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Preseason Action: Sixers @ Celts

If you have a link to watch the game online, feel free to share it here.


No Brand, no Iguodala tonight. I think it was planned a while ago that Iguodala wouldn't play tonight, not sure about Brand.

Turner was not put into the starting lineup. Meeks and Plaisted will start in their places. Thad is back from the eye injury, hope he's wearing goggles or a mask or something.

Decent playoff debut for Halladay. Don't want to be celebrating too much over a 1-0 lead in the NLDS, though.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 19:45

Decent? Straight up sick location all night long is more like it.

Yeah, I was being sarcastic. He was unbelievable.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 19:52

Sarcasm was noted. Now the only thing that could make this night better is if I were to actually WATCH the game the Sixers will be playing tonight. Garbage.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 19:59

It's a shame how you happen to root for every Philly franchise but the one good one.

Pretty sure I was rooting for the right team last November.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 20:04

Not this one, however. The rotation has little behind Sabathia and the pen's pretty combustible.

Guess we're going to have to wait and see.

I can't find this game anywhere. If anyone's watching, give us updates.

I can't even find a play-by-play anywhere. ESPN's NBA scoreboard is down. Ugh. When is the regular season going to start?

Ryan F reply to zig on Oct 6 at 19:53

Life saver. Thanks. Sincerely.

Nice! Just got in.

Hawes just makes me want to take a nap.

It's sad when you have so little to do and you care enough to scour the internet for a half hour for a preseason basketball game.

ET just in

Turner's on the floor.

Great hustle by Speights there.

Turner looked good defensively on Pierce on that possession.

Speights posting up 20 feet from the hoop, jacks a turnaround jumper on catch. Ugh.

19-9 after one. The Sixers actually appeared to play pretty good D there, but I didn't see them grab a single defensive rebound.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 20:05

Just need to learn how to team rebound. Everything will be okay. I've been assured.

Ugh for the 3 minutes I've seen so far. The are being no-hit...

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 20:06

ugly first quarter. held to single digits...

17% shooting for the Sixers. Awesome.

Kapono up strong right there

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Oct 6 at 20:10

...and now the PF. Deep big rotation we have.

turner seems in better shape than he was in the summer league

OK, here's the question. Will the Sixers make a basket before the Yanks game starts? (8:30)

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 20:11

Thats a toughy

They just said Thad has all 9 points for the Sixers. And I think I lost the feed (thankfully).

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 20:13

I lost it too. No!!

bdownbear on Oct 6 at 20:13

Same here...lost the feed :(...

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 20:17


Just click on link 1 at the bottom right on the screen, It works for me.

Speights breaks the drought with a post move. Finally.

And a defensive rebound WooooWWW!!!

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 20:21

I went to college in New England for 4 years. I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing "Tommy Point" ever again.

It's kind of fun to hear him wheezing into the mic.

4/22 from the floor now as Lou missed a FT.

Turner at the three, Lou and Jrue at the guards.

Oh, and Kapono at the four!

Turner is definitely a good rebounder. Hawes is definitely bad at basketball.

Hos long till Thorn makes a move for a big guy with some D in him?

How exactly do you propose he obtain a non stiff without giving up Iguodala Turner or Holiday

This team isn't going anywhere this year anyway

Not nearly soon enough.

Hawes with a silly foul. I'm shocked.

Hawes seems as if he has no defensive instincts whatsoever.

He looked a little better on the next play, but only because he was still at the time line when his man was getting the ball right next to the hoop.

Evan, you gotta make ONE of those shots

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 20:29

Hawes is dreadful

And he's ugly

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 20:30

Turner looks much quicker than he did in the summer league in my opinion

Thad sort of defending glen davis...speights comes over after the fact...nice

Yeah, he doesn't look bad. Isn't scoring, but neither is anyone else.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 20:34

Yeah. But I mean, in the Summer League it was sort of alarming how slow he looked. He doesn't look to be an inferior athlete to anyone else on the court at the moment.

3 minutes left in the 2nd, 19 points


Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Oct 6 at 20:34

very tough..

Good to see some things never change

Speights touches the ball
Speights shoots the ball

Collins has to be losing it right now

Even Jrue looks bad. Alright, that's all I can handle. I'm going to go watch the Yanks only legitimate starter. I'll check back in later.

