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Hasty Predictions: Western Conference

Louis Farrakhan III on Oct 25 at 16:42

Miami 173, Philadelphia 57

Seems like someone needs a little dunkia in their life

Louis Farrakhan III reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:41

My face hurts and I don't know where my mommy is

I think it's fair to say Miami's weaknesses don't really exploit the Sixers' glaring weaknesses, as their frontcourt is not good outside of Bosh and his scoring.

I have a feeling Iguodala gets really, really excited for this game and we suffer a respectable 10-13 point defeat.

I'd love to see what Jrue does against Carlos Arroyo too. Again, outclassed, but they will play their asses off and Miami will not be their sharpest with Orlando and Boston on both sides of this game.

Tray reply to Rich on Oct 25 at 19:39

Haha, outside of Bosh. Glen Davis was pouring in points on our frontcourt a couple weeks ago. I think early in the season the focus will be to get Bosh established as a valued contributor and that you could see a massive Bosh night.

Louis Farrakhan III reply to Rich on Oct 25 at 20:52

1. Miami will probably lose to Boston, purely because Boston is a machine and Miami is still figuring things out, and want to take out their anger on us.

2. The 2009-10 76ers went a combined 1-10 against the Three Headed Shitstorm's original teams, back when the second best players on each team were Varejao, Calderon, and Beasley. We beat the Raptors once in four tries.

3. Now we have no center.

4. Welcome to the NBA, Evan Turner.

5. Doug Collins' usual meticulous planning advantage will be taken away by Miami having only played one game with the three. If not by his concussions.

CONCLUSION: The only thing to look forward to here is Brian's inevitable post hopefully speculating that Jrue might be able to lock down Bosh

We huh?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 21:22

Anyone who invests time and money into watching this shit franchise deserves the right to say "we". I'm not a we guy personally but it doesn't bother me

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 21:31

Not sure why the author felt the need to sympathize with multimillionaires that play a kids game for a living.

Again, not a "we" guy, but considering the fans are the ones generating revenue to even allow the product to exist, it doesn't bother me.

Oh, I see now

Louis Farrakhan III reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 21:54


I think Minnesota will be fun to watch at least. And I love Cousins's intangibles. The guy's an intangibles monster.

Was that before or after martell webster had surgery?

Cousins 'intangibles' are why he didn't go #2 in the draft. How can you love someone who is considered uncoachable?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 17:13

I'm being facetious, of course, but he's not considered uncoachable. He's a slightly cantankerous 20-year-old kid who appears to channel his frustrations into effective play. And the guy's not even a third of the nut that a young Kenyon Martin was, or Rasheed was. We got a very well-regarded player so I'm not going to complain about our choice, but taking Favors or Wesley Johnson over him was lunacy. As for Martell, I don't think he's too key a player.

On another note, NBA League Pass has a promotion where you can pay $110 to watch seven teams all season. If you weren't a Sixers fan, which seven would you pick? I'll go with the Heat, the Clippers (Blake Griffin is fairly electrifying), Sacto, Washington, Oklahoma City, the Hornets purely on the strength of Chris Paul, and ... among the non-Heat title contenders I'll take LA.

7 teams, huh? No way would the Clippers make my list, odds of Griffin playing the entire season are small. I wouldn't pay for Miami because they'll be on national TV every other game.

I'd probably go with Orlando, OKC, PHO, CHI (want to see what Thibs does out there), Utah, Either BOS or LAL (strictly for a team to root against on a nightly basis) and then GSW to catch late games w/ Steph Curry.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 17:31

Yeah, I've always hated Phoenix and now they don't really even have talent. Jefferson in Utah's offense promises to be awkward.

Jason reply to Tray on Oct 25 at 20:57

What's the quality of NBA broadband?

7 teams for 110 bucks?

The entire season is only 149 isn't it? That's kind of a rip off

So for the record what are you the 5 over/under call's you feel most confident about? (in the entire NBA)

We should look back at those 5 calls at the end of the year.

