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Game 1 Thread: PHI vs. MIA

This game is on league pass, and yes it's a free preview this week.

I received a very excited text from ESPN about how last nights heat game is the highest rated nba regular season in history (which is actually a big deal as ratings become more and more fractured and networks are accepting lower and lower numbers as 'successful' tv shows), I'm almost shocked that since ESPN is airing NBA games tonight they didn't choose the Heat on the presumption that everyone wants to know everything about the heat, rooting for them to lose or win :)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 17:47

I think it's great for the league to have a villain. Fans love to have someone/something to hate.

Tray reply to johnrosz on Oct 27 at 17:49

Personally I want Miami to win 70 games and I think anyone who's a real fan of basketball should too. Miami can be something we've never seen before. If you want to see them lose to Boston or Orlando, I don't see how you can say you love the sport.

Any fan of the heat should want them to win 70 games, any fan of basketball should hope they fail miserably so this experiment fails so it doesn't turn into a league of wussified super teams where guys don't have enough courage and desire to lead on their own so they have to go somewhere else and get help.

Wade is injury prone
Bosh is over rated
Lebron is very very good

I hope they win zero titles. It would serve them, and ESPN right.

Are you some sort of parody of a basketball fan or something?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 18:18

Yeah, this is a bizarre line of thinking to me. That basketball's this sport of solo operators where you're a wuss if you choose to play with other great players. It's like LeBron's allowed to play with Antwan Jamison - he's bad enough that that doesn't call into question his manliness - and maybe he's allowed to play with Bosh, but playing with Wade makes him a wuss. Of course, this only applies to LeBron; virtually all but a handful of players would be applauded for taking a pay cut to leave a bad supporting cast and play with Wade. I mean, just typing out the idea is its own refutation; it's such a stupid notion that it doesn't even deserve a response.

What I'm doing is pointing out that Lebron James has spent his entire NBA career saying he's the next big thing, the king, he didn't name himself that but he didn nothing to discourage people from thinking of him as the 'next jordan' (even though the next magic would have been smarter) and what he did is admit he's not good enough to build a team around and went to SOMEONE ELSES TEAM...they didn't come to Cleveland to play with Lebron, he ran to Miami to play with Dwyane (I won't even talk about bosh, cause he's a poufter plain and simple). Lebron went from being the king to being a lackey

Joe reply to Tray on Oct 27 at 19:03

I'm with you Tray. I don't get it either.

And Calling Lebron a lackey is just stupid.

And Calling Lebron a lackey is just stupid.

From you, I take that as a compliment

Personally I want Miami to win 70 games and I think anyone who's a real fan of basketball should too.

This is so absurd it's almost insulting. I'm not a fan of basketball if I don't want a team other the one I root for to absolutely dominate the league? Did all "true" basketball fans root for 73 losses from the Nets last season because it would've just been so rare?

Personally, I think LeBron went to Miami for two reasons: (1) his global icon image and the enormous paychecks that come with it (2) because he wanted to play with a guy who's not only comfortable playing the role of fourth-quarter scorer/closer, but who's proficient at it. LeBron wants to do his thing off the court and take no criticism for what he does on it. His playoff failures tarnished his precious ego and legacy, so he wanted to someone whose coattails he could ride in the truly critical times of games and playoff series. The rest of the time, he can quietly be the best player in the league, make commercials and party.

He wants to win the easiest way possible and to live it up off the court.

Although not noble (or kingly) it's also understandable. I'm not glad the Heat got all of the big names, but I don't really begrudge the players for wanting to form the best team possible.

Because everyone loves kobe?

The leagues' had a villian for a few years, they're called the lakers...this is just a new villian.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 28 at 0:28

I love how the most innocent of comments can somehow snowball into a thread breakout argument between you and any number of other posters

Hey, there is only one Villain. And he's coming off the bench tonight.

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 17:43

Pregame: “That’s fine,” said Miami coach Erik Spoelstra of his team having a bull’s eye on it every night. “We’re not running away from it or running away from expectations. It has enhanced our focus and commitment. That can’t be our only motivation. We’re aiming for something bigger than just proving people wrong."

They're aiming for an NBA title, just like the Celtics, Magic and Lakers (and bulls and bucks and jazz and a few other teams with a slim slim chance). If they're aiming or caringa bout anything else, they have poor focus.

Lebron, to me, with all his response to the hate and the reposts of the twitter things and the 'i'm listening to everything' is allowing himself to be distracted from the goal. He should shut up, ignore everything, and play basketball. If you win people forget, just ask Kobe.

