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Iguodala For Kevin Love + ?

Just to be clear- this is a fantasy scenario and not an actual rumor.

Wonder how long this will take to become a rumor where you are the "source close to the Sixers organization" :)

You do that trade in a second.

BEASLEY!! Then we'd have Young Love Holiday. Sounds like a silly R&B song.

Is something going on that Iggy is now (supposedly) asking for a trade or just the standard 'tired of losing' explanation? If he does come out as wanting a trade and other teams try to stiff us a la when Iverson wanted out do you hold onto him or move him for what you can get?

I'd be sorry to see him go but Kevin Love would be a good fit I think and better return on value than you normally get in a forced trade...

Someone mentioned it last night, apparently Chris Broussard said something, but I haven't seen it written anywhere yet. Completely unconfirmed, but I saw a bunch of chatter on Twitter about it tonight as well, again no link.

Tom Moore on Oct 28 at 20:04

Collins on Holiday: "I told him, 'I believe in you. 'You’ve just got to figure out what’s going on.' It’s a little information overload. Do I pass? Do I shoot? I want him to be aggressive."

I'd do this. Love is such a good rebounder and would give us a legitimate offensive threat (Spencer Hawes my arse). Like you said, we'd just need to pair him with someone who can contest/block shots.

If we could clear several million in cap space too it'll be a great fit for this team. Too good to happen though, in my honest opinion.

Do you think there's any way the Sixers could make a deal that would get them Kevin Love + Wes Johnson? Then we'd really be set up! :)

Jason reply to Chunky Soup on Oct 28 at 20:23

Yup, agree with you. Kevin Love for Iguodala is not fair compensation. Kevin love only got 24 minutes last night, he isn't really a starter for them. If we are trading Iggy to Minnesota, we should be getting more than just love.

johnrosz reply to Jason on Oct 28 at 20:43

I think you're underselling Kevin Love. He'd also be perfect for the transition game Collins wants to run here, he's got that trademark (overrated but still valuable) outlet pass that everyone talks about.

Jason reply to johnrosz on Oct 28 at 21:23

heh, I don't mean to sound like I hate Kevin Love, I actually like him, but I think that he's not worth Iguodala value wise and i don't want us to trade iguodala for less value. If we trade for K Love I would like to at least get Wayne Ellington back as well or Martel Webster as well.

Anyways I just went and watched the first quarter of his game last night and i was pleased with his effort, I didn't see too much of an interior offense game though. He only had 1 possession in the first quarter where he received it within 10 feet of basket and tried to score, would usually just pass. His offense for the most part was Jump shots and put backs which i wasn't all that impressed with.

Kevin love only got 24 minutes last night, he isn't really a starter for them

That's because the coach is an idiot. I'm not sure how getting 24 minutes means he's not a starter on a franchise that collects point guards, cause you can never have too many.

Kevin Love becomes the best big man on the sixers ,with a 'nose for the ball' in rebounds that hawes and speights could possibly learn from but really just watch and understand.

Is it enough for Iguodala? Nope...it's not, but if you (the sixers) decide to trade Iguodala you won't get fair value. Denver won't get fair value for Carmelo. If you trade a very good to great player, you don't get fair value.

Would I prefer more than in Brians trade - an unprotected first wouldn't be horrible, Beasley to me is like Darko, people kept saying he had potential under his rookie deal but he really didn't, I don't think Beasley does either. But Kevin Love is an up and coming all star type player in the league and is WHAT the sixers should be looking for (at the minimum) when trading Andre Iguodala.

Minnesota runs the triangle - does Iguodala fit? Do they need him? There are those rumors people keep floating via hooopsworld that kahn supposedly has a plan to make a big splash sooner or later.

