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The Torre rumors are ridiculous. They have yet to field their "A" team for more than six innings this year. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, George!

I don't know if I believe them or not. When I heard the rumors, the first thing I thought was "Who would they get to take his place?"

I guess the fact that my first reaction wasn't "That's ridiculous" says something.

If it does happen, I think Girardi gets the nod. Don't think Donnie's ready yet.

Wow, you think Girardi would be the one? He did a great job in Florida last year, but I would be surprised if they chose him.

Torre has made a few questionable moves this year, but I don't think a change of manager would spark the team.

Have you lost faith in Joe?

No, haven't lost faith in him. And honestly, he's always made moves that I didn't like, and quite often, they've worked out. So that's not it.

But I do think that George is pretty much at his limit. Two consecutive first-round exits from the playoffs following the Red Sox meltdown in '04, it wouldn't shock me if he starts pointing the finger at Joe.

If Joe does leave, I think I'd probably go with either Girardi or Bowa. Bowa's personality would clash with some guys (Abreu, A-Rod, Mussina come to mind) but maybe they need someone to yell at them and get them motivated.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter who manages the team. Until the starting pitching can start getting some length out of their starts this downward spiral is going to continue. If they can string together 3 or 4 quality starts in a row, the ship will be righted.

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