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Same Day, Different Year

eddies' heady's on Sep 28 at 0:28

Love the 27th bitten reference, same dang way I feel. Anticipation is building around this way too. I fully remember the flowing optimism from you at this time last year (46, really?!..lol). No better way to end this article than to pay your respects to Ed Stefanski. You should buy him a Ruby Tuesday's gift card and send it to him.

I just hang my hat that Eddie Jordan is behind us all. It kind of took awhile to get that stink off the team, but the happiest sight for me will be Collins in a suit coaching a game.

I remember last year before the season feeling worried cause Andre Miller was gone, since I thought what he brought to the team would be hard to replace. But later on it turned out to be the best thing when Jrue was able to start at the point and get experience and confidence, and grow as a player. A lot of times I can't tell which moves are gonna be for the best and which aren't before they play out. And even though I'm not confident that Spencer Hawes can do anything with Sammy's minutes, I'll still be watching and rooting for him to show some improvement and positive contributions if possible. Now about this Favors thing again... :)

deepsixersuede on Sep 28 at 1:50

Brian, what move or how many good moves by Thorn will it take to believe in our front office again? The "Willie" trade WAS a good start!!!

Screw the Sixers. The Phillies are playing like Champs, the Flyers are coming back from an incredible season, and the Michal Vick Eagles are rolling. What do the Sixers have to offer that can compete with that. The Sixers are the little ugly step child of the city. They are the LA Clippers of Philadelphia. Coincidentally both franchises are relying on ex fired Chicago Bulls coaches to try to bring them to relevancy.

The Greek reply to hector on Sep 28 at 6:58

So hector why even bother commenting in a jmagee piss and venom style on a sixers blog? Go enjoy your other teams, but when the sixers start rolling don't jump on the bandwagon like you probably did in 2000 only to jump off when the times got rough.

Brian, I am like yourself a blind optimist. I also got myself to believe that they would win 44-47 games last season.

What would be a good year for us, 41 wins?

tk76 reply to The Greek on Sep 28 at 9:16

Personally I don't care about W/L this year. I'm excited for the season based on wanting to see the young players develop into winning players and the organization finally having solid leadership.

They could win 35 games and I'll be happy if Jrue, Turner, Young and Speights take a step in the right direction. Its not about playoffs this year, its about progress.

You really need to stop with this John Magee obsession. If you can't comment w/out attacking someone just don't comment.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Sep 28 at 14:22

Personally I think Magee is great for the blog. He doesn't ever agree with anyone, but he has his opinions and usually has a reasonable argument to back up how he feels. Agree that it's odd to see so many posters ripping him for no reason.

bebopdeluxe reply to johnrosz on Sep 28 at 14:47

As a poster who has a L-O-N-G history with jemagee (on RealGM) he is one of the most frustrating kinds of forum posters - a guy who has knowledge and opinions that have merit, but a guy who loves to get off on abusing others and hijacking threads for his own entertainment/enjoyment.

Differences of opinion are what makes forums like this fun to participate in, but jem has no concept of respecting other posters' opinions...and that kind of behavior has no place on a forum like this, IMO.

The Greek reply to Brian on Sep 28 at 19:13

My bad, I just really hate that guy.

It's funny, every time this year I hype myself into a certain level optimism that the team can never live up to. Always have, even in their better years some time ago, I expected them to win every game.

Last year, like you said, I knew EJ would be horrible. Hated him in Washington, hated their style of play, hated his face. Even then though, I fooled myself into accepting the PR garbage. By December, it had faded.

This year, I'm feeling the same way. I'm putting a lot of hope on Elton. I think he is going to be much better this year, simply because he won't be getting most of his touches 20' from the basket. Too often he was iso'd last year, too far from the basket, having to put his head down and make a play. After all that he still wasn't a bad player, unless you consider the production per dollar. If he is a little lighter on his feet it should only help offensively and defensively.

You can be optimistic that the franchise is finally heading in the right direction without having high expectations for a winning season.

What he said.

