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Finally, A Game Preview

Good breakdown Brian. I don't think it's going to be that lopsided, because I've seen Iguodala show up against LeBron before. Still a loss though. Miami got a lot of good looks tonight, they didn't make any of them though. I expect that to change tomorrow, but I thought the Celtics did a good job of daring them to make shots (even if they were fairly wide open).

BTW, if Bosh plays the way he did tonight, he doesn't hurt the Sixers in the least bit. That was the point I was trying to make yesterday. I'm not sold on him, and he's going to be inconsistent if he's purely a jump shooter. I'm sure he'll be hitting tomorrow though.

I have a feeling they'll use him closer to the hoop.

Honestly, I think Riley is sitting back letting Spoelstra dig his own grave. If this team doesn't start like 25-5 or better, then Riley can step in and coach them. There's a ticking clock on Spoelstra as the Heat head coach, just like there was with Stan Van Gundy when they got Shaq.

If Miami as a team plays like it did last night, the Sixers should win. Boston is a very good defensive team, obviously, but 30 points in the first half? I can see James getting 31 and the Sixers winning. (I can dream, can't I?)

With any other team with so much talent, I'd say they're gonna come out with fire in their eyes the night after a loss, determined not to lose 2 in a row, but those last 2 playoff games last year changed my mind about LBJ forever. I just don't think he has that much competitive fire.

If Miami as a team plays like it did last night, the Sixers should win. Boston is a very good defensive team, obviously, but 30 points in the first half? I can see James getting 31 and the Sixers winning. (I can dream, can't I?)

Boston is a good defensive team (the sixers aren't)
BOston has good defensive big men (the sixers don't)
Boston has a big man off the bench who got 8 points and 13 rebounds (the sixers won't)
Boston shot 50% From the 3 and made 8 ( the sixers won't)

Boston is a MUCH better team than the sixers, we all know that, looking at how Boston shut down the Heat and thinking, hey the sixers can do that, is silly. The sixers lack the horses, the big men, the outside shooting that the Celtics have.

The celtics are one of the best teams in the east, the sixers are one of the worst. The Heat did outscore the Celtics in the second half and they're a better team than they showed last night (even without Mike Miller)

Even the 'back to back' is no excuse if the Heat lose tonight.

marreese speights needs to be in the starting lineup

deepsixersuede on Oct 27 at 7:12

Sixers win!!! Wade looks very rusty, no centers that can post up and score, two good defenders on Wade and Lebron, and Bosh seemed last night unwilling to post up and clog the lane for his two big name teammates. Miami starts 0-3 after also losing to Orlando.

The sixers have no centers who can post up and score ut they also have no centers who can play defense.

Finally we got Sixers opening night hoops action against the Miami D-Wades, featuring 'Sore Elbow' James and 'Quitter' Bosh along with the dvd-selling Big Z puppet for comic relief. Prediction: Sixers smoke this traveling circus and send it to a league worst 0-2 on the strength of Hawes's double double, Kapono's 7 treys, and Nocioni's growling. Also, a very happy birthday to our newest bench warmer, the Kidet! It's so cool that Eddie S. and Tony D. both chipped in to get ya that Chili's gift card. Something to look forward to after your 12 minutes of PT tonight. Good luck and take it up strong, chief!

Great post! It'll keep me going until the slaughter. (The Hawes double-double is a little over the top, though, don't you think? Maybe you meant 10 points, 10 turnovers?)

eddies' heady's on Oct 27 at 9:14

And the admittals begin...

Turner said. "Jrue, 'Dre and myself are the type of players who facilitate and need the ball. It is what it is. It's not about me, it's about the team. With this unit we won the last [preseason] game, so I can't complain."

So if they didn't 'win' the last game vs the Knicks scrubs, he would then complain? Get some jumpers up and stop thinking you 'need the ball'.

The kid sure doesn't sound to enthused about having to 'become' a shooting guard especially with the way he references "with the lineup we have" in the quote below:

Asked what he would have to improve to become a starter, Turner paused briefly and said, "With the lineup that we have, probably become a better shooter."

Sounds like he wants to be the point guard of the future, not the shooting guard most envisioned and the team drafted him for.

The most NBA ready player in the draft folks.

Can you keep your pessimistic underlined conclusions on ET's character on hold for just a bit? I mean it is only the first game of the season.

I agree with what he said entirely, but that doesn't mean he is bitter about his situation or with the team. He just stated facts. What would you have preferred him to say?

lol eddie.

I read this as reinforcement of incentives.

If you aren't scoring, you aren't producing. Silly really that the NBA is still like this. Turner is better at every single thing than Kapono, but jump shots and Kapono is getting the notoriety as a starter.

The lesson for Turner? Ignore everything but putting the ball in the basket. That will get you more playing time. That will get you more money. That will make you viewed as a better overall player.

The article is Turner thanking Doug for pointing him in the "right" direction... don't even think rebounding is important, Evan, not for one second.

Sounds like he suffers from depression. Seriously. And from what everybody's saying, it looks that way too, based on his behavior in games. (I haven't seen him play for the Sixers yet.)

