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Eric Snow Replaces Ed Pinckney

I'm glad E Snow has returned to the Sixers. Agree he might not be best suited for this role, but maybe its a steppingstone to further involvement with the organization- or maybe he grows into the role.

Given Zumoff is over the top, it's probably appropriate to have more of a serious guy, so it could work. Either way I hope Snow can serve as a mentor and role model for Jrue and the rest of the young team.

Mix was the best. as long as they got zumoff i'm happy.

johnrosz on Oct 11 at 23:27

Donyell Marshall would've been great but he left to take that assistant coaching gig at GW. He would've been hysterical, and would've stepped out at half time for bowl packs

Tray reply to johnrosz on Oct 12 at 2:12

Todd McCulloch was great on the radio. I'm shocked to read a commenter who likes Zumoff. I mean, I like listening to him for sentimental reasons - he was their announcer back when we were actually good, fond memories - but man is he awful.

HA HA, thanks for the credit Brian. I actually texted someone the question after it was brought up in the comments because it was curious they hadn't announced it. They got back to me saying that there was still no word and an hour later the Sixers released the announcement. No real credit to me though, let's just say I have some pretty good connections.

Probably says something about the state of the team if Comcast doesn't bother to put it out on the web site when the Sixers were releasing the news for a couple of hours. Sheesh.

Anyway, I loved Snow as a player because he played within his limitations and was tough as nails. Those players often make good analysts because they have to think their ways through the game (Cris Collinsworth may be my favorite example of that). Anyway, it will be better than a player nicknamed "Easy."

Joe reply to Rich on Oct 12 at 7:42

Ask your connections who is replacing Dalembert this year.... thanks.

Tom Moore on Oct 12 at 8:53

Irony about Snow: His wife, with whom he is divorcing, used to call up to complain when Mix would say anything deemed negative about Snow.

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