Rings change peoples perception of you. Just ask Kobe... and his wife :)

My perception of kobe's wife never changed, gold digging trollip

But her perception of Kobe changed... while Tiger was not so lucky.

Oh come on, you think she didn't know what was going on? Tigers wife knew as well.

Men aren't that smart, women aren't that stupid, they both knew. Kobe's wife took the payoff, Tigers wife didn't

Tiger's wife got a much bigger payoff in the end.

Deservedly so.

Hmmn, from a woman's perspective, better for the world to find out your husband had like 15 mistresses and get a public airing of everything, or better to have your husband accused of rape, put on trial, and eventually buying the silence of his accuser?

I would say Elen got the 'better' cause her husband was a womanizing douche and she left him whereas what's her name didn't leave and now lives with a guy who has 'accused rapist' connected to him forever.

Better to root for the Sixers or the Raptors?

Heh. Pondering life's big questions.

The Sixers jilt me most years. And the last ring from them was 27 years ago. Its a dysfunctional and somewhat co-dependent relationship that is kept alive through hope and low expectations.

You can only be jilted if your expectations aren't met really, and if you go into the season again and again with unrealistic expectations you're like megan fox in that eminem video believing the dude from lost won't beat you anymore and this was the LAST TIME

Kobe lives in california, if the wife left him, she got half, she just has less self esteem (?) than Elen so decided to stay and be a 'ballers wife'.

Does anyone honestly believe kobe doesn't still cheat?

He married that girl out of high school, the cheerleading squad, she knew what she was doing when she married him. I guarantee you she got more than the ring to stay, more than she would have goten in the lovely state of california (unless there's a pre nup)

I'm disappointed that the things I'm most excited to see in the sixers this year seem to be contrary to Doug Collins 'win now' mentality

Don't forget to vote

Who will lead the sixers in scoring tonight?
Who will lead the sixers in rebounding tonight?
If he plays, will Speights pass the ball?
How many minutes will Evan Turner play (over/under set at 15)?
Who will be most embarrassing on defense?

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 18:38

I'll go with Lou
Turner if he gets 25 mins, else Iggy
Maybe once or twice
Over (I hope)
Speights (if he plays) or Kapono (cause Arroyo is too quick for him)

Who will lead the sixers in scoring tonight? Lou
Who will lead the sixers in rebounding tonight? Brand
If he plays, will Speights pass the ball? 4X
How many minutes will Evan Turner play (over/under set at 15)? 22 (4th qtr scrub time)
Who will be most embarrassing on defense? Jrue (Wade has his number)

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 18:04

Meeks and Brackins are inactive.

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 18:07

LeBron pregame: "I've been in front of a bull's eye for a long time. That's nothing new to me."

That would be more believable if he had behaved in the past few weeks the way he had in the rest of his career, but all his public crying in various outlets belies his comments

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 18:13

Meeks on being de-activated: "You never know what to expect, It happened. I really can't do anything about it. I'll root for my teammates, keep a positive attitude and wait for my opportunity."

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 18:21

Collins: "I'm not starting with an upper-echelon team. We're starting on the ground floor."

Oh come on doug, it's the sub sub basement, if you're lucky

I'd say basement.

I'd say they need to drain off the groundwater before they can lay the foundation. Some of the concrete is in the mixer, but until the ground is suitable, it's just going to spin around and around in there.

When teams hire coaches some get roofers, some get interior designers. The Sixers need a sewer cleaner.

12 minutes to 7. You think any Sixers make a speech thanking the fans for their support and promising a good year prior to the game?

Have Spencer give the speech.

Great. The game is on in HD, but the HD feed is complete garbage. I hate Time Warner.

I'll be watching after work. Hope it's entertaining.

Leading scorer: Brand
Leading rebounder: Brand
Turner: over 15 mins.

Gotta say I'm still excited, no matter how I feel about the team.

Me too. Anything is possible...for the next 5 minutes or so :)

alvin reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:07

same here. i sense a lot of frustration this season, but i doubt it'll be as bad as last season.

and no matter what i always find myself rooting for the team somehow in each game.

Eric Snow might be the most nervous guy in the building.

Collins looks like he's aged about 15 years since he took this job, and he didn't exactly look young back in May.

I'm excited to see this team and the young players grow.

Sadly, I may be more excited to see who plays with who and how many minutes Nocioni gets, though.

Alright, here we go.

Do you think Spoelstra realizes he's just keeping Riley's seat warm?

