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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 11/11/10

johnrosz on Nov 11 at 17:49

Read somewhere that the Rockets are looking into acquiring Love. Daryl Morey is a smart guy, hope that Thorn is monitoring the situation in Minnesota as well.

I'm sure many teams would like to obtain Kevin Love if he's available, many rumors with no basis in fact have been started regarding his happiness in Minnesota and then the rumors (without basis) swirl about where he'll go, and then lazy journalists turn those rumors into discussions.

i think if Love IS available they need to look hard at making it happen


i would do this

Tomas Perez reply to 4What on Nov 11 at 22:00

Would the Twolves?? I dont think so.

smh1980 reply to GoSixers on Nov 12 at 0:45

Maybe Houston will get excited about Brand if he keeps up his level of play.

I was quick to dismiss the Jrue top 5 talk as hyperbole. But watching how the kid has started to take over games as a PG for 5-10 minute stretches, and reading about his work off the court makes me wonder (dream) that it can be the case.

Obviously he's wildly inconsistent, but do you think he's starting to flash higher upside than you though a few months ago?

Higher upside? Debatable, although I've had his upside as fairly high since before the 2009 draft. Top 5 PG? No way. Not a slight to Jrue at all, just a testament to how ridiculously stacked the position currently is.

To put this in perspective, I'm not sure Derrick Rose is a top 5 pg in 2-3 years.

sixers reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 11 at 20:09

What is your top 5 right now?

D. Williams
(in no particular order)

Or do you have something else?

Chris Paul
Deron Williams
John Wall

I think Rose is now, but I think it's borderline.

Wall and Rose ahead of Rondo is just wrong.

Through 8 games? Sure. I don't expect Rondo's assists numbers to stay so astronomically high. Wall's AST% right now is actually higher than Rondo's last year, which is amazing considering the teammates Wall's playing with. I think Wall's passing is really, really underrated.

I'd probably say Rondo will have a better year than Rose, as I expect Rose to come back down a bit (although I think Rose could be a good fit with Boozer).

Rondo's obviously on a different level than the other two defensively, but I think Wall's going to have the better overall package.

The question was top 5 right now...

Were you still thinking in 2 years?

I think I was more going with "who I think will have the 5 best seasons". I could see an argument of Rondo over Rose, though. I could concede that.

Are you saying they are better? More productive? Or that they have the prettiest games?

If you are saying they look the perdiest when they play, I think I agree.

I don't even think that list can be backed up with argument.

Topic for discussion (on some Sixers beat show) - What sort of long term plan for acquiring starting C and PF do you advocate for the Sixers to follow? If draft, in what year and how many years does it take the player to develop? If trade, what level player would you try to trade for? FA? Personally, I wouldn't even know what to suggest. I think a team in the Sixers position just has to take some gambles to acquire more talented chips and then make trades when those gambles ever pay off.

We answered this one on the show. If you missed it, you can catch the replay anytime.

Thanks, I listened.

The question was both hard and open-ended. But to summarize the discussion, it seems that Gortat would help the team but might well have a higher asking price than we would be willing to give. And any big drafted next year would probably be a project.

So following up, is the consensus that we will just live with a super weak front line for a few years while we rebuild, or are there some other possibilities out there? It's unlikely we acquire a quality starter any time, but when a washed up reserve like Battie would start on merits with this team, one wonders if some other move is coming.

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