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Two More Fake Games

I find it complete BS to not start Turner and play him his 30+ min per game. The kid can play ball, we just need to stick with him all the way through the season and learn through the rookie mistakes and make whatever transition he needs to make.

It is not like our other players are so good or we are gonna be contending that we need to win as many games as possible. Frankly this bunch, assuming everything goes the team's way, is still not gonna win 40 games. I'll be happy if they can get to 30 wins.

WKRP guess i'm old too. does doug talk too much?

deepsixersuede on Oct 19 at 7:41

Two more fake ones, are we talkin Loni? Great show by the way and the boss, Gordon Jump?, does remind me of E.S. .

Play these last 2 games with your opening night rotation please!!! [Jrue, Turner,Iggy, Spieghts, Brand?]

Loni's are real aren't they. It's because the games in CINCINNATI.

tk76 reply to Charlie H on Oct 19 at 8:40

Yeah, and Lou Williams wishes he was as cool on the radio as Venus Flytrap.

Hawes is our Les Nessman.

Stefanski is Arthur Carlson- the good natured, bumbling middle aged manager.

Collins is Andy Travis- the new program director brought in to save the station.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 19 at 9:33

BTW, this is Carlson: http://www.classictvhits.com/shows/wkrp/pics/wkrp19.jpg

"The Big Guy" is, as Wikipedia describes him: " is the middle-aged general manager, whose main qualification for the job is that his business tycoon mother is the owner. His bumbling, indecisive management is one of the main reasons the station is unprofitable, although he is ultimately a principled, kind, decent and sometimes surprisingly wise man."

He is Stefanski, except "Mortgage Broker" as his qualification.

deepsixersuede on Oct 19 at 7:44

By the way, interesting matchup on N.B.A. T.V. tonight of two future frontcourt studs, a real rarity nowadays. Sacramento vs. Clippers, definitely worth a look.

The game is on TV in Ohio, so maybe someone will stream it online.

Collins has said that the team's 5 best players likely are to misfit to play together. You have to figure that a trade is in the cards by the end of December. They have already traded the old scapegoats Sam and Willie.

Who is your best guess as to the player that will be traded. Will it be another window dressing move, or a big time move?

I'm going to have a bit of an uneasy feeling until Melo gets moved, because he's going to make things very uncomfortable in Denver.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 19 at 9:29

I don't know... your uneasy feeling is my hope. Not that they acquire Melo (which won't happen), but that they can be a 3rd team in a deal. Favors is probably out of reach, but maybe they can accomplish something.

sfw reply to tk76 on Oct 19 at 10:01

tk, my feelings exactly!

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 19 at 10:09

Same here.

I also have an uneasy feeling about Hawes and Thad getting extensions. Any extension given to either or them will just add onto the recovery years here.

I think aside from a few exceptions (Kevin Durant) no one is getting an extension before the new CBA is in place. It would just be stupid business unless you have a pure stud (Durant) to extend someone off a rookie deal yet. I think even the sixers aren't that dumb

I agree with Suede: JIT, Brand, Speights as starters and then Thad and Lou off the bench, everyone else get used to the pine. How tough is this, coach? Just play the best players please. We know the roster isn't that good, Collins don't have to prove it to us by screwing around with guys like Battie and Kapono. Like guys who should only be used when someone is really struggling or is out with an injury, and even then it's debateable whether those minutes should go to a player from the D League instead. Hopefully he comes to his senses by opening night.

Collins is the type of coach who will change things around to try and maximize the success (W/L) of his new team. While EJ was all about showing that his roster was flawed (as evidence my his 1st year coach average of 25 wins.)

I'm with you Chunky. I'd add the caveat that the #2 pick, though likely not a good player now, should be given a chance to sink or swim this year, even though Lou is the superior SG IMO right now.

PG: Jrue, Lou
SG: Turner, Lou
SF: Iguodala, Thad
PF: Brand, Thad
C: Speights, Hawes

Those 8 guys, to me, seem like the obvious ones you want to evaluate/play to maximize your chances to win. Sprinkle in some Nocioni(if necessary) along with Meeks and the rookie.(if he seems playable)

Last time I checked most coaches don't have degrees in rocket science so why make it out to be that?

So who exactly are our best five? That seems to definitely still be up for debate.

Good question.

1. Iguodala
2. Jrue
3/4. Lou/Turner
5. Thad
6/7. Brand/Speights
8/9/10. Hawes/Brackins/Meeks
11. Nocioni
12/13. Kapono/Quinn
14/15. Batman/Songalia

Brian, are you sponsoring this years turkey drop?

Absolutely. That show was hilarious.

I remember channel 17 used to run it every afternoon, man that show was funny.

I saw a movie once that I think inspired it about a guy taking over a bottom of the basement radio station, standing up to army sponsors, i think FM?

