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Game 9 Thread: PHI @ DAL

Holy crap. Stefanski is going to be in the booth for tonight's game. Please, please, please League Pass, give me the Philly feed for tonight's game.

By "in the booth" I mean he's filling in for Eric Snow as the color guy. This should be hilarious.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 19:13

Yes it is going to be hilarious. I can't wait to hear what he comments about Hawes.

Will he disappear halfway to go for a bite at Chili's?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 20:30

At least we're going to start using our announcers' ridiculous homerism in humorous ways. You listen to other teams' broadcasts, they actually rip their players routinely. With Zumoff, it's always like, "and the big man rumbles in for two! That's Spencer Hawes's season high! With nine points!"

Actually I find most announcers have their homer moments, it's probably because they are employed by the team and want to keep their jobs?

deepsixersuede on Nov 12 at 19:36

Ed is in the booth to announce his last trade for the front office; Iggy to Sacramento for J.Thompson and Sam's expiring contract. :)

Is Stefanski the travelling secretary?

Pregame analysts on Comcast tonight: Marshall Harris, Jim Lynam and...Dei Lynam.


Better than Marc Jackson. I guess they canned him after three games?

I'm pumped about the first Holiday-Turner-Iguodala-Brand starting lineup. Hawes too for comic relief. I think we'll come out firing on all cylinders.

Alvin reply to stoned81 on Nov 12 at 20:28

For a weakest link, Hawes is really, really weak.

I think tonight is the night we get to finally see him reprise his youtube facial dunk. I've been excited about this possibility since the day of the trade.


Did you get Stefanski Brian?

Someone needs to DVR this for you.

I can't believe this, this is the first non-Zumoff broadcast I've gotten on League Pass all year. Is there a link to the Stefanski show?

Son of a bitch. I've got the Mavs feed.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 20:53

Fuck. Mavs feed for me too.

Man, if anyone has the ability, you have to send me a couple clips from the Philly feed. This horrible.

Jrue, Turner, Iguodala, Brand, Ball Friendly.

4/5 of the way to a legit starting lineup!

Here we go.

Why does Hawes even bother jumping for the tip?

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 20:51

I bet he goes 0-82.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Nov 12 at 20:52

Oh wait. I'd be mighty depressed if he starts 82 games this season.

Missed 18-footer for AI9, made 20-footer for Kidd on the other end. Ugh..


i am in philly and my nba league pass is blacked out. WTF! what kind of crap is this?

does anyone have a link?

You have to watch on CSN

That's how league pass works, if you live in philly and get league pass to get sixers games, cause you don't have comcast, you're just screwed

EB has Chandler on him, that's a tough matchup. Plus, Dirk gets a free pass defensively by covering Hawes. Not good.

Sissy hook! (missed)

EB doing work on the offensive glass, though.

Atta boy, Jrue. Atta boy. And 1.

He got lucky earlier on the possession though, almost a TO on that behind-the-back dribble in traffic.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 20:46

They need to post him.... Andre looks spry, like that last game where he went to the rim with authority and purpose. But only a few times I think.

Ugh. Sloppy with the ball, come on.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 20:47

Alright Jrue, no more of those.

Heh. The oop to Hawes.

Tray reply to Jason on Nov 12 at 20:52

No, it's not.

Jason reply to Jason on Nov 12 at 20:52


Nice cut by Jrue there for the wide-open three, back rim, though.

ELF reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 20:54

This is the first time since AI years that I could see a deliberate fluid half court offense from the sixers..
Thanks God for Collins !

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 20:49

Great cut and execution.

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 20:50

referring to the Andre cut

Good to see Jrue slow it down a little after that turnover.

I like this starting lineup. It should be permanent (including Hawes, the tip is so entertaining)

Offense looks crispy.

Sissy hook followed by tenacity! Hawes leading the team in scoring (and then he gets abused on the other end).

and then the walk.