Last year I didn't expect them to be a good team win/loss wise I just hoped for player development which sadly I didn't see as much as I would have hoped. I expect the same thing this year, not a great W/L record but hope for player development. To get 40 wins the sixers would have to have a 50% improvement on their win total from last year, and as much as it seems the entire blame wants to be placed at Jordans feet, it wasn't all his fault last year. I could see a 5-7 game increase, but to think they're going to win 13 (or more) games than they did last year seems overly optimistic to me.

Though the Nets won't be getting Carmelo it seems, so maybe the sixers can get third place now.

Ok- really random, but a thought about the next season or two. Is anyone else worried about the endorsement deal Turner signed with Li-Ning, the Chinese apparel company? This has nothing to do with the fact that it's a Chinese brand- I'm only worried because I've never heard of the company before and unproven equipment, especially shoes, can be big problems. I understand that the industry is much farther along than it was a few years ago, but I would feel better with Turner in some Nikes. There was a lot of speculation that Grant Hill's injuries stemmed from wearing shoes that weren't good for his feet when he signed with Fila and then started getting injured. I know Nike goes through extensive tests with its athletes- ensuring that the footwear is precisely what they need. I just hope Li-Ning is doing the same for Turner and we don't end up with a Grant Hill situation. (Knock on wood...)

Actually, there was a bit of scandal with Nike last season. Those hyperize sneakers were banned by Detroit's trainer and blamed for a bunch of ankle injuries. The sneakers Iguodala did a commercial for last summer.

I don't know anything about Li-Ning, I just hope he gets a good sneaker.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 11:49

Songaila and Brackins still cannot practice because not everybody in the deal has passed their physicals. Guessing Jason Smith could be the holdup.

If this deal falls apart because of Jason Smith, I'll be sad

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 12:08

Just a guess that it's him. Will check with Collins, Thorn and/or Stefanski after the morning practice, which is supposed to end at 1 p.m.

Well obviously we won't be a very good team, I don't think there's any question about that. However, more than most seasons the past few years, there's a lot to watch for (Turner's rookie season, Holiday's development). Of course, we felt that way about Thad and Speights the past couple years, both of whom, unlike Holiday, actually had great rookie seasons, not just fairly promising ones, but for whatever reason, I'm convinced that Holiday's the real deal.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 12:21

Just allowed in to watch. First group running offensive sets is Holiday, Iguodala, Young, Brand and Hawes. Sorry, Brian.

To me, it's more disappointing to see Hawes in that list

I'm fine with Iguodala at the 2 and Thad at the three. Not crazy about Hawes at the 5. I'd be concerned if Thad was at the four and/or Nocioni was on the floor with the first unit.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 12:41

Told Songaila and Brackins are now Sixers and will practice tonight. Supposedly, an amendment was added to the deal, terms of which the Sixers won't disclose. Guess is they may have had to throw in some money, too.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 12:43

Turner is running the point with second group.

Small lineup with Speights at five for the second group?

This I like

So Turner-Lou-Noci-Speights-Battie?

That line-up probably can give the starters some headaches.

Part of being a sports fan is being a little bit of a sucker at the beginning of each season, i.e. allowing yourself to believe that good things are coming for your team. So, I'm a bit of a sucker. I'm really looking forward to this season: Collins is a massive upgrade, it'll be interesting to see how a Jrue/Turner/Iguodala perimeter functions, and I'm even naive enough to hope that Brand will bounce back a little. Maybe I'll be back in despair by December, but as of now, hope springs eternal. I predict 38 wins, but if the backcourt gels, I'd consider it a step in the right direction.

yea man I totally agree. Before every season I tend to see things through rose-tinted glasses. By December the honeymoon is over, but that's cool too. I'm just looking forward to 76ers basketball, at this point.

Rob_STC reply to FKD215 on Sep 28 at 17:34

I like this post a lot. I agree I am sucker for optimism also. You have nowhere to go but up after 27 wins. I am confident Doug will get every ounce out of these guys. If they are in the hunt in February they make look to make a move for defense. Got to see how it plays out.