Good idea. I'll start

1. Sixers under 34.5
2. Memphis under 38.5
3. Phoenix over 41.5
4. NJ over 24.5
5. ORL over 54.5


Joe reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 18:18

1. Washington under 32.5
2. Golden State over 30.5
3. NJ over 24.5
4. Philly under 34.5
5. Sacramento over 27.5 (Just play Sammy and Cousins)

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 19:16

NJ over 24.5
Minny Under 23.5
Sac Over 27.5
Indiana Under 33.5
Toronto Under 26.5

Overall the people who make the lines know a ton more about these other teams than I do. Which is one of a few reasons why I don't gamble. The main one being I don't want to need "the action" to enjoy watching a game.

Again, good to have a place to log my predictions...

* Dallas (49.5 wins) - Under. Best players are aging. Caron returning to form would be needed for them to win 50. I don't see it.
* Denver (43.5 wins) - Over. This is a tough one. I am assuming they get a good return for Melo and Lawson sees some solid minutes. He looks great this preseason, as usual.
* Golden State (30.5 wins) - Over. They may win 50. This is probably my lock besides Washington. Lee is a great player. Monta and Curry will get more credit than deserved when this team improves significantly.
* Houston (48.5 wins) - Under. That number is shockingly high. They are a good team and they may claw their way to 48 wins, but I doubt it. 40 seems more reasonable.
* LA Clippers (36.5 wins) - Under. Blake Griffin has been fantastic. If he plays 80 games, 36 is in reach.
* LA Lakers (56.5 wins) - Over. I think this line is a close one though. Bynum, Odom, and Gasol need to stay reasonably healthy to push over 60. Barnes can really help them. He should start over Artest.
* Memphis (38.5 wins) - Under. Close one. I think they are marginally worse than this. If Conley emerges(I doubt it) they may get 40.
* Minnesota (23.5 wins) - Over. This is a close one. If Love plays 82 games, 34+ a game, he will carry them past 25 no matter how crappy everyone else is. He is an absolute beast waiting to explode. For the Wolves sake... I hope Flynn is back later rather than sooner... boy was he bad last year. I think this line is pretty accurate, though.
* New Orleans (41.5 wins) - Over. If Paul plays 60 games or more, his teammates are good enough to win half their games.
* Oklahoma City (51.5 wins) - Under. If Durant takes another step, they will get 50+ wins. If not, they are looking at a solid 42 win season or so. Jeff Green and Nenad are pretty poor players.
* Phoenix (41.5 wins) - Over. The Suns intrigue me a bit. I'm going against my head here with this one. Nash has to slow down eventually, but maybe another year or 2. Childress can be a big help for them.
* Portland (51.5 wins) - Over. Will they play Camby, Oden, or Joel on the court at the same time. I'd love to see it. I think they win 50 in their sleep if they are moderately healthy.
* Sacramento (27.5 wins) - Over. Easy one here. If Sammy plays 60 games and averages 20+ a game, they will win 30 at least.
* San Antonio (50.5 wins) - Over. Dejaun Blair is a serious player. Duncan is aging, but he isn't dead yet. I think they win right around 50. If things go well, they could win 55.
* Utah (49.5 wins) - Under. Korver had one of his good years last year. (he has had some really bad ones too) Not a ton to say here. The personnel is that of a 50-52 win ceiling it looks like. They will be close to 49, but I don't think they quite get there.

Tray reply to Joe on Oct 25 at 19:41

50 potentially for Golden State, shocking. I thought the consensus was that Lee was a pretty good one-way player whose stats were inflated by playing on a really crappy team.

50 for golden state is insane

putting monta and curry in the same sentence belies some of that old antiquated analysis that makes people think monta is any better than willie green.

Monta is also unhappy in golden state

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:04

Are you JohnMagee? Monta has (major) flaws, but he's worlds better than Willie Green. Can you imagine how many shots it would take Green to put up 26 points per? He'd just explode at that usage rate. Monta's actually a talented player and may even return, now that Curry will be the one taking the outside shots, to being a net asset the way he was when they had Baron Davis. Last year he had to do everything and he's kind of terrible at that, but he is a gifted finisher.

Joe reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:41


Because they are pretty playing guards who have high PPG... they will, in a "guard centric league" get a lot of the credit.

Curry may be great this year. It really is possible, but he will be viewed as their best player when that credit will belong to Lee IMO.

And Monta has been pretty solid in the past... not as good as Monta was this past year but pretty good.

I'll go deep into my reasons for thinking GS will be a .500 team or better this year if someone wants, but I think a scan of the roster just makes it obvious.