Hawes wins the tap!

and a 24-second violation. Fitting way to start the season. Hawes is so ball-friendly.

Kapono guarding arroyo..

P&R dunk for Wade. Brand played that horribly.

Just give Arroyo that shot. Don't even consider guarding him outside of 10 feet.

20-foot jumper for Arroyo, that's a good defensive possession.

Kapono blocked twice already... I think he is done shooting for the season now.

Kapono 0/2 both of his shots have been blocked.

Missed that TO, bad pas by Jrue or no catch?

Foot on the friggin' line. I hate you, Kapono.

Iguodala's wrist looks good to me.


eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 19:17

Ok, Dre, be easy with those throwdowns b/c isn't it the right wrist thats banged up..

Wow, Hawes sure looks nimble out there.

Gotta make them shoot jumpers. Not looking the looks they are getting in the halfcourt.

Joe reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:21

Lou first off the bench...

Hawes is such a stiff.

mismatch time!! lou vs arroyo

Well, they're still in the game at the first TV timeout. Pretty sure Miami doesn't have an offensive board yet, either. Brand has been all over the o-glass for the Sixers.

How did Hawes get in the starting lineup again? It is very unclear. Hope Lou can get something going here.

Hawes w/ two fouls. Does he go to Speights?

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:25

Thad it is.

Small ball!!!

Can someone please share a link? I'm stuck in DC...

I think it might be part of a free preview on NBA.com.

Oh hell yeah. Thanks Brian.

Oh hell yeah. Thanks Brian.

go to nba.com they have a free preview week on their nba broadband till November 2.


Gotta love Turner boxing out there on D.

2 fouls on Wade. Stupid play there.

ET made a nice move for that shot. Just gotta hit it.

Alvin reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:33

The thing I like most about him is his ability to create that kind of space. As long as he keeps going at it he will keep creating that shot, and he will keep making it. His problem is not being aggressive enough for now. We just gotta be patient and let it come to him.

Bosh is having it too easy against our "bigs". Our offense is awful.

This is too easy for bosh.

Thad's started well. For all of my problems with Thad, in no way should Hawes start over him.

Nice drive by Thad +1. Haslem shouldn't be up on him like that out to the three point line. He has no prayer.

Thad guarding Bosh is not a favorable matchup.

Speights, 2 touches, 2 shots?

Ha yesssss. There was the Speights flop. I've missed it.

I understand why the Sixers offense sucks so bad, but Miami really has no excuse.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:33

So far they don't seem to have any idea of how they're going to play together.

They have 5 mismatches when the starting lineups are on the floor. FIVE.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:37

That's right, but when everybody's trying to pass the ball and has no clue where to pass it, this is what happens. They'd almost be better off at this point just running a rotation of Wade/James isos and Bosh post-ups.

Great to see Turner getting minutes early on!

At Jrue's expense :(

At least no sign of Nocioni yet.

Why did Jrue get pulled so quick tho? He did nothing wrong.

What's with all of these dipsy-do layups by everyone? Take the damn ball strong (Speights).

Rodney Buford reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:37

Seriously - Iggy did like a quadruple pump switch hand move and there was no one there!

where is jaime maggio?!?!

Gone. They replaced her.

Diesel reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:35

this is an outrage, she is the reason I watched games last year.

Thad with a jumper. Don't like the shot, glad he made it, though.

Lou came down to double when Lebron had Andre in the post... hmmm

God damnit Speights, go strong.

Nice D Lou.

Speights with 0 passes I believe...

T McL reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 19:41

He is such a freaking kid too. Did you see him at the foul line practically crying after he missed the first one? He reminds me of a 10 year old in a catholic school league not getting his way

1. Why the hell is turner completely afraid to take 3s when he had the touch in college?
2. Speights is absolutely killing us.

LBJ with 5 turnovers. Wow.

Strong finish to the quarter.

3-point game after one. 15-18

We saw Thad at the five there for the last half minute.

Alvin reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:42

Well he did get the O-board at the last play, more than I think i'd usually say about our other guys who play the 5 (yes Hawes and Speights I'm talking about you two goofs)

I don't think hawes, Brand and Speights have a cumulative 30" vertical right now. 2 of them are coming off of injuries, so maybe Speights gets some lift back to finish.

Hey, Sixers didn't play terrible defense in the 1st. They just allow the D-Wades to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

Turner... loving it.

What a great sequence by Turner


Jesus Christ. Songaila at the five, Thad at the four, Nocioni at the three. Jrue glued to the bench.

lol, nocioni, Thad, Songalia out together.