If they are in the hunt in February they make look to make a move for defense.

Sacramento has an expiring contract that plays solid interior defense

Willie Green is the gift that keeps on giving. His knee held up the deal with New Orleans, so the Sixers had to throw in the option for NO to swap second round picks w/ them in next summer's draft.

Who needs second round picks?

The NBA draft has a second round? :)

For some unexplained reason, I think both Brand and Speights are going to bring much improved play this year. Not sure if it will just be by default due to greater need/opportunity, but I'm expecting we will be pleasantly surprised.

Speights, in particular, could be the recipient of a lot of those oops from Jrue and Ande that used to go to Sam- if Speights has his lift back.

I think playing weight is a big issue with both of them- and it sounds like they are both in shape.

The frontcourt is still a nightmare, but the individual players could surprise us.

Speights improved offensive game would be nice, but not really a concern for me compared to something else ;)

I don't talk about impossibilities and rainbows.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 14:49

The "unexplained reason" is that we have a competant coach that they will respect...or they will not play.

Interested to see who the 2nd team is. If it is Turner, Lou, Nocioni, Speights, and Battie then it should be a pretty pesty 2nd team to practice against. It'd be outstanding to see Brackins make an impression in tonight's session.

How is it pesty?

I was surprised to read Brackins is 23. So he is the same age as Speights, and 3 years Jrue's senior. So maybe that means he can contribute some this year.

Was a bit disappointed to see that he is another offensively gifted big who's defensive abilities are questioned. But at least he rebounded reasonably well on the college level.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 13:41

Collins said he likes Iguodala at the 2 because Iguodala at the 3 forces Young and Nocioni ("two of our better players") to come off the bench. He also said he likes Turner initiating the offense and playing with Lou Williams -- at least for now.

Iguodala at the 3 forces Young and Nocioni ("two of our better players")

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks for that

Why? The team lacks great players. Thad and Noci are among the better players on the team.

Rank the players:


Am I forgetting anyone?

So that puts Thad and Noci as rotational players. And Thad could emerge as a top 4 player on this team... sort of sad I admit.

Let's say for a second it's true - wouldn't that make you a little sick?

Secondly, I don't think Nocioni is on the same level as Thaddeus Young.

Your list made me throw up in my mouth a little too, it just reinforces how weak a roster full of one dimensional (mostly) players it is.

Yeah, I can see how the lack of elite talent is depressing. But at least they have players who could turn the corner this year. Its not like we will have to wait another 3 years to see if guys like Young, Speights, Turner or Lou can turn themselves into winning players.

And at least we are not mediocre and old, or have guys like Nocioni, Green and Kapono keeping the important young players off the floor.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 14:57

I agree. Nocioni has some ability - particularly as a 15-20 mpg 2nd team swingman. The problem at some of his more recent stops is he views himself as more than that.

I also think that the huge gap that you place between Iggy/Jrue and everybody else - while accurate - may overstate things a tad. Assuming that Brand can be a 16/8 guy and Turner eventually makes the transition to be able to play without the ball (neither of which are huge stretches, IMO), both guys are decent quality NBA players. I would agree that we have too many guys whose impressions of who they are as players do not match what we have seen on the floor (Lou, Speights, Thad). It is my hope that the coaching staff is solid enough that what they do on the floor will be determined by the players themselves, and not by how they are used or the offensive/defensive sets we run.

That fits with what we were talking about here around when Turner was drafted. I do want Turner to start (at soe point this season) but:

1. I think Jrue/Turner really complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. People talked of Lou being superfluous once Turner was drafted, but I think having J/I/T allows Lou to play to his strengths, since the other three all have the size, passing and defensive skills to complement him. Lou would be a much poorer fit if his teammates were undersized scorers in the Ai or WG mold.

2. i was really worried that Noci would cannibalize Young's minutes at SF. I know we are down on Young's prospects, but I'd like him to at least get the 20-25 min/game needed to see if he can turn the corner. And I don't want those minutes to be at PF/ I was happy to here him say he expects to play some more at SF.

