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Game 3 Thread: PHI @ IND

johnrosz on Oct 30 at 18:32

It'll be interesting to see how horrible EB is tonight. If he isn't getting stuffed/falling down, hitting front rim, and not rebounding I can see a glimmer of hope. Don't think I can recall one tail end of a back to back last year where he played well.

I don't expect much out of him on back to backs

Problem of course is that even at 50% he's a better option than the folks behind him

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 19:01

It's a sad state of affairs when Tony Battie is one of your best options in the front court

Defensively. The sixers have this recurring problem that most of their front court players are only half a player (at best). Sam was excellent defensively and crap offensively, however, a guy like Hawes, he's not excellent either place, and he's pretty crap it seems. Speights is great offensively when 'healthy' or something but absent defensively.

The sixers should get special dispensation from the NBA to 'hockey substitute' the center position. Battie for defense and Speights for offense :)

My only question is why Collins thought good play from Nocioni was worthy of the promotion when excellent play from Evan Turner in game one earned him absolutely nothing for game two.

Veteranability™, knows how to win, gritty, tough, nose for the ball, a guy who just makes you better because he has that mullet?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 19:13

I don't see how thats a mullet. A little kid haircut maybe. Kirelinko seems to be rocking some kind of modified mullet these days

AK47 has an emo girl haircut these days, it's not business on top.

Nocioni has cop hair now, he cut the mullet. He's missing the stache, though. I refuse to stop calling him mullet, though. He'll always have a mullet on the inside.

Mchezo reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 19:23

Turner's time will come sooner rather than later young grasshopper.

Nocioni (Just like Kapono) has no purpose on this team towards building a real contender, and Collins (again) needs to get it through his old concussion addled skull

ItAintEZ reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 19:56

I think Noc gets the nod because 1. Kapono sucks and 2. Noc has proven to be a good shooter from the 3 over his career, while Turner just had one good shooting game so far.

I like the Iguodala/Granger matchup tonight. Granger has been on fire the first two games, but I think Dre is up for the challenge and slows him down. Also, cool to see Noc playing well and totally surprising me in the process, but if he happens to struggle coming out of the gate does Collins use the same quick hook he had for Jrue and Evan in game one and two, or does he allow him more rope cause of his veteran toughness?

I forgot to make my prediction in the preview post. I'm going with Sixers in a barn-burner: 97-96.

what's the line?

Pacers -5.5

Wow. I'd take that, actually. If I was a degenerate gambler or didn't need to buy 10,000 diapers a year.

YOu are obviously feeding your children WAY wrong or are one of those every sperm is sacred freaks :)

Seriously thought, I'd take the sixers and the point but I don't believe they'll win - just cover.

Jim O'brien loves the 3

the sixers can't defend the 3

A match made in heaven

I'll counter with Darren Collison loves to turn the ball over, the Sixers love to force turnovers :)

The sixers bigs don't like to defend, Roy Hibbert has some offensive game

THe sixers also love to turn the ball over, and they have shot in a way their first two games that isn't reflective of their career norms, and still haven't won.

The pacers bench probably sucks, but so does the sixers :)

Is it the pacers first home game?

Sixers really need to attack Hibbert and try to get him foul trouble. If not, I don't see how he doesn't go for 20+

Great pic, Brian. I'd like to personally thank Darren Collison for single-handedly submarining Jrue's year of college, which allowed him to drop to us.

Thank you Darren!

If you think the Sixers D is bad, watch about 2 minutes of the Wizards.

How bad is their offense? After seeing the magic/wiz score at half time i wondered

Eh. The Hawks are playing 12 feet off Wall, daring him to shoot. He's taken a handful of ugly long twos while I've been watching. Just hit one, actually.

It's 40-40 right now so the hawks can't be doig much better (Just finished the work i was doing in time to catch the sixers so just turned it on :)

Ugh, hate that this game isn't in HD on Fios - crappy CN8esque channel.

If it makes you feel any better I will only get two sixers games in HD this year, Clippers and Lakers, my League Pass never has any HD games :)

My sympathies - I'll backtrack now ;)

We'll see if Jrue can step up and start playing well for the first road game of the season. He needs to play solid ball for this team to have any chance of winning. Turner should be the first wing player/guard off the bench tonight.