So now when we hit a three the scoreboard shows a yellow number '3' over our actual score? Like we hit a home run or something?

Collins is clearly concussed.

Iguodala played the whole 1st quarter.

ok just wondering. what happened to turner's midrange game?

Turner is a monster on the glass.

Turner has no prayer to play LeBron. He's getting beat every time.

Alvin reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:50

That being said, who can play LeBron?

Artest and Iggy can do about as well as anybody, but everyone is gonna struggle badly.

You know, last night, I watched Ron Artest try to 'run the fast break'. I've never seen an NBA player so bloody poor at dribbling who didn't play center, it was Dalembert likw

Good fouls by Lou and Turner, both stopped dunks.

Loving Turner.

T McL reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 19:48

awesome... he is showing the complete opposite of fear in his biggest test yet.

He's already a bust!

Wow. That was impressive. Turner w/ the o-board, putback & 1.

OH What a play by Turner!!!

Turner has made Haslem look like a poor rebounder twice already.

Turner is getting some good experience here... Lebron and now Wade.

He is failing, but that is to be expected.

Turner needs to give a little space to Bron, but still am liking the D -- shows potential.

And monster on the glass.

I guess we're getting Good Thad tonight.

Joe reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 19:51

Yeah. When Thad is making shots he somewhat helps the team.

When he is missing, though, boy does he absolutely kill you.

That is the problem.

0 assists, 0 rebounds right now.

Because like too many sixers players (hi lou) he has one dimension to his game

Zone off the made FT, Miami hits the three.

Jesse reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 19:52

It was pretty well contested though. Zone against the Heat isn't a terrible idea.

Favors has 8 and 7 early.

He's going to have monster games and games where he fouls out in 15 minutes. Still think he's going to be a stud.

Speights, Lou, Jrue and Hawes all haven't scored and we're within 3?

It's a really good Thad out there today.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 19:57

He's had a quick hook for Jrue twice now tonight.

Why is Jrue coming out again??? Let him get into a flow, coach!

Jrue is in the doghouse.

any reason why?

Joe reply to 4What on Oct 27 at 20:00

He hasn't exactly been good...

0-3, 2 TOs, getting beat badly on D.

I think he should be out there personally, but he isn't exactly making a case to be out there for 40 minutes tonight.

Damn, gotta do a better job on shooters. James Jones is a guy I would think Jordan would have trouble with.

who the hell is james jones and how is this happening.

Uh, coach Collins, we're officially in a lull.

28-40, timeout Philly.

The team just went to hell once Turner came out.

james jones for mvp?

So Iggy bricks a three and James Jones comes down in the corner and is left wide open for his third three is a row.

I love how our strength of perimeter defense sure is defending.

16-2 run for Miami.

Yeah right, James jones didn't hit anything last night but shoots out the light today? 4 threes? All contested. It's a shame if a team with a thread headed monster has to rely on a scrub like that to get into the game. I hoped for a close game at least till the half but now it seems like the whole second half we be garbage time. And why put Turner after that on te bench? What did Jrue wrong? Why 11 man rotation? I don't like what collins is doing right now.


Joe reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:03


You give Wade that three off the dribble.

Brand all world on D the last 2 pos.

Three on Hawes. Complete stud.

Eat that, LeBitch.

Thad w/ the facial.

T McL reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:05

top 10

Louuu (3 u's)

They're playing hard, gotta give them credit. Seems like they are just playing with emotion and scoring off transition/hustle plays instead of running sets.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 20:09

So, you mean to tell me that Cedric Simmons couldn't offer you more than Hawes?

Hell, I'd rather see Brand or Songalia at the 5 than him b/c he lumbers so bad.

I like what Brand does on the defensiv side,I don't like Kapono in there! Doug collins is already in my dog house if he continues to coach like JOrdan!

Iguodala plays amazing so far. Exactly what we wanted from him.

Collins is, like, 30 years too old to be wearing that shirt.

Nice effort, Kapono. You stiff. Just watches LeBron go in for the easy layup.

Jrue definitely in the doghouse. 9 minutes in the first half and he's done. Kapono GREAT defense on that transition bucket by Wade...

Good foul by Lou, if it was even a foul.

OMG, why come out of the time out with Kapono in there? It should be clear as hell that they will attack him.
instead 5points it will be 10+

41-49 at the half. Could've been much worse.

Let me just say that if the Sixers play to a sold out crowd every game like this they would win at least 7 more games than they will playing in front of a half-full WFC.

