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Game 12 Thread: PHI vs TOR

Jack Straw on Nov 17 at 17:40

Does anyone know any good sites to find a live stream of this game? Working in VA beach this weekend and I could really go for watching us pick up our 10th loss of the year. Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

can't stop laughing at the center comment...

Hawes is a conservative Republican and a critic of Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth.[9] ESPN reported on draft night that he loves to debate politics and has a "God Bless George W. Bush" bumper sticker on his automobile. Hawes has appeared on the Lars Larson Show, a conservative radio talk show.

I heard he was a devout republican at some point. Whatever, I don't really care about players politics anymore than I care about their religion. It'd be nice if he'd spend his spare time on a treadmill instead of a radio talk show, though.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 18:52

While climate change is, obviously, a legit issue, I understand the documentary is pretty shoddy and inaccurate on a lot of points. Which is unfortunate as it's the poster-film for the whole cause.

Lol at the center comment.
But really though, I think we can beat the Raptors.
We should be able to, right?
... :(

Of course this is a win. If not, then it's paper bag on the head time. I think you can pencil in the useless italian center for 9 of 23 from the floor, 2 rebounds and some toronto homer saying the sixers have trade interest in him. Just to remind us it could always get worse. Lets just get a win already. "C'Mon now!" (Collins voice)

The heck with the team... how do we thinks Jrue and Turner are going to do? The should be driving all night, right?

Should be, yeah. Especially when Calderon is in there (I don't think Jack is a bad rebounder at all).

Interested to see how they handle that Reggie Evans spaz trap out by midcourt. With a cool head, that's an easy hoop. Panic, and it's a turnover.

BTW, I sort of hope Reggie grabs 20 tonight. Send a message to Stef about rebounding.

I hope reggie grabs 20 cause i need more boards

I'm pretty sure you can subtract about 20% of the total rebounds from anyone playing next to Bargnani and that's their legitimate rebound total if they played the same amount of minutes next to a center with a pulse. See Bosh, Chris for supporting evidence.

hey brian, any new thoughts on The Mullet? i actually feel less queasy when i see him on the floor, than i do when thaddeus is.

Jarrett Jack. What a tremendous name! Also not a bad player. Just checked out the toronto wins produced stats. Reggie actually leading the way so far and, not a surprise, Bargnani last.

Jack Straw on Nov 17 at 18:47

if anyone knows where to find live streams, I would be grateful.

I think atdhe.net or channelsurfing.net one of them usually has it a few minutes before tip I think.

try this


sometimes you can find it

Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 18:50

Video: Collins on sitting Speights, trying to keep Sixers from getting discouraged:


Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 18:55

Iguodala hoping for Achilles pain to diminish so he can play again:


The consensus on the Raptors nationally has been, "Wow, that's their whole team?"

Jrue and Derozan were two of the top players in their HS class, both from LA.

They sucked with Bosh (who is not a super star it seems) so no reason to think they'd be any better without bosh. It's not like they won 60 with bosh and then people were saying 'the sky is falling' - they lost their best player AND they already sucked

This is one team the sixers SHOULD be better than, especially without iguodala holding them back tonight

Why am I getting the Toronto feed on League Pass? Ugh.

It sucks, its been at least a week since they have had a 76ers feed going.

Me too. It's sad to hear those homers in a home game.

Anyway, I'm looking for a good game of Turner and Holiday. Every other thing just has to get out of my mind. I missed the cavs game (am I lucky?) and I hope I can finally see a win again.

Alrighty, Hawes with a tip he actually has a shot of winning. And we're off...

Pretty play to start it. Jrue sprung by the EB screen, right to the rim for two.

EB should do damage on Reggie. Nice lefty sky hook.

EB right to the rim, there we go.

Hawes with the missed sissy hook, but at least he walked prior to getting it off.

Hawes has to lead the league in amount of travels per 36 mins.

They should be able to D up Toronto. Who is their go-to-guy, Bargnani? Good foul to get Reggie, Jrue's gotta be careful though.

Brand's fault, gotta keep him off the glass.

Never a good time to foul reggie, he'll miss those bunnies more often than he'll make them

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Nov 18 at 2:56

same goes for his free throws though.

Picture that last play by Jrue and Hawes, then imagine if they had a real center for JH to play with.

