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Throw Us A Bone

I've been scouring the internet for cheap Sixer seats.

Bets deals I have found are $79 club seats for some of their upcoming games when I talked to a comcast tix guy. Food and drinks(beer/wine included) are included in the deal till halftime.

Also found this link for $15 mezz centers for some upcoming games.

On stub hub, I see tickets available for $1.99 tonight and lower centers for $28 and courtside for $75.

I don't have much experience with buying tickets. Any of these good deals?

Courtside for $75 is a really good deal.

I usually go to stubhub for cheap tickets. Best deal I've gotten is right under the hoop, front row for like $150 against the Nets last season, at NJ.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 16:26

Thanks, I feel like seeing a game close up. I have gone to probably 10 games in the last 3 years, but none were down by the court. Not sure I could find someone wiling to go with me last minute to a Sixers tonight, though. :)

Is under the hoop better than being more center court? I would think that it'd be a pain to see half the game?

center court is better, but the under the hoop seats were the first time i've ever actually had my feet on the floor. pretty cool experience. i've been courtside in the second row at center court. Pretty much any courtside seat is awesome, no matter who's playing. Pick a bad game and keep your eye on stubhub, you should be able to get a serious bargain and it's definitely worth it.

I live in 2 hours drive of 2 nba teams, but even the bad teams, one of those tickets are ungettable.

Lakers tickets are just OBSCENE to all games

Joe reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 17:05

Are you not counting the Clippers as a team? That would be understandable in some ways,

No, that's why i said two hours to two teams. I cound the clippers, but the sixers clippers game in LA is almost aways new years eve day - around 3 PM - and I don't want to drive up the 101 on new years eve at 7:30 PM

LA drivers are god awful...

What are you, like 6 or 7 hours to Oakland? Yeah, that's a hike.

A game in oakland would be a weekend trip :)

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 16:39

Sorry to hijack thread for a second, but I figured it wasn't a game thread so it would be buried in an hour or 2 anyway.

Joe reply to Joe on Nov 17 at 16:23

All stubhub for tonight are $15 charge for last minute pickup. I'm not dealing with that I don't think.

The $79 deal also includes parking pass if you buy 4.

Bargnani's stats this year are really bad, but I think if you look back to his numbers from last year (bigger sample size), you can make a case for him as an average small forward. Who plays center for some reason.

It's been said befoer.


I can't spell at all, can I.

Has there been a single comment (excuse) given for Speights not playing last night?

I haven't heard anything. I guess from the team's perspective, that's the benefit of plummeting interest in the team, right?

Speights is falling off the edge of the earth. It's his 3rd year and he can't get off the bench before Darius Songaila? Wow. Usually, an average player is in the rotation by his 3rd year, or at least gets 15 minutes a game.

I'm sure you've all noticed that Willie Green and Jason Smith are the first 2 players off the bench for the undefeated Hornets. And the guy we got for them doesn't even play. (I'm not counting Songaila.)

And speaking of declining interest, the Inquirer is sending their Sixers beat writer to Istanbul to cover Allen Iverson.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 17:04

take igoudala over there with you and leave him there. where both ai's belong."


Tray reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 17:07

I think it's somewhat reassuring that our failing local paper can afford to occasionally send a reporter overseas. But aside from the cultural interest story of how the Turkish fans respond to Iverson (very enthusiastically, it seems), there's not much there worth reporting on. I also gather that Steve Francis is going to China.

Great, AI, Francis and Marburry as our ambassadors. No wonder the world thinks we're crazy. When do we send over Tyson?

I was thinking Rodman.

If the dress fits.

Tray reply to tk76 on Nov 17 at 17:51

Well, it's no accident that the crazy ones are the ones who go overseas.

Dervin reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 17:55

If Kate doesn't get to write a positive story soon, well need to place her on suicide watch.

I'm guessing that's how they decided who to send to the World Cup.

Brand coming off a bad game and more likely to be winded in this one...and no Iguodala.

Don't expect a win tonight

Someone has to win.

Really tk, just so utterly beneath you :)

Brian, hope everything is well.

I just watched the Cavs game (yes, I am late) and I am pretty shocked by Speights' DNP CD as well, he wasn't doing anything special but in the last games he had semi decent outings, don't see a reason to put Songaila AND Battie in and leave the young fella out.

Don't know what kind of mind games is Collins playing but this is worrying me

If he can't get off the bench also tonight, then it would mean coach is sending him a message, perhaps MS doesn't put enough effort in practice, I have no clue

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