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More Melo Rumors

johnrosz on Oct 20 at 3:04

Any indication on how terrible of a defender he might be? I like it to an extent, it certainly would be interesting.

I'm also with you that there's a good chance the target is Iguodala. Denver's been after Noah(just signed extension), and Favors (NJ not going to facilitate a trade of Melo to NY when they want him).

Who else could the target be? Don't see anyone on Charlotte or Utah peaking Denver's interest.

76ciology reply to johnrosz on Oct 20 at 7:33

Gallo is actually an underrated defender. There are stats to back it up.

I haven't checked synergy. According to 82games.com, he's slightly below average. According to Basketball Prospectus, he's pretty good, actually. His dMult was 0.893 last season (Iguodala was 0.910. Lower is better).

The Greek on Oct 20 at 6:03

Getting Gallo would be a dream, this kid plays with fire and really tore it up down the stretch last season.

I would be happy with just getting him in any deal, but if we get JR Smtih and the Bird Man then Rod is God.

76ciology on Oct 20 at 7:36

I can understand the Nuggets' interest for Iggy. Nuggets seems to be still interested to be competing for the play-offs. And Iggy seems to be a good complimentary player for either JR Smith, Billups and Al Harrington.

For us, I think that either the proposed Gallinari trades would work for me, for it puts us a better shape for now and for the future. I'm just not a fan of JR Smith. Unless the Nuggets would include Nene Hilario in the package.

If a trade involving moving Dre doesn't involve the Sixers getting Melo in return then I don't want to make that trade. None of the players mentioned make this team remotely better anytime soon. Even after hearing that Melo doesn't want to be a Sixers I'm willing to take that risk.

deepsixersuede on Oct 20 at 7:57

This is where Rod earns his keep. We need shooting and a defensive big; Nene is 28, Turiaf is 27, and Mozgov [available late Nov.] is 24; get Gallanari and one of those bigs and I will be happy. Put Speights at the 4, along with Brackins, and put Elton at the backup 5 for good. We would have a nice mix with our oldest core player being 28.

I love Iggy but we must maximize our new backcourts potential any way we can and what is going on now isn't working.Brian, what round did you pick Spencer in last night?

Hawes went 180 overall. TK took him in the 13th round it looks like. Good value there.

deepsixersuede on Oct 20 at 8:30

Guys, is Denver in rebuiding mode during this trade? Afflalo is lighting it up this preseason and if they get Iggy and Randolph have they taken a step back?

Do the Knicks have interest in L.Will. because T.Douglas would be a perfect compliment to Jrue and Evan because he is a very good defender and solid spot up shooter. L.Will. could be insurance against Felton disappointing and fits a run and gun style.

My opinion is still that Iguodala is a very good player. Gallinari isn't. I typically don't approve of trades where you trade a better player for a much worse player and don't get much else along with it. That appears to be the case. I tend to like the trades where you get the best player involved in the deal, not give him up.

I highly doubt we are involved in this trade. And yes i would trade Iggy to Denver in a 3 way trade. This team needs shooting and a big.

I'm really worried about DC, any updates on his health? It would be our luck to lose our only reason to be optimistic right before the season.

I would do Iggy/Kapono for Gallinari/A. Randolph in a heartbeat if I were the sixers!

tk76 reply to Dave on Oct 20 at 10:07

I think it is either Galo or Randolph- not both.

Randolph is currently doing his best Sixers Big interpretation: zero rebounds in 21 minutes last night.

This is the simplest version of the trade: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=2emobrl

Iguodala/Kapono to Nuggets
Galo/Azubuike/Curry to Sixers
Melo to Knicks

I'd need to see it tweeked some (bringing back a big and/or dumping Brand) before I would be behind it but it is not horrible. It means you get a high pick in next draft and clears enough cap space to resign who you want and still go after a FA big. For example, you could throw 8M at Marc Gasol.

