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Another Day, Another Unfavorable Matchup

Looking at that picture of Collins, I can hear him saying "whoah, whoah, whoah... now let's just wait a second right now."

This is the first game where we'll really get to see the effect of not having Dalembert in the middle. Horford is a good but not great center who has been mostly held in check by Dalembert in the past (10 ppg vs. the Sixers vs. 12 ppg overall). I'll be interested to see how well Hawes does against him (by way of comparison, Horford has averaged 16 ppg vs. the Kings in his career).

I don't think the Sixers can score 99.

Joe reply to tk76 on Oct 29 at 12:54

Yeah I think I need to agree with this. I don't see them breaking 100 too often this year(especially this early) unless the other team is over 120 points in a high tempo game.

Prediction - ATL 96, PHI 89

I don't like the Hawks chances this season at all. My guess is this is a good chance for the Sixers to get their first win. The only thing that worries me is Horford (whom i really like as a player) torching our non-existant inside defense. This should be a good game for Jrue, Igoudala and Brand with Lou and Kapono contributing significantly. There is no way Turner will be as good as he was against the Heat, but i hope he can have a decent game, especially considering that the Hawks perimeter defense isn't that good.

Prediction: Sixers win 97 : 94

OT: Just read this on another blog... dberri

"So against the Thunder the Bulls shot 24 of 93 field goal attempts from 16-23 feet, for a “Shit Shot” percentage of 26%. Not as bad as the Wizards, but still below average."

This seems to be coming up over and over recently on this blog, figured I'd share.

I like Berri, he's the closest thing basketball has to 'bill james'

How about another day, another ridiculous line? Hawks -3.5. I'll be there tonight.

Maybe the Sixers make another late run to make it respectable- and near the line.

Joe reply to MikeW on Oct 29 at 14:14

Yeah man, these seem really profitable.

On this point I agree with you, even if the sixers come back at the end in 'garbage' time, i think they'll lose by at least four. I mean doesn't ZaZa usually tear up the sixers?

Tonights prediction contest

Free Throw for Starters total
Who gets to the FT line for the starters (techs don't count)
Minutes for Jrue Holiday
Assist Leader
Evan Turner, double double (pts/rebounds)?
Posterized by Josh Smith first.

Court_visioN reply to GoSixers on Oct 29 at 15:10

Free Throw for Starters:
Iguodala 4
Holiday 4
Brand 2
(numbers meaning FT attempts, not trips to the line)

Minutes for Jrue Holiday: 30
Assist Leader: Iguodala
Evan Turner, double double (pts/rebounds)? Nope.
Posterized by Josh Smith first: Spencer Hawes

OT again: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/preview2010/news/story?page=Predictions1011-76ers

Has anyone looked at this? (the contributors' rankings overall)

Are these insane or am I? I think it is just me more and more.

Surprisingly they seem pretty accurate (Hollinger for some reason is alwyas overly optimistic on the sixers) on average to me, 3rd/4th place in the division, out of the playoffs, totally see that as happening.

ESPN's "panel of experts" in any sport aren't usually that good, but I find that their NBA panel is the weakest when it comes to 'expertise'

Jason reply to GoSixers on Oct 29 at 14:39

Completely agree with GoSixers, I thought it wasn't that bad for their overall standing. I do disagree with the Division ranking however. I think we are one of the two worst teams in the Atlantic division along with Toronto, and I think that the raptors might be a tiny bit better than the sixers.

WEll the 'average' for the sixers (down at the bottom of the page) was 3.3, so there were some 4's n there i'm sure (and some 5's) I mainly focused on the average at the bottom.

I think the sixers could finish 3rd 4th or 5th, new jersey is just too unknown a quantity right now - and who knows if the sixers adjust to collins and if Iguodala gets moved or chris broussard is just blowing smoke as usual

raro reply to GoSixers on Oct 29 at 14:59

I've noticed that Hollinger always really likes the Sixers as well. Is he just a big Iguodala fan?

I don't believe so, he's a big speights fan though

He loves guys who are on the bench with high 'per' nubers so he can tout it as finding sleepers :)

johnrosz on Oct 29 at 14:48


Pretty telling stuff I suppose. I think Iguodala's days are numbered. This is the closest they've ever come to admitting they're going to tear it down and rebuild.

Not a single quote from anyone in the sixers front office. Cooney is doing what he's 'good' at, baseless speculation to fuel the fire of a dwindling sixers fan base.

All this tells me is how Cooney views the sixers 'direction' and choice. So it's as believable to me as much as Cooney's ability or opinion is respected.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 29 at 15:42

He's more of a lackey for the organization than any of the other writers though. Only reason I posted it here.

Didn't know that he was perceived as a team lackey any more than any of his other daily news inquuirer cohorts

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