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Game Two Key Indicators

I had to work late last night so only got home to see a bit of the 4th quarter, last 3:30 or so, and in the 'crunch time', I remember one posession in which the sixers were down four (maybe 1:30 left approximately) and they ran up the court and Iguodala took an ill-advised and rushed 3 early in the clock. I did feel frustration at that moment. The Hawks weren't going 2 for 2 at the line much and there was a lot of time left. It was a bad shot selection when I saw it I knew it.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Oct 30 at 16:24

Yup, his shot selection was iffy at the end. I said it in the game thread, but I really don't mind the fact that Iguodala is taking threes there. It's how he took them that were discouraging. If he has a stand-still wide open jumper off ball movement, I'm all for that. It's the step back, quick, off the dribble ones he's gotta eliminate.

That possession you mentioned wasn't a good shot, just because it was way too early in the shot-clock to take it. If I remember correctly it rimmed in and out (he was hot all night), but it was a little too early for that shot. He was having really good success getting into the lane too. He took another three off the set play later, which was awful. It was a step back look that was pretty forced. Another bad shot, but that one may have been more desperation than anything.

Only two mistakes I thought he made all night, though some of the shots he made early were tough ones. He was simply on fire.

This many posts is truly a blessing. Gotta love the actual basketball season.

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