I also like Collins strictly as a sideline guy already. He is active, and is good with the flow of the game. He will figure out the personnel issues we are all pointing out right now. I don't mind these weird rotations these first few games, it's something just has to be done.

Can any of our perimeter players shoot? Perhaps you can get away with being a team of unselfish facilitators and no alpha scoring types, but you do at least need players who can make shots.

Did you see LeBron was like alright D-Wade you go ahead and guard Dre with your two fouls, I'll take the tougher matchup on either Kapono or Thad!

Projected minutes based on first half:

Jrue: 18
Iguodala: 41
Kapono: 20
Brand: 29
Hawes: 16

Lou: 32
Thad: 30
Turner: 18
Nocioni: 14
Songalia: 10
Speights: 7

OK, so 8 minutes is too few for Jrue. 9 minutes is too few for Turner, considering how well he played when he was in there. Shocked the game is this close, more shocked MIA only has 3 o-boards.

Thad has been very impressive.

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:19

I'd add Iguodala, Lou, and Turner to that list.

Gotta love the Sixers homecourt advantage:

PHI - 3/5 from the line
MIA - 14/19 from the line

On a fantasy note, 3 treys in the first half for Charlie V. TK76, suck it.

Can't believe i benched Young for this game...

They're a James Jones barrage from playing them even for a half. I'm stunned at that.

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 20:22

Holiday looks sluggish.

Starters with 14 points, subs 27

Jim Lynam is on the halftime show, huh?

Start of the third is the key. If the starting lineup can keep it right about here, I do think the Sixers' bench has a big advantage.

Assuming Collins will do the typical "you start the game, you start the second half" thing.

Clevelend playing well against the Celtics. Down only 1 at the half. How about that LeBron

OMG Barnagni with 18 at the half!!!

Don't quote me on this, but I think Bosh was on roids last season, pumping up to get the contract. And now he's off. He looks like he lost maybe 20-25 lbs of muscle since last season.

Come on Jrue...

Joe reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 20:33

Have a seat, Jrue. See you next game.

Shit, Jrue. Lazy pass after the missed stuff and now Collins is pulling him again. 2+ minutes and he's done.

Steve v reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:35

I love jrue but you can't blame collins for pulling him he just made three terrible,avoidable mistakes.

Jrue looks horrible. Get him out of there he's not focused

Damnit Jrue, that was a really ugly sequence. Honestly deserves to be pulled.

Turner finally hit a jumper. After the shot clock expired, but still.

Yeah right, just call me a top 5 point guard after the season and now bench me after every mistake I make with my 20 years. Great coach. I like you.

Eddie JOrdan anyone?

I don't have a problem with pulling him, but he should be talking to him right now, then getting him back in there after a couple of minutes. Don't punish, teach.

Joe reply to Holiday on Oct 27 at 20:39

Hawes looks just horrible, as expected.

Hey, Hawes jumped!

Game over!

He's gotta put Jrue back in though. Should have been pulled after sloppy play, but we aren't winning anything so let him back in.


Dumb foul by Turner there. Let Wade shoot fadeaway jumpers.

Iguodala on Oct 27 at 20:40

Oh shit I shouldn't have taken that one. Sorry.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 20:40

Is Ed Stefanski now commenting on here? Just saying...b/c of that free Chili's coupon ad right above the comment box

Hmmn. EB isolated on LBJ. Should've doubled.

Rondo and Josh Smith both hit a three tonight. What are the odds of that?

They quit already. I don't like what collins did today. You can't bench a 20 year old who is supossed to be your starter just because of a few mistakes. Did you really think we had a chance in this one?

Iguodala seems to stop caring about this one since the start of the 3rd. Or why do you take jumpers when you have the chance to close the game to 8 points? Brand looks good though

Come on. Wade is good enough, you don't need to bail him out w/ BS calls like that.

Officiating is so one-sided it's absurd. Give me a break.

Rich reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 20:47

LeBron mugged Iggy on that drive too.

The refs are hilariously favoring the heat right now. We can't breathe on them without a foul being called.

Nice drive by Turner, think he walked on the start, though.

Turner just seems like a fantastic young player right now.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 20:50

Yep, looked like he walked on the head fake he gave. Nice spin back to the lane though.

Turner is looking pretty good right now but I can't really say I know what Collins is doind with these rotations. Jrue has what 12 minutes?

Didn't care that he walked, he was aggressive with the ball and and isn't afraid.

Dude's such a bust

We get no fouls at all. Lou got fouled there twice and no calls. On the other side we can't do anything without getting a call.

