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Tired Legs and Broken Dreams

Is anyone having FireFox Isues (Mac OS X) online, it's becoming non responsive on a bunch of pages (not just this one)

I think the Sixers will lose, but will give another good effort night. I read an article by Kate Fagan and the comments were mostly about "how it's time to trade Iggy". Why would we trade the best player on the team to develop the young players when the young players are not good enough to start? It seems like a lot of Sixer "Fans" just want to trade players on a whim. Didn't they learn from the Dalembert trade? The only players IMO that should be traded ASAP are Hawes, Speights, and Kopono.

It's kind of funny, the majority of the people who want Iguodala traded, want him moved because they think he's the reason the team is so bad. They think trading him is somehow going to make the team better. There is an argument to be made for trading, but it's that it will make the team worse in the short term (meaning a better chance at winning the draft lottery), and hopefully free up some cap space (assuming we don't make any more Nocioni-type deals).

Oh and if you ask those same morons what they think about the Dalembert trade now, they'll still say it was addition by subtraction.

Such is the curse of the Sixers fan.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 17:03

There are really people who think Dalembert was addition by subtraction? How do they explain this season?

They blame it all on Iguodala.

There are really people who think Dalembert was addition by subtraction? How do they explain this season?

Dalembert was a clubhouse cancer

That's the explanation

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 17:47

I asked, what's the explanation for how we're a lot worse now that we've made this "addition"? I mean, Dalembert had some flaws, you don't have to be completely insane to think that losing him would help us, but this season, even though it's just four games old, has pretty well proved an addition by subtraction theory wrong.

I'm hoping we can get more than just cap room for Iguodala, because I honestly think cap room is worthless for us, what free agent ever wants to come to Philly? Certainly not one of Iguodala's caliber. The only one was Brand and that's because he wanted to play in the northeast and nobody else had cap room. His experience has probably ensured no one will ever make the same mistake and come here. And it's also the reason I still think Brand's contract is fine, because there's no way we can get a player who averages 15 and 9 to come here as a free agent, so Brand's cap space doesn't clog anything.

But I do think we can get a good young player for him or a fairly high 2011 draft pick. Perhaps Greg Oden with a couple bums to match the salaries? I'm thinking perhaps Portland is sick of him getting hurt all the time.

to clarify I'm saying Iguodala for Oden, not Brand for Oden.

johnrosz on Nov 3 at 16:08


I guess now that KG has diminished skills, he needs to dig deeper to keep his "mental edge" over opponents

SUch a punk ass bitch, he always has been.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 3 at 17:37
Tray reply to johnrosz on Nov 3 at 17:50

Does he expect anyone to believe that, in the midst of jabbering on the court, he drops a "you are cancerous to your team and this league"? Nobody talks like that. Garnett surely doesn't talk like that. His agent made up that line.

Tray reply to johnrosz on Nov 3 at 17:51

Moreover, doesn't he realize that this new insult he claims he said is still offensive to people with cancer?

johnrosz reply to Tray on Nov 3 at 18:30

there's a reason it took him 4 times to get a passing score on the ACT...

Oh come on, he only took it 3 times...

And not for nothing, but it's also a cheap shot to people with alopecia. Villanueva has a condition and Garnett thinks he should make fun of it and cancer all at once.

And that some how is just 'talking trash'

Always knew he was a little bitch, but everyone forgets it cause he 'wins' - so when he's barking like a little poodle on the sideline he's just encouraging.

He's a bitch pure and simple

I'm generally unimpressed with Collins, but it's only 4 games. I didn't like the hire from the start because it seemed like Stefanski had once again picked his guy out before the interviews (like Eddie J) and because every teams Collins coached improved after he left. But I will give him credit for one thing. He's the first coach to realize Darius Songaila does not belong in the NBA. Finally!

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