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Sixers Destroy 60% of Knicks

Brian, you asked yesterday about the vid ads... and yes they start playing sound after about 1 minute.

The ad spot in the upper right on this page? Can you do me a favor, next time it happens to you, can you tell me what ad is playing? I need to narrow down where it's coming from to be able to address it.

Nevermind, I just found it. Should be taken care of shortly.

Ryan F reply to tk76 on Oct 21 at 11:22

If you aren't using firefox I would seriously recommend it. You can download add-ons such as flashblock and stop autoplay and it will prevent that from happening on any site you visit.

tk76 reply to Ryan F on Oct 21 at 11:27

Chrome. And I generally am OK with flash. And I don't use ad-block because it hurts sites like this one, blocking them from ad revenue.

The vid is one discussing breast cancer,

Ryan F reply to tk76 on Oct 21 at 11:44

Does it? Wasn't aware.

This is TK's comment from the last post, I'm going to put it here as well because I think it's a good conversation point:

What is people take on Kapono earning a starting spot?
IMO he actually did earn it, because he proved ion the floor to be the only player that could spread the floor by keeping the defense honest out to the 3 pt line. Obviously he too 1 dimensional to me a long term answer as a starter... but if his presence on the floor helps the other players succeed and develop then its hard top argue against it.
My only real concern is minutes. There already was a crunch in terms of wing minutes. Giving Kapono 20 minutes as a token starter makes it worse. I wish he would just be given Nocioni's allotment, but more likely it means less burn for Turner. And IMO the more minutes Turner gets the faster he'll acclimate to the NBA game (and if not, the sooner we will know for sure.)

My take is that yes, he did earn it. The biggest difference I've seen from Kapono is that he doesn't seem afraid to shoot anymore. He's catching and shooting, which isn't something he's done in the past (and I'm a bit skeptical that he'll continue to do so when games start counting, and shots taken affect his career three-point percentage).

Whether he's earned it or not isn't really my concern, though. I think Turner needs to be starting, and needs to be playing a ton of minutes with Jrue, and with Iguodala, to a lesser degree. Still think the best idea is moving Iguodala to the four if you want to get Kapono in there to space the floor.

PG: Holiday
SG: Turner
SF: Kapono
PF: Iguodala
C: Brand (ugh).

TimX reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 11:44

From what I've seen of this team this preseason, and to a lesser degree these players over their careers; I'd like to see the following to start the season:

1st Unit

PG: Jrue
SG: Dre
SF: Kapono
PF: Brand
C: Battie

2nd Unit

PG: Turner
SG: Lou
SF: Thad
PF: Speights
C: Hawes

Obviously you would like to see ET move to the starting SG spot eventually, but he's not even close to ready for that yet. In order to be a SHOOTING Guard you have to actually SHOOT. Hopefully, he'll find his rythym in a game or two and start to develop the confidence it takes to crack the starting 5.

With the Battie idea, it may sound crazy; but that's what we have right now. A flawed roster. He's the ONLY big that give an effort on D and the glass.

My take on him earning it would be the same as if Kyle Korver earned on years ago when he was on the team.

I'm sure he earned it, it's just disappointing commentary on the rest of the roster at a similar position that this one dimensional player earned the starting spot.

Brian - I got auto play on a 'shopping control' news report.

HTML 5 can't get here fast enough - FLash Must Die

I think Kapono has earned a starting spot if there's someone on the opposition he can guard. For example, who is he going to guard on the Heat, the point guard? Iguodala and Jrue do seem to have more driving lanes when Kapono is on the floor.

The quandary with Turner is that playing him extended minutes right now is causing the play of the team to suffer. I realize this year is about development primarily, but I wonder if a team has ever started a year not having winning as the first priority. Now, I can see the priorities changing quickly after (say) a 6-14 start, but I would think it sends the wrong message (to both fans and players) if Turner gets extended minutes regardless of how he performs. If he earns the minutes, that's another story.

tk76 reply to Statman on Oct 21 at 11:56

Agree. I'm all for "the future" if this season falls flat- whicjh it likely will. But they have to atleast try and put their best/winningest foot forward out the gate. Then hopefully the higher upside guys start earning starting spots.