ELF reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:01

What can the sixers offers to get Deandre Jordan ?
I would not brake the bank for him, for Favors I would..
Anyone ?

Kaman's hurt right now, right? I think LAC would rather move Kaman anyway. Might be tough to get Jordan.

Kaman's an upgrade over Hawes (but who isn't) but also probably over valued - he was an all star wasn't he?

Moses Malone Hawes

I'll keep an ES "tough" count for you.

Nowitzki is getting all the shots he wants. If he is gonna make those it's gonna be a long night.

We are struggling to score already, and will continue to do so.

Turner is too passive.

Too much size on the inside for Dallas.

Jrue ran a picture perfect P&R. Amare dunks that...

Probably going to Lou here. Give the offense a boost.

EB is going to have problems all night being guarded by those 7-footers.

What happened to Shawn Marion? He used to be one of the best rebounders in the league, and his scoring wasn't just a function of Nash; he was the guy in Phoenix before they even signed Nash. Did he lose his explosiveness?

No idea, he just was never the same once he left PHO.

Amare doesn't look as hot outside of Phoenix as he did there.

Lou on Terry, they're going to attack that matchup.

Why no Jrue on JET?

They should, with Barea in there.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:02

Yeah Marreese, learn to pass, like that...let somebody else shoot sometime.

His 2 shots were the right ones. A foul line jumpr against the zone and a post play. You want him to pass there?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Nov 12 at 23:29

What? I'm talking about the pass he made to the baseline.

And the guy that received it, passed it on, one more time. But we missed it I think.

Ugly end to the first. Sixers trail by nine, 22-31, after twelve minutes.

Sometimes Twitter just makes me sick to my stomach. This is not a sarcastic tweet:

I can't help but be happy with the production the #Sixers have gotten from Nocioni and Hawes. Way better than what we'd be gettin from Sammy

95% of people alive are morons...

? for Brian/others:

Anyone else having a long delay when they click "return to comment thread" after posting? It Loads the page, but takes a minute to jump to the last post... on Chrome.

Is it getting hung up on an ad, maybe?

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:11

Don't know. Anyone else w/ the issue?

I'm not. Anyone else?

Nocioni opens the second with his second three.

Speights needs to grab that d-board. Glued to the floor.

Per Ed "Nocioni is the Ultimate Warrior!!!"

Then he needs to wear those stupid things to amplify his biceps and put on florida state seminole warpaint

Ah, Lou and Speights combining for the laziest play of the year right there.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:11

Who just made that pass to Jrue? missed it

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:11

or maybe it was to Lou?

Nice, Stefanski blasting the refs on that Terry call.

Thad is over-correcting his helping issues. Refusing to leave his man, even when he should.

Man, what a fucking bullshit bailout call.

2 FTA in 15 minutes. Horrible.

Boy, we need Brand to get going. the jumpers are not falling at all.

Son of a bitch. Lost my league pass feed.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:18

nice flop, cardinal. acting lessons recently?

I thought Thad did as well as he could against Haywood there, shame two Sixers couldn't get the board.

Yep. Just getting killed by this size.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:23

We have a 7'1 center, if only he wasn't so next to useless. when I see Haywood get 11 boards so early it reminds me of this guy who used to have who could own the glass like that.

Haywood 11 reb on the non-existent Sixers bigs.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:21

Crisp passing and the and-one for Thad. Nice

They're free, damnit.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:22

Does Iguodala's jumper look different to anybody? If he keeps changing it he's never gonna get it consistent. It's like Shaq and his free throws.

His feet are splayed out. He used to do that all the time, hasn't for the past year or so.

7 offensive boards for Haywood.

Why not have Turner instead of Lou in there, we'd have better hope of rebounding the damn ball.

Good question.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:25

iguodala on dirk now. matchup to watch?

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:26

nevermind. off a switch.

Thad making me eat my words :)

Good foul by Jrue. Man, if they could just grab a defensive board...