I like how turner moves. It looks just smooth. I think Collins can't be so blind to put him longer on the bench than 10 games.

Did Thad just give help on an Eddie House drive/ Give me a friggin' break.

How do you get your 3 point game healthy?

Play the sixers

I've liked a lot of what Thad's done tonight. Is it any coincidence that he's been guarding James Jones the entire game though?

They just moved him to the five so he can guard Bosh :)

Rich reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:58

It's really frustrating that when he goes off offensively he's really not even a net positive though. Boy, that third quarter was tough to watch.

Thad left him again to help. Come on.

Rich reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 20:54

He's an over-helper. Instincts on that are very poor.

Basketball IQ mostly around zero it is

Another nice drive by Turner.

31-13 Miami in the third quarter.

Sixers down 80-54 after three.

That -7.5 line was the lock of the century.

9-0 run here in the fourth. Jrue back in the game, finally. Sat 12 minutes.

And here you thought starting Kapono would be the most baffling :)

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 21:05

Starters still 0 FTA

That's insane.

Turner seems to realice that he has to be a scorer for this team. He looks good when he feels like he's the #1 option. He looks more for his shot and he's just an amazing rebounder.

Extra FT for Wade, why not?

Can't you use instant replay to get that call right?

Yep, why bother, though.

There you go, ET.

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 21:08

23-0 FTA

Really impressed by Turner.

Come on Dre, keep Wade out of the lane.

I think I hate you most of all Chris Bosh

Come on Evan, you gotta be more impressive on the open dunks :)

T McL reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 21:13

haha I thought that was a pretty nice throwdown... can evan palm the ball?

I'm just giving the kid grief, i think he's had an excellent opening night.

Was he on the court at the same time as Jrue and Andre , i'm told that's impossible

I like Eric Snow as a commentator.

Aaaand, Nocioni gets his mandatory 20 minutes. It's all gravy from here.

Possible backdoor cover for the Sixers.

Brand seems to really find his game. He looks better than last year.
If Holiday can turn around the next few games and Turner is inserted into the S5 we might see a few more wins than I expected. Lou, Nocioni and Thad of the bench should be the rotation. 8 men not more.

Lou's played pretty well IMO. He's only 5-14, but he hasn't gotten any calls in the lane. 5 dimes, 2 TO's.

Yeah. I'm not crazy about his decision-making, especially running the break, but overall I thought he had a nice game on both ends, so far. He was much better than Jrue.

Joe reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 21:23

I think we can just give up on him learning to run the break. All he can do is finish at the rim or pull up. That is pretty much it.

Meaningless comeback to cover the spread? Cool

bebopdeluxe on Oct 27 at 21:21


...and somebody who could block shots and rebound.

(I know, Brian, we had a guy like that)

It is a shame that we didn't get the chance to have Sammy run with those 4...but it was pretty clear that Collins wanted him gone.

then Collins is a bigger fool than I thought when he made comments about Nocioni or started Kapono, and knows less about basketball than I thought if he thought Hawes/Speights could play defense.

Brand would not be useful much with Sam here. The sixers would be better defensively but still have no low post offensive presence really and no realy 3 point threats

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 21:35

I think it could have been a BLAST with Sammy and EB blocking shots and J/T/I getting out in transition. The set offense, on the other hand, would be tough unless Jrue could channel some Nash or Hinrich from the perimeter (which he has the talent to do).

Turner has a LOT of skills. I'm impressed.

bebopdeluxe on Oct 27 at 21:24

The "mullet" missed the 3...


EB just stole that rebound from Turner :)

Big three for Jrue.

wow, that would have been something if Nocioni makes this one. 8points down with 2 minutes. Would have been fun.

7.5 .........

Heh. He walked under him.

Jrue gets thrown to the ground, no foul. Ugh.

10-point loss is much better than most expected, myself included.

87-97 is your final.

bebopdeluxe on Oct 27 at 21:27

The guys in Vegas are smart.

your leading score? Evan Turner.

I doubt we hear that too often, but nice to see.

bebopdeluxe reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 21:46

I don't know about that.

bebopdeluxe reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 23:54

I don't know about that.

Respectable game from our team. Proud of Evan and happy with Doug. If fans get behind this team they will have a good year. More likely, this will be the hardest they play all season and we are in for a long year.

fuck the refs. What a bullshit call. Would have been real close. But ok, it was not as bad as I imagined and if Turner, Iguodala, Brand and HOliday can find a way to play together, we could be in for a fun season.