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Oct 27 at 13:40

I won't go as far as depression but his psyche thus far has me very concerned. Doesn't seem to have that mean streak or killer instinct when on the court (even in college he didn't to me), and it's really concerning when he feels the need to throw around lingo such as "dominate".

anyone understand why our game is the only game in the nba tonight that doesn't have a line posted yet? Very interested to see this one.

There must be some worry about an injury somewhere. Maybe Iguodala's wrist, maybe one of the three on the Heat. Can't think of any other reason there wouldn't be a line.

Could it be possible they put the game on hold after last night so Vegas could find a more fair line.

Possible, I guess. Still can't believe it's only -7.5. I was expecting like -15 or more. Maybe it's a Donaghy special.

I'm heading up tonight to watch this beating first hand. I was boycotting spending a dollar to see the Heat in person, but the tickets were a gift.

I have a feeling it will be a tremendous loss. Even though some are saying they don't have "bigs" either and we have good wing defenders, we don't have nearly the team defense Boston has.

Either way, I'm just so excited I finally have real basketball again.

I'd also like to thank Brian and all the regular contributors for giving me something to do this off season, even when there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to talk about. Down time at work would of been much more boring without it.

*Here's* to hopefully a productive season, whatever productive may be.

For the game, I think it will be closer but the result the same in a 98-89 loss. For the season, I (like many) think we'll see Jrue break out & (not like many) we'll see a return to form for both Thad & Brand making the season a little more bearable as I predict 38 wins for this squad. Iggy will still take too many jumpers & LWill will make himself invaluable as a scorer off the bench. Hawes's play will be OK but nothing that will make us forget Dalembert & Speights will finish the season on injured reserve!

Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 9:40
Tom Moore on Oct 27 at 9:46

Apparently, Atlanta-Memphis also doesn't have a line.

This is pretty interesting, and a trend to keep an eye on w/ the Sixers this season.

HoopData.com has advanced box scores, the link above is for the Heat/Celtics game from last night. Scroll down to the shot location portion.

Miami: 12/22 at the rim, 6/20 from 16-23 feet (long twos)
Boston: 16/26 at the rim, 3/11 from 16-23 feet.

I'm thinking that ratio is probably a pretty good indicator of success.

Heat -7.5!!!!! Talk about easy money....

Wow. -7.5? That line will have to move, make your bet now.

MikeW reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 10:32

another book just posted it has moved up to -9. BetUS.com still has -7.5. you are right this is going to move quickly...

MikeW reply to MikeW on Oct 27 at 10:54

nevermind...it is actually moving DOWN (from the 2nd line). 7.5 seems to be pretty much the univeral line now.

I'm actually kind of surprised Collins didn't even give Turner a sympathy start today for his birthday. He got the Ohio sympathy start in the preseason.

Also Lou's birthday

I say go with Lou/Turner/Kapono on the wings. Let one of Lou/Kapono try to guard Wade. We're not winning anyway, and it would be entertaining to see them flail away on defense.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Oct 27 at 10:59

It's Lou Williams' birthday, too (24).

Wonder who starts if Iguodala can't play -- guess would be Turner.

Sixers4ever on Oct 27 at 11:09

Im really looking forward to the game tonight. I think the heat may be playing angry so it doesnt look too good for us but as long as we are competitive and play good basketball tonight i eould be very happy. Of course a win would make me a lot happier :)

According to Kate Fagan's Best/Worst case scenario for tonight's game which she just posted, the best case scenario for the Sixers is still losing by 8.

Let's have some game by game predictions, add some spice to the situation.

Who will lead the sixers in scoring tonight?
Who will lead the sixers in rebounding tonight?
If he plays, will Speights pass the ball?
How many minutes will Evan Turner play (over/under set at 15)?
Who will be most embarrassing on defense?

Feel free to answer or add as the mood suits

Who will lead the sixers in scoring tonight? - I'll go with Brand, something like 16.
Who will lead the sixers in rebounding tonight? - Iguodala
If he plays, will Speights pass the ball? - Doubtful
How many minutes will Evan Turner play (over/under set at 15)? - Over, I'll say 20
Who will be most embarrassing on defense? - Hawes

Leading Scorer - Holiday
Leading Rebounder - Iguodala
Speights Pass - less than 3
Turner - Under 15
Most embarassing on Defense - Thad

I wonder what our new team slogan will be this year. You remember "Sixers basketballlll... you've gotta be here!" I think a couple years ago it was something really lame, like "Rome wasn't rebuilt in a day."

Lebron used the Rome in a day line last night.

I'm almost sure someone fed it to him

The best slogan was "THE REVOLUTION!!" Stackhouse/Iverson combo.

Jack Straw on Oct 27 at 13:33

Leading Scorer - Holiday
Leading Rebounder - sadly Iguodala
Speights will not pass more than twice
Turner - better be over 15
Most embarrassing on defense - Speights

Jack Straw on Oct 27 at 14:00

I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Battie get minutes if Speights/Hawes start laying down defensively

And by if you mean when right?

Jack Straw reply to GoSixers on Oct 27 at 15:14


Who will lead the sixers in scoring tonight? Lou 27pts
Who will lead the sixers in rebounding tonight? jrue 11
If he plays, will Speights pass the ball? yup
How many minutes will Evan Turner play (over/under set at 15)? over 17.2
Who will be most embarrassing on defense? thad

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