Jrue was better in game 2 than he was in game 1. I think Collins also has to learn to let the kid play through his issues. He needs to grow - benching him like in the first game isn't good for his growth as a player. Bench him if he screws up - but give him a chance to redeem - within the same game

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:05

Expecting a big game from Lou tonight. Don't think they have anyone that can check him.

Dahntay Jones still play for them? I remember that game where Lou was actually matched up against him, with Lou the one on D.

I'm waiting for Collins to enforce his 'no defense no play' rulings he claimed would exist.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 20:11

He'd have trouble fielding a lineup if that were the case. Maybe- Jrue Iggy Turner Battie and Brand? Maybe?

Ugh, pacers feed, that's no fun

At least we got to see their opening ceremonies. Roy Hibbert is pumped. Guess Granger isn't their star anymore.

Thant's why god invented remote controls and picture in picture, i'm just channel jmping for a bit.

Got my win for the day when iowa bitch slapped Michigan State (leave the state more you utter punks) so by the transitive property of losses, Wisconsin is now the best team in the big 10 :)

Alright, here we go.

Hibbert is 7' tall and doesn't take the jump?

Explosive isn't the first word that comes to mind when I see Hibbert play.

What a cheap foul call on Brand

Brand fouls McRoberts 24 feet away from the hoop. Not exactly a good start.

Iguodala has thrown the ball away twice in the first 40 seconds of the game.


Two lazy passes from Dre to Jrue. Ugh.

Brand has Hibbert on him. At least opposing teams realize Hawes is useless.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:17

Uh oh, Noc is growling already. lol

Did you see how strong he went up for that rebound with no one around him? Can't teach that :)

Hawes from the top of the key - I know brian loves seeing the center make that shot

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:18

Dre getting to the line. Good sign

If you are blocked by Hawes and then Brand consecutively you should hang your head in shame

There's one on Hibbert.

McRoberts vs. Hawes is a silly matchup.

Anyone else seen AI9 getting to the rim a lot with the between the legs left to right move early this year?

Hey look at that, Mike Dunleavy faked out Nocioni, man Dunleavy is athletic

Nocioni shouldn't have shot the long two he missed, he should've shot the wide-open three that he passed up.

The Pacers guy has it right, Collison is gambling way too much early on Jrue.

McRoberts is a better passer than Hawes huh? I thought Hawes was supposed to be good at passing?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:21

Jrue's going to get the hook, and rightfully so b/c he's been playing lazy d from the start. He's going to have to make better decisions with the P and R's they're going to throw at him tonight.

Ugh, get back on D, Jrue.

Nocioni shouldn't have shot the long two he missed, he should've shot the wide-open three that he passed up.

He did that when Iguodala sent him that lovely skip pass. He missed it too :)

Hawes = Helpless on D.

Don't think Jrue called that one. He needs to settle a little bit.

How does run get to shove a player like that in the NBA and not get called of it?

And when did the bank shot become something people didn't like?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:23

Just don't let Hawes make me laugh as hard as he did last night. Please

Thad in for hawes. Should definitely go smaller

Back door passes, pick and roll defense, man this team just can't defend anything can they?

I'd like Jrue to learn a pull-up move from 10 feet. Love his aggressiveness, but he gets blocked in the trees a lot.

It'll come. He still hasn't been a starter for a full season worth of games. Still learning and growing.

Oregon is wearing some truly ugly 'white' uniforms tonight.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:25

As was said, Jrue needs to chill. He just looks skittish from time to time.

Nocioni isn't having a stellar defensive game here. Dunleavy looks like Dr. J against him.

And yet not pulled

Sixers' defense looking terrible again tonight

Great D by Jrue to break up that transition play. Granger is a bitch, sorry , had to say it.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:28

Man, Thad just doesn't have any touch.

And entering the game for the pacers? The great and powerful draft climber Paul George

First quarter appearance for the villian - but with Williams, no JIT

That's right, Turner has some history in this building.

Lou and Turner in for Jrue and Nocioni. Not a big fan of yanking Jrue right there.

Jrue Evan and Iguodala on the floor at the same time doesn't worki, haven't you heard?

No lazy passes, Turner.

Wow. Great hustle by Thad after coughing it up.

10 years later who cares about a high school athletic event?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:31

That's right Lou, you can live at that line tonight just like you did last night vs this team.

Did Sp8s shave his head?

The pacers should go to hibbert EVERY TIME when you got thad and brand as your 4/5 - that's just easy

Lazy passes. Come on.