How many bad passes can we make tonight?

I'd settle for one good pass.

This is just dreadful. About time to go watch the stripes get knocked around a bit.

man. Team looks terrible. This is goign to be a longgg season..

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 20:40

Awful. Just awful.

alright, I guess I'll turn on the game. Too busy getting caught up in Doc's no-no. I'll re-watch the first half tomorrow on Synergy.

These Boston announcers are brutal.

kung pow chicken on Oct 6 at 20:46

Good luck Philly!! Glad you guys drafted a stiff!! LOL!!!

Who the F trolls about a preseason game ?

Kung Pow Chicken reply to Derek Bodner on Oct 6 at 21:01

You can clearly tell Turners going to be the stiff in this class. Just admit it pal.

He's no Len Bias.

johnrosz reply to Derek Bodner on Oct 6 at 21:06

White trash from Boston

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 20:46

Don't ruin your Doc buzz by tuning into this. It's VERY disappointing.

Louis Farrakhan III on Oct 6 at 21:06

I was really confident for this season and *POP* ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Are they even going to score 40 in this game?

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 21:10

No Iguodala or Brand. That probably has something to do with it. Hawes is a nightmare though

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 21:18

We don't rebound. I can't even say that our rebounding is bad, because we don't even participate in that category.

Comment of the day.

I hope this is not the way Collins wants them to play. Bring the ball up, jack up a 3 and miss.

Did ya'll see that big frown on Collin's face? Thoughts?

So Harrison Barnes?

I think Big Baby just took his shorts off. Literally, on the floor, he pulled his shorts off. No idea what the hell is going on.

Harangody Vs. Songalia Clash of the Titans!

kung pow chicken on Oct 6 at 21:25

Hmmmmmmmmmm... A plus on the floor without Turner.

Jack Straw on Oct 6 at 21:26

adding to the disappointment, Turner isn't even in the game.

HUGE three by Lou to cut the deficit to 27.

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 21:27

On a positive note. Thaddeus is playing solid. Who the fuck is Kung Pow Chicken? Are you from Boston? Shouldn't you be working on getting that GED? Don't you have work down at the docks in a few hours, you need to get your sleep

Who trolls a preseason basketball thread

KG celebrating a meaningless preseason game. What else is new?

He'll be on the shelf w/ a knee injury when the games start to matter, needs to get his chirping in early these days.

Louis Farrakhan III reply to Brian on Oct 6 at 21:46

He lost Game 7 of the Finals by one basket, let him have some room

Sixers on pace to score between 53 and 54 in this game. Let's set the over/under at 53.5.

I'm an optimist, I'll take the over.

Old School Sixer Fan on Oct 6 at 21:32

I was excited about watching the Sixers tonight, but everything I see says they are as bad as they must have appeared to be last night. They are shooting worse than they did last year.

Louis Farrakhan III on Oct 6 at 21:35

Why are we surprised though? Their team has five Hall of Famers. Our team is built around guys who even in a best-case scenario will only make a couple All Star teams.

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 21:35

How did Stefanski get into Penn?

Old School Sixer Fan reply to johnrosz on Oct 6 at 22:08

The better question is How did he get out of Penn?

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 21:37

Sabathia has to feel like the weight of the world is on his shoulders right now

We got to 65! That was rough. But it was good to see Kapono back out there doing his thing. I really missed that.

johnrosz reply to Chunky Soup on Oct 6 at 22:15

The insufferable Boston broadcasters were ripping Evan Turner a new one. As hard as I am trying to be a rational fan right now, he really does look pretty awful. Hopefully we start seeing some progress soon

How do you not play Iggy and then not start Turner?

This is stupid. There is no reason to coddle him. Throw him into the damn fire and see if he can play with Jrue.

You use the second overall pick on someone to play backup point guard.

I'm just about out of leftovers from the number two pick celebration meal. This is going to be a long crappy year.

Start the DeMarcus Cousins fan club plz.

Mike P reply to Mike P on Oct 6 at 22:16

You DON'T use it to select a number two point. I forgot the don't.

Our team is a mess, just like my typing.

Quick DeMarcus Cousins update:

He just threw down a double-double on In & Out Burger!