If Jarrett Jack is their 2nd option, Jrue has the ability to blanket him. Just gotta do it without fouling.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:17

Good anticipation, Jrue on that steal

Good play by Jrue going to the hole in transition, he could've dropped it off for Hawes, but that would've been a dumb play.

Hawes with the offensive foul. He's the ball-friendliest.

If I'm Toronto, I'm pissed Hawes picked up his second foul.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:21

Well said, Brian.

Old man moves in effect.

Reggie has no chance against EB in man-to-man defense.

I missed the tip. Who won it? And did either player leave the floor?

Hawes, and no.

Jason reply to Joe on Nov 17 at 19:22

Hawes won it all by himself

He tipped off Reggie Evans' stone hands, then grabbed it :)

Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 19:21

Additional pregame video: Collins on Iguodala's injury, poor Sixers' bench play:


A Speights sighting huh? Time to start earning minutes Mareese...

Why does Mareese Speights have to earn minutes but Spencer Hawes doesn't?

Why does Lou Williams get to play when 'defensive accountability' is something Collins talks about but doesn't seem to apply it to Lou.

I find Collins double standard of coaching ridiculous

Joe reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 19:28

I wouldn't call it ridiculous.

I would say the points are both valid to a certain extent.

I think if i'm a player being held to a higher standard (Speights) than a much suckier player (Hawes) who happens to play the same position, I would take it personally like the coach somehow has it out for me.

I'm just saying if accountability matters, what the hell has Hawes done to warrant any minutes?

The only sense I can make out of it is that Hawes is already seen as nothing more than an expiring contract, so it motivating him doesn't matter. They're holding out some hope for Speights, so trying to push him to improve.

Except wouldn't you still find it discouraging that the guy they hold out no hope for is still starting in front of you? Come on...that still doesn't work

I like the Nocioni vs. Weems matchup:

Toughness galore!

Joe reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 19:24

"Toughness" v. "Athleticism"

Didn't like the Sixers last possession. EB settled for about a 15-footer on the wing. TOR cannot stop penetration, don't settle against them.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:24

Toronto is horrendous defensively. It's really interesting to actually watch it.

Speights settling. Come on, GO TO THE HOLE.

Is that his home?

Seriously, Speights doesn't drive :)

Ugh, use the glass, Jrue.

They run a set, Jrue gets a layup, thank you.

Make it though Jrue. Damn.

Weems has thrown two horrible passes that Jrue ate up and went the other way with.

I'm not even sure this statement is hyperbole. Evan Turner might be the best rebounding guard I've ever seen.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:32

Depending on the definition of guard, Turner is the best in the NBA right now.

Joe reply to Joe on Nov 17 at 19:33

rather, he has been the best thusfar among guards.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:35

Pierce is, or at least was, very good.

Hah, Amir Johnson likes to foul people.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:31

Wonder why DC went to Kapono instead of Meeks tonight?

i'm assuming it's because toronto is a big team.

LOL Kleiza just backed down Kapono. THat is a complete slap in the face right there.

There are some bad players on the court right now.

Jason reply to Joe on Nov 17 at 19:38

Songaila, Nocioni and Kapono. wth.

Jrue in the post. Love it.

Joe reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:34

That was easy for Jrue. They really shouldn't stop doing that.

They have 24 points with 2 minutes left, and they went into a 3 minute lull offensively. Wow, Toronto is bad.

Gotta get Kapono off Kleiza. They can attack that every possession. Just get Kapono out actually.

More Lithuanian fans than Sixers fans?

Was this the first designed post up play for Holiday? Can't believe we had to wait 12 games. Hell this kid should post up almost as ofter as Andre Miller did with this body. Same goes for Turner. HE has to post up more. I want to see those things.

Turner has to be more aggressiv on the offensiv end. I want him to rack up 15 shots at least per game. I want him to truly show his offensiv skills to us. I don't want another player who holds back. Attack it. He could get to the line 10 times each game if he just would finally start getting to the basket and stop passing up the ball.

Is Collins going for the worst possible lineup he can put on the floor? This one is pretty close to it.

LOL Songalia... you ARE slower than Hawes.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:38

If Toronto's defense is horrendous, I'd hate to speculate what our's is.

WIth four bench guys and Nocioni on the floor - i'm going to say shitty is being polite.

Willliams, Kapono, SOngaila, Young, Nocioni

That's pretty pretty bad

It's better, I can tell you that.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 19:42

It isn't very discernible though.

