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Jefferson's always had range, much more so than certain other Arizona swingmen I know. It's last year that was the aberration. Of course he shouldn't stay this hot, but then again, the threes he's taking here are probably more frequently uncontested than the ones he took in Milwaukee.

Jefferson has been legitimately above average one out of his 9 seasons heading into this year (39%, his only year in Milwaukee). Three times, he was pretty much average (36%). The other four years, he was between 23% and 32%, including 31.9% last year. He's not what I'd consider a good three-point shooter.

johnrosz on Nov 13 at 15:58

I was really tired when I got home last night, turned on the tv to catch the Sixers replay and couldn't believe Ed Stefanski was doing color. It was incredible. I'd imagine it's like doing the play by play of your own car wreck.

Shawn Alexander on Nov 13 at 16:22

I say we draft either corey fisher(we would have to trade Lou,I like him better anyway rumor has it he scored 105 points in a street ball with “nba” caliber players)or corey stokes from Vill or john jenkins from Vandy with our second round pick and try and draft Lucas Nogueira with our first round if Enes Kanter ain’t available or we could go Josh hamilton with our first round and Meyers Leonard out of Illinois with our second round

Shawn Alexander reply to Shawn Alexander on Nov 13 at 16:23

what do you think Brian

It's going to be months before I start thinking about who the Sixers should target in the draft.

I wonder how many points Rafer Alston could score in a street ball comp. with "nba caliber" players. Perhaps 2000.

Would us or the TWolves do this trade?

Kevin Love


Lou Williams
Thad Young
Sixers 2011 1st round pick (unprotected).

I think it's possible. Given that we are 2-7 they are probably thinking we will have a top 5 pick this draft. However, I think if we attain Love then we are going to be a low see playoff team and probably picking in the mid-teens.

I would do this deal. How about you guys?

Shawn reply to smh1980 on Nov 13 at 18:52

Kevin Love is officially untradeable.

I don't think Kahn could trade Love at this point. I'm not sure why it's taken Rambis so long to realize what anyone w/ half a brain knew a year-and-a-half ago, but it's pretty clear he's their best player and he's on his rookie contract. I don't think he's going anywhere.

They may not be able to do better than that package for him, taking the unprotected first rounder into account, but someone would probably be willing to send a name to Minny in return for Love, and names trump everything else.

smh1980 reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 19:02

We he did us no favors by putting up 30/30. I think that he will hit free agency though because he can't like how they've handled him throughout his career. The only thing is... we will be good enough at that point that he would consider coming here. Given that he's from the west coast I would say it's very unlikely.

He's going to have to be patient, though. If the CBA doesn't change drastically, Minnesota is going to have the right to match whatever offer he signs after next season. So unless he wants to be in Minny for the next five years, he's going to have to wait until the summer of 2014 to be an unrestricted FA. At that point, he go wherever he wants and there's nothing Minny can do about it.

Shawn reply to smh1980 on Nov 13 at 18:53

Kevin Love is officially untradeable.

Very few people in the league are untradeable.

Kevin Love is not one of them

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