Way to run the point lou

ughhh not liking all the long 2s

AI9 picked up his second prior to that timeout. Will he bring Jrue back in for him, or go bigger?

I predict he'll go smaller - cause with hibbert still on the floor - it makes the least sense

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:35

Being able to look back, I wish ES would have taken Hickson instead of Speights. Would have been a much different element to our current team.

Speights was the better talent - and the work ethic was the question - and sadly it seems the answer is 'yes he doesn't have one'. Speights inherently has more upside than Hickson, I just have gotten to the point where I don't think he cares

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:39

No way. Hickson was a beast at Wheeler. Speights not so much at that level. And at college, Hickson looked better than him too, and that was only for his one year.

I don't really tend to get impressed by guys who dominate in high school. It's friggin high school ball, most of those guys won't play D-1 ball, let alone in the NBA.

Speights has more inherent talent than Hickson, his offensive game was sickly smooth when he was drafted, he shows no motivation to improve or build up upon his natural ability but I have no problem with him being the pick over Hickson...it was a risk reward pick and Hickson hasn't exactly blwon any doors off just yet (the season is only 2 games old)

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 20:53

But the argument is that both of these guys did play D-1 ball and are in the NBA. And it's not based on just 2 games this year. JJ couldn't even play at first in the league b/c of the talent in front of him. Speights has never had too much talent in front of him - and he still can't get on the floor. The comment was based more on how different a player can make your team look, just like adding Noc or ET this year.

Only 1 assist so far. They're doing too much one-on-one, not really running their offense, which they have been early on in both previous games.

I know Lou is having his way, but can Turner handle the ball? Please.

With the crappy decision making he's showing when he throws passes, I wouldn't want him having the ball right now

Rich reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 20:38

He's a rook, he's gotta learn sometime.

I'm glad you scored Evan, but thta's a lot of dribbling

Guys misses a 3 pointer and gets his own rebound? Come on

That was on Thad.

Yeah I know, i just didn't want to point out how dumb posey made him look :)

Turner is the best rebounder on this team right now, and I consider Iguodala an excellent rebounder.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 20:41

Not so much the best to me, but, he just has the most damn desire. Speights needs to just watch him and absorb it.

Ugly Ugly start to this game, the pacers however continued being ugly and shot 30.7% in the first, sixers got up to 50% with some nice bench help

Sixers up 26-21 after the first. I believe this is the first time they've led at the end of a quarter this season, correct?

That would have been nice if Thad's hustle was rewarded and the Mullet rung the bell to end the quarter.

Weird quarter, seemed like Lou (and Jrue to an extent) were the only ones playing well, but we're up 5.

Indy stopped going to Hibbert, then he picked up his second foul.

Both of these teams are starting 2 guys who really should be at the end of someone's bench.

O'brien brings mcroberts back with two fouls and Mr Basketball - wonder if they can beat battie?

Granger - O points

Pacers have no chance if he doesn't get it going

Damn, that was a nice move by Thad on that quick pull. Reminds you of his talent.

Reminds me of his athleticism, not his talent

Rich reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 20:46

A jump shot reminds you of athleticism?

Can't say enough about Lou's start.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:44

Man, that's twice Lou has hustled his ass off on D tonight.

Lou never, ever uses screens. He always goes the opposite way. I think he picked that up from Iverson.

How does that foul get called on lou when TJ just cleared him with his right arm? Just terrible.

Oh dear god, Tyler Hansborough nob slobbing - stop it

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:46

Wow, our defense is active.

Battie w/ a nice, hard foul.

Hansbrough/McRoberts is just as bad as the frontcourts the Sixers throw out there, by the way.

But they've got motors and energy and look how hard they try

ergo, they're white, and white.

You said it, I didn't

Lol - they're like an extension of the coach on the floor. We could go on and on....

I'm quoting directly from their announcers :)

"A double dose of energy" is the term they used when they enterd the game together.
And now I'm listening to some idiot singer?

Lou looks like the game is slowed down for him. 11 points already.

Turner needs to post up Collison immediately.

Lou can't miss.

At this point I want turner to focus on trying to pass the ball with a less 'limp wrist'

That's a rook thing. Used to playing against crappy perimeter defenders.


eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:49

Nice pump fake, drive, and cross-courter to Lou from Noc.

Follwed up by crappy defense by whomever is supposed to guard Granger :)

Crappy shot by Iguodala, then crappy D on Dunleavy.

