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Game 4 Thread: PHI @ WAS

WP w/ the pf switch

Betting line is Wiz 3.5 faves. Seems reasonable since it's they're home opener.

Was there a lineup change?

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 17:39

I was talking a bout having Andray go first instead of EB so we get the Andre, Andres, Andray 3 in a row.


OK, so Nick Young into the starting lineup. I'll adjust the lineup accordingly.

Arenas is out.


I think we'll get a W here. Hoping so anyway.

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 17:41

lol, Jrue Holiday vs. Evan Turner at PG eh?

Man, this thing was just littered with mistakes, huh?

It should be fixed entirely now. Al Thornton at SF, not Nick Young.

I didn't put a prediction in the preview, but I'll go with Sixers winning an ugly one 89-85.

The wizards are probably 'better' without arenas playing

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 18:07

I don't really think so. He looked cooperative, even a little passive, in the preseason. His statements to the press were almost bizarrely obsessed with getting out of Wall's way. He can shoot, which isn't really true of any of the other Wizards (maybe Young and Cartier Martin), and they're better off with him taking jump shots than Blatche, Thornton, and Yi taking jump shots.

Oh yeah Sixers first win of the season coming up! I say Wall goes about 5-15 with Jrue playing solid D and causing some turnovers. And if they put Blatche on Brand we got to go to that matchup early.

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 18:38

Collins pregame on how he's changed since coaching the Wiz from 2001-03: "Losing sucks. That’ll never change. ... There's a bigger purpose for me now. We can’t lose site of that now. This franchise has fallen. We’ve got to dig ourselves out."

Funny Doug, your actions belie your words.

It's not about winning this season Doug, it's about buliding a winner which requires Evan Turner to play

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 18:51

He'll be starting by December -- maybe sooner if Hawes continues to be a non-factor.

deepsixersuede on Nov 2 at 18:53

Brian, you said earlier Iggy has a huge mismatch; isn't Hinrich a very good man defender and it seems the post up isn't in this offense yet.

hinrich is decent against normal sized shooting guards, but Iguodala has a tremendous physical advantage in that matchup. In the post or on the perimeter driving by him.

son of a... time warner is screwing up my league pass again

C'mon Sixers LOSE!

0-30 start! Lets blow it up! HARRISON BARNES.

Great, another wing who can't shoot.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 18:58

If we get #1 give me P.Jones.


Fucking Time Warner signed me up for the NHL league pass instead of NBA. I hate this company with a passion. Luckily, I think I can watch it online until they get their shit together.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:06

Has the game started yet?

Not yet. I got the problem fixed. 15:33 of my life I'll never get back, sons of bitches.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:11

That's good. I was on phone with them last night for 1:20 minutes, for a 5 min issue.

Damn I got it blacked out, fuckin every game of the season it seems going to get blacked out. Im on CSNHD is everybody blacked out? I use directv well, I have to see it on stream again

Good to see John Wall has the full on douche gene.

Al Thornton's turning 27 in a few weeks. That's younger than I thought.

That 'dougie' routine was pretty bad by Wall.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 19:13

Take him over Thad now? Using hingsight?

Jason reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 19:13

Didn't he come out same year as Thad?

yea he was pick after T. young

Younger than you thought? He was drafted the same yar as Thad, how old is thad again?

Big zero in the middle.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:14

Dont sell him short - double zero.

I don't have any basis for this, but Hawes has to be the worst starter in the league.

I'll take a 20-foot turnaround for Blatche on every possession. Just happened to make that one.

Not a fan of that jumper for Jrue, but he made it too.

Jrue with the steal and then dime to ai9 for the dunk. good start.

Nice drive by Jrue and the dunk.

Love the early offense. Just keep running it please.

Ah, the post up of our guards. Good to see.

Awesome. AI9 in the post, Jrue with the perfect entry over the defense for the 2 and a foul.

And Jrue with the tie-up of Wall on the drive.

Damn, Jrue did it all on that possession.

D-board, push, hit wide-open AI9 for jumper (missed), o-board.

Everyone questioning what I see in Jrue, rewatch the first 3:30 of this game.

People really questioning that he's a young stud? I think it could be seen all last year as a rookie

Check the previous thread.

