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The First Chunk

In the next 10 games the sixers have four back to backs, which is kind of asinine, but they aren't going to sweep any of them in my mind.

I think they'll split on the first two back to backs (losing to Milwaukee in the middle) - then lost to Portland. They should beat NJ but second half of a back to back lost, who knows really.

Then they'll lose To Atlanta and Charlotte in early December.

I see another 2-8, maybe 3-7 in the next 10

The next 10 will be better. They play a bunch of beatable teams. I think they win 3 or 4 of the next 10, if that means anything. Not that a 6-14 start is much to build on. And the following 15 are tougher.

I'm guessing we are still about 1 month away from a major trade. Not because the Sixers want to wait, but because that's when things start to happen. And I doubt the Sixers wait until the deadline.

December 15th is the target date everyone is looking at as that's when players signed in the off season can be moved.

Did you take into account that even when playing the beatable teams the sixers have 4 back to backs in the next 10?

Back to backs should not effect the Sixers as badly as older teams. My guess is they get up for 1 of the 2 games, which is probably not different than most nights.

I tend to think of back to backs as more of a challenge for good teams to maintain focus and win both.

I still think having the tail end of a back-to-back at home is a HUGE disadvantage. Or it would be if the Sixers had any kind of discernible home court advantage even on normal rest.

Elton Brand is old :)

I wonder if we are looking at a 20 win season. That would make them truly 76ers. As in losing 76% of their games.

62-20 sure would be a better way to honor thy name.

76-6 would be even better

I love the name of this post! Aside from the last game which was disgusting, the first 10 have been more fun to watch than I thought they would be, even though the wins haven't been there. Collins should figure out the best rotation before too long. The only worry I still have is the Sixers trading Iguodala before the deadline for players we don't want or need. That better not happen, it would be tough to take if we didn't get a good young player back.

How does everyone see the next 10 going?

I don't see 4 wins as all that possible with all the back to backs.

I'm thinking another 2-8. I'm having a hard time coming up with a game besides @WAS that they will win.

Well, I mean I see 5 games with teams on their level, then 2 against teams who are probably better but aren't playing especially well, and are certainly beatable (MIL and CHA). So I'd say 4 is probably a stretch. It's not like they outclass anyone currently, but they're certainly capable of winning any of those games if they put together 48 minutes of solid effort.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 18:32

    PHI - 2 days rest
    CLE - 2 days rest
    PHI - 0 days rest
    TOR - 0 days rest
    PHI - 1 day rest
    MIL - 2 days rest
    PHI - 2 days rest
    WAS - 1 day rest
    PHI - 0 days rest
    TOR - 2 days rest
    PHI - 1 day rest
    MIA - 1 day rest
    PHI - 0 days rest
    NJ - 2 days rest
    PHI - 2 days rest
    POR - 1 day rest
    PHI - 2 days rest
    ATL - 1 day rest
    PHI - 0 days rest
    CLE - 0 days rest

hopefully I got them all correct... anyway, that is pretty tough. Those last 6... should they be favored in any? I guess Charlotte.

Joe reply to Joe on Nov 15 at 18:33

I didn't look at more than 2 games before, so some teams may have 3 games rest when listed at 2. I don't think 2 vs. 3 is a big deal, personally.

This schedule is such BS. Look at that, 2 times they're playing the second night of a back to back against a team with 2 days rest. Plus they just played one against a team with 3 days rest, on the road. Someone should be outraged.

Wonder how many games the sixers ever have the rest advantage in versus a team like the cletics, heat, lakers

Jason reply to Joe on Nov 15 at 18:13

I say 3-7, possibly 4-6.

Guess i'm optomistic lol.

Jason reply to Jason on Nov 15 at 18:21

Just to further say why. I think the sixers will take 3 of

Cle/Toronto/Washington/Toronto/New Jersey/Charlotte

Then Win 1 out of Portland (3 day rest@ home i think we match up with them better than ppl think)/Milwaulkee/Portland

lose to miami

deepsixersuede on Nov 15 at 18:37

I would love at least 3 wins but not sure they get them. Have you guys noticed how Collins has been blasting these guys in the time out huddles lately? I wonder, personality wise how our young guys react to that. They have had cupcakes coaching them recently and Turner had Motta, who I don't know personality wise, but he seems a tough guy to figure out .[Turner]

Just from his interviews and the way he plays I like Turner a lot so far, but for some reason he seems disengaged at times. Maybe feels like he still don't fit in quite yet?

Tom Moore on Nov 15 at 18:50

Sixers are shooting a higher percentage from the field and 3-point line than opponents, yet are tied with Raptors for conference's worst record.


Yes, you'd think those would be good numbers

yet, 24th in offensive efficiency and 15th in defensive efficiency - that sucks

It's actually kind of sad


15th in defensive efficiency is an accomplishment with this roster. Pretty much no matter what lineup they send out there, they've got below average defenders at 40% of the positions. Typically, they're at 60%, sometimes as high as 100%.

I suppose - but with all that 'out shooting' they're doing - you'd think their offense would be more efficient.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 15 at 22:28

Must have something to do with a difference in the number of possessions and a difference in the number of foul shots.

I'm sure there's something in it - 'team box scores' are my net project to work on

Possessions are always the same, by rule. Offensive rebounds don't give you another possession, they just prolong the current possession.

The foul shots are the big difference.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 23:59

Okay, but colloquially we do say, "and Reggie Evans gets them another possession!" Which is what I meant.

Even if you're using that thought process, the Sixers have 102 offensive boards, their opponents have 109. It's not a big difference.

On the other hand, the Sixers have made 184 free throws, their opponents have made 262.

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