That said, they can't bury young guys so deep on the bench to where they lack the minutes to prove they are ready.

So if Kapono's starting, where does Turner fit in?

Jrue is going to be playing 36-40 minutes/game you have to think. Lou is getting nothing but praise. Nocioni needs his 20 minutes or he'll throw a fit. Turner has to be the guy who gets squeezed, right? And what about Thad, is he going to play the 4 exclusively?

Also, no mute option any more on the volume?

I know you need the revenue but is there a less intrusive obnoxious video ad company? The lack of a mute button is bad, but the fact that over half the ads aren't content related is just really bad.

It shouldn't play audio, which to me makes it easy enough to just ignore. They're working on it right now. There is a mute button, it's just like dark gray on black, so hard to see. It's to the left of that yellow button below the video.

. There is a mute button, it's just like dark gray on black, so hard to see.

Yeah, my eyes are slowly waking up, I saw it the second time during the wonderful audio on bronzer? Seriously, can't they get the content of the ads to remotely match the content here?

Took the ad down from this post until they fix the issue. Sorry about that, guys.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 12:00

I can't hit the mute button, because on chrome the edge of the page is cut off as soon as you zoom in (no scroll bar available on the bottom.) No big deal, just a small incompatibility on with Chrome. It means I can't see things like the "reading list" without turning down the zoom.

Or I could just get better glasses.

Or a better monitor :)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Oct 21 at 12:05

Not really. These new fangled monitors are all about high DPI and "full HD." I guess i can crank up the DPI function in Windows, but that causes other headaches.

Give me an old 19" 1280X1024 monitor and my eyes would be happy. As it is, my 22" 1680X1050 is at least easier to read than the new 1080P panels.

How come everything I see this morning makes me feel old?

You can change the resolution settings (I'm sure you know that) to make things larger?

I think he has earned it and its a necessity if this team is going to win some games unfortunately. I really liked the lineup that was out there last night, I would of liked it more if I actually believed that is how Battie can play 30 min a game for 70 games against real competition, but that is pretty far fetched.

I'm not concerned with Turner as a ball player,but I am becoming a little worried about exactly how he will fit on this current roster. The "experts" who said that he was redundant are starting to convince me, and I'm normally fairly optimistic and I try not rushing to judgment.

My concern about Turner is something I voiced back in Summer League. I think he's going to be a good player, maybe very good. But I think he's going to be the type of player I like, which is very different from the type of player the average Sixers fan likes. Not a 20ppg scorer, but a guy who contributes across the board, much like Iguodala. I'm pretty sure JIT can play together, and I think Turner was starting to find himself when he was in the starting lineup w/ those guys. I hate having him buried on the bench. I feel like he's taken a step backward. It may be a confidence thing. It may just be that he's better with better players on the floor with him.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 11:58

I agree, I don't have any visions of him being a 30 ppg scorer. When someone is saying intentionally go small with Iguodala at the four, just to get spacing and play ET minutes, its a concern. I know from last year you hate small lineups. I do as well. Right now that may be our best option, but what happens when (hopefully) they get a legit big man to play the middle? If he isn't a shooter, and now you have to play JITB/1234, where do you find any spacing?

I agree, I don't have any visions of him being a 30 ppg scorer.

Set your sites a little high don't you think?

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Oct 21 at 12:07

I was referring to what your average fan deems a "superstar" player, and what Phila fans appreciate. I think if he is the focal point of a team his numbers would be very similar to Iguodala, he would just get the scoring number differently. Best case scenario, which is just fine to me.

And even the average fan realizes that 30 per game is not just superstar it's one of the best in the game - i would hope

I mean that's Kobe Durant land

Got me. How do the Lakers get spacing with their starting lineup? Kobe, Artest and Fisher are all below-average three-point shooters. Bynum and Gasol never take them.

Kobe may be below average from the 3 - but how is he from 'mid to long' range compared to the other sixers?

Does the triangle help with spacing and defense? I don't know

I mean the lakers are still the best team in the league so they're obviously better than the sixers, but pretty much at every position there are guys who can beat you if you double team other guys.

Yeah, I mean, the point is you don't have to have Ray Allen on the floor to get spacing.

No, but you have to have skilled multi threat players at every position.