Not with the shittiest lineup we can put out there in. The starters defend though.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 19:48

After the last few games, I'm not ready to even give the starters that much credit.

Wow, what a lineup at the end there. Yuck.

Jason reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 19:40

Worst rotation of year by far.

I don't know, feels like we should be up by more than a point here.

I blame it out collins for trotting out that line up of puss at the end of the quarter

Hate the flat-footed, contested jumper by Thad. He does that all the time.

Sixers by one after one. That was a disgusting lineup Collins trotted out there to end the quarter. 7-point lead disappeared in less than 2 minutes.

26-25, Philly.

Heh, shooting 37.5% against this defense. Awesome.

I won't ever understand such dump plays on the final position. Just break your defender and kick to the open player. Why would you do any favor to calderon with jacking a jumper.
Those 2nd unit has to be a joke. Can't watch them. That doesn't look like elite Basketball which the nba shold be with only 450 players. You want to tell me that there isn't a better player than Kapono, Songaila and Co outside of this league? Unbelievable.

Jason reply to JTI on Nov 17 at 19:47

D-League bench players have more talent than Hawes/Kapono/Songaila.

Get Jrue and/or Turner back in there please? This is pitiful.

Nice dime by Lou to Thad. First positive by this lineup.

Now get some real players back in there!

A great pass by Lou?

The organization should be fined by the leaguefor that line-up to end the 1st.

I get home from work, turn on the TV and see that? I need a drink.

Is Songaila worse that Primoz?

Jason reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 19:45

The arc on that air ball was laughable.

Anyone watching the Miami vs Phoenix game? Not quite as bad as the Sixers' home games, but they're still struggling to fill the arena. Ridiculous.

Songaila dribble drive. I was hoping I'd never have to write that sentence.

Lou, when there are four guys covering you, someone else is probably open.

Come on - 4 guys covering - ONE of them will fall for the pump fake...

Well, three of them simultaneously blocked the shot.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:46

Evan is just careless with the ball at times. When it's no need for it b/c of the lack of pressure on him.

Yep. Jrue had the same problem early last season. Speed of the game thing, I guess.

Please Evan don't pass it to Songalia.

Can we get a semblance of the starters and maybe Speights in the game? Please?

So, is Thorn burning up the phones looking for a trade partner, or is he just calling it a season and hanging out a Chili's, waiting for the lottery pick? I have no idea.

Songaila shouldn't get a minute. Isn't Mikki Moore a FA? He would be ten times the starter we have at the five. Just absolut garbage.
Why don't we start small with Thad or Nocioni at the 4? That's a lot better than giving minutes to Hawes, Songaila and Kapono. Why do the get minutes over Brackins and Meeks? Why not give Brackins a chance? CAn he be worse than Hawes and Songaila? If so, why trade a solid player like Smith? Why the fuck did we trade Dalembert? I miss him in every minute I see this team play right now. I want him back badly.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:50

Can't believe Thad didn't give that up to EB.

Heh. How many bunnies were blown on that possession?

Thaddeus Young misses a layup

8:10 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Elton Brand offensive rebound

8:10 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Elton Brand misses a layup

8:09 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Thaddeus Young offensive rebound

8:09 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Thaddeus Young misses a tip in

8:06 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Elton Brand offensive rebound

8:06 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Elton Brand misses a layup

8:04 Philadelphia 76ers PHI

Evan Turner offensive rebound

Jason reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 19:53

lol, now we know why the sixers ORB% is as high as it is.

Wow, that was a great rotation on that steal by Thad.

Can someone make a layup though?

Sweet shot, Songaila.

Oh that was brutal. I'm embarassed. :(

LOL Songalia. What does he bring that Battie doesn't?

Everyone meet Bad Lou.

Tony Battie in the first half

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 19:53

DC has to just be furious. Battie already with an appearance.

I'd like to see them run a play for Turner here. He hasn't been involved.

Take over Jrue.

Jrue was late there, good thought. I'd rather see him challenge the shot, though.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 19:54

2 fouls on Jrue.

Better not pick up the third.

I don't know, does Thorn still work for the Sixers? Or maybe he went on a cruise or something.

Holiday is 10 times better than any other player on the court.
Collins should get fired alone on the fact that he played that 2nd unit, and played it for almost 10minutes. CAn believe it.
Get the fuck down to a 8man rotation. Is it that difficult. GIve the players a defined role finally. When do you want to start with it?