Hey Doug

It's ok to bring Jrue back in the game after you take him out

Which NBA city is more redneck? Indianpolis or has it been surpassed by Oklahoma City?

"Theres something about Tyler Hansborough when he hits the floor".

That's why the pacers came back folks...Tyler Habsborough

Ugh, Jrue being loose with the ball. He's gotta work on that, he throws too many lazy passes. The whole team minus Lou has been bad with the ball tonight.

And Lou follows it up with another lazy pass. 13-0 run, Lou ends it w/ a drive.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:55

Jrue still skittish. The proper term was used when it was said he needs to 'settle'.

Not a strong offensive set out of the stoppage guys

Lou guarding Granger is not going to work. Hawes is so useless.

Is Speights injured? Cause seriously, there's no way to be worse defensively than Hawes is

There seems to be a whole lot of standing around in the sixers 'offense'

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 20:59

Atta boy Lou.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:01

Come on knock down the freebies.


Nice work, Hawes. Fouling Hansbrough on a jump shot.

Hawes, are you kidding me with that foul? And that make by Tyler...that's what tyler brings

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:02

What did Spencer do on that? What kind of call is that?

He hit him on the hand, he bit on the fake and hit him, it was sad

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:04

That was not a foul. I meant that sarcastically.

Glad Collins got Hawes out of there.

This is probably the team's best defensive lineup out there right now.


Brand has had a lot of open shots that he just hasn't made. Same with Turner.

Good recognition by Collins in taking Hawes out. It's mind boggling how badly he hurts us. Good D by Battie on the Hibbert post-up.

Finally! Jrue needs to use his size more often

Pacers shot 30.7 percent in the first quarter, they're up to 43.6% now while the sixers are still right around 50%

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:06

Ok, Lou's out. let's see how the offense does now

That's a man's board by Turner. And then a charge. Ugh.

and a tech

and then a tech.

Oh evan, you did such a good job grabbing that rebound and then tried to go 1 on 4 - what are you thinking?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:07

Dag, ET just said faggot ass didnt he?

Did he? That's tough, right?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:09

LOL idk but was that really what he said? wish i had DVR b/c it sounded and looked like it. could be wrong though...

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:12

He just did that to endear himself to the Philly fans.

Battie is pretty useless offensively. I don't like him in pick and rolls because if he gets it, there's a good chance he'll shoot it.

Why are hip checks legal in Conseco Field HOuse?

Turner gets every friggin' rebound in traffic.

EB is 1-7. They are all easy shots too.

Rich reply to Rich on Oct 30 at 21:10

Aaaand the reverse jinx works.

Speights was not in the god damned restricted circle. BS call.

Tie ballgame at the half, 51-51.

Turner has 6 boards in 13 minutes. He needs to be on the floor more, I don't care how bad he's shooting.

Turner played more minutes than Jrue and pretty much the same as Nocioni in the first half

Really only Brand and Iguodala had more minutes...

Sixers 'leading' in the turnovers, and neither team particularly killing it on the defensive glass

Really it's the three helping the sixers out

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:16

I don't know who the 5th guy is, but I want EB, Dre, Lou, and Noc out there.

Noc has been terrible in this game.

4 rebounds, second leader on the team

If that's the line up you want it almost has to be Turner doesn't it?

Jrue really can't play the off guard with Lou in the back court?

Since Lou played himself into big minutes for the second half, who do you think is gonna get screwed with minutes in the 2nd half, Jrue or Turner? Wish we would just go small the rest of the game with Andre/Nocioni/Thad at the 4. They could get away with it against the Pacers.


I'd come out with this lineup:


And use Noc, Thad, Battie off the bench. Forget the other guys.

Ben Gordon has gotten off to a kind of dominant start this season. 5-6 the first game, 11-16 the next game (32 points), and 21 in the first half today on 5 shots. Hasn't missed a shot or free-throw.

And how is Ben doing defensively?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:25

Can't be bad enough to matter when he's putting up over 4 points per shot.

Course they're 0-2 headed in to tonight, so it's not that help ful either...

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:30

Hey, they almost beat the Thunder and they're up in Chicago by 20. Not his fault their frontcourt is about as thin as ours.

Someone's gotta get the points, if you can't contribute on defense, if you don't win, someone stills gets the points....almost don't count

He had to bounce back from last season, he's too good of a shooter to be that bad offensively.

Lou has 18 on 7 shots here.

johnrosz on Oct 30 at 21:23

Would like to see Evan take the ball inside a bit more off the dribble. That lefty finish was nice.