The sixers have very few players, at ANY position that teams are scared of. No one on this team is drawing a double team, no one has to 'leak off' one of the sixers to prevent the 'good guy' from getting a good look at the basket. The sixers don't have one. The lakers have folks coming off the bench who draw double teams

Ed Stefanski told me teams have to double Elton Brand. Why would he lie?

Well if he told you that after he signed him, he didn't lie, he was just overly optimistic about Brands future. If he told you that any time after the first 20 games that brand was on the sixers roster - he was a big fat liar.

Thing is - that's one guy.

Odom (off the damn bench)

They all require doubles :)

Nah, just Kobe and Pau. Maybe Bynum, if he can ever stay on the floor.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 12:08

Their roster and coaching is apples to oranges in comparison to ours.

It's more like apples to rotten eggs. They still get spacing without any real shooters on the floor though, so it can be done.

Sure it can be done, but the sixers roster wouldn't need a talent infusion so much as a talent fluid exchange...a talent dialysis

So maybe that's the answer, then. You need 2 legitimate scoring threats (Kobe and Pau), then you need one opportunistic, physical big (Bynum), an unselfish PG who can hit open shots with decent regularity (Fisher) and one guy to jack up stupid shots and nearly get you knocked out of the playoffs before saving your bacon with an o-board/putback (artest).

Something to strive for.

The way I see it, winning games isn't as important as some other things. Showcasing Kapono to increase his trade value beyond expiring contract is nice, but the final record of the sixers this season is irrelevant (to me) compared to other more important aspects of this team.

Ryan F reply to GoSixers on Oct 21 at 12:04

I'm not worried about wins either, although I prefer them much more to losses. I'm thinking ahead. If Turner's strong point is handling the ball, finishing around the rim, defense, and rebounding, and thats what he's going to be, it sounds a lot like the 2 players surrounding him. Eventually there has to be balance. You may be able to take 5 Iguodalas to a playground and abuse a rec league team, but in the NBA, its going to be unsuccessful. Unless we can find a big in the near future to dominate the glass and shoot the lights out, we're in a bit of a rut going forward IMO.

Whatever Turner is or isn't, you won't find out sitting him on the bench and playing the soon to be off the sixers Kapono major minutes :)

Jack Straw on Oct 21 at 11:48

Brand actually played well all around. He was crashing the offensive boards and working in the post a little against a taller Mozgov. He came out of the game with a double double shooting 73% from the field (+30 overall) and I believe I even caught him running the floor a couple of times. I think its safe to say it was his best showing of the preseason.

Thaddeus Young doesn't help himself out when he's taking jumpers. Any jumper from Thad just isn't a high percentage look. On the other hand, he looked extremely aggressive when he put his head down and drove into the paint. He does appear to be a wee bit stronger this year.

Evan Turner looked scared to shoot and I'd be lying if I said it didn't get under my skin. He wasn't selected #2 overall to hoist up one field goal attempt. He wow'd the crowd a few times with some fancy moves off the dribble to free up space, only to hand the ball off to the closest sixer. He has to be more aggressive than this. Unfortunately, he was the most disappointing part of the game.

Looks like Iguodala actually started trying in the last couple of games and he strung together back to back solid performances.

Its great to see Jrue starting to put together double digit assist games. He seems to be finding his game at the right time. Not worried about Jrue at all right now.

Lou turned in another solid game off the bench and was arguably the team's most consistent player throughout the preseason. If he can continue to knock down that outside shot regularly, it'll be a huge help. The coaching staff seems high on him... hopefully he blossoms in his 'hired assassin' role off the bench.

Does anyone else think Kapono might end up in the starting lineup to start the season? He does compliment Jrue/Dre/Elton pretty well on the offensive end, although I'm still hoping Turner eventually wakes up and works his way in there.

I'm pretty sure Songaila played 16 minutes because Speights is that bad defensively. He was pitiful defensively in the 7 minutes he played.

Battie might actually get minutes since none of our bigs can rebound or defend. 9 boards/3 blocks in 16 minutes last night. More than I expected.

I'm more than skeptical of Battie, but he did look good. Last year he had 2 blocks for the entire season (134 minutes).

Jack Straw reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 11:57

I'm skeptical about Battie too, but I'm more concerned about the rest of our bigs being so terribly soft that Battie might actually play.