Well if your primary judge of someone being good is point per game (regardless of how many shots turn overs or lack of free throws they get) then that explains why you think monta "I'm so selfish I make Bradon Roy Look like the giving truee" Ellis is a good player

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:51

No question Monta had a bad year last year but as this guy points out*, he's been good in the past. He basically played with a team of D-Leaguers last year and was forced to take on way too great a load.

* http://thepaintedarea.blogspot.com/2010/10/10-nba-veterans-im-curious-to-see-in.html

Joe reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:52

typo: And Monta has been pretty solid in the past... not as good as Curry* was this past year but pretty good.

Does that change your comment or no?

Joe reply to Tray on Oct 25 at 20:46


Are you sure you want that side of the double standard?

Does playing with Lebron make a player (or his stats) better?
Does playing with terrible teammates make a player (or his stats) better?

Tray reply to Joe on Oct 25 at 20:50

I think it inflated Lee's scoring and rebounding to play on a team with no talent or size, sure.

Joe reply to Tray on Oct 25 at 20:54

Why scoring?

The number of shots he took or the efficiency with which he scores?

What do you think will be different in GS that will change things?

Wasn't he "doubled" in NY because he was the only productive player and thus should improve in GS?

Jason Mess on Oct 25 at 19:09

I know this is way off topic but here goes anyway. While I was thinking about the over and under for each team and there rosters one thing struck me. How may teams have starters that should be role players or end of the bench guys. This also means you have players that should not see the court getting minuets on a lot of teams. So does anyone else think that contraction might be the best ways to fix a lot of the problems in the NBA.

tk76 reply to Jason Mess on Oct 25 at 19:20

You mean like Hawes, Brand and Kapono?

Jason Mess reply to tk76 on Oct 25 at 19:56

Yep, exactly!!

Nope, contraction isn't a solution. Evolution is the solution, evolution of talent evaluation and smarter people running organizations and owners committed to winning. A less restrictive CBA is helpful, but if people running teams are smarter there are less mistakes to correct.

Jason Mess reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 20:01

I like what you are saying, but I think that you still have a problem when you have more teams than a talent will support. With fewer teams you would also have fewer positions for GM and scouts ect... Fewer bad GMs (scouts ect... (hopefuly).

It's never going to happen. People are over reacting to what Stern said and over analyzing what he said, in response to a question. He didn't bring up contraction, someone else did

Jason Mess reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 22:34

Regardless of what he said there are either to many teams or to many teams with really poor ownership.

deepsixersuede on Oct 25 at 19:12

Dallas [over] Young guard wins starting s.g. spot and surprises [ Dq. Jones]. Their 3 headed center [Haywood, Chandler,Mahinmi] stays healthy because of less minutes each.C.Butler has big year.
Denver [over] Billups keeps distractions at bay and after moving Melo to Knicks they continue to win win Harrington, Gallinari and Afflalo picking up Melo's points.
Gold.St. [over] Smart up for coach of the year and Beidrins ends up a top 5 rebounder.
Houston [over] Yao stays healthy [20 mpg.] and B.Miller fits with young guys.
Clippers [over] Gomes and Aminu play good enough at s.f..
Lakers [over] lose out to Orlando for best record but Blake, Barnes, Caracter and Ratliff give much needed rest to starters, ala what Boston does.
Memphis [over] Stuck on the 500 treadmill.
Minnesota [over] Very impressive preseason; Love leads league in rebounding and gets M.V.P. votes.
N. Orleans [over] Bellinelli/Thornton combo gives great numbers next to Paul.
Okl.City [over] By the end of year Mullins/Aldrich combo wins center minutes and Ibacka/Aldrich combo works against Laker bigs.
Pheonix [under] Get passed by Sac. and Minn. as Turkaglu acts as their anchor, and pulls them down and out of playoffs.
Portland [over] Camby and Batum play real well and Rudy shows what he is capable of.
Sacramento [over] Cousins [15 and 9] plays well and Evans pulls an Iggy and fills the boxscore nightly.
San Antonio [over] Lead the league in defense with Splitter, Duncan and Jefferson frontline and play Lakers in western finals [last harrah].
Utah [under] Raja Bell gets hurt, Jefferson drives Sloan nuts and Deron starts thinking about greener pastures.