I still prefer Thad to come off the bench, but I'm OK with him initially starting, if it is at SF.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 13:49

Hawes appeared to do well with the passing and cutting, though Iguodala may have gone a little overboard when he said Hawes "is kind of like Peyton Manning -- being a big man who can deliver passes."

They'll scrimmage tonight.

Nocioni isn't taking part in any contact because of his sprained ankle. Collins said he'd like Nocioni going full bore for the last three exhibition games.

Maybe Andre meant Eli instead of peyton?

Or Dannie...

deepsixersuede on Sep 28 at 14:04

If you guys were Collins, would you place more on Turner's comfort level or forcefeed him at the s.g. spot? It seems he is leaning on the former which gives us a great p.g. tandem and allows Thad to play at the s.f. finally.

Hawes, Battie Hawes, Spieghts
Brand, Spieghts Brand, Young
Young, Nucioni Iggy, Nucioni
Iggy,Williams Turner, Meeks
Jrue,Turner Jrue, Williams

I like the first rotation better, it seems more conventional and balanced.

How is playing Evan Turner at the 2 guard 'force feeding' him?

He played 4 positions at OSU because he had to, but 2 guard is his natural position ain't it?

Any rotation that has spencer hawes starting is a bad rotation

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 14:10

Collins hasn!t mentioned the shooting guard position and Turner in the last 2 weeks, it is all about L.Will. off the ball and Turner handling it. I hope Turner is far enough along to force our coaches hand a bit, that's all.

It's the first day, I'm glad Turner is the back up PG but I expect him to be the starting SG sooner rather than later as Collins realizes that Thaddeus Young isn't a starter.

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 14:17

Wouldn't it be something if Thad becomes too good to put back on the bench, that is a problem I would love to see.

Wouldn't it be something if Thad becomes too good to put back on the bench, that is a problem I would love to see.

I'd like to have the problem of having more money than I know what to do with. I believe that's more likely to happen

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 14:15

Turner had the ball in his hands 90 percent of the time at Ohio State. When he's with Holiday, he's off the ball almost all of the time. As a backup point, he has the ball again.

I understand, just saying that the concept of 'force feeding' him the SG isn't exactly something that rings true to me, I think he understands the SG fine, he was forced to be the initiator at OSU due to a lack of talent around him :)

Its force feeding him to play 100% off the ball- since you have to figure that Jrue/Iguodala will handle the ball primarily (at least initially.)

I agree with Collins Turner will adapt to the NBA most quickly if he starts out playing a style similar to what he did last year- which means allowing him to handle and create for others. Then, once he has adapted to the NBA game let him focus on expanding his off the ball skillset.

It took Jrue a few months to adapt to the athletasism in the NBA, to where he stopped making lazy passes and exposing himself to steals with behind the back dribble in traffic. I figure Turner will have a similar transition.

Its now how he "starts" the year, its how he is playoing at the end of the season. I would not mind if they make him "force" his way into the starting line-up. As long as he gets his minutes.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 14:21

Tk, if that hold's true, through the first 20 games how do you see the minute distribution in the backcourt? Does Jrue play off the ball much?

Tough question, since Jrue is the only guy who has consistently hit the 3.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 15:03

All the more reason why we we should let Turner handle the ball some when he is out there with Jrue.

A couple of yerars ago, I had an obsession with getting Kirk Hinrich - in part because he is a plus-perimeter defender...but also in part because he is a solid 3-point shooter - and I thoughg that if they were going to go with Iggy at the 2, it would help to have a PG who could shoot the 3.

So...why can't we just have some offensive sets where Turner initiates and Jrue moves without the ball?

Because if Jrue is the future elite PG they are hyping him to be, you want the ball in his hands as much as possible.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 15:34

Agreed. If Jrue is going to be as good as they really think he will be, the ball distribution will work itself out. Turner will only be as good off the ball as his pg allows him to be to an extent.