This is probably the least bad of the proposed Iguodala trades that will start spewing over on places like Realgm :)

Jason reply to GoSixers on Oct 28 at 23:07

My point about Kevin Love only getting 24 mins last night is that his value severely decreases if his team isn't willing to play him more than a half per game. We shouldn't be trading a top 30 player in the league for someone who is only getting 24 minutes a night. It doesn't matter how good or bad Kevin Love is, but if he isn't getting minutes on his team we shouldn't be paying that big of a price for him (Iguodala). Granted we can disregard Kevin Love's value on minnesota and still trade iguodala for him if we think he's that good but i feel like our GM should be capable of getting more than just Kevin Love for Iguodala in a trade with minnesota seeing as both Ellington and Martell webster just got reduced to bench roles.

That depends. His value around the league doesn't decrease if he plays 24 mpg and puts up double double numbers, it just indicates that the wolves are run by idiots


I don't buy the rest of your logic either. I don't know the fancy words for it, but it's flawed logic. IF I knew what it meant I'd say itt's a straw man argument, but to me it holds no water. He's a better than 24 mpg player, and the fact that minnesota doesn't play him more than that isn't really relevant to his value if the sixers obtain him - he'd play 36 minutes probably - from day one

PS - it's one game - people are over reacting to one game all over the nba, be it the heat 'imploding' or rambis 'hating' kevin love

You can no more crown a champion in one game or decide who a coach likes or not after one game any more than you can decide a rookie is a bust without having played one nba game

Tom Moore on Oct 28 at 20:13

Collins on the opening loss to the Heat: "The huge difference is Miami has two guys (LeBron James and Dwyane Wade) that you can put the ball in their hands and create a shot or if the (24-second) clock is against you, you’re going to get something good. We were 1-for-15 when we shot the ball with seven seconds or less on the clock. We can’t be a team that gets up against the clock. We just don’t have that kind of team where you can throw the ball and we’re going to get a great shot."

Tom Moore on Oct 28 at 20:14

If Turner keeps playing like he did Wednesday, I'd think harder about that deal.

How well do you think he would pair with Speights? Would Minny want another white big in replace theirs as a part of the trade? Hawes anyone?

speeke reply to ryano on Oct 28 at 22:21

I'll drive Spencer to the airport. Shit i'll drive him to Minnesota. who's down for a roadtrip?

johnrosz on Oct 28 at 20:39

This trade basically seems like a much better version of the Iguodala for Budinger/Jordan Hill that was on the table last year.

Someone email Thorn

Tom Moore on Oct 28 at 20:55

Blog on Collins saying Sixers cannot get stuck with the ball late in shot clock:


I am on board with any trade that brings Love to the Sixers. I think he'd be perfect on the team.


"No player on this UCLA roster and few, if any, incoming Bruins freshmen over the years have reached out to Wooden as much as Love, the most heralded center to arrive in Westwood since Lew Alcindor and Bill Walton, the two Hall of Fame post men Wooden coached."

Gotta love Love's respect for the game and for Wooden.

speeke reply to JA on Oct 28 at 22:26

He played his ass off when he got time in the World Championships too. Dominated the boards (against lesser big men) but he really has extended his range since he came into the league. A spot up shooting big who rebounds like him would fit perfectly with ET and Jrue. Age-wise it's perfect too, they could grow up in the League together.

i think minnesota thinks that beasley is a legit player (he started and even played 34 minutes yesterday). if the minnesota organization legitimately thinks beasley is their future 3. the sixers would be set for the future if thorn could pull of something like speights and iguodala for johnson, love, throw in (webster?).

If they're that sold on Beasley, I doubt they'd be interested in Iguodala.

i think minnesota thinks that beasley is a legit player (he started and even played 34 minutes yesterday) and that he is their future 3. the sixers would be set if thorn could pull of something like speights and iguodala for johnson, love, throw in (webster?).


I Think this trade could be work for all teams.

Jason reply to 4What on Oct 28 at 22:43

Minny says no, Knicks get Melo for galinari and curry mbn. Also if galinari is involved in that deal the sixers should be getting him. Kevin love for Iguodala+thad is not fair value for the sixers imo.