Basketball Reference predicts we'll win 26, and, um, that Cleveland will win 46. A different method they offer has us winning 30 and Cleveland winning 35, which is more in line with my expectations. The Nets they have winning 32 or 35 games, depending on which method they use. They're also very low on the Thunder.


I'm low on the Thunder, but that's mostly because I'm really tired of hearing about how great they already are.

Tom Moore on Oct 25 at 20:44

Link to videos of Iguodala and Collins from after Monday's practice:


Now - either pre season stats mean nothing or Evan Turn didn't suck in the preseason

You can't have it both ways folks

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 22:43

Evan Turner can't even dunk. Case closed. Bust...

Joe reply to GoSixers on Oct 25 at 22:36

Yeah, he didn't shoot a ton, so his terrible fg% didn't bury him. All in all... looks like Brackins needs to work pretty hard to be much more than a Thad Young.

Anyone looking to have some dinner with fast Eddie and Doug Collins? For a good cause, too.


$125 a pop, huh? I'd pay that if I could find 9 others willing.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 22:41

when did Chili's change their name

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 22:56

That is where the bid is at now. By the end it may be a decent amount more.

Would I pay $125-$150 to have some dinner with Doug and Ed? For charity? Yeah, I would.

Don't know how easy it would be to get a group, I would be willing to be 1 of the 9 though.

You think Ed would make it past the appetizers? 10 angry fans grilling him about every stupid move he made.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 23:28

I'd join in, but it would be to complicate to fly in. Capital grill in Chicago? :)

I don't think I could look Ed in the eye after all of the not so kind but accurate things I've written about him.

tk76 reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 23:34

Ed ALWAYS makes it past the appetizers. He's a power eater... and that requires focus and dedication- and at Chilli's sometimes medication.

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 25 at 23:41

I get the feeling they would want to mostly talk about Jrue.

I think overall things would stay civil, but man I'd love to see a no holds-barred attack session drilling them on Sammy and the other terrible moves.

Jason reply to Joe on Oct 25 at 22:41

I like how the value of the dinner is "priceless".

Tom Moore on Oct 25 at 23:15

Video of Aaron McKie talking about coaching with Doug Collins and the Sixers having so many young players:


tk76 reply to Tom Moore on Oct 25 at 23:32

Tom, having been around these guys, is there a former or current Sixer that jumps out at you as a future quality head coach? I presume Snow and McKie...

Tom Moore reply to tk76 on Oct 26 at 9:37

Would say McKie seems to be on course to be a head coach. Snow could be, too, though he's a longer way from that day.

Dallas (49.5 wins) - Over. Last competitive season for the team.

Denver (43.5 wins) - Under. Melo gets traded.

Golden State (30.5 wins) - Over. Interesting team that has an outside chance for the playoffs, but i don't think they'll make it.

Houston (48.5 wins) - Barely Over. They have so much depth that they can even afford Yao or Martin being injured for some of the time.

LA Clippers (36.5 wins) - Under. They will somehow figure out a way to ruin this very promising season.

LA Lakers (56.5 wins) - Over. Not by much but they will still do enough to win the west.

Memphis (38.5 wins) - Over. Their depth is improved. Randolph and Gasol are in contract years. They might sneak into the playoffs after a long time.

Minnesota (23.5 wins) - Under. Someone has to tank in this division. Minny is the best candidate.

New Orleans (41.5 wins) - Over. The team that will surprise a lot of people. I think they end with 50 at least.

Oklahoma City (51.5 wins) - Over. Simply because they are young in an "old" conference that will wait for the playoffs.

Phoenix (41.5 wins) - Under. I just don't like how this team is built right now. It's time to say goodbye to Nash.

Portland (51.5 wins) - Barely under. They are deep and ready to finally step up and get to 2-3 seed, but issues in their locker room might prevent them from doing so.

Sacramento (27.5 wins) - Barely Over. They have a lot of interesting young talent, but they are way too young to win in the west right now.

San Antonio (50.5 wins) - Under. The regular season is not what SA is interested in.

Utah (49.5 wins) - Over. I like this team this season. Jefferson and Bell are nice additions and if the key players can stay healthy watch out. This is the dark horse team in the West.

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