez reply to Brian on Sep 26 at 15:27

In the comments. Sorry for forgetting that.

Is it fixed now? I made some changes to the comments.

Tomas Perez reply to Brian on Sep 26 at 18:50

Yea it is better now.


I noticed you made 'replies' pinkish, is there a way to indicate a color or tag for comments unread since the last time the article was accessed by a logged in user?

Unfortunately, there isn't w/ the type of publishing system I'm running.

Guys would you do some a Turner + Thad + Kapono for Anthony deal? Maybe we give up another first rounder too if required. I think this is probably a better package than the one being offered with the 4 team trade for the Nuggets...

Yes. I'd give up anyone else on the roster for a core of Jrue + Melo + Iguodala. There's a rumor out now that we're in talks w/ them for a deal sending Iguodala to Denver, though. I'm not in favor of that.

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