You could possibly throw $8M at Gasol, depending on the CBA. Please don't start talking about freeing up money to re-sign anyone at this point, though.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 20 at 10:08

Just trying to show how they would have actual cap flexibility. Went into much more detail below.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 20 at 10:06


#1 pick or FA /?Hawes(RFA)

Any of the RFA's could be gone this summer depending on what the team wants to do. The floor Cap number before resigning anyone is only 45M. Depending on the new CBA that would mean possibly close to 12M in cap space for FA/RFA and draft picks (20M if you can get them to take Nocioni instead of Kapono.)

Also, the following year Nocioni expires, and then Lou/Brand. So long term you are balancing out the roster and giving flexibility for more moves. But you still have a roster devoid of stars.

Yeah I would like to do the deal only if we could trade Brand for K-Marts expiring in the deal, EB is a dead weight at this point and hurts the rebuilding effort. If not and they feel we gotta trade Iguodala anyway I would rather do the deal with Houston thats been metioned in some form. Jeffries, Patterson, Budinger, + draft pick, + trade exception or some variation. It gives Sixers some more assets going forward. Morey's probly drooling to get a guy like Dre.

I'd prefer this one.

Sixers get Turiaf, Douglass, Curry and Rautins from NYK, JR Smith from DEN.

Knicks get Melo and Nocioni

Denver gets Iguodala, Kapono and Thad.

Assuming they don't do something idiotic, like extending Hawes, the Sixers would have $44M on the books for next season and probably a top-five pick.

Sixers get Gallinari as well in the above trade, just forgot to put his name in there.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 20 at 10:35

I guess none of those extra guys seem like they are worth adding. I'd rather just take back Galo and Kelena, since both could be long term rotation players. Turiaf is OK, I guess, but he's a FA, as well as Smith- who I don't want.

Ideally you send a bad contract to NY along with Melo. Just not sure how that is done given their roster.

Douglass is worth adding.

I know we're incredibly desperate for desperate for shooting, but I don't have much interest in Danilo. He'll be a good scorer in the NBA, but never capable of being the focal point of an offense or create for his teammates, and will always be a huge defensive liability.

Of the rumored young pieces, my preference:

with Favors being the runaway favorite.

I'd swap Randolph and Danilo on your list. I'm not sold on Randolph and I question his real upside in the league. He's so frail, I think if he ever does figure out a way to stay on the floor, he's not going to be playing the role of a defensive/rebounding big. Gallinari is an asset in my mind, and I think he'd be a really good complement to Jrue and Turner.

It would actually be really funny if the Sixers pulled off a deal that got them Gallinari and Toney Douglass (who I love). Think about the imbalance of the roster:

PG: Jrue, Douglass
SG: Turner, Lou, Meeks
SF: Danillo, Thad

Probably the team's five best players would be on the perimeter and they'd still have absolutely nothing at either PF or C.

Then we'd get the #1 pick and they'd take Harrison Barnes.

"I'm not sold on Randolph "

Neither am I.

I'm just less sold on Gallinari

I'm not sure I get what you don't like about him. It's pretty much established that Gallinari is productive in his primary role, as a shooter. He's put up good numbers with a low usage %, low turnover rate, solid rebounding rate. He gets to the line. Essentially, he's right now probably better than what Wes Johnson will probably wind up being.

I think his defense is Jason Kapono'esque.

Eh, I don't think it's nearly that bad, but even if he's on par with Kapono in pure defense, he contributes on the glass and gets enough steals/blocks to make him a much more valuable player, and viable starter, in my book.

I think it is that bad. And putting the ball on the floor is an adventure, to the point where I'm not sure he'll ever have a diverse enough offensive game to compensate for his poor defense and inability to create for others.

He's the type of player who we're currently overvaluing because of our current-roster deficiencies but who doesn't bring enough to the table to be a real building block. If I'm trading Iguodala, I'm not doing it for a role-playing defensive sieve who I don't think has the ability to be a building block. I'd rather go boom or bust with someone like Randolph. Or someone like Wesley Johnson, who I don't agree with as having the upside of Danilo (I think Johnson has much better defensive tools, has a much better straight-ahead driving game and is much better in transition).