By the way, thad looking not to bad at the 3.

Joe reply to JTI on Nov 17 at 19:59

Looking and being are different things.

Thad's now 2/9.

Ugly, but effective play.

Is there any reason why Thad is still in the game? Nocioni looks like a better defender to me.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 20:00

This is really disheartening and somewhat painful to watch. And it's my favorite damn team.....ugh

lower expectations...

Brand and Jrue are basically carrying this team. Time to sit Thad down.

Thad needs to go to the bench. Speights didn't play good D, but none of the bigs do really. Can he please get the Hawes/Songalia minutes from here on out? He hasn't been THAT bad.

Not in comparison to his competition, no.

I guess this is probably the best lineup they could put out there tonight, right?

Sixers making Bargnani look like Nowitzki

I don't like that call on the Mullet. Weems initiated that completely.

6 assists on 19 made shots.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 20:08

That's what happens when you stand around and don't run shit.

Do they close Turner out on the offensiv end? How often did he already have great position for a post up and the pass just wouldn't come? It just seems like they don't want him to get the ball.

Sixers lead by one at the end of the first half, 47-46.

Definitely one of the ugliest halves of basketball I've had the pleasure of watching.

Toronto is the worst team in the league, I'm convinced of that. For the Sixers to be leading with how they're playing is shameful.

2 turnovers and 2 fouls in 4 minutes for Hawes in the first half. Wonder if Collins trots him out there to start the third.

I would like to see Mospeezy please. He could get an offensive board maybe.

Speights played well, even in a small dose. J, T, Brand, and him. That's it.

Jason reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 20:28

Who passes less. Brand or Speights?

Best news of the night: The Sixers game will be over in time for me to catch the end of an epic battle out west. Clippers at T-Wolves.

That's what's on in my background while i work on the team box score data for the past 5 seasons i bought today :)

Nice work Hawes. Took 15 seconds to pick up his third foul.

That should've been Hawes' fourth foul. Heh.

Turner just cleaning the glass.

How about we let the starters stay in for awhile here?

Depends, do you count Hawes in "the starters?"

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 20:33

Nope. We start four guys.

Jrue and Turner really pushing the ball. Two breaks, both & 1's. Turner rebounded the first, passed ahead to Jrue who pushed. The second time Jrue grabbed the board, outlet to Turner who pushed. Very nice.

Anyone else wonder if the big men don't rebound cause they think "Turner's gonna get it"?

Joe reply to Alvin on Nov 17 at 20:30


I don't think that happens. I do think some of the bigs get pissed at Turner for crashing so hard and taking easy ones away from them. I've seen Speights visibly upset by that. What doesn't get is that he should be going after boards just as hard as Turner, then it wouldn't be an issue.

Sissy hook alert.

Bad shot by Jrue there.

Hawes' P and R defense on that was terrible. That would have been his fault in a Statman breakdown.

Yep. Saw the same thing. He didn't move an inch.

Is this the start of the third-quarter meltdown?

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 20:35

DC needs to trap these P&R's. No one's showing or hedging if Jrue goes over the screen.

They don't even take the first step toward hedging. That last one (turner was on the ball), Hawes just stood on the opposite side of his man for the entire play.

Hawes is so disgusting and white. :(


Please tell me someone else saw Hawes go after that offensive board.

Sissy hook falls. 4 straight for Hawes.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 20:43

2 straight basket for Hawes. Sign of the end of days?

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 20:39

Guys, Hawes lack of fluidity in any sort of basketball move has been cracking me up tonight a few times.

Lack of fluidity = funny
Lack of effectiveness = sad/angry

I watch Hawes and laugh. The problem is I get angry about anyone who thought it would be a good idea to take a flier on him over Sam.

On that topic, that Evan Turner sure knows how to steal rebounds from his teammates.

He also knows how to steal teammates from the opposition. He gets a lot in traffic as well.

See, that's not on Jrue. Thad never moves on that screen, wide open lane to the hoop for Calderon.

I think Curry just yelled at Thad for his piss poor help defense.

Yeah but hasn't Turner played some pretty good defense on DeRozen?

He's already a great glue guy. I jsut wish he would attack the rim a little more.

It'll come, it'll come

Good feed, Jrue.

I was about to question Reggie Evans' decision making when he fouled Hawes. Then Spencer proceeded to miss both free throws.

