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Game Five Key Indicators

This is just too funny.

The Sixers are holding a "You Carry It, You Keep It" event at the Spectrum on Saturday. Basically, for $25 you can go into the Spectrum and walk out with whatever you can carry. This event was made for me, carrying crap is pretty much my specialty. I'd be looking to take home the backboard, maybe a shot clock, or at least Ed Stefanski.

I doubt you could carry Stefanski. Maybe you can lead him with fries and wings?

Nah, Stefanski isn't that hard to carry. Rod Thorn's been doing it for years.

speeke reply to Brian on Nov 4 at 18:01

well played

johnrosz on Nov 4 at 15:03

A shot clock would be great. I've got a feeling they've just got seats down there and not much else. I remember they were auctioning off the urinals a while back...go figure

I'd put the shot clock up in my son's room. Help him develop a sense of urgency.

Maybe a fathead of Nocioni... so he can become tough. consider teaching him Spanish...


Wigs are available. An I forgot that He-Man sported one. He was tough, no? I mean at least for a non-Argentinian.

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