If trading Andre Iguodala the boom/bust candidate should be much more likely to boom than bust.

Either option is not enough for him

Hah, I did ity... but it would have to wait until Dec 15th, and would leave the Knicks with no bigs off the bench...

Imagine this:

Knick acquire Melo + Brand (33m)

Sixers acquire: Galo + Mozgov + Azibuike + Turiaf + Curry + Douglass + Walker (27.5m)

Nuggets get Iguodala + 5M in cap space

Because of the Knicks current cap space and the fact that 27.5M (outgoing Knick salaries) is within 25% of 33M (incoming Knick salaries) this trade actually works...

This would leave the Sixers with tons of cap space. You can work on the Philly/Denver side (such as sending Thad) in order to make the deal work for the Nuggets GM.

Insane deal though. Would leave the Knicks starting Amare at C next to brand, with A. Randolph coming off the bench to spell both... and they would need to go to the D-League to fill out their roster.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 20 at 10:59

The Sixers would also cut 3 players to keep the roster at 15, but that would be easy (Curry, Songalia and Battie.)

This would be the Knicks remaining roster:

Mason Jr/Routins/Fields
Melo/W.Chandler/Ewing JR/S.Williams

So they would need to go the D League route for a back-up PG and C. But they would have their Melo/Amare/Randolph core.

If the knicks got Brand I think D'antoni might just quit

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Oct 20 at 11:06

Hey, if they want to get Meklo, they need to swalliow the poison pill named Brand.

Everyone wins!

The Sixers add some young players and start fresh. The Nuggets get Iguodala and 10M of cash. The Knicks get Melo while keeping Randolph.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 20 at 11:07

Wow, I am one big typo this AM.

The fact that they want to get Melo and pay the 25 million dollars aside, I don't even think Donnie Walsh is that stupid

You mean the same Donnie Walsh that tried to hire Isiah Thomas this summer?

I don't believe Donnie Walsh tried to hire Isiah back I believe James Dolan was the motivation behind that and that James Dolan is an idiot

raro reply to GoSixers on Oct 20 at 15:24

Is going after Melo really that stupid? Sure, 25 million is too much, but I don't see what other options are out there for them. They have no picks for the next few years (I think?) so building a team through the draft is not an option.

If anything, they should be trying to pry away CP3 and then somehow go after Carmelo this summer.

Yes it's that stupid unless you keep Iguodala

Doesn't make your team significantly better but adds more unnecessary salary for a team that is salary conscious. They're better off NOT doing anything.

raro reply to GoSixers on Oct 20 at 15:36

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I was saying that from the Knicks perspective.

I'm not really a fan of this potential three way either. Iguodala is worth more than Danillo and scraps IMO.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 20 at 11:03

BTW, in simplest cap terms, the Sixers and Knicks both trade away 28M, the Sixers take back 28M and the Knicks take back 33M (with 125% rule, so works.) The Nuggets get the 5M in cap savings...

Since the Nuggets are currently over the tax, this 5M saves them 10M this year. So big time financial carrot to get this deal done this December :)

If the sixers are open to trading Andre Iguodala, then put him on the market, don't limit your options, see what his value is and take the best deal available. Do I like the sixers being involved in a trade that makes the knicks that much more screwed for the next 4-5 years cause they gotta give melo his way too much 25 mil and D'antoni's system is going to fail with those two pieces felton and various pieces of flotsam? Sure I do.

Do I want the sixers to trade Iguodala? Not particularly.

Is he worth more than the various machinations involving the knicks stripped bare roster (if the knicks need a first pick to make this deal work, they're getting the sixers or you get a fourth team involved)? I think so

sfw reply to GoSixers on Oct 20 at 11:02

well said!

