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One Is the Loneliest Number

Yea Brian im with you on this one. Sixers shouldnt have to much trouble with the Cavs im also expecting Turner to have a good game as well.

Parker and Moon are both pretty good defenders w/ good size on the wings. I'm not sure that's really a great matchup for Turner or Iguodala, but if they get Gibson or Mo Williams on them, they should attack relentlessly.

Heh. Love this video.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 5 at 16:41

My friend is a Cleveland sports fan. That city has been through a lot of grief over the years. I don't know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel too.

I like that we're at the point where we can talk about Brand bullying opponents as a realistic possibility.

A Brand-related question -- the narrative has long been written on his stay in Philly: a bust of a signing, albatross contract, untradeable, not the player he once was, his value is basically as an expiring contract in a couple years, etc. My question is, if he keeps playing like he has been, does that narrative change? Or is his legacy here basically already written in stone, no matter how he plays? Just wondering people's thoughts...

Two ways this can change between now and the end of his contract:

1) He plays well enough to raise his trade value and the Sixers get something in return for him. Making it "well, at least they salvaged something out of that mess."

2) He really is back to a very high level of production, Rod Thorn pulls a rabbit out of hat and makes a deal that dramatically improves the team, the Sixers get to the playoffs and win a round or two prior to the end of Brand's contract, he plays a big role. If this is the case, I think we look back on the signing as really bad luck and decisions for the first two seasons, but overall, a decent signing.

Most likely, though, the legacy is signing Brand put this franchise into a five-year holding pattern.

I'd put 1 & 2 combined at

They certainly can trade him when he is expiring. But they are not winning a round or two in the playoffs unless the "rabbit" is Dwight Howard or CP3 (or Turner or another pick morphs into that level superstar.)

The likely "best case" is that Brand becomes a positive impact at PF for the next 2-3 seasons. The issues with his contract would remain- but at least he'd be an asset on the floor- which was not the case prior to this year.

Combined at less than 2%.

Yea thats true Brian the Cavs do have good wing defenders But I was kinda hoping Mo & Gibson would be defending them most of the time.

Well, if Scott sticks to his rotations, someone is going to get the Boobie matchup for 28 minutes. I'd try to make sure it was one of the bigger guys, and not Lou.

Elton Brand contract was just a bad signing. I was hoping for Josh Smith at the time. I dont want to get to happy about Elton Brand production. Lets see how hes playing two months into the season If he keeps it up though hopefully someone will bite.

I think a good question would be If Lou Williams continues to produce do we look to trade him for a big man even though i know its rare that teams trade big for small.

Lmaoooooooooo that video is foul.

Is Jamison a gametime decision?

I really wish more team sites had this page. http://www.nba.com/cavaliers/news/probable_starters.html

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