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What To Do In Dallas

It just great to see so many quality PG's in the NBA. And the grizzled old vets tend to each have a lesson or two to teach Jrue- which is fine. And I think Jrue is learning and stealing bits and pieces from their games. I hope he watches Kidd closely- both so he does not get tons of open 3's like last year, and to learn how to take advantage of being a big PG.

Joe reply to tk76 on Nov 12 at 14:50

Jason Kidd: #5 in the NBA all time in 3 pointers made.

I'm not saying to derive anything from that statement. I just find it interesting.

Amazing for a "guy who can't shoot." At some point 'ason got his J back.

34.9% in 3 point percentages made, it's great that he is #5 all time in makes - but maybe he shouldn't be shooting that damn many in the first place?

He has a career FG% of 40.3

So maybe he 'can't' shoot - but shoots a lot?

12 shots per game for his career, 4 3's per game for his career

Do you want a guy who is basically a career 35% 3 point shooter making 3's 1/3 of his shot?

He's a smart player. People played off of him for years because of his driving ability and poor jumper. But a 35% 3pt shot is reasonable. More importantly, it forces defenses to play him honest. And his 3pt% since 2004 is about 38%. So he's shooting 38% over his last 200+ attempts.

should read 2000+ attempts.

Here is a good list:


Lists players over 31 who hit at least 1.5 3's per game and sorts by 3p%. Kidd's .378 3p% over his last 474 games puts him in the middle of the pack for this list. Better % than guys like Peja, Ginobli, Donyell. And within about 1% of Reggie Miller, Ray Allen and Billups.

34.9% on threes is 1.047 points/shot, so yeah, not a bad shot for him. I'd be interested in seeing what those numbers looked like prior to the last three seasons, though. He improved dramatically late in his career.

I listed his last 6+ seasons. Prior to that he shot 32% on 3.6 3PA/gm, which is Iguodla-like.

I just hope Turner gets his 35+ minutes and some play time alongside Jrue.

"If Iguodala does return Friday, don’t be surprised if Collins starts Iguodala, Turner and Holiday on the perimeter. In Collins’ mind, Turner and Iguodala are interchangeable at the two-guard and small forward positions; he actually prefers to call them perimeter guards. "

From Dei's lips to Collins ears...

Rotational wise, it hasn't been great when those 3 are together so far this year.

More importantly - please start Tony Battie, this whole hawes is in the starting line up - this hawes nonsense has to stop

Jrue/Turner/Iguodala are -2 in 40 minutes. Not bad for team that is 2-6.


This data might be out of date- but Iguodala has missed 2.5 games, so it's probably is accurate.

I'm looking at the rotation chart and this number is a little misleading.

Jrue at PG, Turner at SG and Iguodala at SF = +10 in 34 minutes.

Jrue at PG, Turner at SF and Iguodala at PF (with Lou at SG) = -5 in 7 minutes

They've also played 24 seconds with Iguodala at the five.

Anyway, all these samples are way too small, but the early returns on JTI at the positions they should be playing are very, very promising. Especially on the defensive end:

34:42 minutes
66 points scored
56 points allowed

Of course, that group is even if you take away one 3:33 stretch in the Indy game when they went on a 12-2 run.

Excellent use of numbers

Rodney Buford reply to tk76 on Nov 12 at 15:26

And a small sample size to boot. Lets give them some run as they get more used to each other and see what happens.

In a season of 82 games what stops being small sample size - i'm just curios to see what peoples opinions are. I usually think somewhere around 25% (20 games) you can start to get an idea?

That's got to depend on other variables, right?

If you are talking about 3 vets on a solid roster I'd think you could evaluate their success/failure in 5-10 games. But with a 20 y/o PG, a 22 y/o rookie and Iguodala they could be lousy for 50 games and still end up dominant in 2 years. A lot depends on how Turner and Jrue develop and what bigs end up rounding out the starting 5.

Sorry for a cop-out answer, but its the truth.

WEll then you start looking at trends, and 'portions' - if you they still stink after 50 games, are they getting better in games 41-50 versus games 1-10 :)

Per D. Bodner, J/T/I is starting tonight. Fun to see. Who has to guard Stevenson's sorry...?

Nice. Nocioni is the odd man out, I guess.

Is Hawes still starting

Stefanski want's to trade Turner for him.

Jason Thompson is another big who is a minus defender and more of an offensive player. He's a much better rebounder than Thad, but he does not fit the profile of the defensive minded big this team needs.

Our guards will win this game for us if it can happen. Will the Sixers players attack Jason Terry "mercifully" is the question.
Dirk has a hight advantage over Brand but I like how he's playing right now. He can out physical Dirk all game. Brand could easily go for 20/10 tonight.

I'm interested to see Brand defend Dirk since Dirk isn't really known for his low post abilities...Dirk should get his shot up pretty easily if Brand is defending him.

Caron Butler feels slighted by all of you

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Nov 12 at 16:58

Ha. Caron isn't playing tonight.

Yahoo didn't have that information when I set my line up - they hadn't updated it since wednesday, thanks, now i can fix my line up:

He should. I had totally forgotten he plays for them.

"Paul who?" Haslem shot back. "Man, ain't nobody paying them dudes no attention, man. You know what studio gangster is? Look up that, look up the definition of studio gangster. I'm here to play basketball. First of all, I don't tweet. So I wouldn't know what he tweeted if you guys didn't tell me."

Made me laugh

Is a studio gangster a guy who comes into your house and bitch slaps you? Cause that's who Paul Pierce was last night, Udonis.

What made me laugh was that

A. I love when people use double negatives like it's the English Language
B. He was completely and totally off on his insight about 'no one paying attention' to the celtics
C. If he can't handle the pressure now, how are they going to handle it the rest of the season, the focus is all on the heat, and it's going to be hotter than an ant under a magnifying glass all season long, not to mention after they flame out in the playoffs...Here comes Riley to the rescue

Just wanted to point out that here Udonis used a triple negative, so he's okay.

In Haslem's world real men -- that's to say, real gangsters -- don't tweet. Good to know.

I do like how all the insulting tweets are bringing the nba closer to the wwwf.

I totally missed the third negative I got so wrapped up in the beginning and the whole 'studio gangster'

What's funny is that if talking 'gangster' i would say KG that punk ass bitch is more gangster than anyone on the heats roster

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