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Collins Shuffles the Deck

Hey Brian, if there are still spots available in the fantasy league i'm game...

I sent your invite to the e-mail you used to leave the comment.

Yeah, my guess is that he'll be a substantially below average rebounder. Like many people here, I'm irrationally optimistic about Hawes. He's sort of like basketball's (even worse) answer to Jeff Francoeur. Statistically such a bust, but certain raw counting stats, and moments of flashy play, make it look like they have talent. And they do, of course, but not the type of talent that translates into efficient production.

There's some hope from a rebounding perspective. He was a very, very good rebounder in his sophomore season (12.2/40 pace adjusted), and not terrible as a junior (9.5/40 pace adjusted).

He was much better than Hawes in college, though I realize that's not saying much. I'd like to see how he does in the preseason. If he can board a little, he might be a better option than Hawes.

A couple of things I noticed from the interview with Collins:

1. I don't think we're going to have to worry about Princeton Offense. Collins alluded to not having great offensive familiarity, so he's trying to implement a few sets. He talked about how when you are pressured, that it's harder to run those sets. Thing was, in the PO, you really were running away from pressure, playing way too far from the hoop. That was what I really struggled with as a player (running a tight flex set). By no means do I have anything near the experience of the NBA, but it's good to hear that pressure is disrupting the offense, because at least it's something going towards the rim. Obviously we'll see a lot of P and R with Jrue, but I really like that they are trying to get a floor spacing, motion set. Utah does it the best with their flex.

2. He sure talked glowingly about Dre and Brand running a set and then running a counter on their own. This kind goes against his taskmaster description. I think he wants to get spacing and movement and then he'll let them play. Not a celebrated as EFJ's famous system, which while supposedly complicated, I only heard one thing about ("Two guard front"), but sometimes less is more.

3. I am so happy this guy is our coach. It's crazy how much his upgrade in common sense and how much easier it will be to watch the team because of it.

deepsixersuede reply to Rich on Oct 1 at 8:04

Rich, all very good points. He may feel he is coaching a team of rookies in respect to how to get spaced and open on their own. Turner, from what we heard about him, should be ahead of a lot of these guys in that respect[smarts?].

Brian, I thought Collins stressed certain matchups for Thad at the 4 because Elton may have trouble guarding certain guys but if Spieghts or Brackins surprises defensively maybe that won!t be needed.

I liked what I was reading/seeing about his clusters much better yesterday than the day before. I watched so much video and read so much, can't remember where it was, but he was talking about the PG handling the ball and then the two wings/one big running a series of cuts off a high screen with options to slash to the hole or drift for an open jumper. That, to me, is a much better set to run than dumping the ball into the high post all the time and depending on the bigs to make the passes/plays/decisions.

That was from Kate's Deep Sixer blog 2 ds ago.

If you believe Coach Collins initial statements about playing Thad at the 4 and Dre at the 3, do you blame them practicing with a big lineup on Turner's seeming struggles with playing off the ball?
I think it's a good idea to explore every combination of bigs to see who are the better defensive players. Brand is the only big we have with a solid defensive pedigree. All the other bigs have much to prove to Collins. Actually I haven't read anything about what type of defensive sets that they've been practicing.

It's possible Turner being a bit behind the curve is the reason, but even so, he could've put Lou in at SG and gone smaller. He chose to stay big, which is a good sign.

I haven't read anything about the defense either.

Completely forgot today is Friday, Pressing Questions will be up early in the afternoon.

Shawn reply to Brian on Oct 1 at 11:00

I'd be game for a spot on that Fantasy League if possible!

We've got 13 teams in right now, with a couple invitations that haven't been accepted yet. Guys already in the league, should we add more teams or is 14 enough?

Bigger leagues tend to have diluted talent and more owners that bail- especially in the roto format. I'd think 2 leagues of 8 are far better than 1 league of 16.

Or we could switch to H2H, since that supports 2 divisions and playoffs.

For example, in H2H you can be 8th of 16 teams, but still be 3rd in your division and eligible for the playoffs. So it is easier to stay engaged. While in a large roto league if you are in 8th in Feb, you best shot is to move up to 4th or 5th...

But personally I find roto more interesting, as long as there are not too many teams. But I'm not sure people would want to break into 2 different roto leagues.

Shawn reply to tk76 on Oct 1 at 12:15

Keep me updated if you guys make any changes. I'd be happy to join the split league as well.

Did you get in? I sent the invite, and I see 14 teams are in now.

I'm not sure I'd call going with Brackins "big". He might be tall, but he's a below average NBA defender and rebounder IMO.

I can see how you'd project his defense, but don't you need to see him play in the NBA before you can judge his rebounding? Don't rebounding numbers typically translate decently well from ncaa to nba?

He was a bad rebounder last year. 9.3 rebounds/40, pace adjusted. That was below Evan Turner (10.5).

It was significantly better the year before, at 12.2, but that wasn't even top 25. To put it in perspective, DeJuan Blair was at 18.6, Blake Griffin 17.2, and Cole Aldrich 14.8.

Speights was at 13.2 his sophomore year.

Going beyond the numbers, he just doesn't have the lower body strength to improve upon already bad collegiate numbers, IMO.

Do you have a link for the rankings?

Thanks. So his numbers this past year were bad, but 12.2 was 25th in the ncaa the previous year.

That's what I said :)

I don't consider 25th something to build up that immediately carries over, especially when he followed it up with a dismal performance (albeit they did have a JUCO transfer).

I don't consider him to be a better defender or rebounder than Speights, to be honest. And that's even with Speights motivational issues.

Yeah, I'm going to need to see him play. Rebounding is a lot about hunger imo, and not the type Speights specializes in.

Looking at measurements, Brackins is a bit shorter than LMA. But compared to Cole Aldridge, Udoh, Davis and Favors he has similar height/length. Brackins has a short neck, so his reach is good without having super long arms like Favors (Favors has only 1" more reach despite 4" longer arms.)

Udoh weighed in 8 pounds heavier, but Favors has a much bigger frame (16 pounds heavier.)

Predraft: ht/wt/reach/max vert
LMA....: 6'10 / 234 / 9'2 / 34
Cole Ald: 6'9 / 236 / 9'3.5 / 28
Favors: 6'8.75 / 245 / 9'2 / 35.5
Udoh: 6'8.75 / 237 / 8'10.5 / 33.5
Brackins: 6'8.5 / 229 / 9'1 / 35

These numbers show he is a bit skinny, but not truly undersized to play PF (considering Cole Aldridge is supposed to be a C and is hardly bigger.) Burt rebounding is about a lot more than just numbers.

And weight's not really indicative of lower body strength.

I'm also concerned that someone who is skinny at age 23 will never bulk up. You can see how much someone like Thad or Dwight bulked up from age 18-22, but I can't think of many guys who were skinny at 23 and did not remain so.

Barry Bonds.

Otis Thrope

Meant Thorpe

Tom Moore on Oct 1 at 11:55

A leaner Brand may be getting up and down the floor a little better than last year, but I haven't seen a noticeable change in quickness, explosiveness or elevation in scrimmaging so far.

How has the defensive rebounding been in scrimmages so far? Are you seeing a lot of perimeter guys crashing the glass to secure the boards?


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