Everyone looks good except for doublezero, hes so sluggish looking...Sixers need a center ASAP!

I am trying to watch the game on NBA league pass broadband but it is just saying that the game is upcoming. Anyone else having this issue?


Tray reply to CSTH on Nov 2 at 19:20

Me too.

Beat that zone pretty easy that time

2 on McGee, that's huge. Jrue with more good defense on a Wall drive.

6 assists on 6 made shots so far. Just run the friggin' offense for 48 minutes and see what happens, huh?

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:23

Seriously. I hate when they stop running it.

If I'm the Wizards, I'm screening Wall with Hawes' man every time. Brand handles them so much better.

Great point.

They're trapping Jrue just past halfcourt now.

Hawes is unbelievably bad.

anyone have any suggestions on this NBA league pass issue? It's drivng me nuts.

Did you try reloading? such a pain in the ass.

Jrue is feeling good tonight.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:26

He got the Jason Jinx.

Hawes is so bad. So, so bad.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:26

Another fall away hook shot. He's patenting that this season.

Holy shit Hawes blows. Airballed a 5 footer.

That's a cheapie on Jrue. I like ball pressure, but we need him on the floor.

The Wiz made that adjustment, Hawes' man setting the high screens now. Jrue needs to avoid picking up his second.

Brand has his legs under him. Night/day from the last game when he was winded.

Jrue with a pretty lefty drive and finish.

Brand is going to work on this defenders

Thad for Hawes is first sub.

Oddly nba.com doesn't even recognize that the game's started.

Jason reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 19:31

Their broadband League pass is a complete joke. Terrible lol.

Tray reply to Jason on Nov 2 at 19:34

Worked great for me until today. I guess I'd like a bigger picture.

Gotta love Jrue finally getting into gear on offense.

Tough matador defense by the mullet there.

Does anyone see this offense? Even if they aren't running a specific play, they are identifying the matchups, running P and R, and moving without the ball. Beautiful.

I read something about Collins making getting into the offense simpler. Looks like they're doing it.

Shit. 2 on Jrue.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:31

Great quarter, but he's fouling to much early on here. The first one was 35 feet from the hoop.

Gotta hope Lou can play his game within the sets.

Lou in for Jrue.

Wall is going to abuse lou if he stays on him

Good call.

Nick young is a lou will type player, scorer who can't D

Where's Turner?


Ah, Lou.

Wall is going to beat Lou every time

Here's the problem when you put Thad in for Hawes. The lack of an inside presence becomes obvious and the other guys attack the rim.

Damn, good timeout Collins.

Alvin reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 19:36

Well it may seem like there is an inside presence when Hawes is there, but in reality there is no difference whether it's Thad or Hawes in the middle.

No point being 7'1" when you play like you're 6'1" out there.

Rich reply to Alvin on Nov 2 at 19:37

Not a compliment for Hawes, but they get attacked more when Thad is there.

Thad is useless. Terrible, terrible defense.

It's a shame that Brand has no one next to him when he plays like we always thought he would when he first got here.

Good timeout. Need to make some subs here, imo. Get Turner in, mullet out. Not sure who's going to guard Wall while Jrue is on the bench.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:35

I'd say Turner.

Might as well put AI9 on him

Dang. Jrue was dominating these clowns. How soon can we get him back in?

Start of the second, but Collins probably waits longer.

If the same guys are on the floor, I'd go zone. Trap Wall on the perimeter, don't let him penetrate. Young is the only guy you need to worry about on the perimeter.

No sub by Collins in the timeout.

Mullet gets a charity call.

Man, lot of whistles early here. Is that 2 on EB?

Enough with the jumpers.

Make Wall shoot jumpers, please.

Heh. Wall falls for the Lou pump-fake. 2 on Wall.

He's been killin em with that this season. Love it. Reminds me of Cassell.

Lou on Wall has to stop. That's a garbage call on Thad though.

Speights at the four. First time this year.

I reiterate, Thad is useless defensively.

It's a shame we didn't have Collins when Sammy was here.

Did Flip leave Wall in with 2, or did they gave that foul to someone else?

God damn it, gotta wonder why we're watching this team if they're not gonna play Turner. I find it short-sighted to not play him enough minutes since he was brought in to be part of this franchise's long-term future.

