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Good Matchup, Bad Timing

The question is how do I watch this game tonight. Curse you CN8.

The way i watch all of the Sixers games :). Find a streaming link...

Doesn't make sense to me that the game won't be on in Philadlephia at all? Or is this one of those directv / comcast things.

I think Brian has persuaded me to purchase the NBA League pass package.

As for Roy Hibbert, as he's on my fantasy keeper and I'm down on boards this week, i wouldn't mind a big night from him against the soft gooey middle of the sixers (good in cookies, lousy in basketball)

It's really not on in Philly at all? That's horrible. Wait, is it definitely on league pass? Has to be, right?

Yeah it's on league pass, I checked

The sixers/hawks game is on league pass right now (again) actually. I really like this replay thing they're doing this year.

It is on Comcast8 or CN for philly which is on Comcast and Verizon cable. Flyers on CSN tonight. Not sure where it was stated on on TV in Philly tonight? All games are on cable in Philly area.

Agree, good matchup but too soon.

zig reply to CB on Oct 30 at 14:56

nba league pass broadband has a free preview until november 2nd. so you can watch tonight's game and the wizards game on tuesday.

What happened to Speights? He was never a great defender, but at the beginning of last season he was an absolute BEAST offensively, and it looked like he was on his way to becoming a solid starter. Then he went down with an injury and hasn't looked the same since. Could that really be the cause of his drastic regression? Or did he just lose all motivation to improve?

If he doesn't rehab? If he gets fat and tubby when he is injured? He got injured again in the preseason slightly.

Questions have always existed about his work ethic and dedication. Those things show up most when injuries occur

Turner has to play more than 18 minutes tonight. I still thought he had some very encouraging plays last night. He defended Crawford really well, and put good ball pressure on him. He had 4 dimes and 2 boards, one of which was very impressive. I just think he shies away from shooting if he misses a couple. He takes good shots (his form is funky, but the rotation looks fine) and he was just long on a few of them. He's gotta keep taking them.

Brand is a beast, I'm pulling for a 20 and 10 night from him. I figured his preseason was a mirage, and it was, which is great. He was ready to play last year but he got abused for no reason by Eddie J., so that ruined him. His talent is still there, now that he's actually a focal point, he's going to put up all star numbers this year.

My one comment in the Sixers-Hawks preview thread was about the Dalembert effect, how Horford had never scored more than 15 in nine games against the Sixers (averaging just over 10 ppg). Lo and behold, 20 on 9-11 shooting for Horford now that it's Spencer Hawes in the middle. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of that this year.

I do trust that Collins has a sharp mind and can see that Hawes is hurting the team more than helping, so I'm hoping for a move sooner than later. Maybe a big game from Hibbert will be the straw that breaks the camel's back with regard to giving Hawes major minutes. If it's discouraging for us as fans to watch Hawes flail away, I can only imagine how discouraging it is for the other players on the team.

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