Jess Sayan on Oct 21 at 12:22

Kapono should start because he's "playing with joy"...lol @ the Collinsism. His shooting and contract might yield us something pretty nice come February.

Those flashes with the handle that ooos and aaahs from the crowd were encouraging. He didn't have anywhere to go but he seems to be loosening up, like he said ima try out my handle a little bit. He should gain confidence from the reaction from the crowd. He seems a little closer to playing his game.

The old heads in the front court really seem to set the tone. Communication was there. Even kapono didn't appear to be a liability on d against these Knicks.

Also, it's fine that Kap is one-dimensional, because it's one dimension this team sorely lacks. Nice win!

Randolph sucks!

That dunk was sick, and Randolph rebounds like Thad, apparently.

Kate Fagan said today that she expects Collins to go back to the original starting lineup vs. the Heat (Jrue, Iggy, Thad, Brand, Hawes). I've always thought she wasn't the best of reporters...to put it as kindly as possible...but this is ridiculous right? Why would he do this after not having started that group together in weeks?

she's better than anyone else working for the Inquirer or Daily News. The rest of them just print the party line and ride the sixers taint

Jess Sayan reply to MikeW on Oct 21 at 12:36

Hawes starting only makes sense to me if he expect we will be playoff bound and he was to save Battie for a late push. I love Thad, probably more than I should, but he shouldn't start over Kapono. Though I loved him aggressively attacking the rim last night.

I like her better than Cooney and Jasner. Not a big fan of her banging the "Nocioni is so tough and gritty, he's a Philly guy!" drum, though.

I like Kate. Back when she first started writing for the Inquirer (08-09), she answered emails personally and responded directly to comments in the comments section of her online articles. Of course, it helped that there were only about a dozen of us commenting back then.

She doesn't respond directly as often as she used to, but I do think she receives input from fans more than any other writer in the Philly newspapers -- which I think was part of the reason she called out Eddie Jordan for his terrible coaching much sooner than anyone else did. (I'd be willing to wager that her opinion of Nocioni will level off after she's seen him play enough times.)

One thing to realize, though, is that Kate was only a casual NBA fan prior to becoming Sixers beat writer. So she's not passionate about the NBA like the rest of us are. But because she played herself, she has a better eye for the actual plays being run than most of the other reporters.

Fagan is the best basketball writer in the city - probably my favorite across all of the sports.

She's knowledgable, objective and doesn't pull punches.

So how do you explain her love of Andres Nocioni?

raro reply to GoSixers on Oct 21 at 13:40

no one's perfect?

Not you're just lying to me :)

Maybe, she wants to see for herself over a period of time before judging.

And that makes sense if you don't have an entire body of work behind you to look at.

Her effusive praise of Nocionis more 'useless' traits smells like Sixers PR and belies his recent career

She's probably right though, sixers fans will love him.

Then again, sixers fans loved Reggie Evans

Hasn't she already rushed to judgment in saying he's good?

sfw reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 14:03

good point.

Jrue's dunk made it onto the Ball Don't Lie blog. First positive thing they've said about the Sixers in all the time I've spent futilely checking in on a really terrible website :)


How long have you been reading BDL? Went downhill when Skeets left, imo.

Is Skeets the guy on TBJ?

Yeah, he was the editor of BDL for a couple year, I think. He left when TBJ got picked up by The Score.

That should say a couple of years. Although the plural of beer is beer in Canada, and we're talking about Canadians, so maybe a couple of year is acceptable. Man, I'm still half asleep.

dwhite reply to Brian on Oct 21 at 17:03

Only for a few months...sometimes they'll link to an interesting article from an outside source. The actual writing is laughable.

And look - another heat player injured here

If I believed in things like Karma I might say something about payback

It's much easier to leave Kapono on the court against a team that didn't play it's starting wings or star bigman. Don't read into it too much.

Shooting against Roger Mason and Bill Walker ain't quite the same as doing it against Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari. Kapono ain't exactly the best guy for rotations either once Amare starts forcing double teams.

Nice pre-season line, but it's pre-season for a reason.

Jack Straw on Oct 21 at 16:14

Sixers picked up options on Holiday/Speights today and also waived Plaisted and Quinn.