I swear, Cartier Martin is the second best Wizard.

-11 after Jrue went to the bench.

Sixers up 28-27 after the first.

Stopped running the offense as soon as Jrue came out. Looks like Lou is the problem there. Can't run offense with a shoot-first PG.

I seen Blatche pass the ball once, I almost fell out of my chair.

Bench has been really bad in the first q.

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 19:46

Collins told Turner to double Wall on 3-pointer

johnrosz on Nov 2 at 19:46

If you're going to try to play extended minutes with Thad at the 4, I don't think you can afford to have Lou guarding a penetrating guard like that. Has to be Jrue if Thad is at the 4. Lou's been a fucking turnstyle out there. Jesus.

Yeah, once again a 14 point lead trimmed down to 1. This time is a joke. Why do I even watch them? Is it worth our time? Wow, just wow. 14 points lost in 5min. For the 3rd straight game. How bad do you have to be to make that happen?

Let me guess. In the 2nd the Wizards make a run themselfs, go up by 10+ points and we have to fight that deficit the whole game.

Sixers Basketball, where dreams come true.

Can't say enough about Turner on the glass. You think he'd still be this effective if we had a decent rebounding big?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:55

Would Reggie Evans be averaging 16 boards a game if Bargnani wasn't secretly a woman? He'd just be Reggie Evans.

tk76 reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 20:43

The name is Andrea. Not such a secret.

Sick of the quick shots by Lou. Must drive coaches nuts

The last time I saw defending this bad was last season (many times) when some "coach" would throw out lineups like Speights/Thad/Kapono/Green/Lou.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Nov 2 at 19:51

I shudder at that thought. this season is much better in contrast.

Turner running the point w/ Jrue out there now. Or he did on that last play.

Jrue was right on Young there, nothing you can do about that.

This is silly. No reason at all for Lou to be playing the point with Turner and Jrue on the fucking floor.

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 19:51

Lou is gunning a l'il too much. He needs to penetrate more.

0/4, 2/4 from the line. Team is getting killed since he checked in, -18.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 19:54

Or is it getting killed since Hawes checked out? Yes, I'm laughing...

get Brand in there.

I think Turner has 2 touches in the half-court offense. One he passed and the other was a fast break where he walked.

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 19:52

29-10 Wizard run.

Hmmm I always liked that Hinrich guy's game.

so predictable. Funny. Lou destroyed our game today. Just bad jumpers and worse defense.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 19:53

Lou with a -18 in 9 minutes of play.


when did Lou Williams turn into Reggie Evans at the free throw line?

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 19:55

Turner needs to stop deferring and start looking for his shot.

Players collins already falls in love with: Lou and Hawes. Problem? I thought we wanted to build a defensive team!

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 19:55

Wall twice blew by LW.

This is just so wrong. Lou guarding the ball, Lou running the point.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:01

The Wiz run seemed to correlate directly with Jrue sitting down and Lou coming in didn't it

Turner's been awful tonight so far.

Rich reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 19:57

Doesn't mean Kapono should play though.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 20:00

So when someone else says it, is it considered blasting or just the truth?

I mean I think he's gonna be a good player.

There's a difference between saying a guy is playing like crap and saying he'll never be a shooting guard, he's going to suck, etc. based on 3 games, 1 of which was very good.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:05

But it wasn't based on 3 games. I've stated many times before it was based on 2 yrs of watching his college games.

College games are meaningless at this point.

Am I petty if i have a problem with ETs shoes being Wizard colors.

Why do ya'll make it sound like Lou is on the court when the Wizards got the ball? Oh he is on the court? It's like he's not there...

well I go to bed, this team is a joke. I predicted 10min ago that we will fall back ten points. Guess what, it happens right now. And that after a 14 point lead. All midway through the 2nd quarter. This team has to be the worst in history.

It's painfully obvious that if Jrue, Brand, and AI9 are on the floor, the team gets its best shots.