Thad is looking a little less clueless defensively tonight. Getting back to making those hustle plays we all knew him for before EJ era too.

OK, 24 minutes of basketball. Bring this one home as a W, please.

30-16 points in the paint advantage. And the Pacers really didn't maximize their advantage as often as they should. At least not to me. I know JOB likes the 3, but man they should feed their big men until they're stuffed. Haws is soft.

Same starting 5

Philly bench holds 26-7 scoring advantage.

Hip checks, allowed by pacers, not by sixers, gotcha

johnrosz on Oct 30 at 21:29

Will Hawes even be in the league in like 3 years

You can't coach useless size.

Jason reply to johnrosz on Oct 30 at 21:30

Sixers will extend him ldo

i hate spencer hawes

Good gameplan. Come out and run the offense through Hawes.

Missed Shot
Offensive Foul
Missed shot

EXACTLY how it was drawn up

There was a fumbled pass on a spoon-fed dunk from Jrue on the first missed shot, too.

Thought that was the first 3 possessoins, must have missed one

3 straight possessions screwed up by Hawes. I was willing to give the guy a chance, but he sucks!

I don't think it's a good idea to be conditioning charitable donations on how many threes a guy makes.

Or how many home runs a team hits.

I think it's a team thing isn't it - just not one guy?

I highly doubt it influences players anyway but it's a way for companies to look charitable without having to be TOO charitable

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:39

I thought it was just Granger. For every three he makes little dying children are saved from the jaws of death.

Is Doug Collins wearing a watch on each wrist?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:36

D is getting swish cheese like, need some subs.

This could get ugly quick. Hawes has about 10 fouls.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:37

Thad needs to swing that ball there instead of pulling the trigger.

You know all the "Iguodala will dominate Granger" chest-thumping in the pregame thread may have been a little overstated. Andre's a better player but Granger's offensive abilities are not purely media hype.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:38

See, they're not showing fire or spunk right now. They are just frazzled all around.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:39

Good pass Lou

eruthephenom on Oct 30 at 21:40

Hey, how you guys watching this? I have league pass for free this days but is blacked out and directv does a search but can't find another channel with the game.

It's on league pass for me.

Where do you live?

eruthephenom reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:44

delaware, about 25 min from philly

You're probably in the sixers viewing market though. As I understand the game is only available on CN8 for philly area fans, and you probably don't get CN8 on DIrecTV?

eruthephenom reply to eruthephenom on Oct 30 at 21:45

well i found a stream, so that will do

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:40

BS call on Lou...and a wake up T for us?

A wake up T that was missed by Lou because Hibbert bitch slapped the sixers?

This 5 is awful

Man, Collins cleared the bench quickly. Hot exactly helping, though.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:43

Damn Lou, what are you doing giving it up twice? Come on

How many offensive fouls do the Sixers have?

They do seem to be excellent at getting called for charges, they know they're supposed to draw them right?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:46

Noc is shouting tonight. lol get em noc

5-17 to start the third. If you have any strings, please start pulling them, Collins.

Defensive 3 seconds on that play? Come on.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:48

No stuff, I want them to really win this game. They can come back. If they would just cut out the sillyness.

Pretty sure Speights was pissed at Nocioni for taking that board away from him.

i thought i wasthe only one who noticed he did that

OK, a couple stops and easy conversions for Turner. Let's go.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:50

I'll be damn, 3 for George.

So Darrell Arthur, the guy we passed on for Speights, has gotten a little opportunity with Randolph out, and so far, 17 points a game on a little over 11 attempts a game. Not much rebounding though.

Was that another block for thad?

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:51

Come on Evan

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:52

Who fouled him? Why, no Evan dont do that

As a shooting guard, you are expected to be able to make a wide open 3-pointer. Hope he improves a lot on his outside shot.

As a rookie shooting guard in only his 3rd real game - you aren't necessarily going to have your NBA range down yet

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 21:57

Yeah that's the point. I hope he improves.

Nice box out, Speights. 4-point play.

Time for another group out there, Collins.

This McRoberts is the player people at Duke thought we were getting a few years ago.

McRobert's is garbage. He's basically playing against an NC-State level frontcourt here.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 21:57

He had a good game against the Spurs the other day... besides, at Duke he didn't even play well against NC State.

66-78 after three. Despicable third quarter in all areas.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:54

Jrue has been MIA for a minute now. Evan's getting alot of his minutes.