Man, I love that guy.

johnrosz on Oct 6 at 22:28

Did Hawes even play in the 2nd half? You could tell Collins was disgusted with what he saw out there from that giant piece of crap

Just finished watching the game on DVR (went to my son's open house at school and then had to catch up on the Phillies on DVR first). ESPN's boxscore right now goes up to the end of the first half, and the numbers are as ugly as it looked: 5-31 FG, 0-6 3P, Holiday 0-6 and 6 turnovers with a -28 in the first half, Hawes 0-3 and 3 turnovers. Some comments:

* Jrue just played an awful game, might have been the worst full game I've ever seen him play. Made lazy passes, dribbled off his foot a couple times, got the ball stripped cleanly by Rondo, lost his man on an end-of-quarter play. Hopefully, Collins and Iguodala have been seeing something else in practice to cause them to praise Jrue so effusively, because tonight he was a bottom-five point guard.
* I wasn't impressed at all by Hawes. He's actually fatter than I remember him in Sacramento, so he's not even a "mobile" center. The play that Brian mentioned was the epitome of his night: fought for an offensive rebound, got bumped, jogged back up the court, watched as his man scored a lay-up. Not sure if that play was why, but I don't he played after that.
* Just in case people miss Jason Smith, Trent Plaisted does a reasonable impression of him.
* Thad was throwing up every shot in sight in the first quarter, but he was the only player able to get off good shots. He made a couple good post moves (including one on Pierce). The team would be wise to put him on the blocks more (his jumper is still very suspect).
* I thought Speights gave pretty good effort on defense, wouldn't be surprised if Speights is the starting center when the season begins.
* I wasn't impressed with Brackins, who didn't show anything other than the willingness to shoot jumpers (and throw away a couple passes).
* The only players who looked like they even belonged on the same floor as the Celtics were Thad, Jrue, Lou, and Speights.
* Finally, regarding Evan Turner, I really wasn't that impressed again. He's a good defensive rebounder, and he has one plus move (the behind-the-back change-of-direction dribble) that gets him by his man (mostly for free throws), but he doesn't seem to have a lot of lift. The latter was most clearly in evidence when he got the ball in traffic under the basket and couldn't finish on two shots. We're used to seeing Thad or Iguodala put those away. If Turner wants to succeed in the NBA, he's going to have to model his game after Andre Miller, learn to use his body to bump defenders and get himself space. Oh, and his jump shot looks strange, elbow juts out even more than Iguodala's; I'm a little worried he won't be able to hit it with consistency.

I do remember that the Sixers' first regular-season game against the Celtics last year was a blowout that looked just as ugly, and then the Sixers won the next time they played the Celtics in Boston. Everyone will get to see the Sixers play the Celtics in HD next week, as it's an NBA TV game.

Hey, at least I got to see Joe Girardi mis manage his starting pitcher again

While getting to the line is the most efficient offense and all, Turner's still gone 1-8 in his one preseason game and 1-6 in the other. Like how can it be that a whole summer league and two preseason games in he still hasn't had a good offensive game? It's not like we drafted him because we needed another good passer or rebounding guard. It seems to me that even when Collins is talking about what he does in practice, the only aspects of his game that get praised are things that Iguodala probably does better.

eddies' heady's on Oct 7 at 1:54

Well I'll be.....everyone jumping off that Evan Turner bandwagon so soon? Glad I was never on it, this guy succeeding at a non ball-dominant role is a long shot, to me. And the problem I have is his mental makeup just isn't up to par or where it should be for his experience. Hence, the current pacification of him by the staff.

But if you watched this guy in college, it seemed apparent that he would even struggle in a point-forward role in the NBA because the point guards at this level would eat him alive with steals of the ball. He's just not quick enough overall or crafty enough with his dribble, which is sort of high due to his height. (Andre Miller is one of the best I have seen at keeping and maintaining a low dribble)

But if you listened to the masses all summer, he will have no problems at all "adjusting" his game, because he has done it his whole career since high school and also because he possesses so many skills.

Please push me off my soapbox Evan, regarding my belief of your inability to succeed at this level. The #2 pick on you? Please do so as my lifetime fandom would welcome it with open arms.

Can't wait to actually see them play for the first time. On second thought, after reading this thread maybe I can wait. lol

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