They gave the foul to Meeks, even better.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:32

I have no way of differentiating Meeks from Jrue to be honest, as long as I don't see the jersey number. They are about the same size?

Can we get Turner back in there?

Damn, Brand is looking like old man again out there. Even he's struggling with their size, and he's our one true big man.

Good production from Nocioni and Young off the bench.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:31

Every rebound is an adventure with this team.

Of all people to give an open 3 to. Jason Terry?!?!?!!?!

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:29

c'mon guys. Finish the quarter strong.

Man, what a pretty play but Thad couldn't finish it.

Not sure the zone is such a good idea with Kidd and Terry on the floor.

Blown bunnies. That's a four-point swing and down by 7. Fuck me.

Get Turner back in there out of this timeout.

Actually hoping they can keep it close until we get into Battie time.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:32

Good news: We've got our ace in the hole Tony Battie in the 2nd half.
Bad news: Our ace in the hole is Tony Battie.

exactly man. exactly.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:33

Damn...that's exactly what i was saying was about those friggin bunnies, two by the master Thad, one by Dre I think. And they get a dunk off one of 'em. ugh

Sir Charles would love all of the def 3 sec calls.

6 FTA, 3 of them from defensive 3-seconds calls.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:35

Now I know why Iguodala's percentage from outside is so bad. He gets the ball with 3 seconds on the clock, what the F is he supposed to do?

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:36

Good D Jrue.

Wow, what a pass from Jrue to Thad.

Someone should've been back out to Kidd by the time he got the ball back. Probably Jrue's fault.

Good play on the break by Jrue to stop that.

Court_visioN on Nov 12 at 21:38

Dala should just do that all the time.

That is why some people hate Iguodala. The wrongly assume he can get to the rim like that every time.

Haven't you heard, he lacks the heart to dunk on people.

OK, climbed all the way out of the hole, then dug another one, down by seven at the end of the half, 48-55.

Considering they can't grab a rebound to save their lives and they haven't gone to the foul line at all, you have to be happy with being down only 7.

Need to start fast in the third.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:42

Against a quality, vet opponent, and with Hawes on the floor- more likely the reverse happens. Then spend the rest of the 3rd trying ti get back from 18 to single digits.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:42

We need Turner in there, I say it now he is our best rebounder. Period. And he needs to stop looking at his team mates when he gets the ball. Just take the ball towards the basket, God damn it.

Speaking of take the ball to the basket, why isn't Iggy looking to do this more often? He looked awesome on that last play.

Tray reply to Alvin on Nov 12 at 21:45

I feel like there are a ton of possessions where Turner stands around just below the three-point line. Perhaps if he moved more he'd get some easy shots.

Tor about to beat Orl on their last possession.

Raptors beating the Magic, and Sam Dalembert leading Sacto in assists. Upside down day in the NBA.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 21:52

And Beasley's having another big game. Soon they'll trade Love, convinced they have their power forward of the future. Speaking of Love, he's shooting 39% and is 5-16 today. 23 rebounds at the end of the third, but offensively there are some issues.

24 boards now, and 5 assists. 16 shots is probably too many for him. I'd deal with the poor shooting, though, to get that rebounding.

If the wolves trade love Kahn should be examined to see if he's a clone of Isiah Thomas

Goals for 2nd half:
- Go to the effing line.
- Get Elton scoring
- force turnovers
- rebound the damn ball.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Nov 12 at 22:03

Okay no point getting to the line if ya gonna keep missing. Where's Lou when ya need him? Oh wait he's probably playing hurt, don't want him doing that.

eddies' heady's on Nov 12 at 21:55

ha....the Mavs sideline guy cracked on Hawes and said "they have no center position...". ...."he only played 7 min...".....lol

Hawes opens the quarter w/ a putback on a missed JH three.

Brand uis a bunny blower this game.

EB just can't get anything going against their bigs. I'd run a pick-and-pop for him. Try to get him a clean look from just inside the foul line.

Excellent cut/drive/finish by ET, & 1.