Brian, I know you're right about Reggie Evans trying to cause havoc on the perimeter and playing like a small, but he's much more of a big man than any of our current bigs.

I'm much more of a big man than any of our bigs, and I'm 5'10".

Great position by Brand and great feed by Jrue.

Good God, Lou has thrown up some major bricks.

It's a 'bad lou' night - he should get zero minutes in the fourth

Nope, he's starting the quarter.

And Jrue's on the bench and the raptors score the first four - brilliant

71-69, Sixers extend their lead by 1 in the third quarter, which is pretty much the most successful third they've had this season.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 20:56

Such a boring 2 point game.

Holiday has played 28 minutes and only has two fouls - why isn't he in right now?

He played 38 last night. Shouldn't matter, but that may be the reason. He needs to get back in there right now.

Timeout if they score here.

Jrue in for Lou - hell put all the starters back in except for Speights

Ok, leave thad in - that's fine

Good lord turner go to the basket! DAmnit. Can't stand this team anymore. This is some kind of ugly basketball. Oh my god.

There you go, Jrue.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 21:03

Way to go. Love how the young point guard goes to the hoop out of the timeout to stop the run.

Dare I say, Andre Miller-esque

Great, 6-0 Raptor run to start the fourth.

God, that was hard to type.

Did tony battie just take a 25 point 3 pointer or did yahoo mess up?

Had to, shot clock was at 1.

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 21:04

I was wondering the same thing

Take it over, Jrue.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 21:05

Yea after he scored 2 baskets they took Jack out and put Calderon in, even more reason for Jrue to attack.

15 and 6 for Jrue, and I don't think he's been great by any means.

Why Nocioni for Brand - WHY?

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 21:08

Only reason for Brand to be out now is if he needs a breather before coming in for the last 4 minutes.

Don't compound it, Jrue.

God that's a bad shot Jrue.

3 with 14 seconds left on the shot clock? I hope it was at least an open look?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 21:09

Off the dribble, when a guy was playing a little off him. Not really that wide open even.

Damn, Thad is 4/12, Lou is 0/7. Not exactly instant offense off the bench tonight.

Thank you, Turner. I really think that he could get to the rim more. He's not an explosive athlete, but he's crafty.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 21:14

Crafty yet painstakingly passive. To a fault.

16 offensive rebounds
12 more shots
more free throws

why the frack are they losing?

WOw - no idea why that showed up there

Too much dribbling out top when Turner has the ball. Not sure why. He needs to use his dribble to put some pressure on, not just wait for things to happen.

Come on. Fouling the jump shooter. You're better than that, Jrue.

Jrue with a bad foul on a jump shot.



Big steal from Elton there. He looked like a cat when he attacked there.

Why the hell is Young on the court? Put Meeks or Speights in there please.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 21:15

I'll be damn Jrue!

God damnit.

Jrue with a great sequence ended in a terrible pass.

Ugh, the Mullet's gotta hit shots if he's on the floor. He's missed a few wide open ones here.

Brand has 2 defensive boards in 37 minutes. Though I guess some of that has to do with wrestling Reggie Evans to try to keep him off the glass.

Hard to complain when a team's givin up 6 offensive rebounds on 38 missed shots. Rebounding's a team game, after all.

(Doesn't excuse Brand for the whole season, just can't blame Brand for all 6 of the teams missed defensive rebounding chances. Actually, I'm going to go back and watch all of Evans 5 offensive boards tomorrow)

Yeah, there's a reason for it tonight.

Damn jrue pass the rass the rock. I wanna see Evan with the ball.

I liked that spin back to the middle by Turner, had no idea where he was going when he started that drive.

That's one of his signature moves. I'm a little worried what happens when the league figures it out, but he's very quick with it.

Keep attacking Turner, even though that may have been clean. Brian, I think he developed those bad holding the ball habits at OSU, when he had the ball the whole game.

Ugh, make your FTs.

Yet another loss. Unbelievable. This team sucks and will suck forever.
Why did jrue not give Turner the ball? He would have gone to the line again.

This team amazes me. How bad can you be?
I mean even the Clippers play better and the have a reason to play bad with 3 rookies in their S5:
Bledsoe - Gordon - Aminue - Griffin - Jordan
that's a young layup and we play Brand and Nocioni in the S5 and lose yet again.

Tray reply to JTI on Nov 17 at 21:26

Those guys are all talented, our starters aren't.