Wow, that really should have been a 5 point game with 40 seconds to go. Didn't help that they couldn't get a call the rest of the way either.

Lots of positives, lots of negative. Honestly, not a bad showing, and it's something to build off.

Jack Straw on Oct 27 at 21:32

At least they didn't call it quits in the 4th. Turner looks like he was holding back all preseason. That's enough to make me forget about the loss. He looks like a player.

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 21:33

Still disappointed that no one seems to understand how to set an effective and fundamentally sound screen. When they attempt to set them, they're just token. Noticed Hawes and Brand a few times.

Not blasting Turner tonight?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Oct 27 at 22:12

You tell me. How much shooting guard did you see him play tonight? Backup PG was exactly what I 'blasted' him for and that's exactly what he played almost the entire game.

And it's his fault that he played back up point guard?

Check out the rotation work sheet, see what position he played when the sixers had the best outcome

A ton of his points came off the ball, and you blasted him for being a backup level PG. Just give him some time, because there will be ups and downs.

He jumped to a conclusion with little to no evidence, nothing really to call him out on yet

How was kapono tonight? Barely noticed him

I'll be back later with my recap. In the meantime, check out our first official game page.

bebopdeluxe on Oct 27 at 21:45

"he's gonna be a pain in the ass until he feels like he belongs...and then he'll be great"


Pretty fun comeback - Turner has a swagger to him, he was working hard on both ends all the time. He really hit his stride once he stroked a couple jumpers. Shame about that o-foul at the end, would have been a 5 pt game with Jrue hitting 3! three pointers in the 4Q alone. Cant get over how Nocioni has to shoot almost literally every time he touches the ball. A mis-mash of units right now, which should get better.

I benched russell westbrook tonight and played jrue holiday

that was dumb

Lebron - 9 turnovers. [i] Against the Sixers[/i]

Damn - blew the dramatic HTML italic tag there

Jack Straw on Oct 27 at 22:08

At least they didn't call it quits in the 4th. Turner looks like he was holding back all preseason. That's enough to make me forget about the loss. He looks like a player.

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 22:22

The starters' no free throw attempts Wednesday marked the first time it's happened for the Sixers since the 1976-77 ABA/NBA merger.

I find it hard to believe they weren't fouled at all by the heat, but unsurprising that the sixers didn't get any calls against Sterns favorites after they lostt last night, couldn't have anything mess with them no going 0-2

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 22:30

Brand: "We’ve been harping on corner 3s all preseason long and we gave up six of them."

Went to the game tonight and nothing unexpected except how underwhelmed I was by the Heat on both ends of the court. Offensively they look lost and really uncomfortable out there. No cohesion and on the nights when Jones/House don't hit 3s off the bench they aren't going to get much production off their bench at all.

Best sign of the night I saw - 'The King' was scratched out and instead it had 'Boy Wonder' underneath it.

If you're a masochist, or just up late, my channel guide indicates that a rerun of sixers heat is available on Nba league pass right now - it's on 'team5' for me (10:30 eastern time)

Bulls/Thunder has been a pretty awesome post-Sixers watch.

They may stink but Wolves Kings are in a barn burner :)

Jack Straw on Oct 27 at 22:45

Glad to see they didn't mail it in after the 3rd quarter and at least made it a little interesting down the stretch.

Turner crossing Wade was reminiscent of Iverson shaking MJ his rookie year. He made it seem as though he was fooling everybody with his passiveness in the preseason. He filled up the stat sheet and got it done offensively from all over the court.

Brand's productivity tonight is ideally what I'd like to see from him every game. He was reliable in the post and made himself known in the paint defensively. I'll take 12, 9, 3 steals, and 2 blocks on 6-11 shooting from him every time.

Lou and Thad did a nice job off the bench. Nice to see that Lou is capable of handling the ball if Holiday is having an off night, although I don't anticipate that being a common theme as the season progresses. Thad has been going to the rim HARD lately. I truly wish that Lebron would have attempted to block that thunder dunk from Thad in the 2nd quarter.... Thad might have had him on the wrong side of poster.

We were in the game at the end when it mattered, and that was with horrible contributions from Holiday, Iguodala, Hawes, Speights, and Kapono. Its better than what I expected. Hopefully they can build off this performance and get more productivity from our core players.

Side note. We knocked down seven 3's tonight on 39% shooting. Nothing crazy, but for a team that has completely lacked in this department in recent years, we're starting to at least show some improvement. We've shown signs of developing into an average outside shooting team, which is better than what we've been in the past. Now we just need to learn how to defend them on the other end.