It requires Turner to become a reliable midrange shooter- which I think he can be. Both to be able to finish open looks and to set up the rest of his game.

I think Collins wants Turner (and Iguodala) to translate their passing skills into quick drive and dish attacks instead of playing more the point forward initiator role they are used to.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 15:43

Yeah...but some of the most "elite" PG's in the league (Nash, Stockton...even Kidd in later years) were also among their teams' most deadly 3-point threats. It looks like Jrue has a pretty good stroke from deep - why force the ball in is hands ALL of the time when he is out there?

Also, I think that Jrue has the potential to have a pretty good post game...and I have no problem with Turner facilitating that as well.

One of the great things about Jrue's game is he has the potential to do a lot of different things out on the floor...and while I certainly do not want him to lose track of his primary responsibility - which is to run the offense - there will also be situations where we can take advantage of his outside stroke or post ability, and it is nice to have a guy like Turner (who is comfortable with the ball) at SG to help facilitate that.

I would expect that when they run Iggy at the 2, you will certainly see him doing some of the same things as I am proposing for Turner - right? Do you think that Iggy is going to be running around without the ball like Allen or Rip...trying to rub off of screens for jumpers?

No, but Lou might if he is starting between Iguodala and Jrue.

I do think everything you mentions projects long term for how they should and will use J/I/T- it just remains to be seen how long it will take for Turner to be read to fill his eventual role. Collins clearly wants him to be in his comfort zone during the adjustment period.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 18:39

Fair point, bro. Makes sense for Collins to put Turner in positions where he can succeed...which is why his minutes playing the 2 with Jrue will happen gradually...and why a Turner/Lou backcourt should be able to have some success.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 14:33

Turner won team mile run in 5:04, with Holiday (5:07) second. Hawes did quiter well with a 5:23.

How did Speights do?

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 14:38

6:23. Collins liked that Speights is in such better shape (he's noticeably leaner). Collins said he doesn't think Speights could've broken eight minutes a year ago.

Collins: "What we're doing right now is creating winning habits."

Just curios as Thaddeus Young sent a tweet about 'killing' the mile and included Speights :)

So the NBA will have to lengthen the floor to 1 mile for Hawes to outrun anybody :)

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 14:50

Collins on starting Iguodala and Young at the 2 and 3: "That was the first unit we threw out there today. I told the guys, 'Please don’t read much into that.' What’ll happen is in a couple days I’ll slide Jrue and 'Dre over and probably play them with Mo Speights. I just want to mix and match right now.

"I think Evan’s going to be very comfortable (as a backup point) with Lou Williams right now. I think that’s very important.

"In looking at our roster, if ’Dre is playing 3 right now as a starter, that puts Thad and Nocioni on the bench to start the game. They’re going to be two of my better players. I can’t have two of my better players on the bench to start the game. I just think it gives us a better chance to get started and to take advantage of our roster."

johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 15:24

Tom, is it a breath of fresh air to report on a guy like Collins as opposed to Jordan? Seems like such a quotable guy, while I still have no idea what Jordan was trying to say most of the time.

Tom Moore reply to johnrosz on Sep 28 at 15:49

Sure is. Collins is the anti-Jordan, which is great for the media -- and fans.

And Elton Brand

That sounds like he is committed to starting the year with Thad in the starting line-up and Turner on the bench. And there is an open competition between Speights and Hawes.

I wonder if Lou could end up as a starter (at SG.) It seems to run against Collin's defensive minded rep- but Lou put up some impressive numbers last year. I could see him forcing his way before Turner or Young (at least early on) if he establishes himself as the 3rd best player and best scorer on the team. Because starting Jrue/Iguodala gives you the luxury of the other backcourt player being undersized and a marginal defender.

Keep in mind Lou said his main emphasis this summer has been defense. And I actually think he can stay in front of most PG's if he p[ut his mind to it.

Although from what I read, most fans have sort of a black and white view of Lou right now where he could never be a positive force on the floor.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Sep 28 at 15:46

L.Will. is fine by me if he gives effort defensively and a]hits a decent 3pt.% and b] doesn!t settle for all the open 3's he may have a chance to shoot.