Bad deal all around, and too many teams, 4 team deals fall apart in the off season, in the regular seaqson, just not gonna happen.

Best part of that was 'minnesota +15 wins'. ESPN really needs to remove that nonsense from their checker - whatever logic they use is laughable :)

bebopdeluxe on Oct 28 at 22:50

Would Iguodala play SF for Minnesota? And if so, where does Johnson play?

Isn't Ellington their SG of the future?

I really like Love, and would do the deal in a heartbeat, but I guess I'm trying to understand the motivation from the T-Wolves perspective...they take on a pretty big contract in Iguodala, who plays the same positions that two guys who are young and pretty cheap are currently playing...

I don't know if OKC would do something like, say, Aldrich/Harden for Iggy...Andre could be KD's Pippen.

I don't think OKC would take on Iguodalas contract. They aren't flush with cash, and their owners probably aren't huge spenders. They just maxed out Durant and will have to pay durant soon as well. Not sure they can afford to take on Iguodala's contract.

No one really understands what Minneosta is doing but people 'in the know' claim Kahn has a plan (or he's a loon - depending on who you listen to)

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Oct 28 at 23:32

OKC has the 7th lowest payroll in the league at just over $50m...Durant's extension kicks in next season, but they also have a buttload of contract rolling off after this season (including $13m to Collison and MoPete).

$21 million (remaining) + $30 mil (KD/Iggy) + $15 mil (to re-sign Green and Krstic) would put them in the middle of the pack in terms of salaries in the NBA...and they could save another $4 mil by not tendering Daequon Cook.

KD/Westbrook/Iggy/Green/Krstic would be NASTY.

I'm really not being a smart ass, did I miss the west brook extension in there? He's going to get a huge one too right?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Oct 28 at 23:59

If that is you being a smart-ass, you have certainly mellowed out, bro...


Actually my numbers were wrong...the $21 mil that I had for the rest of the team less KD/Iggy/Green/Krstic included Harden and Aldrich, so you could certainly be around $60 mil for 2011/12. Obviously, Westbrook needs to be extended as well, but you have a bunch of guys rolling off in the summer of 2012...some of them (like Maynor) you keep, but guys like DJ White and BJ Mullins could roll off to provide $5 mil towards Westbrook's extension.

The nice thing is, because guys like KD and Iguodala don't have bank-breaking type deals, you can get guys like Green and Westbrook re-signed and have a few bucks left over to build a roster.

deepsixersuede on Oct 28 at 23:19

I am a big Love fan and feel he and Iggy are equal value. If they feel Beasley can be their future 4 next to Iggy it makes more sense for them. They have cap room and their worst contract is probably M.Webster and he becomes expendable if Iggy is aboard; Iggy and a future lottery protected #1 for Love, Webster and 3.9 million in cap space seems fair to me.

Wait, the Sixers send a pick with Iguodala? Come on. We aren't even really talking about that much cap savings for the Sixers because Love needs to be extended, probably next summer.

I was thinking maybe the sixers could get a pick thrown in :)

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Oct 28 at 23:31

Webster is young, and a perfect compliment to Turner and Jrue and Kapono and Nucioni will probably be gone in two years. I look at it this way; Iggy for Love and 3.9 cap space and Webster for a lottery protected #1, both seem close in value to me.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Oct 28 at 23:42

If you guys were offered two options; 1] trade Iggy for a young big or 2] keep Jrue, Iggy and Turner and go all in with [2 future #1's, young players and an expiring] for a young big what would you do if you were Thorn?

If we're getting a big like Love or Favors, I take option #2. Someone like Ibaka, I'd say option #1. The guy would really need to be a game-changer, or a potential game-changer to give up a couple #1s.

Tom Moore on Oct 28 at 23:33

Wall was 6/19 for 14 points in his debut, and an impressive -31 in his 35 minutes.

