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Mix Master Mu on Apr 30 at 17:02

Hey Depressed fan. You forgot to mention the Nasti. This guy could be a bowling ball for us on the goal line. He is our 7th round pick and for someone with his size who knows what he could do. Check out his little clip. Not bad for 245 pounds and 5 foot 9.

What was your draft grade on the Birds? I say C+

We wouldn't have been able to get Kolb with our 2nd round pick just for your info. Jacksonville was in love with the kid and was trying to move up in the 2nd to get him.

Hey Mix,

I don't know what grade to give. The Kolb pick has me completely confused. I won't doubt Reid's judgment on QBs, but what does using your first pick on a QB mean, big-picture?

How many years do you think McNabb has left?

Mix Master Mu on May 1 at 14:48

McNabb realistically has 2-3 years left with the Eagles. His contract will get to high and they will either have to let him go or he will retire. Kolb looks to have good mobility and a pretty good arm on him. He is very accurate from what I read and I know everyone puts up good numbers in the run n shoot but he did have something like 30 td's and only 4 picks. That is taking care of the ball. It takes 2-3 years to learn the west coast offense so when D-Mac is ready to go they don't have to worry about getting a qb because Kolb will be there in the wings. It seems like they have the be good consistenlty philosophy instead of the do everything it takes to win the superbowl philosophy. Personally i'd like to see one of my teams win something. What were your thoughts on Nasti???? I watch that you tube clip all the time at work. He could be exciting. I'd love to see him bull over Roy Williams or Sean Taylor that would make my season.

Hey Mix,

Thanks for the video man, I've been w/out an internet connection for most of the past four days, just watched it and WOW.

The thing I like best is the screens they ran for him, I'd love to a screen with Andrews and Runyan out front blocking for this guy. Looks like he has good speed for his size, and a little bit of shake too.

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