Yeah, I wrote a post on it, which should really be a clear indication that I'm bored out of my mind waiting for this regular season to start, since those were probably the four easiest-to-predict personnel moves the Sixers will ever make.

The issue with starting Kapono is complicated.

If you need a shooter/Kapono on the floor for guys like Iguodala, Jrue and Turner to be effective (opening up driving lanes, spreading the floor and having a shooter to pass the ball to) then its worth the sacrifice in everyone's minutes. But its not worth it if it means that Turner no longer gets regular minutes.

Also, big picture, the hope is that as Jrue and Turner develop their games and jumpers the need for that wing shooting specialist will go away. Or it could mean that J/T/I might never work. But you can't wait to long to reach that determination. But I'm fine with having the "pure shooter" out there for at least a few months. I would hope by mid-season J/T/I will be ready to take the trainig wheels off- even if they are not ready as a floor group today.

The thing that bugs me is I don't feel like he gave JTI a fair shake in the preseason. They started 2 games together, and the second was better than the first. All of a sudden, Collins gets another idea and scraps that one. It's not like they've played better as a team since then. They got their asses handed to them by the Cavs and then beat a bad team missing their two best players.

Starting Kapono isn't necessarily a cure for anything, it's just his latest theory that hasn't been proved one way or the other. A hunch, basically.

The problem with constant tinkering and changing of roles is that you never give any of your theories a chance to work out, and in my opinion, you've got the most riding on JTI working out.

Yeah, it reminds me of how Thad has been switched back and forth between positions for the past 3 years...

But the offense is "prettier" with a shooter. Not that offense is the end all- but I do think Jrue in particular thrives with a shooter. he probes the defense and hits the shooter for the easy assist. That is not exactly possible if the guy you pass to can't or won't shoot.

On a better team, Jrue could pass it to someone who will drive on the out of position defense, and make a 2nd pass for a dunk. But the Sixers (Jrue and Turner esp) are not to that level yet. They might get their quicker with more floor time together... or they might just struggle.

At this stage I want Jrue and Turner to get the prerequisite minutes to develop as players. I think there will be plenty of years for them to develop chemistry, so I don't worry too much that they are not sharing the floor early in the season. I think getting Turner up to speed (and Jrue) will allow them to mesh better in the long run. And right now Collins probably feels their individual strengths and weaknesses are holding the other back when they play together. Again, hopefully that is fixed when each player is more NBA ready.

It hasn't looked to me like they've been holding each other back when they're on the floor together. Guess time will tell.

I haven't "seen" them play together enough=- aside from some grainy internet feeds.

Just a couple comments on players after watching the game last night:

Turner: Still was doing a great job rebounding (one rebound in particular was impressive, he's awesome at somehow winning the ball even when it seems like he shouldn't). He also was not letting the offense affect his defense as he did very well throughout on defense. He needs to be more aggressive off the ball. He's still just going to the corner and standing there too often. I think if you just put him into high pick and roll situations at the top of the key he will flourish. His dribbling was there last night but he was sloppy with the ball -- part of this was teammates being a bit unfamiliar with him as well though.

Young: Shooting wasn't there, but I definitely saw a lot of the old "good" Thad in terms of driving hard and hitting the offensive glass. He showed a ton of energy.

Williams: With Thad and Williams on the court it definitely froze Turner out a bit after he would give up the ball. That being said, Williams and Thad were usually making good things happen in terms of getting to the hoop so it's hard to be too upset about it.

Others looked good or bad, but I just felt compelled to talk about those above.

Yeah, Lou has been really impressive. In fact I think his improvement last season was sort of lost/dismissed in the EJ debacle.

For the record... I think Kate has been a breath of fresh air at Philly.com. But no conversation about Sixers coverage is complete without giving props to Tom Moore. Not only does he pro-actively provide up to the minute info to die-hard fans at several forums/blogs... but he also is willing to take questions back to the team and do the legwork to get answers for us. And he is a smart hoops guy who takes his job seriously.

Tom is more diplomatic than Kate and does not overtly try to stir things up like she does- but I don't think Tom pulls any punches either. And I think there is a role for both types of beat writers.

Agreed 100%. Tom's the best.

Tom's also a great guy.

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