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Game Four Key Indicators

Oh, and I also need to eat some crow for this prediction in last night's game thread. So, so close. Damn you, Cartier Martin.

Brian, since we are looking at these statistics as trends would it be possible to include season stats for comparison? For example maybe you could include the inside/outside shooting ratio for the last couple games and/or the average for the season so far?

I'm just looking for something to compare the stats to on the season.

I like being able to compare out ratio to our opponents, but I think it would also be helpful to see how our ratio compares to our season (whether we're improving or not).


Good call. I'll add the season stats in tomorrow.

Why do you think the sixers lose the third quarters so badly? Is it poor adjustments by the coaches, good adjustments by the opponents, lazy play, or chalk it up to youth? Just seems that digging holes is becoming our identity.

Jason reply to azteck on Nov 3 at 15:01

Because they put hawes out to start the 3rd. He's -23 in the 3rd quarter.

I'm late to the whole Iguodala discussion from the last play of regulation last night, but I'm sort of curious -- whether you think he played good defense on that play or not -- what you all think would have been the best defensive strategy in that situation.

For me, there are a few factors to consider:
* I didn't see how good of a pick was set on him to cause him to trail his man by a step. If there wasn't any pick at all, then it's his fault for letting his man get free.
* Given the position that he was in, I wasn't sure why he went for the ball instead of just going up to challenge the shot. I suppose if he could have tipped the ball away or stolen it, the game would have been over, but he didn't. As a result, his face got elbowed as Martin went up and he couldn't challenge the shot.
* Those two things said, if the situation comes up again, maybe the Sixers don't mind having the 4th or 5th option on the other team shoot a rushed 3 after having his elbow hit.

So what's the best strategy in that game situation?

Rich reply to Statman on Nov 3 at 14:56

I think that if his hands are up and he plays a little farther off, he can better time his jump to block (or alter) the shot. It's not like the guy has time to pump fake and draw a foul. Instead, he tried to harrass him and when the guy leaned in, he had to back off. It all happened so fast though, so it's easy to 2nd guess.

Fouling is definitely the best move there if you can, but that shot was really tough. I'd give it a 10 percent chance of dropping at best. This one stinks because it at least was contested. The Sixers' end of game defense is really bad or really unlucky, however you feel about it.

My take on the final play is that Iguodala did everything he could. He was there on the catch, went to foul, then pulled back at the last second when he realized Martin would be in the act if he hacked him. He was trailing him because of a screen, but he closed the gap quickly and got there right on the catch. In that defense, he did as well as anyone could.

Personally, if I'm calling defense in that situation, Brand is not on the floor. I'd put Nocioni or Thad in for him, probably Nocioni, so you have 5 small, quicker guys on the floor, and I'd switch everything on the perimeter. If you're switching, you can have a guy in position to deny the pass, or worst case, wrap the guy up as soon as he catches it. By having Iguodala fight over the screen, Martin had time to make the catch. Brand doesn't serve a purpose in that situation, not with 3 seconds left on the clock.

Anyway, what's getting lost here is that it was a good defensive possession, even in that situation. If you get an NBADL guy taking an off-balance, contested three-point shot, you did your job. A 10% chance of it dropping is generous, probably closer to 5%. It just happened to fall.

If anyone else is defending on that play, this isn't even being talked about right now. This is just another chance to take a shot at the whipping boy.

When you say "they" never went back to Iguodala in the post who do you mean? Is it the coach not calling the play or the player not calling for the ball? I'm really starting to question Iguodala's desire to want the ball when he has a clear match-up advantage. This was the second game in a row that he hasn't played to his potential against inferior competition. Or do we blame the coach for not demanding more effort out of his best player?

If I had to guess, I don't think Iguodala is saying "I don't want the ball in the post." I mean, he could certainly go out of the offense, get into position down there and call for the ball. Or Collins could call a play that gets them that look, with the floor properly balanced so it's hard for a double to come. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle. AI9 needs to be assertive about how he attacks mismatches, and Collins needs to make it a point to attack those mismatches much more frequently.

I'm really starting to question Iguodala's desire to want the ball when he has a clear match-up advantage.

Because he decides what offense is run?

Or because in post game interviews he's said he doesn't want the ball?

I'm curios as to where your insight into Iguodala's desire comes from...what special knowledge you have

Iguodala scored maybe his easiest FG of the night in the post against Hinrick last night and I think he night have posted him up one other time all game. Hinrick or Nick Young versus Iguodala is a match-up the Sixers should be able to exploit all night I'm just trying to find out who's the blame for not doing so. Iguodala doesn't choose the offense but he can call for the ball wherever, whenever and against whoever he wants. He has a green light at all times.. Put other more assertive offensive players R. Gay, Melo or P. Pierce in that situation and they take full advantage of that situation. Iguodala will never say he doesn't want the ball but he never went to get it. Actions speak louder than words.

Whats up depressed world been a follower of the site for 7 months. Brian you do an excellent job as well as the people who comment on here u can tell that most of them are die hard sixers fans.

I was suprised that evan turner wasnt out on the floor for that last play. I wasnt surprised martin hit that three I Knew It was good when he released that shot just being a sixers fan we all know we have the worst luck.


Yeah, if you've been a fan of this team for even a couple years, you're beyond the point where a shot like that leaves you in disbelief. You almost figure you're going into overtime on that last possession, it's just a matter of how it's going to happen.

I was surprised Turner wasn't out there for the last shot too. Still can't figure out why.

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