Brand gets early position, Jrue finds him for the easy conversion vs. Yi. Need more of that.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 20:00

Brand looks really solid out there.

why is the defense so bad after good starts? The 2nd unit seems to destroy everything. Lou does more harm than good. Turner has to start to get some veteran leadership with Nocioni of the bench.
Holiday - Turner - Iguodala - Brand - Speights
Lou - Nocioni - Thad - Battie

9man rotation. Not one more please. Hawes shouldn't even be activated. This scrub will be out of the league in 2 years.

Speights can't possibly be any worse than Hawes has been, on both ends of the floor. I'm behind this plan.

If Kapono was ever going to dunk in an NBA game, that was it.

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 20:06

14 assists on 16 FG.

Are you at the game, Tom? How's the crowd for their home opener?

Early post ups. Their bigs are lazy, that's there every time.

Jrue just got toasted by Wall, then turned it over on the other end. Come on.

Speights needs more consistent minutes. He looks a little rusty on offense.

3 on Speights?

They're running offense again, now that Jrue's back in. That was a complete cluster the entire time Lou was in there. Can't believe they had him running the point when J & T were both on the floor. What a disgrace.

Why is Jrue out? For Lou?

Looking to give WASH a nice little run to end the half, I guess. Damnit.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 20:15

B/c of the fouls I'd assume. SO he wouldn't pick up his third.

Yeah, probably. Same for Brand, I assume. Hawes rocks, by the way.

johnrosz on Nov 2 at 20:12

pretty disgusted that Lou gets more minutes than Turner despite being horrid. At least Turner rebounds and defends when he's playing poorly unlike Lou

Speights doesn't look like he can be a better defender than Hawes, but he at least is solid on offense if he doesn't gun every time. He stoppd that since he got benched early in the last games. Hopefully that will continue. With his touch and post moves, he could be really good down there.

That was a nice play, have to think Collins drew that up during the TO.

johnrosz on Nov 2 at 20:14

The plight of a bad defender. Speights actually gets a hand in a guys face and it's still buried right in his eye. That always seems to happen doesn't it

Yep. Same thing used to happen to Korver. Even when he did everything right, guys would hit shots they shouldn't. I think it's a confidence thing, like if you have Speights guarding you, you can relax because you know it's going to be easy.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:18

agreed. happens to Thad a lot too

And here comes Hawes. Insurance that they won't end the half w/ the lead. Awesome, offensive foul.

Keep shooting, Lou. Keep shooting.

Yo its official Collins don't like Turner right now. He makes 2 mistakes we don't see him again, Lou makes like 7 he's right back in a couple minutes later. Collins scowls at Turner every time cause he's still angry Eddie S didn't take his boy Favors or his workout wonder Wes Johnson in the draft. :(

We should trade Lou as long as his value is high. Just terrible. No understanding of the game and if his pump fake isn't working, he's almost useless.
Holiday has to make sure to stay out of foul trouble. He has to play almost the whole 2nd half in order for us to have a chance to grab this win.
I can't believe I'm still awake for this team. 1 am and I have to get up at 6:30 am. If they lose, this will be the last time I watched them live under the week.

mgfields on Nov 2 at 20:18

Are they purposefully playing Turner less minutes the first night of the back to back? Barely played against the Hawks last week also.

Jason reply to mgfields on Nov 2 at 20:24

If they are it makes zero sense. Why not use your good players vs a team that is equally shitty and try to win the game today, and worry about tmrws game tomorrow.

I think this is the year we trade Iguodala. The NBA's not baseball, but we're almost too bad to justify having a player that good on our roster. Even with him it feels like we have a shot at worst record in the league.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 20:21

So, what does that say about Dre? Really....

Probably a lot less than you think it does.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 21:37

The records don't lie. You love facts, right?

I like the truth, facts are neither truth nor lie, but they can be interpreted (poorly) to present an inaccurate result if one doesn't know what the facts represent.

You can break down how bad Lou was in so many ways. I like 7 shots in 12 minutes, all misses.

Jrue, Iguodala (not shooting well but a surprisingly effective half), and Brand are the best players at both ends of the floor.

I really want to know why the bench is incapable of running the offense. Is it just Lou? Is it Thad? Speights?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 20:26

I think it involves the low IQ level of all of em. They just don't know how to read and react off those cluster sets. If EJ did one thing, it's he exposed this fatal flaw of some of our players.

Just a bunch of raw AAU athletes that had limited college (or none) and exposure to the concepts and principles of the game.

