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Game 7 Differential Production

speeke on Nov 9 at 3:35

Well I hope Collins continues to give Meeks oppurtunities. I like how he competes on the defensive end

Tom Moore on Nov 9 at 9:17

Meeks showed he merits another look. Even if Iguodala plays Wednesday, I could see Meeks being activated in Songaila's spot.

Tom Moore on Nov 9 at 9:18

Brian, great job, and you picked up even more than I would have in re-watching the second half.

Who was Lou guarding in the 2nd half? I wonder sometimes whether teams feel it's worthwhile to "go after" a weak defender even if he is guarding a somewhat less-capable offensive player, rather than going to their #1 guy (in this case Amare) guarded by a better defensive player (mostly Brand). It seemed the Knicks felt the latter was the better option.

Speaking of "going after" someone on defense, the opposite is also true: teams will sometimes avoid going at certain elite defenders. On the Sixers, Iguodala probably get the fewest opportunities to defend in isolation situations, because he excels in them (if teams want to attack him, they usually do it with a screen, as getting through screens is his weakest area defensively). To me, this is the NBA equivalent of an outfielder having few assists because few people run on him or a cornerback having few INTs because few people throw on him.

speeke reply to Statman on Nov 9 at 14:13

good point

deepsixersuede on Nov 9 at 9:58

The 2 biggest factors you mentioned, Meeks and Spieghts could alter this teams outlook if they buy in and stay in the rotation. Turner and Meeks looks a lot more attractive than Turner and Kapono and Turner seems versatile enough to handle the 3. If Spieghts can play at this level, the way he is the last 3 games, for at least 24 minutes a night, things could change around here quickly. [playoffs?]

One other thing I failed to mention: Thad never took off his warmups in the second half of the Knicks game. I think that's notable, especially considering Iguodala wasn't available. Nocioni played limited minutes, the three was basically manned by Turner and Meeks.

On a completely unrelated not i stumbled upon the Drtg of the SIxers in the past.


While this is still far from Larry Brown's defense and is based on a very small sample size, this appears to be the best defense the Sixers have had over the past 5-6 years.

It kinda makes you wonder:

a) Just how important a good coach is.
b) Imagine the number had we kept Dalambert instead of Hawes and Nocioni.
c) Just how much of an impact on defense as a whole (not just blocks and rebounds) Dalambert had on defense. Maybe not as much as we thought (or i thought) even though he is still light years ahead of Hawes, who is not even worth mentioning in the same sentence as defense. He quite possibly might have degraded to the worst defensive center ever. And i mean it.

Just a food for thought :).

We've also played more than half of our games against just truly awful offensive teams. Let's see what that number looks like after this road trip.

We've also played against some pretty good offensive teams like the Hawks and the Heat.

But you are right this west road trip will tell us more, about where they stand both defensively and offensively.

Miami was a mess in their first couple of games. Man, I just looked at their stats, I didn't realize how bad Chris Bosh has been. The big three consists of Wade, LeBron and James Jones to this point, Bosh has been basically what Brand was last season, only a worse rebounder.

Good work in compiling and breaking down the data. I like the idea of a 1-2-2 zone. This team might as well use some zone principles since they have some poor individual defenders- as long as the zone is one that applies pressure.

Speaking of interesting stats, I saw an article by John Hollinger on free agent disappointments thus far and he mentioned some shockingly low PER numbers (like James Harden, 3.6). Among the Sixers, Hawes (6.8) is actually above Speights (6.4), and both have been put to shame by Battie (17.1). Brand (25.0, 4th among PFs) and Lou (22.5, 5th among PGs) are carrying the Sixers in PER.

Remember in 08-09 when most Sixer fans were glad they had selected Speights over Hibbert? Not only did Speights play better that season but Speights was thought to have better "upside." Sad how things have turned out ...

deepsixersuede reply to Statman on Nov 9 at 11:24

Dorel Wright is looking like a good signing by Gold. St. thus far.

He has been a pretty productive player in the past I believe.

The problem has been staying healthy, kind of like Ariza for awhile in the beginning of his career.

deepsixersuede on Nov 9 at 11:29

If your Stern, a guy that probably wants a playoff team in a big market [New York], how do you punish them for this draft workout fiasco without shooting yourself, and the league, in the foot?

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