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Sixers Pick Up Options

What's the danger of not waiting until July 8? I think we should let Spencer go regardless.. but is there a reason not to wait until the 8th for Thad? Would it make him hold a grudge? If that's the least of the worries... wait it out

As far as I'm concerned, there's no danger. If he's a guy you absolutely want to keep, you have the option of locking him down prior to Nov. 1st before another team can make him an offer. Theoretically, some team out there could offer him a max deal and then you'd be stuck matching it if he becomes a free agent. Someone else could drive the price up for you.

I'm an idiot... that means he would be restricted then right?.. well, tough choice on Thad. I feel like we can use him as a valuable trade piece, but his role on this team is without a doubt in question..

Joe reply to T McL on Oct 21 at 18:33

I think you forgot that he sucks at basketball, relative to other NBA players.

I just hope the sixers somehow get rid of thad young asap, i dont think he sucks. I just think he serves no purpose for this team, his jumpshot is absolutely atrocious, he cant rebound worth a lic and he cant guard anyone. He is the sixers weaknesses all summed up in one player. Plus we have plenty of swingman on this team that can easily fill his role.

tk76 reply to 4What on Oct 21 at 21:52

You raise good points in that Thad would probably be a more valuable player on a more conventional line-up. His athleticism would be a nice change of pace on a team where he was backing up a more traditional PF and a team with older, more savvy vets. Unfortunately on the Sixers he is one of many young, athletic. unsavvy players who can shoot very well.

His one dimensionality (to me) limits his use on most teams. If you wanna go up tempo and score in transition but not worry about rebounding or defense, than Thad fits on your team, but that's all he's shown so far in his time in the NBA to me.

Check out the Sixers cartoon here (slide #13). Is the guy eating a sandwich under the rim supposed to be Speights?

Meh, just let Thad go too.

For what its worth Jason Smith has had a better pre-season than all of our bigs combined.

For what it's worth the lakers lost to the timberwolves in the preseason

Tom Moore on Oct 21 at 23:47

BoDog.com has the Sixers at 34 1/2 wins. Think it's about right. I said 36-38 going into preseason, but am now at 34. What do you think?

Jason reply to Tom Moore on Oct 22 at 0:02

Sixers under is a very profitable line imo, also pinny had it at +120 last time i checked. Also think Under for Toronto, and NJ over is a pretty good line. I really think it's a stretch for sixers to get over 35 games with this current roster, maybe Thorn gets a deal that causes us to win more than 35 games but i just don't see how that happens.

Old School Sixer Fan on Oct 22 at 0:37

34 sounds about right. Trading Dalembert for essentially nothing probably cost 10 wins.

How were they at 44 out of curiosity?

Collins and Turner?

It's possible w/ a full year + growth of Jrue.

A 17 game turn around, a 63% increase over the 27 wins the season before, if they hadn't traded sam?

Sorry, that's ludicrous by adding a rookie a new coach and expecting unrealistic things from Jrue Holiday (being a top 5 point guard for instance). 44 wins is only possible in the pollyish of polyana fantasies, even if you do keep Sam.

I'd say 34-36 was more realistic if they kept sam, and sam doesn't cost 10 wins, I mean that's a bit much as well. Right now I believe they're probably 30-32 wins

Eh. Last season wasn't entirely Jordan's fault, but he does deserve some of the blame. They were 3 games worse than their pythag (30-52), and talent wise they were probably at least a game or two better than that. Your baseline should probably be somewhere around 32 wins.

Actually having a PG for the entire season, not running the PO, swapping Turner in for Green. Having a coach who actually cares about defense and having a roster capable of playing it. I could see 44. Probably more likely they'd be somewhere around 40.

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