Lou took one shot in the third

What kind of weird shit are they doing at the Conseco Fieldhouse? Swinging hair lady? I'm disturbed.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 21:57


Cousins has been playing pretty good for the kings, nice young team they have

JTI Thad Brand to start out

Come on Perry Jones...

They'd take Harrison Barnes. You can never have enough wings who can't shoot.

At least Brand seems pissed.

So that's what it takes for Brand to get a foul called, mugged by 3 pacers

Great look from AI9 to Thad on the inside.

Damn, what a pass by AI9

OK, it's between Thad and Lou for player of the game at this point. Leaning toward Lou because his contributions helped the Sixers build the lead they quickly blew.

I say you give it to no one, no one should get it for half a game

Is there a starting center in the league worse than Hawes? I cannot think of one.

Does Thabeet start in Memphis?

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 22:05

No, Marc Gasol starts and he's really good.

I'm aware how good he is, thanks, just don't watch memphis that much. David Tuohy's voice gets to me

Is there a backup worse than him?

Ok, so Thabeet HAS to be this one

Thabeet does some positive things, I've yet to see anything positive from Hawes.

One time he swished a long 2 - LOL

Tray reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 22:11

I'd take Thabeet's future over Hawes's.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 22:12

Its sad.

I probably never have seen him play before this year. He looks more grounded than Brand did. At least Brand has been a pleasant surprise. If not for him, we'd be a joke.

Turner was responsible for that rebound, battled it away from Gritty, or maybe it was Coachable. I get them confused.

At least Collins is playing the Holiday/Turner/Iggy/Thad/Brand lineup.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:07

Ugh that's twice he's done that at the line.

Another great pass by Iguodala

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:10

COme on Andre....lets GO

Iguodala's trying to take over. Down by 10 with 5:50 to go. Nocioni was at the scorer's table, not sure who he's coming in for after the timeout.

I'm going to guess Turner

Nope - Thad

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:12

COme on Andre....lets GO

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:13

EB has to hit that. It's wide open when he takes it.

Getting defensive stops but Brand keeps coming up empty

Brand should stop shooting. Come on!

he should retire *fingers crossed*

Great D by turner

Brand is about to go over 70 minutes in two nights. Probably not a recipe for success.

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 22:21

Ten boards, four blocks. He's made some positive contributions.

4 steals, too. He's played fine, but counting on him for offense in the 70th minute is probably expecting too much.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Oct 30 at 22:25

Well, Andre didn't give me a repeat of what I wanted to see tonight. The concern was over Brand going into the back-to-back, when it apparently should have been on Dre.

Going to be a long season.

Ive come to the realization that I'm just overly optimistic when I haven't watched some games in a while. Won't be fooled again next year.

I assume Nocioni was brought in to shoot 3's - but they seem to be mostly ignoring him on offense but he's getting good fouls right?

No minutes for kpaono

First time I've seen Turner lose a battle for a board.

eddies' heady's on Oct 30 at 22:23

Way to hang in there guys, disappointing game.

didnt even cover

I believe we gonna keep losing and trade players possibly AI9 by the trade deadline.

I always thought Iguodala would be gone by the deadline, but maybe Lou can play himself into some real trade value.

86-86 in Chicago with 5 minutes to play

Don't matter how many points you score, if you ain't playing defense, when the shooting goes - you're useless - and the scoring will go

That was kind of tough to watch down the stretch. Seemed like poor effort in spots.

eddies' heady's reply to Chunky Soup on Oct 30 at 22:30

Exactly, agree. The effort is so sporadic, and from multiple ones. They all go through lulls mentally it seems. I mean, I'm aware of the youth but that's not always an excuse.

I blame Doug Collins and his short hook with the youths on this team, brutal imo, this team needs to find an "identity" or whatever and it's not going to do it with DC continuously shuffling these players imo.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Oct 30 at 22:41

Yeah, it's never the player, always the coach. Insert here.

How do you determine the identity if you don't shuffle? Don't they go hand in hand?

Lol, this is essentially a new team ok. In Tonights starting line up we had 2 people that weren't even on this roster a year ago. That doesn't even include Evan Turner whose coming off the bench. We're running a new offense, or at least trying different offenses out, yet all the while Doug Collins keeps throwing out new rotations, we had Darius Songalia, Nocioni and Thad as our 3-4-5 in our first game ffs. What they need is consistancy, let them get a feel for each other, allow mistakes. This team isn't a playoff team. I don't want these quick hooks anymore, i want mistakes to be allowed, Only way growth will happen imo.

