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Game Three Key Indicators

Working my way through all of Brian's stats, but...did anybody else see Kate's first "On the Road" video of what the team does in Indiana?


Your comments about Dre echo the thoughts of the whole city for the last 5 years!!

rchap13 reply to rchap13 on Oct 31 at 22:47

I say let's blow this team up. We get favors and murphy. The nets get their man Melo. The nuggets get a nice asset in iggy and also get an expiring so they can resign jr smith and maybe k-mart

Jason reply to rchap13 on Oct 31 at 23:23

I assure you that if the nets trade FAvors to us they are keeping Murphy who is a very good PF on offense and Defense. If they give him up they would be hurting their team big time.

But yes I am all for a trade like this to happen, sadly I don't think that a trade with the Nets getting Melo is going to happen unless they play very well in the short term.

Murphy is an expiring contract, I don't believe the Nets tend to keep him long term.

I don't know how likely this trade is, but I do know Troy Murphy is not a good defender. Good rebounder, good three-point shooter, yes. Good defender, no.

I'm also pretty sure the Nets would give him up to get Melo. He'll be a free agent this summer, I think that's the main value for NJ.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 0:12

Who plays PF for the nets then? Also what near 7 footer plays good Defense and good offense. Where do you have him ranked among all PFs in the league? I was mostly basing the good D off of his D rating from basketball reference :(.

I think it would make more sense for the nets to move Outlaws contract instead of someone like Murphy who is a good PF* and gives them a good starting 5. Would you take Outlaws 5/35 contract back if it meant getting Favors? I would.

rchap13 reply to Jason on Nov 1 at 0:39

we could throw in speights to nj ;)

I'm not a fan of Outlaw. That contract would wind up biting us in the ass.

Ultimately, if you're trading Iguodala it's because you're going for a complete rebuild. That means you don't take back long-term money unless the guy is a long-term piece for this team. $7M/year for Outlaw doesn't fit that mold. Young player with a big upside + expiring contract(s) + pick(s) or you don't do it. The picks are a nice to have.

ELF reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 12:44

Iggy for Favors and any scrub from NJ, move one.
Deandre Jordan for Thad or Lou + Speights + Hawes + 1st rounder, move two.
Let them grow together : Jrue + Turner + Favors + Deandre
Brand along those two work horses could get the job done down low.. and he and Noce could guide this young guns into a hard nosed rebounding defensive, get in your face type of team.. and
The shooting component should come via draft or free agency.. maybe brackins and meeks could provide some if they got some PT

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