Yeah they have a low IQ, but I don't know about the AAU comparison completely (Thad and Lou maybe). The starters all had little college experience though (Iggy had 2 years and was just an athlete). I just think they are more willing to run it.

Young did too much damage and turner/jrue were unable to D.
Lou it's awful tonight on both ends (0-7 FG!!!!!). AI9 and Brand, I like how they are playing. Kapono, Hawes, Speights... no comment.

I am all for giving Hawes' minutes to Speights. We have to see if we have anything that is salvageable, there.


eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 20:33

How about Hawes uber-flexible wrists when he attempts to run? Funny as heck.

Nice way to put it.

That's good defense. Double Wall, 20-footer for Blatche.

lol @ Jrue's air ball.

These clear path plays should not be reviewed, waste of time.

Rich reply to Jason on Nov 2 at 20:37

Alright Bill Kennedy, not a clear path. Don't need all day. Ridiculous.

Good call, finally. That wasn't a clear path. It probably wasn't a necessary foul. Iguodala was tracking him for the block.

Lol Spencer hawes, He gets about 2 minutes of rest because of the review yet he still walks up the court on offense. God bless him.

Brand needs more touches. 5/6 for 12 so far.

Just let him dunk the ball Hawes. Useless.

Heh. I'm really not sure what Hawes was trying to do on that dunk. I guess he's never been on a poster before.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:42

He was so late, he wouldn't have even made the poster.

Great look by Jrue. Hawes with the finish!

Jrue and AI9 have 14 assists, see what happens when you run offense?

Bade sequence for Jrue. Alright you made a mistake, no need to compound it.

Jason reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 20:46

I missed part of 2nd quarter but isn't that stat a tad deceptive? Most have come on fast breaks/running up findnig open guy immediately not from run offense?

I could be wrong fwiw.

Did Turner really play 7 minutes? I didn't think he was out there that long.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:53

Turner played 7:17 in the first half.

It's embarrising right now. Holiday has to calm down. Iguodala plays piss poor offensivly. And Nocioni jucks ill advised jumpers. Sub Turner in for Nocioni.

Hawes actually had some nice plays, but he is just so soft. Put Battie in and try to make a run with those 5.

There's no need to sit Jrue w/ 3. Don't do it, please.


Crisp passes on the perimeter, Jrue.

Yi trying to post up Iguodala is pretty funny.

Iguodala's form looked off on that three.

Here's your lineup, Speights, Brand, Iguodala, Turner, Holiday.

Wall is dominating w/ the steals. Jesus.

Ugh, Jrue really needs to take better care of the ball. Wall is a special talent defensively, but come on.

Aaaand, Lou is in for Jrue after this timeout.

Surprise surprise look where we are. almost 10 points down. Holiday just plays out of control right now. 5 TO is very bad. Wall schools him right now. Brand trys to keep us in the game. But he alone isn't enough. This team is so bad, we could be in for a very long season. Will we be worse than the Nets of last year? I can imagine it right now. We're pretty close.

Tray reply to JTI on Nov 2 at 20:57

They're giving Wall 7 steals.

How many turnovers is that this quarter? Has to be approaching 10, doesn't it?

10 it is.

4 fouls on Speights.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 20:54

Turner needs to take that all the way to the rack.

At least make them think you're going to. Draw the defender, then dish.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 20:59

Agreed...but right now he's not even thinking about shooting.

What happened to the guy who crossed over DWade?

Rich reply to bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:00

He's not confident in his jumper.

Holy shit what a dunk.

1-on-3, Iguodala dunks on all of them.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 20:58

Will somebody PLEASE tell Evan Turner to shoot the frigging ball?

Deferring to Iguodala 20 feet away from the basket rarely works.

Sixers down by six at the end of the third. Possibly the worst quarter I've ever seen as far as taking care of the ball goes.

Anyone else see the job Turner did late on Wall, causing two turnovers? Really good job on him.

Tom Moore on Nov 2 at 21:00

Sixers had 10 turnovers in the third. 19 in game now.

Wall is just a special talent. He has the speed and knack for the ball of Iverson, the passing and understand of the game of Nash and a solid defense that might transform into great really fast. It's sad we missed out on him. He would have been a great replacement for the Iverson era.

