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Varejao and Mo Williams are both listed as game-time decisions. Without them, you have to think the Sixers are prohibitive favorites, no? Wonder what the Vegas line is.

Just saw on Twitter Iguodala will not play tonight, assuming it's the achilles sprain, again.

Damn we could really use Iguodala tonight. I was hoping he would return to form and lead us to a victory tonight but I think we can pull It off without him hopefully.

I'd like our chances a lot better if Iguodala was playing. Wonder if Cleveland is going to actually gameplan to stop Jrue after he dropped 29 on them last time.

Of course they will. Byron Scott is a good coach... As is Doug Collins

it'll be interesting to see to fairly bad teams without their best players. Someone has to step up right?

I don't buy your logic that A. Byron Scott is a good coach or B. that means they'll play better defense on Jrue, especially if Mo Williams doesn't play.

Can't play better defense if you don't have good defenders

Brian was wondering whether they would gameplan about Jrue and i said YES. I never said that they will actually succeed. There is a big difference...

You said yes based on a premise about byron scott's coaching ability that I just don't buy...

Well the guy went to two finals appearances with the Nets, and to the western conference semifinals with the Hornets.

That makes him a good coach. I don't think he's great by any means but he's an above average coach in the NBA. I would rank him in the 10-12 range from the current NBA coaches.

Rich reply to Xsago on Nov 16 at 14:19

With the talent levels of these teams, the quality of coaches can only go so far though. Scott has been a fairly successful guy in better situations though.

I agree that the talent level of the team makes a huge difference. But you can't take away success because if it. Phil Jackson is largely considered the best coach of all time and he's never coached a bad team roster-wise.

Moreover, the biggest reason why he is not in the top 7-8 coaches is the fact that he is similar to Scott Skiles in that he wears his players out after a few seasons. Lets hope Collins will change with the Sixers because that's what reputation says as well.

Don Nelson has the most wins of a head coach all time

Many consider that makes him a good coach

In all sports the coach/manager is given more credit for wins and more credit for losses than most likely he deserves.

The sixers were bad under eddie jordan
jordan got fired and everyone said 'hallelujah - the sixers are better just cause eddie jordan got fired'

The sixers still stink - why - cause the talent on the roster is worse than last year

sixers reply to GoSixers on Nov 16 at 18:13

Yeah your points are fine, but they say nothing about whether Byron Scott is a good coach or not. He is. Also, the actual comment was about the fact that Byron Scott is a good coach so he will try to gameplan for Jrue. Don't understand what issue you have with this. There are things a team can do to limit a player on the other team regardless of the roster.

The 1st and 4th quarter defense was horrendous from this game last time. Layup lines at the end of the game. I want to see Jrue make some stuff happen on defense tonight. He has the ability to harass these guards.

I personally think Byron Scott is a good coach. I would like to know your reason why u dont consider him a good coach.

Jack Straw on Nov 16 at 15:26

Hopefully its at least an interesting game, but I can't help but envision another loss. Varejao will completely own Hawes and Speights on the glass and Cleveland can still execute well enough to create good looks on offense. If their shooters are hitting, then we could be in for another long night. Hopefully Turner steps it up in Iguodala's absence. Suffice it to say, my confidence level in this team isn't exactly at an all time high.

God forbid Elton Brand stops playing like a madman...

Sorry to drag you down some more Jack.

Elton Brand continuing to play at his level with all these back to backs is why i think 3 wins is the best they'l do...i'm concerned about how he'll maintain as the season progresses...sixers have 10 games in the next 17 days (or so) - be interesting to see how brand holds up

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