Tom Moore on Oct 19 at 11:17

Release from Sixers:

Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach Doug Collins will return to Philadelphia today due to symptoms related to a concussion he suffered on Memorial Day. As a result, he will not be on the bench for tonight's game (October 19, 2010) in Cincinnati against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Associate Head Coach Michael Curry will assume the head coaching responsibilities in Collins' absence.

Collins' status for tomorrow's game in Philadelphia vs. the New York Knicks has yet to be determined.

Hey TK - post concussion symptoms 4.5 months later?

Maybe i'm just a cynic but first thing that comes to my mind is buyers remorse


If you had a concussion you can get "re-concussed" by relatively mild head trauma that would not typically lead to symptoms.

Of course, similar symptoms can occur after undue mental stress- like trying to figure out the riddle that is the Sixers roster. I hope this is not a stress/burn-out thing.

Either way, bad timing. This last week of practice is really important. It will be hard to fix things on the fly during regular season.

Hence the cynic in me who won't be surprised if we hear in the next week or two that Collins regrets it but has to resign due to medical reasons, shortly to reappear on his cushy tv job.

Would you chose the Sixers over TNT?

In fact how many NBA teams would say are worse places to be a head coach right now? Especially considering the team has burned through 7 coaches in 7 years.

No, I probably wouldn't, but Collins DID, and if he ends up back at TNT before the season ends, he should be lambasted for bailing on a job he committed to.

I'd say this is similar to Gruden or Cowher, except that Gruden and Cowher are highly desirable candidates that almost any team would love to have and collins had to settle for the sixers after missing with the bulls, a couple times.

I'm just a cynic, maybe I'm wrong, but this is awfully suspicious. ALl his 'negative' comments the past few days about the roster, the loss of positive vibes coming from the coach followed by 4.5 month later concussion symptoms.

Just smells vishy to me

Man, if Collins winds up leaving and Curry takes the job I'm going to be (more) depressed.

I can't go through another season waiting for the coach to be fired- because that is what it would be like under Curry.

I'd rather pull Snow out of the booth :)

How many W/L under coach Curry would you expect?

Tom Moore reply to tk76 on Oct 19 at 11:44

How about 1-1 (assuming today and tomorrow)?

No, I'm talking about jumping to irrational conclusions (such as Collins stepping down for "medical reasons" such as preserving his sanity.)

Sixers coaches and fans have that in common- its requires a certain amount of mental fortitude and blind/irrational faith to stay on board.

Alvin reply to Tom Moore on Oct 19 at 11:23

Wow coaching this bunch is quickly taking its toll on Doug.

And it's only preseason.

Tom Moore on Oct 19 at 11:28

Ha. Collins has experienced a healthy dose of reality over the past two weeks. Seemed fine yesterday at practice -- smiling, bumping fists, etc. Trying to find out what caused it (touch football? horsing around with grandkids?), but no luck so far.

It is so refreshing to be hearing the truth from a coach in Philadelphia! Not trying to say his team is great or competitive.

I am willing to trust Doug and Thorn that we will get a team together in the next couple years. Let's just enjoy the ride as I am drinking the koolaid and believe we will be back in the elite of the NBA within 5 years.

Tray reply to DeanH on Oct 19 at 17:51


I know the Sixers have been coach killers over the last decade. But 3 weeks would be a new low even for this franchise. Even DiLeo was around for a few months.


Jim O'Brien was the best coach the sixers had post Brown and he's still working :)

You forgot Chris Ford.

Not so much forgotten as chose to ignore because he's worshiped by a portion of people for something idiotic.

There have been (only) 12 coaches in the past 22 years. Name the 2 coaches who had the highest winning percentage in this span?


Make that 14 coaches...

So far this PRE-SEASON this blog has gone from Turner is a bust to Willie Greene is the anti-Christ to Collins is quitting. You guys truly are DEPRESSED!!

Hyperbole aside, very few rational thinking people have written Turner off as a bust, and willie green hate has been around for years. Since he was re-signed mostly

Collins can get out of his contract by claiming to not be of sound mind when he took the Sixers job only a week after getting concussed :)

johnrosz on Oct 19 at 14:18

Desean Jackson is not impressed with the severity of DC's concussion.

I think he's just taking a mental health break before the regular season. He'll watch from a far and scrutinize the tapes. He'll be back after Wednesday's game.

He's going to be sitting at home doing the same thing we've been doing - cursing Comcast for not airing the preseason games.

The game is available in HD and on the radio in Ohio. No radio or TV in Philly- even when the team owns the TV station.

Maybe someone can explain that, since it makes zero sense of cents.

Of course its being broadcast on FOX Sport Oho, so I'm sure comcast does not want to pay.

Hey Brian can you check your email? I sent you something and I don't know if it got through because I'm working with a new email service. Just want to make sure it got there.

WKRP guess i'm old too. does doug talk too much?

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