Lot of burn for Speights tonight. Hawes should be out of the starting lineup tomorrow.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:05

I would start Battie at center.

Of course, Hawes is plus-6 in the game.

I hate Speights' face!

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 21:03

Man, Turner looks like he belongs on JV.

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 21:05

In what sense? Rebounding the basketball? Defense on Wall?

eddies' heady's reply to bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:09

Just his overall game, to me. He looks so timid. Just going through the motions. His desire to go get boards is nice, but I didn't want a #2 draft pick to be my rebounder as his best asset. We could have signed a free agent for that.

bebopdeluxe reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 21:10

I don't think he's going through the motions - he's just deferring too fucking much.

Shoot. The. Damn. Ball.

5 on Speights.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:04

Evan Turner could not stand farther away from the ball on offense if he tried.

I just realized I could walk from school 5 blocks and see the game. Should've thought of that earlier.

Jrue and Lou are going to have to go off to get back in this game.

They need EB back in.

Think I saw him going to the scorer's table. Jrue with a pretty dish to Thad, followed by Lou & 1. Wonder if Lou gets up.

bebopdeluxe reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 21:08

"They need EB back in"

Wow - that looks weird to read.

Jason Mess on Nov 2 at 21:08

Have they had Lou, Turner, Andre, Brand out there as a group yet?

Not tonight.

It's really disappointing Jrue can't put together a good game. We clearly need him to perform well if they have any chance of winning. Such a good start too...

How long till the organization and Turner himself understand that he has to be the #1 option in order to build a team here? I say till we are 0 - 15 and Iguodala is on the verge of being traded.

Will we even win a game this year? I'm so down on this team right now. I can't see us winning anything right now.

The Sixers are going to win this game. Mark my words.

This little run has been nice, good to see Turner scoring. But you know Nick Young is going to make some back-breaking 3s down the stretch.

Tray reply to JTI on Nov 2 at 21:11

I'd say that if Turner is your #1 option you won't have much of a team. Not that I don't want to see what he's capable of but I don't think that's what he's going to turn out to be.

We should trade Iggy while he still has some sort of trade value.

He has a lot of trade value and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

Percy Jones! HERE WE COME.

Rich reply to Mike P on Nov 2 at 21:11


Mike P reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 21:14

Whatever, 1-2 draft pick! WEEEE.

God, Wall makes such a difference for WASH. They needed to get him back in.

Yikes, is Evan Turner even faster than Andray Blatche

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:12

Turner is playing GREAT defense on Wall. His length is really bothering Wall in the halfcourt.

I miss Sam. Can we get him back since he gets no burn in Sac?

Here we go w/ Lou running the point again w/ Jrue and Turner out there. Bleh.

Game is going to be tied here. Sixers will win.

Has a team ever finished a season with their 6th man as the leading scorer?

Tray reply to 4What on Nov 2 at 21:20

Maybe Ginobili's done it?

Wall's 7th turnover. Take the lead here.

That was a really nice play. Patient on offense too.

ET taking over!!

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 21:19

Woo....that looked like a good block by McGee.

Could someone explain to me what the "he was in the cylinder" is? The announcer was talking about it after that play.

Imagine the rim extended up to the ceiling. You can't touch the ball when it's anywhere in that cylinder.

Hmmm, do you bring Iggy for Thad in soon?

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 21:21

I've been sitting here curious why Dre is on the bench too?

They're playing well. I don't have a problem with it.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:27

yeah, i agree, was just wondering...

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:21

Hope Iggy is enjoying the view from the bench.

Love that steal by Brand.

Quadruple double alert - 2 steals and 2 turnovers and Wall has the quad dub.

There's no need to close out on Wall hard like EB just did. He doesn't want to shoot jumpers and Jrue/Turner have figures it out. He's almost Rondo-like in that aspect.

Ugh. Wish that went in.

For Wall to be a truly great point guard, he needs to learn not to pass to Blatche 18 feet from the basket.

Lucky there was no foul called there.

Wow. Lou with the dagger. Holy crap.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:27

He certainly caught fire in the fourth. Gotta give him that.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:27

The sixers have to be shooting nearly 50% from downtown in the 4th quarter this year, unreal how we are shooting.


