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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 11/04/10

You might want to add 9 PM EST to your title...

Tom Moore on Nov 4 at 19:18
johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Nov 4 at 19:42

From EB's quotes about the coaches getting him in a position where he can score this year, I take it he wasn't in love with Eddie Jordan having him stand at the 3 pt line...

Tom Moore on Nov 4 at 19:19

Good luck with the show.

Why can't Battie start at 5 in Spencer's role of 6 mins at start of each half with JTIB (J-BIT?) and leave Thad in his current role where he's doing well. + Helps keep EB from playing against a big 5 that could tire him out etc.

What happened to the audio?

The live show cuts off after an hour. You can hear the rest when the replay posts in a couple of hours.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 4 at 22:13

Awesome, thanks for doing this.

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