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Sixers Still Firmly On the Schneid

Do you think we'll beat Cleveland? I don't really see why we should. Cleveland should have a good rebounding advantage. Their offense is bad but not putrid. I don't think they're any worse than Washington. Most of their players are actually good, just not good enough to be getting the minutes they're getting, whereas guys like Blatche actively make you worse.

Louis Farrakhan XVI on Nov 3 at 5:36

Am I reading your rotation chart correctly? Doug Collins held out Iguodala for the entire 4th quarter and re-inserted him with 16 seconds left? That is just bizarre.

Saw this on ESPN: "John Wall is the first player in NBA history to have at least 29 points, 13 assists and nine steals in a single game." ...sigh

I may have been a ittle generous when I said this team would win 30 games...

Very frustrating game to watch.

Kudos to Brand for another nice effort. I like that it seems Collins has taken Iguodala off the ball in crunch time possessions, altough there seemed to be some confusion due to there being 4 potential ball handlers out there - further definition of roles could make that 5 (Brand, Iguodala, Turner, Williams, Holiday) very hard to guard.

I'd like to see them use more pick and roll/pick and pop with Andre when he's playing the 4. Every minute given to Hawes/Speights is a waste at this point. Put Battie and Songalia out there, at least you'll get effort.

deepsixersuede on Nov 3 at 7:26

Trying to look for positives; Turner may become a versatile defender like Iggy after watching him guard Wall like he did and seeing how he outrebounds bigger foes. Elton seems quicker than at anytime here and I am starting to see why he got 20 and 10 earlier in his career.

this team is an utter disaster.

krazykevy on Nov 3 at 8:45

These are the games that scare me….we SHOULD HAVE beat this team, although I was praying to the high heavens last night that the Wizards sunk the 3 to force overtime. Prayers answered and the achieved outcome was desired for ANY Sixers fan thats wants to see this team EVENTUALLY get better. Bottom line:

More losses = More ping pong balls!!!

We need to hit rock bottom before any real change is put into motion. I will continue this mantra this year with hopes that the bottom is FINALLY hit. Mediocrity gets you what you have had for mutliple years now…and I for one, can’t stand it ANY MORE!

Let’s not forget the theme this year (ping pong balls)…we won WAY too many games last year and hope that the feat isn’t repeated this year.


Mike P reply to krazykevy on Nov 3 at 10:45

Perry Barnes!

Harrison Jones!


Don't know why you guys want them to win. We should all be cheering for a complete blow up.

Will you be doing that all season?

Just curios

Mike P reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 10:57

Pretty much. Will everyone else keep acting surprised that the team is ass and Lou is our best offensive player?

I mean he was rocking the shit until he got his jaw broken last year.

The only thing that is surprising so far 4 games into this season is Brand not sucking ass. We should hope he keeps playing like this so we can flip him to a contending team that makes dumb moves at the trading deadline like Dallas.

Just checking

mgfields on Nov 3 at 9:17

I know the guy scored 30 points, but I can't stand Lou Williams. This team is never going to be able to develop a half court offense when half the game is the Lou chucking up a shot every time he gets the ball.

Of course Turner was invisible in the first half, the whole team was except Lou (0 for seven) during Turner's 7 first half minutes.

I got home in time to see most of the third quarter. Couple of my thoughts:

Lou hit that desperation three over Wall in the 3rd, and from that point on, he was on fire. He played an excellent game, even delivering a few hard fouls on Blatche a la Brand. Very impressed with his play this season.

To go along with Lou's excellent play, Turner did really well defending Wall. I actually thought he did a better job than Jrue in the second half. He hit some open shots, and his move on McGee that resulted in a goal tend was pretty slick.

My new favorite lineup? Jrue,Turner,Thad or Lou,Iguodala,Brand. Brian mentioned this before, but Iguodala is more than capable of playing the four. Especially against garbage like Yi.

I'll be heading to the game tonight. Hopefully Mr. Turner will be playing heavy minutes. Anyone else gonna be there?

raro reply to raro on Nov 3 at 9:31

Just to make it clear, those are all second half observations.

Yeah, if you saw Lou in the first half, you'd have a different impression of his game.

Kainer on Nov 3 at 9:59

When Lou is on fire he can hit anything, and should be taking those ill advised shots. However, a situation like that only occurs a few times a year. Its the rest of the time that he needs to play defense and have good solid possessions on offense. It's the Lou that tries the fade away contested 3 with the team down 10 after going 0 - 6 that pisses me off.

To be fair, the first half yesterday was really the only time we've seen Lou kill the team. Collins really should've had a quick hook with him, though he was limited because Jrue had 2 fouls in the first. Should've gone big w/ Turner and Iguodala in the back court, probably.