If anything, I'd put Iguodala in for Thad at this point.

Heh. That was pretty ugly, but Turner will take it.

Bad time for a TO, Jrue. Fuck.

Hickson with 31 in a loss. Rondo with another 15 assists with a quarter to go.

Damn, maybe Collins should have used a timeout there? They looked lost against that zone.

Give the ball to Turner please.

OK, put it away at the line.

Come on Lou, make 2.

Tray reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 21:35

Don't you want Percy Jones?

Rich reply to Tray on Nov 2 at 21:36

I want at least one win this season.

Alright, up by 3. Not sure what lineup I'd go with for defense on this possession. No need for WASH to go for a three.

Probably Jrue, Turner, Nocioni, Iguodala, Brand, believe it or not. That's pitiful.

Wow, Lou turned it really around. Amazing 4th quarter but he had some tough shots in there. Turner has been great so far in the 4th.

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:38

iguodala's head isn't in the game right now.

Not having played for basically the whole quarter is a big part.

Court_visioN reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 21:41

it'd be interesting to see what transpired to cause that. Collins going to say "again I'm trying to find the best combination" again?

Why not take the TO and advance the ball?

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:39

Either that was INCREDIBLY stupid by Iguodala or Collins didn't tell these guys to take a TO if the Wiz made a 2.

Can they now NOT move the ball to the frontcourt?

Why do I get the feeling John Wall could walk into the lane if he wanted to? He's real good and real quick but our defense is BAD.

Seems like an accurate assessment.

Rich reply to Alvin on Nov 2 at 21:41

Gotta play better D on Wall here, but they are protecting the arc, so it is easier for him.

It's really sad that Lo Williams is the only one on this team who can draw fouls

Lou with effortless clutch free throws

Alvin reply to Jesse on Nov 2 at 21:43

It's amazing considering he went 2/4 at the beginning of the game.

You guys like that intentional foul?

Yes, I like the intentional foul up 3 with minimal time left, I think it's bad that the NBA coaches don't use it more. It's a solid move

I like it here, w/ 3 seconds left. I don't like it with 10 seconds left.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:45

Too early. If he makes a three there, then we still have 5 seconds to win the game.

If Lou makes 2 here though, it's not that bad.

You foul him, he makes at most 2, you still hve a one point lead and yo uget the ball to lou who has been pretty ice on the line. Trading 2 for 2 is better than a heave three

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:43

it's a free throw contest now

Jesus, again they don't take the TO to move the ball up the floor. Why the hell not?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:45

too easy.

You'd think they'd start denying Lou the ball.

Lou with one of the most improbable 30 point nights ever.

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:46

The Sixers just had a 40 point quarter. How many of that is Lou's?

If you have lou williams in a H2H fantasy league, your FT% (and FTM) is getting a huge boost tonight, your FG% is gettting bitch slapped :)

Fuck me.

That's just fucking hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Tell me he had a foot on the line, please.

Why is the game going into over time WHY DIDN"T THEY FOUL HIM?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 21:49

Heave three, they played straight up. Makes no sense when you foul with 7 seconds.

I told you Cartier Martin is their second best player. He's a solid 8th-9th man.

unbelievable. A joke. Stupid. I hate this team. We will lose now most definatly. I have to go to bed, my time of sleep is going away.

Hahahaha I almost died with laughter.

Well if the team going to OT every game is what it takes to get Turner his minutes then let it happen.

They actually did. Could've been a four-point play.

If you aren't smiling you're a robot. This team is so fucking snake-bit there's nothing to do but smile.

Should have fouled someone much earlier, like moment ball comes in - dear goodness

Come on man: a free throw contest with DC and it goes to over-time? Wow...how far the Sixers have fallen

106-106 after regulation. Overtime it is.

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:50

here's Brian's fav lineup!

Yeah, like the lineup. Let's see if it works. Easy shot, missed by Turner.

Shouldn't there of been .9 seconds lleft in the 4th? the ball clearly went in with .9 left..? meh i don't get the nba rules.

Sick D by Jrue on Wall.

F-me. Good foul by Wall.

Damn, I hope Blatche keeps going at Dre.