Funny, it sounds to me like it's an open competition and this is the first day.

Lou Williams is not a starter.

"Not a starter" can be applied to a lot of players on this team. Unfortunately, they have to pick 5 even though only 2 are clear cut "NBA starters."

Unless Turner tanks the pre season, he should start over lou williams.

If they're determined to start Thaddeus Young then you start Iguodala at the 2.

Louis Williams is an undersized two guard (and point guard) who doesn't defend and his future on a contending team is the bench. The sixers have better options for the future of this team to start at the two guard than Louis Williams regardless of whether it's Iguodala or Turner.

Unless of course Turner tanks the pre-season which is another ball of cheese altogether

Collins needs to find the 5 guys who can best implement what he wants to do. Its almost a fait accompli that 2 or 3 of those 5 will need to be upgraded at some point. But I'd rather have them at least doing the correct schemes than put out the 5 most talented players if they are not ready to execute an NBA offense or defense.

I think Jrue/Lou/Andre/Brand/Hawes are not the best 5 players, but they might be the correct 5 to begin the season with if guys like Turner, Young and Speights are not mentally ready to execute. You can always give them good minutes off the bench until they are ready to step into the starting line-up.

They're the 'correct' 5 to start the season if you're short sighted and more focused on this years W-L record than player development so the team can, you know, some day compete for serious things

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 18:43

Its not about wins and losses. Its about putting in place a stable environment where a team plays basic offensive and defensive principles. If the most talented players are not mentally ready to play then you bring them off the bench until they are ready. As long as they are not buried on the bench or in the coach's doghouse.

Turner, Young and Speights need to be developed. But they also need to be able to properly execute at an NBA level- and it is up to Collins to decide if that is to start the season, or if more veteran players need to help show them the way.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 15:51

Collins on Speights: "He has been so good. He so much wants to please. He has had a great summer. He’s so proud of how hard he’s worked and his body and how good of shape. He ran the mile yesterday in 6:23. I dare to mention there’s no way he could’ve made eight minutes last year.

"With Mo, everything with him is his conditioning. When he’s conditioned, his legs are strong. When his legs are strong, his offense is good. When his offense is good, it affects the other parts of his game. Last year, he tweaked his leg and he got heavy and out of shape. The guy can score in his sleep. I’m not worried about that. But, for us, he’s got to defend."

I love how collins avoids the 'd' word for almost the entirety of the Speights quote and then drops it in there at the end.

When collins says 'no way he could have made an 8 minute mile' - is that before the knee injury too - if so speights was just fatter than i thought

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 16:16

Would guess Speights could've done it pre-injury. He really ballooned up in the four weeks he was out.

bebopdeluxe reply to Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 15:58

Amen, bro.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 16:08

Collins will hold Iguodala out of tonight's scrimmage to allow him to rest after the USA Basketball experience this summer.

So who starts in his place?:)

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 16:14

Good question. He wants to keep Williams and Turner together, so maybe Meeks?

Does anyone think that Collins likes Lou because he is the best one on one offensive player right now? He seems to give those guys the ball a lot.

Tom Moore reply to Rich on Sep 28 at 16:31

But, just like Speights, Williams won't get extended minutes if he doesn't defend for Collins.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 16:17

Collins on Nocioni: "He’s such a competitor. He’s going to be a guy coming off the bench that is going to give us toughness. He can shoot the 3. He’s going to be able to play multiple positions for us. I hope to be able to get 20 minutes out of him. At this stage of his career, I think that’s going to be where he’s at his best. He’s real physical. I hope he brings us a real edge."

Brian is so happy right now

hahahaa yea Tom.

Well In Collins We Trust, right?

Son of a....well, you knew it was coming. 20 minutes is too many for him.