Some thoughts.
With these losses we are heading early lottery which is a good thing. Jrue isn't there yet. Seems AI9 has to go for some young talent. His skill set is redundent with Turner and we might as well give ET those minutes and let him grow. Also, a decision has to be made on Thad and this is a golden opportunity to evaluate his future.

Elton will have nothing left for tonight. A big game from Thad tonight is necessary.

Last night's game was heart wrenching! I felt so bad for those guys when that 3 went in. They need a win just for some confidence and hopefully they will start trusting each other and just play ball, they all look lost for most of the game.

I say this facetiously:

Elton Brand is back.

Back to putting up 20/10/2 numbers on a horrible team. Back to being one of the best players and making 16M+ on a losing team that is going nowhere. Just like he did in his Clipper glory days.

Looking ahead at the schedule, about half of the upcoming games 'til Dec 17th are against lousy teams. Then the schedule gets ugly. That gives the team 6 weeks to pull itself together.

If the early schedule was less forgiving than I'd expect a trade sooner. But as it stands, short of being the worst team in the league, they will pick up a fair share of wins these next weeks.

Out of curiosity, what did you think the odds were winning last nights game,a fter you found out arenas was out?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 11:36

50:50, as it will be against most of the really bad teams.

Ok, I just wanted to see where your pulse was on the team going into last nights game which many felt confident would be an easy win for the sixers (in fact someone said it was a lock during the game thread, but i can't really remember who)

I believe they'll get at least 1 win before 10 losses but i haven't really looked at who they play yet.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 11:51

In the next 10:
5 horrible teams
2 Average teams
3 Good teams

That's after playing 2 horrible teams the last few nights.

Fri, Nov 5 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Cleveland
Sun, Nov 7 New York Knicks @ New York
Wed, Nov 10 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Oklahoma City
Fri, Nov 12 Dallas Mavericks @ Dallas
Sat, Nov 13 San Antonio Spurs @ San Antonio
Tue, Nov 16 Cleveland Cavaliers @ Cleveland
Wed, Nov 17 Toronto Raptors vs Toronto
Fri, Nov 19 Milwaukee Bucks vs Milwaukee
Tue, Nov 23 Washington Wizards @ Washington
Wed, Nov 24 Toronto Raptors @ Toronto

tk76 reply to tk76 on Nov 3 at 11:52

So that's a total of 7 horrible teams out of 12 games. I doubt there is any easier stretch in the schedule. You have to figure at least 4 wins in that 12 game stretch (of course they already lost 2.)

I guess we all presume they lose again tonight, so they'll be 0-5

Winnable games to me

New York
Toronto (but back to back AND have to travel)
Toronto (Why the hell do the sixers play toronto twice in a week both on the back end of a back to back?)

If the sixers don't beat the Knicks, I believe they'll be 0-10 before their next shot at a win (Cleveland on the 16th)

Nah, they're going to get up for a game against a team they shouldn't beat and win it. They're going to do that several times this year, like they always do.

For some reason (maybe just that one game where korver buried that corner three with time expiring) I have a memory that the sixers tend to play Dallas tough in Dallas. (It's helpful to know if any of them are on second halves of back to back)

If they're 2-8 (or worse) after ten I won't be surprised, i just hope they aren't the last team to get a win

I'm hoping for a win in NYC, I'll be there for that one, wearing one of these.

That's really the only win I see in the first ten games (assuming you know MSG doesn't continue to rain debris and cost me fantasy points, I have Howard AND Amare in my H2H league, last night clonked me bad)

Jason Mess reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 13:37


And Kate's journey to the dark side is completed

CM reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 13:16

I don't see her taking any side regarding the "question" she addressed.

What are you referring to by saying "the dark side"?

Tray reply to CM on Nov 3 at 13:43


bebopdeluxe reply to CM on Nov 3 at 14:20

The assertion is that - because she has the unmitigated gall to discuss the holes in the game of our "best" player - that Kate Fagan must be an Iggy-hater and believes that he should be traded.

Right, jem?

If anything, I found her posts as it related to Iguodala (both after the game and today) to be no worse than neutral, and actually taking him off the hook on some things (such as his being late to get to Martin before he got the ball), so to take her two posts as a crossover to the "dark side" is a bit laughable, IMO.

It's not surprising to me that the Palins don't understand why it's a journey to the dark side.

They dismiss good defense right in front of their eyes to make an argument against the most hated

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 14:32

She didn't actually SAY that he did anything wrong. Other than not have a very productive overtime. Which is true.

For me, the article was mostly about the idiotic e-mail she gets. Though addressing it does give it some form of credibility. I thought the post she wrote last night was way off base. The Ray Allen play she was talking about had nothing in common with last night's shot. Thad completely lost track of his man on that play and was about 12 feet away, giving Allen a clean look at the hoop. Apples and Oranges.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 14:47

I think it's kind of natural for people to be frustrated about a team whose best player is Iguodala and to express that frustration at somewhat irrational times.