They're going to have problems in that locker room if he's taking that many shots and Andray Blatche is only getting 9.

Louis Farrakhan XVI reply to Brian on Oct 29 at 0:19

Don't worry, they have Gilbert Arenas and Josh Howard there to give lessons in maturity and professionalism. Wall will be fine.

It's business of course, and if the Sixers are going to deal they need to take the best one available, but it would be tough to see a good all around player like Iguodala end up in a terrible situation like Minnesota, a team even more dysfunctional than we've got here. Deals aside, I think it would be cool to see him play for Houston if that comes to pass, cause he'd be an excellent fit for their squad and could vault them into contention. It'd be sad to lose him though, love watching the guy play ball.

I like IA9 alot but not to do a deal like this would be embarrassing IMO. We need a big, AI9 is better than most think but we need a big guy more than anything right now.

Tom Moore on Oct 29 at 0:35

Check out blog on Thaddeus Young preferring an extension by Monday's deadline, though it probably won't happen. Talked to him after practice Thursday and got a comment from Rod Thorn:


Good stuff, Tom.

Rod, stay strong!

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Oct 29 at 9:41

Thanks, Brian. Thought it was a timely story. That was a shortened version of my article for the paper:


If Love is acquired, he would fit what Collins is looking for in a big(shooting); however, need a shot blocking big in the middle. Don't think he and Brand would work at all.

Would you trade Jrue to get Love as well?

Iguodala/Jrue for Love and a conditional first rounder unprotected by 2014...

Why would anyone who wasn't a timberwolves fan make that deal. Igoudala for Love isn't fair, it's just acceptable, you make the deal 100 times worse

Joe reply to GoSixers on Oct 29 at 11:16

What are you talking about?

Love is a 18 and 13 player right now at age 22. Hie value should be much higher than Iguodala.

No, he shouldn't be. I'm not going to get into it with you but your evaluation of talent is way off if this is your premise

I have to admit, I don't share the Love.

He a solid role player, but he's not going to anchor your franchise. he would complement a shot blocking centr who can score in the post, but I don't think he at the level of player that Iguodala is. Probably about equal value to Jrue- but that trade would work for neither team.

Of course if you have to trade Iguodala, then Love is not a bad return.

Going back to OKC... do they have some #1's stockpiled? Because I can see Ibaka and a mid #1 coming back in a Stackhouse/Ratliff type move.

I think some a seriously undervaluing Love here.

At age 21 last year, and while getting mistreated by his coach as mentioned above, he average 14pts, 11rbs and 2apg. The only other 2 players in NBA history to do that at age 21 are Duncan and Shaq.

No, he's not going to be Duncan or Shaq. But he's going to be an extremely efficient player who will lead the league in rebounding a couple times and be a 20/10/3 guy.

I would throw in any player they wanted besides Jrue or Turner to get this deal done.

Joe reply to Pete on Oct 29 at 11:23

So you would turn down Iguodala and Jrue for Love straight up?

Whey would they want Jrue? So they can start a Jrue/Flynn/Rubio backcourt :)

Fortunately the Wolves asking for Jrue won't be an issue.

I would consider flipping Jrue for Johnson. I think Turner/Johnson would work great.

would only include Jrue if we got something else back (Johnson is a good example)

Adam B. reply to Joe on Oct 29 at 14:11

Dude you gotta be kidding me. Jrue and Iguodala for Love is a joke.

If Andre demands a trade, he isn't going to a even crappier team in Minnesota. Andre wants and deserves to be traded to a contender. As a Phoenix Suns fan, I can say that he would be a perfect fit here in Phoenix. We could trade you Jason Richardson (Who has an expiring deal worth over 14 million dollars) and a future draft pick for Iggy. This way, you get a talented guy in return and also will be below the cap for next year and with the new CBA coming up, you will be in great shape financially. This also, will free up your crowded front court in the future and allow guys like Turner and Young to get consistent minutes.

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