Collins has used A LOT of coach speak today and I'm hoping it's just 'first day' stuff, be positive about everything

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 16:43

Collins' expansive thoughts on Turner: "(Turner) His mind gets clouded. He gets starting think and he gets so hard on himself that he gets frustrated. I’ve got to try to limit the amount of frustration that seeps in so that he can be who we know he can be. Today, I thought he was terrific in the drills. He spoke more than he had been.

"He won the mile run yesterday (in 5:04). I think that was huge. There was about 200 yards to go and he and Jrue were running neck and neck and Jrue tried to make a move on him and he won. It gave him a feeling of accomplishment.

"I don’t think people realize what a jump it is from college to this level. I just want him to do what he does well. He’s a facilitator right now. He’s a guy who loves to get other guys involved. That’s what I want him to be right now. As he goes along, I want him and Jrue and ’Dre and those guys to be able to play together, where all of a sudden he gets a little more of a scoring mentality.

"His tendency off the ball is he always wants to go too fast – he never lets the play materialize. When he can slow down and do that, then he will continue to get better. I want to take pressure off of him. You look at our opening two games – you’re looking at (shooting guards) Dwyane Wade and Joe Johnson. I know how hard he is on himself. When a guy scores a basket, he’ll be like, ‘What did I do wrong?’ Nothing – these guys are real good. Dwyane Wade can get 50. You have to learn in this business when somebody scores on you, maybe it had nothing to do with what you did wrong. It’s just they did something really, really good."

I do hope Collins has plans at some point to make him NOT a facilitator. The sixers have enough of those. They need a facilitatee

Makes sense, like was mentioned above, I just hope there's a solid plan to transition his game to more of a finisher. If they don't Speights is going to wind up shooting every time down the floor w/ three guys facilitating for him :)

tk76 reply to Brian on Sep 28 at 18:48

Collins agrees:

"as he goes along, I want him and Jrue and ’Dre and those guys to be able to play together, where all of a sudden he gets a little more of a scoring mentality."


Since you are a part of the media I can ask questions to, how do you (or your cohorts) feel about Sterns ruling putting a gag rule on the wizards and arenas regarding last years occurrence?

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 17:52

That's a tough one. In an ideal world, it'd be fair game and needs to be asked. It happened. Since I don't cover the Wizards, it doesn't impact me the way it does the Washington writers. It could also be a way for Arenas to get into more trouble if he delves into it again.

Well, when the wizards come to town you'd be able to ask arenas a question.

Doesn't it also block Arenas an avenue for redemption as well? If the topic is taboo they can't ask 'what has he learned', what will he do different, etc...it just seems to me that he's extending his dictatorial reach way too far

Tom Moore reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 18:19

I would agree. Would be interesting to see it challenged in court.

Jason reply to GoSixers on Sep 28 at 20:40

"ask 'what has he learned', what will he do different, etc...."

Thank god, we need less of those stories imo.

Tom Moore on Sep 28 at 20:31

Kapono started in Iguodala's spot in the night scrimmage. We only got to see a little of it.

Young suffered a mild right quad sprain late in the scrimmage, but should be able to practice tomorrow.

Williams, Speights and Kapono had trouble with cramping.

Well, I'm happy to hear that Turner can run a 5:04 mile.

After watching the vids on sixers.com, I here a lot about a "read and react" type offence (think Princeton.) Collins taled about read and react is how NBA offences must be run, because NBA defenses can sniff out set plays and counter them. Hawes spoke of how the new offense reminds him of the pure Princeton that was run aby the Kings his rookie season.

I wonder if this is Stefanski's doing going back to the Collins hiring. Is it possible he is still enamored with that type of scheme and wanted to be sure any new coach would stuill work in that direction?

It sort of makes sense given the player movement. Guys like Nocioni, Hawes, Songalia are all Princeton type players (forget for a second that they are also lousy :) I mentioned the other day its as if they are still making moves as if EJ was the coach... but maybe this is the plan?

I'm hoping this is a chicken/egg thing, where he's got the pieces he's got, so he's got to use them. Not that he wants this type of piece because that's what he needs to run the system he wants to run.

I have to say, the Hawes interview in particular didn't thrill me.

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