Jason reply to Jason on Oct 30 at 23:12

Pls don't reply to that lol, re-read it and it's a bit over the top. Really my main problem with DC is what he's doing with Jrue and ET, Mostly ET though and having him come of the bench and play a lot with Lou who tends to minimize the other guard by being so ball dominant on offense. I don't think it's very good for his development.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Oct 30 at 23:18

I'm not sure I saw the quick hooks you're referring to tonight. He could have had a much quicker trigger with a couple I can think of.

Mistakes should never be allowed or condoned. I want to win and I'm sure the staff does too. Youth, vet be damned.

I checked out in the 2nd quarter when Lou went on a run. I hate watching Lou play. But in the first two games Jrue was being taken out pretty quickly after mistakes and i think most of the mistakes he is making comes from hesitation of not wanting to make a mistakes.

Anyways I don't care about mistakes this season, I have no problem with the sixers losing, i won't lie I enjoy it more when they lose than win, I hate them winning and hurting their Lottery chances. All i really care about is our young prospects (not including Lou) as their development is more important to the sixers than a few wins this season.

I dislike DCs starting line up as well, I think DC needs to make the starting line up Jrue-Turner-Iggy-Brand and he can rotate the 5th person (can't be Hawes tho he's awful). I don't understand how Turner and Jrue can't play together but Turner and Lou can when Lou has the ball in his hands literally every posession creating all the offense. If ET can play off the ball with Lou i don't get why he couldn't with Jrue and the sixers need ET in the starting line up because they need his ability to create offense which is something Nocioni 100% cannot do.

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Oct 30 at 23:45

OK, coach.

Well, the first game against a somewhat equal team is a loss. May need to readjust what I think is an equal team.

99-86 is your final.

My wrap will be up late tonight/early tomorrow. Have some day job stuff to get done tonight.

Thanks for being here guys, we'll get to watch a win eventually.

johnrosz on Oct 30 at 22:29

Nocioni takes minutes away from the young guys, even when they show progress.

This is what I feared.

Jrue has to start playing better. Around the league, Wall went 28, 5 and 9 on 17 shots and made a couple threes. Cousins had 14 and 10 in 28 minutes. 5 turnovers though. Landry Fields continues to be the find of the second round. 11 and 8. He's a 6'7 guard. Otherwise, the Knicks don't seem that much better. Mike Conley may or may not finally be coming into his own. He had 14, 7, 11 and 7 steals tonight. His first two games were good as well. Detroit has just 26 second-half points against the Thibodaires and consequently coughed up a 20-point halftime lead against Chicago. The Hornets are beating the Spurs behind Smith/Green's 16 points off the bench. Larry Brown, for some reason, seems very committed to getting Tyrus Thomas involved in offense in ways that exceed his abilities. Soon he'll be calling him "the big fella."

Jason Mess on Oct 30 at 22:46

Cousins also fouls a lot, the knock on him was he might be a knuckle head not really any other part of the game. If listens to some good pros or good coach he will be fine otherwise. He will have a nice 6-10 year run.

Willie actually just got a huge basket to put the Hornets up 5 with 65 seconds to go. Then Paul left George Hill staggering to ice the game. He looks very determined. The Hornets are now 3-0 against three quality opponents (Bucks, Rockets, Spurs).

Hawes was minus 17 in 14 minutes. That's impressive. It's official, he really sucks.

I actually thought EB killed them tonight. He missed a ton of easy looks that people were getting for him.

At least Lou seems to have embraced his 6th man role?

Ahh, how can you not love LaMarcus Aldridge?

20 points tonight on 20 shots and 10 free throw attempts! What an asset that guy is.

I wish this year and last had stronger draft classes.

The Sixer have been and will continue to be lousy. If only it was in one of those star studded years...

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Oct 31 at 14:25

If we can get into the top 3 again this year I'll be elated. Perry Jones is the savior

“I feel like we were a disgrace to the game of basketball,” said Michael Beasley, who turned it over six times. “We had 30 turnovers. Thirty turnovers, man. That’s not basketball. That’s not team basketball. That’s not basketball at all. Everything we worked on since training camp just went out the window. Defensively. Offensively. We didn’t play as a team. It was just bad from every aspect of the game.”

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