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Pick Four, Any Four

Cleveland will be the new "little team that could" like the Sixers were Andre Miller era.

My picks are Cleveland, Chicago, NY.

Mar reply to Mar on Nov 10 at 15:01

Extra Credit: 40 wins will get you the 8th seed in the playoffs.

I have a feeling it might be lower than that. 40 is a solid guess, though.

So that gets you to 5 teams. Who is #8?

Court_visioN on Nov 10 at 15:15

I'm gonna go with Chicago, NY, Milwaukee, and Charlotte.

8th seed with 37 wins.

Chicago (3-3)
New York (3-4)
Milwaukee (3-5)
Indiana (3-3)


37 wins

Cleveland (4-3)
Chicago (3-3)
New York (3-4)
Milwaukee (3-5)

38 wins

OT- why would the Hornets want Iguodala. Iguodala-Ariza is a poor combo to put next to CP3. Sure they would have talent and defense, but someone would have to take the jupers CP3 creates.

For the same reason, the Sixers would not want Ariza coming back, since Ariza-Turner does not give you enough shooting.

There would have to be a 3rd team where Ariza gets flipped for a promising big. Orlando?

I've given up trying to figure out why stupid GMs do the stupid things they do.

I've given up taking Chris Broussard (or anyone really at ESPN) seriously when it comes to sixers talk. They make crap up.

Numerous folks in both ESPN and Hoopsworld chats have suggested the hornets get igoudala (intelligent chatters say it's a bad idea)

More importantly though, as fans, what do the hornets have you think they'd give up for Iguodala if they wanted him (and no trevor ariza is not an improvement)

sfw reply to GoSixers on Nov 10 at 16:16

Gotta be trying to offload Diaw plus to us. Not appealing.

sfw reply to sfw on Nov 10 at 16:19

Ignore my comment. wrong team. brain dead today.

Wanna trade for chris kaman? :)

Stojakovic + Thornton + one or two first rounders might do it. I'm not a fan of such a trade but i could see it happen if Thorn and Collins decide it's time to move Igoudala.

But if they do decide to trade him, i'm guessing his trade will somehow be connected to a subsequent Brand trade. Or maybe they will be packaged. it's all up in the air at this point hough...

sfw reply to Xsago on Nov 10 at 16:23

I'd definitely consider that. Clear the cap, get a shooter and draft picks. Works for me.

Chicago is IMO head and shoulders above the rest of these teams. Or at least will be when Boozer gets healthy. I even think they will pass Atlanta.

As for the other three i'll go with:

New York

If we decide to blow it up and ship Igoudala and Brand elsewhere i'll go with Charlotte taking the our spot.

Yes i am overly optimistic :))

39 wins should do it i think.

Atlanta has had a soft schedule so far, and I don't think they're that good. I see Chicago taking the 4th seed and Atlanta sliding to 5th. Still very early in the season to make any real predictions though.

I think demand for Iguodala will be pretty high this year. You basically have just three teams that can win the title as presently constituted. (I don't think Orlando can beat LA.) Maybe four if Splitter comes along in a huge way. But there are a lot of teams that are pretty good and would have a chance if they added Iguodala. Atlanta and Orlando, in particular, would look a lot better with a wing stopper. I also think that if turner continues to improve management will feel that Iguodala's a bit superfluous when you have a player who does a lot of what he does at a tiny fraction of the price. I expect this to be the year when he's dealt.

That assumes the sixers are smart enough to go 'open market' with him as opposed to targeting one team.

And that snider is smart enough to stay off tv

Yeah. Talk about selling low. Trading AI like they did was like cashing out you stock positions after Bear Stearns went under.

Tray reply to tk76 on Nov 10 at 17:14

except we got very real talent back. (Though we shouldn't have.) But yeah, nothing like that will happen with Iguodala.

"Real Talent"

What the sixers got is two years of mediocre team play and playoff wasted time...and then squadoosh.

The net gain from the Iverson trade was nothing

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 10 at 17:22

That was my point, genius. Getting back too much talent, in this case a top 10-12 point guard in the league, led to mediocrity and 8th seeds, pushing us out of the lottery.

And the four teams should be Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, and... I really can't pick the fourth. Could be Indiana, could be Cleveland, could be Charlotte.

Another optimist here (assuming we keep Brand).


As much as I bash the Sixers, I can see them making a late season run. If Brand still plays well, you have to figure both Turner and Jrue will be much better the second half as players than they are now. And if they somehow find a big with a pulse...

Then again, they could get burried so deep the next few weeks that they trade Iguodalal and turn this team into a Thorn special.

And Maybe Thad can earn a massive extension in a 4-1 first round defeat in which he puts up numbers cause the other team ignores him

Chicago, Bucks, Pacers, Cleveland

Sixers will be able to make a strong move after the new year, but the question is how far behind will they be. Unfortunately there is a pretty good chance that after the next 7 days were already down to 2-9. Would've been very nice to be 4-3 right now....

Jeez. Tough one...

I'll say Bulls, Bucks, Cavs, Nets.

I think 2 sub 40 win teams may make the playoffs though this year in the East.

Everybody is underrating the bulls, I think they are a better team than the hawks once boozer gets to the court and they will be the 4th seed. So the other 3:

Bucks, cavs and NY

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