God Damnit. Fucking turns it right back over. Pass it to AI9 and it's a dunk.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:56

So dumb.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 21:56

And AI9 takes his frustration out by heaving a 3 and as you might expect, bricking it.

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 21:54

heh, Brand talking to ET right there telling him to "hold the ball, hold the ball"....he doesn't have confidence in the rook bringing it up in traffic, hence the turnover

Bad shot. Come on. They want to lose this.

That was a very stupid 3 way too early in the clock. Has to stop doing that

ILL! sick pass

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 21:56

Are you kidding me with that shot?

Iguodala has the easiest defensive assignment at the end of regulation...and he was LATE. And then he takes THAT shot?

Go back to the bench, son.

Yes, we get it, it's all his fault

Amazing. We will lose this game and I will lose 4 hours of sleep. Thank you very much sixers.

Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:58

trading buckets. c'mon get some stops.

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:58

there we go

Got one

Alright, here we go. Take the lead on this possession, damnit.

You can't win a basketball game when your opponent is scoring on every possession.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Nov 2 at 22:00

Well unless you have more possessions. Hahaha. Anyone else praying we see a Turner game-winner?

Jason reply to Alvin on Nov 2 at 22:12

Fun game, we didn't deserve to be in it, did the announcers say we shot 80% in the 4th quarter? Crazy how good we are shooting in the 4th.

Also why didn't the clock stop with .9 seconds in the 4th after cartier martin hit the 3?

Jason reply to Jason on Nov 2 at 22:13

sigh, not supposed to be a reply.

It did stop, but there was 0.4 left on the clock. They inbounded the ball and heaved a shot that didn't count. Pretty sure they had a timeout, but chose not to use it, for the third time.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 22:43

Of the many things tonight, this has been bugging the heck out of me. Why didn't they use a timeout to advance the ball and set up a shot in the half court? They just inbounded it and heaved a prayer.


Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 21:59


Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 22:02

where's the foul???? Brand out of the game.

Old man goes glass, one freaking stop damnit!

Brand might have just a little trade value right now.

I'm shocked Lou made that pass

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 22:01

Me too. EB should have taken the first shot too, it was a good look.

He checked the shot clock, saw he had time, so he got himself an even better look...and then a cheap ass foul call on brand...that was ball

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 22:03

Haha that was in no way a better shot.

Elton Brand knows better than you or I what is a better shot for him, I'll defer to his judgment.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 2 at 22:10

An wide-open eight foot open jumper is typically better than a 12 foot contested fadeaway.

Again, I'm going to go with Elton Brand knowing better than me or you. If you think you know better than Brand, give him a call

It was pretty deep on the catch, more like 18 feet. An open 18 is easier than a contested 12, though. For the most part. Either way, solid game for EB.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 2 at 22:11

I agree, he should have pulled it off the pass, he made it more difficult after he dribbled.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 22:00

The bank is open!

Player of the game, up for grabs.

I ALWAYS have a bad feeling when we're up 1 or 2 and the other team can hold for the last shot.

Come on Blatche, miss at least one.

Shit, EB's done.

NOw I understand why wall looked so pissed off coming of that timeout. The play was for blatche


Fuck me. Hate to see a foul called there.

Who gets the game-winner? I'm saying Lou.

Turner now. Come on. He's our guy.

bebopdeluxe on Nov 2 at 22:04

That was about as clean an NBA block as you are going to see.


Court_visioN on Nov 2 at 22:04

battie better be setting some damn good screens to justify being on the floor right now

eddies' heady's on Nov 2 at 22:05

And Dre......with a ..............BOINK! Gotta love it, cuz you'll cry if you don't

Turner on the bench. Iguodala misses the 15-footer. Sixers record, completely tarnished.


This aint even right yo. :(

Iggy again. God damn it.

rchap13 on Nov 2 at 22:06

iggy what the hell???

Nothing he could do. Play was for Lou, WASH cut it off. Iguodala had to shoot that and it was a tough look.

APologist, he just sucks

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 22:15

Lou made some equally tough looks. Shooting the ball just isn't his forte. Which is okay, not everybody's a shooter, but it does hamper us a little.

The way the refs were calling the game, Lou probably gets a foul call if he takes the shot and just hits the ground anyway.