What was that? Did that pass go off Hawes' knee?

Can anyone explain to me how the Sixers continually stay in these games? Every time I look down at the score I expect them to be down 15.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:07

Much better perimeter D than in prior years. And Dirk seems sleepy.

It's not just tonight, it's pretty much every game this year. Like they never let it get out of hand, no matter how overmatched they are.

EB looks at the opposition and feels positively youthy.

There you go. A couple freebies, then a jumper for EB. Now he's energized.

Turner has Terry on him. They go right to him in the post. Smart fucking basketball. Let's see more of that.

How many shots are you going to give them?

Put Sam in.

It is tragically frustrating when the team gets it so close then finds a way to blow the opportunity. Missed free throws, giving up offensive boards. ARGH.

Makes you wanna fling stuff around.

This is really starting to piss me off. How many offensive rebounds is Hawes going to give up. He's got to be the softest player on this team.

Seriously, how good would this defense be with Sam in the middle?

Come on, we all know that sam is so bad on the offensive end his defense is off set by that, look how much better Hawes is offensively.


I'm glad Nocioni just took that rebound off the free throw way from Hawes.

Get me that Cardinal poster.

Suck it, Cardinal.

Cardinal helping again.

Wasn't that a 2 by Kidd?

Flagrant on Hawes? Any foul on Hawes is unnecessary.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:17

well said


I'll be honest, I don't hate listening to Ed. He should quit his day job.

Fuck me. This rebounding is just so pitiful. It's time for Battie.

What's up guys? Seems like a balanced effort so far.

Great dish by Jrue to Thad.

Welcome. The rebounding is unbelievably pitiful. Otherwise, good game so far.

ELF reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:21

I think the sixers should had keep it sam expirinig and traded nocioni for kapono expiring.. tough mulet plus samĀ“s D..

Chandler/Haywood/Dirk/Marion just tower over our guys...yet somehow were tied here.

tk76 reply to Rich on Nov 12 at 22:18

"he's 6'4" and stronng and knows how to finsih with the left hand."

Speaking of rebounding, Kevin Love has 31 boards right now.

Wow, they were trailing heading into the fourth. Too bad Rambis didn't remove Love to get Tolliver's sick defense in there.


Had Terry on him, begging for the ball, drives right past him, hoop and the foul!

What did Stefanski have to say about that?

28 and 31 for Love right now.

Damnit. Get a stop and get over the hump here.

The Sixers are up about 8 right now with just average defensive rebounding.

Here comes Battie.

Quick three from Jrue. Didn't like that one, but got the 2 for 1.

Foul at the motherfucking buzzer. That's just idiotic.

Horible foul by young. Stupid, inane.

Not a "smart play" by their lowest IQ player.

Are they in the penalty?

Rich reply to tk76 on Nov 12 at 22:24

Free point from Thad, lucky it wasn't two.

im supposed to be out right now but i gotta watch this game.


ELF reply to joeykey on Nov 12 at 22:28

Im loving this new take to the hole Iggy..
much better than the old pounding the ball until 3 sec than shoot a contested 20 footer Iggy..

Those missed FT's and stupid bail out fouls will kill them this game.

Great quarter on the scoreboard, horrible quarter on the glass. Down three heading into the fourth, 75-78.

No Lou yet this half. Wonder if its Collins or the shoulder.

13 points on 15 shots for Dirk.

Pretty quick trigger on the defensive three right there.

That's the fifth time they've called it tonight. Second on the Sixers.

who leads this team in mins? i would guess Jrue

Tied with Iguodala, but AI9 is out now, so he'll pass him.

Thad, cmon. Be a positive out there.

ELF reply to tk76 on Nov 12 at 22:34

Thad is playing afraid of making the same mistakes..
maybe his game IQ is not that high..

Thad may be a smart person but he's a stupid basketball player, it's not fear, he just isn't good

Timeout. Don't let it get back to 10. Need a hoop here.

