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More Downs Than Ups

I would like to know how in the blue hell we gave up 44 points in the 4th quarter?

Only 2 downs... the 23-6 run to start the game and the 17-3 run to finish it. But that's what happens to young/bad teams.

One thing about Jrue- he took advantage of a favorable match-up and abused the Cavs weak defensive guards. Part of it was him getting "on fire", but he knew it was a team he should attack.

That is one area that frustrates me about Iguodala. I love most of his game, but he rarely takes advantages of glaring mismatches on the offensive end. He can put up solid numbers across the board against both good and bad defenders- but when he is being guarded by a bum he does not seem to fully attack the mismatch (at least historically.) It's just not part of Iguodala's game, and one of the reasons he's not a dominant offensive player.

I'm not sure what Jrue will turn into. I'm on the record saying he'll be about a 14ppg player... but its a great sign to see that he knows how to exploit a bad defense. And I think it goes back to his HS dominance. He remembers how to dominate.

I agree 100% that Lou was a major issue in the last 6 minutes of the game. I wish Doug saw what everyone else saw last night.

One big plus I see early on this season is Evan Turners quickness on D. He appears to be much quicker with his feet on D. I wish I could say this about Hawes:(

Has anyone seen what Jason Smith is doing for New Orleans? 9.2 points and 4.4 boards a game isn't great but it isn't bad for a bench big.

eddies' heady's reply to Max on Nov 6 at 11:01

Yep, wish they would have traded Speights and let Jason have a chance to sink or swim this year. Especially with the way he would show hard on pick and rolls. And the guy would at least set a semblance of a screen too. Ironically, with what we currently have in our bigs, he would likely be starting for us, or at least playing starters minutes.

eddies' heady's on Nov 6 at 10:56

Ugh...There was more than Lou killing them late in that 4th. Battie was getting eat up trying to show on that high pick n roll they ran on Jrue a couple of times when he was on Mo Williams. Jrue couldn't get around or over the screen quick enough and Battie isn't quick enough to slow or affect the progression of the resulting choices from the screen set.

Yeah, I mentioned that in the game thread. Not sure if it was a quickness thing or an exhaustion thing. 26 minutes is pushing it for Battie.

Tom Moore on Nov 6 at 10:59

Yep, Smith had a nice game of 12 and 6 beating the Heat last night.

Man that was a bad game how the hell u give up 44 points to the cavs. This dude mo williams was acting like he was never hurt just killing us. I dont want to jump the gun and believe me i am a hugr iguodala fan but it might time to trade him for a legit big if possible. I know its a little to early but i think evan needs the ball in his hands more.I think he could be our leading scorer our behind brand. I wish we could trade brand to get our legit big man but thats kinda wishful thinking and keep iggy.

Hey, remember when we traded for a guy we thought would be a rich man's Jason Smith, and then he turned out to be a poor man's Jason Smith instead?

AaronMcKie4MVP on Nov 6 at 12:50

ok, so spencer hawes is worthless. so , instead of a 3 , he is a zero. thats the least of out problems but somehow warrants a large amount of discussion in every thread. how about our # 2 pick , that as i told you back in February was the next Calbert Cheaney. and a bunch of you Big10 loving puppets told me how good he is. so now we still lack the ability to ever get a player that can step up and take the offensive pressure off of Iguodala. with that guy as our \#1 we are doomed for mediocrity.

Doug Collins stops taking his meds

Yeah, that's not always a good thing :)

But if he only has BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) then its possible that the positioning manuvers and time will be enough to cure him.

here is a detailed description of what he is dealing with:

And the more technical version:

I couldn't tell from reading the article if Collins quit taking the meds or Collins doctor said it was ok to quit taking the meds. I would be concerned if Collins felt he should stop taking the meds all on his own contrary to medical advice. That's usually a bad idea.

The meds are symptomatic. They don't make you better ovrall any quicker. So its probably OK to D/C them if the side effects outweigh the benefit.

The bigger issue is that if his vertigo persists and he can't tolerate the meds he might not be able to coach.

The bigger issue is that if his vertigo persists and he can't tolerate the meds he might not be able to coach.

But is that good or bad news for sixers fans?

Thanks for clearing up the med issue.