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 20 at 15:37

Agreed.The fatal flaw in the Lee trade. Never really put him on the open market/didn't allow his value to rise.

Assuming the knicks are the only team he'll sign an extension with and assuming no other team will get an extension from him, I don't see the Nuggets being highly motivated to take an unpalatable deal. I think they've got no real motivation to rush this and can wait until February to see what the Knicks can put together and if not, well when Melo gets screwed over by the new CBA, who else does he have to blame?

I don't think I'd do is deal. If their is a way to get toney Douglas maybe for Lou I'm all for it. I loved douglas coming out of floridA st. He is one of the better on the ball defenders I've seen the past few years. Having him and rue dogging people on e perimeter would be great fir this team. I'm imagining a lineup of jrue Douglas turner iguodala and speights as a rare small ball lineup that rebounds and defends and can punish people in e open floor.

Jason Mess reply to Steve v on Oct 20 at 13:55

I Like that lineup except having Speights at the 5. I would want someone else and have speights come off the bench at either the 5 or 4. As far as who I would want our starting 5 to be not sure yet.

I read the Nuggets #1 priority is to get under the tax.

With their payroll currently at 83M, they need to involve a 3rd team well under the cap to absorb some salary- like sending KMart and his expring 15M to someone like Minny, who is way under the cap. But that would take a huge sweetener.

Basically, since the Sixers are capped out, they can’t take on any extra salary from Dever. So if Denver needs to get under the tax, then the Sixers can’t be the 3rd team.

I think all Gallo can really do is shoot.

Louis Farrakhan on Oct 20 at 15:09

Michael Redd + cool name to disguise his mediocrity = Carmelo Anthony

Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 15:09

Collins won't coach again tonight. Expected to return for Friday's practice.

tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 15:14


oops, sorry for the caps.

Sounds like reasonably uninformative news, this whole concussion thing is very fishy

Louis Farrakhan III on Oct 20 at 15:10

Also, the last 2 times I visited this site, it has frozen my browser for 10 seconds. Just a heads up

Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 15:24

Interesting trade machine at LB by Lodgeno:

"What if Denver got Curry’s expiring contract from NY and they traded away Nene. This wouldn’t get them under the tax this year, but it would be a huge step in the right direction. They would have both Curry and Martin’s contract coming off the books next year for a total of 27 million."



Knicks in: Carmelo... out: Curry, Gallinari

Denver in: Iguodala, Hawes and Curry... out :Carmelo and Nene

Sixers in: Nene and Galinari... out: Iguodala and Hawes

tk76 reply to tk76 on Oct 20 at 15:29

So the Sixers get a legit center and Galinari. Denver gets Iguodala and a ton of cap relief this summer (but still is stuck paying mega tax for this season.) The Knicks get Melo.

The Knicks really make out the best, but its not a horrible deal if you want to flip Iguodala for a solid big and a decent young player.

Is Gallo Peja like?

Tough and better at getting to the line. But Peja moved better without the ball and was an even better shooter. Neither defend particularly well, but Gallinari has better length.

deepsixersuede on Oct 20 at 18:16

If Iggy gets moved in a bad deal, will Evan be known as " The Villian" because a] he closes out games well or b] he is looked at as the reason Iggy was moved.

I'd say any "blame" would go to Stefanski.

Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 18:18

Sixers starting Holiday, Iguodala, Kapono, Young and Brand.

eddies' heady's reply to Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 19:22

They actually started Holiday, Kapono, Iguodala, Brand, and Battie.

Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 18:21
Tom Moore on Oct 20 at 18:31

Curry on Collins: "I talked to him a few times today. He’s feeling better. The tests they’re giving him right now are good. We’re off tomorrow, so we expect him bright and early Friday morning to go over some tape and get ready for the start of the season."

I personally think Danilo will be an all-star sooner than expected, he's got deficiencies defensive-wise, but huge basketball IQ to compensate these in the future. It could be the centerpiece of the Sixers for the next decade.

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