I also thought it was off-base that she said "these things seem to always happen to him." When has an opponent hit a game-winning or game-tying shot over Iguodala at the end of a game in recent memory, other than the crazy Devin Harris shot?

bebopdeluxe reply to Statman on Nov 3 at 15:29

I will freely admit that my frustration with Iguodala is a lot more than that single defensive play (although I expect a player of Iguodala's supposed defensive caliber to anticipate Blatche's screen and do a better job of staying with his man). Perhaps my frustrations are more a function of what Iguodala has been forced to be on the floor - which is a halfcourt shooter/scorer (with Holiday and a still-passive Turner out there) as opposed to a distributor and facilitator. A guy wht a so-so jumper and less-than-stellar handle should not be the guy to be expected to score the ball 20 feet away from the basket, yet he continues to try, with the 1-for-7 and TO's that go with that.

Until or unless there is another pure scorer out there with him (like Lou or a more assertive Turner), Iguodala will continue to try to do things that he cannot do with any consistency (i.e. shoot jumpers or try to break his man down off of the bounce), and the team will suffer.

It was no surprise to me that the team was successful in the 4th quarter, with Lou as the primary perimeter scorer and Turner playing more the role of facilitator/secondary scorer that Iguodala should play. So, if the blend of Holiday, Turner and Jrue can do many of the things that can be done with Iguodala out there (especially if Turner can defend the way he did on Wall), and if the one thing that Iguodala can supposedly do well - which is be a lock-down defender - does not happen when a guy with 670 career NBA minutes (in his 3rd season) gets open enough against him in the guts of the game to even be able to TAKE a "circus shot" like Martin did, then I have no problem with questioning what Iguodala's TRUE role is on this team is...and whether he needs to be moved to make the pieces fit better.

If you're saying they're better off without him, you're wrong. If you're saying he should be moved because this team blows anyway and maybe you can get some value in return and save some money, well, it's kind of hard to argue against that, at this point.

I think he should be moved to dallas, for his own good

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 16:03

I don't think I'm saying either. I think Collins needs to figure out the best combination to play with him (preferable with an accomplished wing scorer like Lou or Turner so he does not feel the need to do something that simply does not seem to be in his toolbox).

I do feel like he is the best trade piece that makes long-term sense, however...and if we can get a young big to help this roster fit better (and to get some cap relief), I would consider it. Wouldn't you?

Wondering if OKC would like AI9. Maybe get one of their young bigs(Aldrich?) plus an expiring(MOPETE) and Hardin?

bebopdeluxe reply to sfw on Nov 3 at 16:58

LOVE that trade.

bebopdeluxe reply to bebopdeluxe on Nov 3 at 16:58

...although, of course, I would prefer Ibaka...

His progress may be the only reason they would give us Aldrich. Iggy & Durant did hit it off over the summer. Maybe they'd like to uptempo their progress. He could be their Pippen.

To be honest with you, I want him traded so I don't have to sift through anti-Iguodala nonsense for hours every day. I'm just wondering who the next whipping boy will be. Probably Turner.

Wondering if OKC would like AI9. Maybe get one of their young bigs(Aldrich?) plus an expiring(MOPETE) and Hardin?

sfw reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 16:05

If you're saying he should be moved because this team blows anyway and maybe you can get some value in return and save some money, well, it's kind of hard to argue against that, at this point.

That's how I feel.

bebopdeluxe reply to sfw on Nov 3 at 17:09

Again...if they can construct this rotation in such a way that we can maximize what Iguodala does well (offensive facilitator, solid defender, transition game), then I am fine with keeping him. However, if he is going to continue to be (and view himself as) a primary offensive threat in the halfcourt, I just don't see how this is going to end well - particularly if a guy like Turner can provide a decent amount of Iggy's facilitation on offense and good perimeter defense.

In that case, if we can get a young big (like Aldrich or Ibaka) and a better Meeks/Kapono for the bench (like Harden), then doesn't that make sense from a roster construction perspective?

Harden and Aldrich both scream bench player to me. This obsession with big white guys really needs to come to an end.

sfw reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 17:20

As stated many times on here. Big men are hard to find. White, Black, Oriental? All races. In any trade, I'd try to trade for any young BIG kid in the league with some upside to become a piece of the frontcourt rotation.

I have to admit, I did laugh when you used the word "Oriental" in a post basically saying you're blind to color.

sfw reply to Brian on Nov 4 at 8:09

showing my age............................. Too many Charlie Chan movies.

Oriantal: a member of an Oriental race; the term is regarded as offensive by Asians (especially by Asian Americans)

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