Waited one play too long for that TO, imo. Get Iguodala and Turner back in there.

2 Barea buckets, awful pick and roll defense there.

Thad's gotta get out, he's very much at fault for standing and watching both drives.

Jrue 12 asst to 1 TO
Only + +/-:

Kapono, Hawes and Speights. the teams three best players, right?

gut-check time?

hahahaa the janitor getting extended mins for the mavs

HATE this lineup. Lou, Meeks, Nocioni, Brand, Battie.

Hate it.

Lou as point guard is a horrible idea

Lou should only play with Holiday

That lineup had no prayer. Lou, Meeks, Nocioni, Brand, Battie.

There is no fucking excuse, no fucking excuse to put in a lineup without Turner or Iggy on the court in the fourth.

No wait, it is even worse to not put Holiday, Turner and Iggy in the fourth. Especially when you're down in a game you want to win.

Fuck it Doug, I love most of what you've done. But that is just freaking bullshit.

Down 11.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out why he went with group for the most crucial stretch of the game to that point.

Add into all of this that Lou looks hurt. That jumper was way short. His shoulder doesn't look good.

Turner in the doghouse? He came out with 6:43 to go in the third and hasn't been seen since.

here come the kid ET

Oh thank God finally Turner is back on the floor.

6:46 and DAL is in the bonus the rest of the way.

Offense has no idea what to do with the zone.

Jrue's trying to drive through it, with mixed results.

So down a dozen, just under 5 minutes to go. Do they have one more push in them?

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:51


how the f*ck is hawes playing

Man, they can't guard Barea at all.

and young? this is bad.

Moving pick sets up the Barea drive.

does iguodala hit 3s in practice? because he doesnt hit them in games.

Jrue got smoked on that drive.

Hawes shooting an 18-footer off the dribble, huh?

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:52

Yeah wtf. Wtf with that Iggy 3 too. This team is so infuriating.

Well I'm at a loss for player of the game here. Hawes played his best game of the year, but his best game isn't exactly good. I didn't think Jrue played especially well, but he does have 13 assists and only 1 turnover.

Nocioni has 10 and 4 off the bench. Thad has 16 points, but 0 defensive boards in 21 minutes.

What do you guys think?

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 22:59

Spencer Hawes :P.

tk76 reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 23:04

Give it to the +/- triumvirate.

The 3 Sixers in + territory:

Hawes/Kapono/Speights :)

Just ran of gas. No defensive discipline in the 4th and bad offensive execution against a zone.

All of that is secondary. If they rebound even a little bit on the defensive end, they probably win this game.

The weird thing is that they only had two fewer offensive rebounds than Dallas.

tough to call, brian. i will say, though, that i officially give up on thaddeus young. i hope he's an all-star some day on some other team. but he is absolutely useless on this 76ers team.

NOW can we see if Hakeem is willing to suit up?

Well, there you have it. 90-99, loss. I'll give the player of the game some thought, probably going with Jrue. The 13/1 assist-to-turnover ratio is really the only noteworthy stat to come out of this game, individually at least.

alright whos watching pistons-clippers? dang i gotta go out--

Shocking/sad note on Love's 30/30 game: it wasn't televised in Minnesota.

...does anybody know a better site for finding a list of all 30 point, 30 rebound games than this? http://tinyurl.com/yd4qq8s

....because if that's correct, not only has it been 29 years since the last 30-30 game, the following players have done it more than once:

2x - Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Jerry Lucas, Walt Bellamy, Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell, George Mikan.

4x - Nate Thurmond

....anyone want to guess how many times a certain former 76er #13 had 30+ points and 30+ rebounds in a game in his career?

For many seasons if Wilt didn't get 30 and 30 it would've been an off night.

Just the quintessential Charlie V. line tonight.

9/15 from the floor, 5/7 from three. 30 points. Awesome game, right?

1 rebound in 35 minutes.

So thad is a poor mans villanueva then?

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