Blake Griffins first NBA basket was pretty damn impressive

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 22:56

he reminds me a whole lot of Kenyon Martin before the terrible injuries

Joe reply to johnrosz on Oct 27 at 23:03

I get the feeling Blake is going to rebound a bit more than Kenyon did in his prime though.

Tray reply to Joe on Oct 27 at 23:26

And score a lot more too.

tk76 reply to Tray on Oct 28 at 0:48

Remind me more of Barkley.

Much more athletic (and in shape) than Barkley

I'm not sure any PF is more athletic than Barkley was when he came into the league.

Maybe due to his height - or circular shape, but I don't think i could ever see barkley getting up as high as griffin did for some of those alley oops he put down. I'm not saying Barkley wsn't good, he was, but I don't think he and griffin compare.

The only weakness Barkley had was small hands. I don't think there will be a better PF in my lifetime than Barkley in his prime.

Gasol (is he a PF)

They are better offensively than Barkley was, though maybe not as good defensively, and let's admit it, if yo uhad to pick a side you're more of a 'defensive' fan than offense :)

bebopdeluxe on Oct 28 at 0:09

They got SQUAT (or relatively squat) from Iggy and Jrue, and still scored 87 points against the Heat (and held them under 100).

I would move Iguodala for a young big and an upgrade over Jodie Meeks (or a more athletic Jason Kapono) for off the bench.

Stack for Ratliff/McKie part deux?

Tray reply to bebopdeluxe on Oct 28 at 0:23

Yes, please move Iguodala, who will be made redundant by Turner if Turner gets to be really good, who will be too old to matter by the time the team gets good, who gets paid more than we ought to be paying anyone right now, and who impedes rebuilding. A wonderful player but it's just never going to happen with him.

Monta has 35 on 17 shots in the middle of the third. Basically every rookie had a good debut except for Paul George. Favors was a basket short of a double double, uncoachable Cousins had 14, 8 and 5 assists in 26 minutes, Wes Johnson had an efficient 13, Xavier Henry was 3-3, James Anderson had a good game, and Turner, of course, was really good.

Rich reply to Tray on Oct 28 at 0:41

I just can't believe Rodney Carney is on the Warriors, and even getting some burn. Glad to see our former scrubs playing elsewhere and getting time (makes me feel better about the Sixers). Might be a good fit for him though, and I always liked Carney.

On another note, is there anyway we can have a separate place to discuss other parts of the NBA on this site (similar to the 'I

Tray reply to Rich on Oct 28 at 0:44

They're a good fit for Carney. But we always seem to stymie offensive talent. Look at Salmons. You couldn't tell that he even had a game here.

jkay reply to Rich on Oct 28 at 0:48

hehe Carney was made for the Warriors: run, gun, fun.

jkay reply to Rich on Oct 28 at 0:51

hehe Carney was made for the Warriors: run, gun, fun.

johnrosz on Oct 28 at 1:43

Not sure if anyone mentioned it here, supposedly Chris Broussard that Iguodala hasn't done it yet, but he plans to ask management for a trade if the team continues it's losing ways. Wants to play for a winner.

Tray reply to johnrosz on Oct 28 at 2:35

Why do I feel like Iguodala is doing this just to fit in with the other asking-for-trades NBA stars he imagines he's among?

Probably because you just don't like the guy and it's that dislike that's behind 90% of your criticisms of him, not anything tangible he does or doesn't do on the basketball court.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 28 at 4:13

Not so, I actually do like him. I mean, he's fairly boring to watch but he's certainly a good player. I never criticize Iguodala. I don't think he's capable of being the best player on a championship team, but that's not such a criticism, and neither do you at this point, right?

It's funny that you claim to like him and yet all you have to say about him is negative.

He's the best player on the sixers, period.

Do you have a link? If he does, I hope it isn't made public. All that would accomplish is to kill the team's leverage.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Oct 28 at 2:58

Sorry guys. Wasn't an article. Was told by a friend of mine while I was on my way to the game that Broussard mentioned it on the pregame show on ESPN or something.

I don't really expect Iguodala to be here after the deadline anyway. Would be terrible if he killed their leverage.

smh1980 reply to johnrosz on Oct 28 at 2:36

Do you have a link to the article?

Chris Broussard is a solid journalist who always sticks to his opinions.

Pre-season he felt John Wall would be the ROY

After one game from Blake Griffin and 1 less game from John Wall he's decided that Blake Griffin will be the ROY and that he's exactly what the NBA needs

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