I like Collins as a coach for this team. He's a teacher, and seems more mellow than his previous iterations. But maybe its just the vertigo and sedative meds :)

Statman on Nov 6 at 15:07

I was busy yesterday and have only gotten through the first half on DVR, but I had to write in about Hawes. When I first saw the boxscore, I couldn't believe he was -18 in just 6 minutes. But it's true: 12-2 during the first 4 minutes of the game, 11-1 in a 2-minute stint in the 2nd quarter. While Hawes was in, there were 14 possessions by the Cavs (150 defensive rating) and 12 possessions by the Sixers (25 offensive rating). I counted at least 4 "Scored Ons" and 2 Offensive Rebounds Allowed during his time in the game, so it isn't as if he was just a passive observer. (His last basket allowed was his specialty: going for an offensive rebound, not getting it, then jogging back up court as his man [Varejao] beats him by 30 feet for a dunk.) Amazingly, he was the only one who scored for the Sixers while he was in (3 points).

I knew Hawes would make us miss Dalembert, but who knew he would make us miss Jason Smith?

When I watch him I can't believe my eyes. I'm being forced to reassess my opinions of all the useless players I've derided over the years -- even Mark "I'm just glad to be here" McNamara.

johnrosz reply to Bob on Nov 6 at 16:00


Looks like a completely different player.

That's why 'youtube' isn't exactly a reliable source of scouting or player evaluation :)

Easy to make any player look good for under 4 minutes with creative film editing.

Though, as I understand it, there is one person on another blog who is quite good at his youtube scouting

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 6 at 16:44

Believe me, I know. I'm not talking about the way he's playing in the video, more so athletically. He actually looks like an athlete over his first few years. I didn't remember him looking that awful in Sactown from an athletic standpoint as he does here. I think his off season conditioning program this year involved rigorous runs (beer runs and fast food runs that is)

This is a highlights mix. But you're right, here he doesn't look like a pterodactyl taking a nap.

Will anyone be surprised if Jrue is the Sixers best player by the All Star break? He showed me more last night by wanting to take over the game than anyone did all of last year. Iguodala needs to take notes.

johnrosz reply to KellyDad on Nov 6 at 16:46

His offensive game looks pretty polished for a 20 year old PG. I wonder how much better it can get?

mgfields on Nov 6 at 16:49

Besides "Hawes being ball friendly", to me the dumbest thing Collins has said all season is that Turner and Lou play well together.

The only way you could say that is if your definition of playing well together is Turner standing in the corner waiting for Lou to chuck another shot up. Lou absolutely kills the flow and Turners progress.

Turner doesn't necessary need shots, but he needs the offense to move and work together as a unit so he can either pass for assists or attack when the situation calls for it.

Watching Lou take fade away jumpers and threes while standing in the corner is not helping Turner, and by extension, the whole team.

"A fascinating new way of breaking down an NBA game. If somebody could explain it to me, that would be great."

Depressed Fan getting a shout-out on TrueHoop.


Jason reply to CM on Nov 6 at 17:29

Holy crap that is crazy. Congrats Statman!

tk76 reply to CM on Nov 6 at 19:50

You the (stat)Man!

Totally have to give credit to Brian for publicizing it through various channels.

I'm in the process of writing up a full description. Hopefully some of you in the Depressed Fan readership find it interesting enough to learn how to keep the statistic, and then we can provide the results for more games (e.g., 4 people take a quarter each for a given game ... Brian and I are going to try it first on an upcoming game, so we'll see how that works). The one drawback to the statistic is that it can be time-consuming to watch every play and assign credit/blame (esp. on defense).

No way, all the credit is yours. I'm just trying to make sure as many people as possible see it.

How are the Cavs not a worthy foe? You do realize the sixers suck right?

They are right in our foe worthiness index. Along with Indiana, Washington, and Toronto.

Nice to see Jrue putting up phat numbers though.

DeMarcus Cousins Update: he's really taking to his role coming off the bench. 23 minutes tonight, 4 points (1/5 shooting), 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, 4 turnovers, 5 fouls.

Oh, and John Wall now has 29 turnovers in five games, but it's apparently a sin to say anything negative about John Wall.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 7 at 2:10

If you do you could be called a racist. Seriously!


And yeah, Cousins had a bad game. Two bad games in a row now. But it's just two games... I mean, in the same game, Carl Landry had 4 points on 4 shots, 0 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 turnovers, and 3 fouls, and I'm not ready to wash my hands of him as a productive NBA player. And also, being guarded by Marc Gasol isn't easy. Previously he's been matched up against Pau, Bargnani, Varejao, Brook Lopez, and Darko - Marc Gasol's easily the toughest defender he's faced thus far (and one of the toughest defenders he will face).

And yeah, Cousins had a bad game. Two bad games in a row now. But it's just two games.

There were sixers fans ready to write off Evan Turner after one summer league game

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