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I understand, of course.

The last two games have been painful to follow. The team has absolutely no answer for pick and rolls. With Iggy's absence to consider it's no wonder the team struggles defensively. I didn't really take note of the first half, but we were bad from the third quarter onwards.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 8:02

Hope that your family/kids are OK, and it was something else.

Brian, hope everything is okay. We all forget sometimes, but sports isn't as important as real life ...

My only comment about this game is that the whole "Evan Turner plays better without Iguodala" hypothesis now has some evidence against it. What's unmistakable is that Turner gets more touches without Iguodala, but his offensive weaknesses still showed up (lack of consistent jumper, high turnover rate). I do credit Collins with putting Turner into the post a few times, where he was fairly effective.

Joe reply to Statman on Nov 17 at 11:49

You got me looking around on 82 games. Found an interesting link.

Appears the Sixers have, on average, better PERs than their opponents, which is some anecdotal evidence towards the uselessness of PER as a measure of actual productivity.

Also shows some other interesting things. Centers shoot 50% of their shots inside against the Sixers whereas the Sixers centers shoot 30% of their shots from the inside.

The thing that's always bothered me about PER (and basketball analysis in general) is that by virtue of what is tracked during games it's much more offensively oriented than defensively (which is interesting since the sixers offensive efficiency ranks so low).

I know brian wants it to be 'just the free throws' but I can't really believe that, it's too easy right?

I also find it weird that the sixers centers out perform other centers (overall) via PER - don't yoU?

Based on that chart though - the SF position is KILLING the sixers...

One thing about those PER stats is that they were last updated on 11/11, which was before 3 losses (one of which was a blowout to the Spurs). If I'm not mistaken, the Sixers might have had a positive point differential at the time because of the Pacers win.

If the defensive PER stats were accurately taken, the offensive to defensive PER ratio should reflect scoring margin to some degree.

Joe reply to Statman on Nov 17 at 16:28

Ok. I have more faith in humanity. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

As for the game, the Sixers attacked Boobie Gibson four times in the first half, both Jrue and Turner were posting him up and scoring. Then we didn't see it again the rest of the game. I'm pretty sure the mismatch was so bad Cleveland had to take him out.

I know Cleveland went to a zone at some point in the second half, and maybe that coincided with Gibson being back in the game and that's why the Sixers never went back to the mismatch.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 14:18

I hope everything is well; it seems coaches refuse to continue to go to the well till it dries up because it messes up any offensive continueaty but more postups need to happen when J.I.T. are out there together, one of them has to have a strength mismatch. It is a weapon that is underused and may increase our f.t. attempts.

Larry Brown was the best at that. I remember whenever he could get Corliss Williamson out there with a defender on him who was the same height or shorter, he'd go to Corliss mercilessly until the opposing coach had to make a sub.

Last night Turner looked good for a couple possessions, then put in Manny Harris and he did a decent job(nothing amazing, but good) denying the entry pass and Jrue went elsewhere with the ball. I was pretty disappointed in Jrue. I shook my head to myself. Turner also could have been more vocal.

Really scary to think that midway in Novemeber, and it already makes sense to hope for a loss against another terrible team.

I won't be rooting against them... but I won't see a win as any type of step in the right direction. More of a temporary respite.

Joe reply to tk76 on Nov 17 at 16:34

Every win carried both positive implications(good play from the roster, possible improvements from youngsters) and negative(less bouncing balls).

Joe reply to tk76 on Nov 17 at 16:36

Personally, I'm rooting against Battie, Hawes, Brackins, Kapono, Nocioni because positive play isn't helping this team in a year or 2 and can drastically hurt them if they get extensions. And Thad, he is a whole nother worry. I root for him in non-scoring categories and against his PPG, if that makes sense.


Pretty nice to see who the top 2 positive players are for this team. Surprised by Thad+ Speights #s. I'm assuming that EB and AI's numbers are a bit skewed from playing with Hawes for 15 mins a game, but so does Jrue who has the highest overall rating.

Holiday is top 12 in the NBA so far.

I remember a year or so back where Iguodala and Thad were amongst the leagues best in this measure.

Iguodala has played a total of 120 minutes w/ Hawes, the team is -58 in those minutes.

Without Hawes, I've got him at -2 in about 150 minutes.

I'm sorry, that should say +2 in about 150 minutes.

Yeah, Iguodala is holding Back Hawes :)

One funny thing about last night's game I failed to mention in my disturbingly sparse recap: The Sixers absolutely dominated the defensive glass. 92.3% is an insane number, especially considering they got killed on the glass the last time these teams met.

Looks like Collins made rebounding a focus, the team executed, and it didn't make a difference.

When you have this many holes, plugging one causes two or three others to be exposed.

Thad and Turner were big contributors on the defensive glass. Which of those is a shock?

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