Jrue's fault on that TO. EB shouldn't have picked it up, but the pass hit him in the hands.

Agreed. they gave it to EB, though.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 21:27

What was with the whole taking half of the possession to decide who to pass the ball to?

Fucking pussy.

Come on. Turner/Jrue time.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 21:25

Wasn't that turnover on Jrue? It was a decent pass in his bread basket wasn't it? He just wanted to move with it before he had the ball?

They gave it to Brand, Jrue should've had it.

paper bag time?

Close to it.

So over/under 15 wins for the season?

Nocioni makes our decisions on offense in crunch time? Wow.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 21:33

I'll give him one thing - he's at least aggressive although not always successful.

This team Sucks monkey balls

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 21:29

Laughingstock status cememted.

Will Doug Collins make it to the all star break or will he have to resign for 'health reasons'?

I don't even know what to say. This is a new low.

Did Speights get hurt? Why did he not play more than his
first stint?

I'm embarrassed.

Because, unlike Speights (or Lou or Thad) Speights has to play (and practice) well to earn his minutes

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 21:32

Yeah I understand the double standard, but he was really good in his stint, hitting the boards hard.

Obviously not good enough for the guy who was going to 'turn it around' after the crappy Jordan era

Wow what a terrible way to finish... noone in that building is happy, even the raptors.

in the immortal words of Jake Ryan, "What a disaster"

This is the worst team in teh NBA. Also Collins is making me run out of patience. Yes I know he's just experimenting. But there is no excuse to have Meeks play 0 minutes in this game. The team deserves to be booed off the floor.

Our bench don't look so good now Stefanski, eh?

Heh heh.

Fuck this fucking team. AGain I stay awake till 3am and this team fucks me again. Fuck it. Unbelievable how bad a shit product can be. Trade just anybody. Can't stand them anymore.
I won't watch this team again for this season.

Well that was fun.

2-10, now.

Jack Straw on Nov 17 at 21:33

Can't even beat the Raptors at home. Wow.

What a terrible last couple of possessions. This is the NBA's worst team, and whatever fire they had on the first 7 or 8 games in definitively gone.

Jrue having that stupid turnover with a minute less...Come on. You have to make a play, at least shoot the damn ball. but what's worose is Turner doing on that last possession the same thing he does on EVERY possession: he dribbles the ball down court, picks up his dribble and looks to make an insignificant pass at the top of the perimeter. When is he going to do find out that he has to be aggressive? It has been 12 games now, and there is no Iguodala, so come on! Grow some balls and take the ball to the basket, or at least pull up for a jumper. Dammit.

My wrap will be up at some point. Having trouble finding words to describe these losses, though.

We're chipping in to buy you this book call the saurus. It should help.

You know though, if Iguodala played, they probably would have lost by a lot more

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 21:45

I think the basic argument is that they still would have lost. Not that he is a net negative

brians pic of his head in his hands is exactly how i feel right now. maybe i should crop my dome like brian

Basically doesn't this loss come down to (a) not having anyone both long and mobile enough to defend Bargnani, (b) Iguodala being unavailable to guard the up-and-coming Weems, (c) our bench going 6-29, Thad and Lou going 4-20, (d) no one having a very good offensive night (even Brand used about 24 possessions to score 27 points)? So really, just a combination of defensive liabilities we already knew about, Iguodala being hurt, and really off nights for a lot of people. It's not like we let them score 120.

AJ reply to Tray on Nov 17 at 21:44

It comes down to not having anyone capable of creating offense in the halfcourt. It's not looking like that's gonna be solved any time soon...

Tray reply to AJ on Nov 17 at 21:46

Jrue can't? Someone must be creating all those opportunities for Brand. Obviously we're short a scorer or two, until/if Turner matures, but there are some pieces.

AJ reply to Tray on Nov 17 at 21:49

Jrue can do it, occasionally, in the first 3 quarter of the game. Brand is making jumpshots when big men don't come out to guard him, and occasionally posts up people. But kicking it out to Brand for an 18-foot jumper hardly qualifies as creating offense...it will never work in the last 5 minutes of a game, as we've seen.

And of course Turner needs to mature but he needs to shoot the ball. John Wall needs to mature, yet he shoots and handles the ball in crunch time. Can't be acting scared.

But kicking it out to Brand for an 18-foot jumper hardly qualifies as creating offense.

This is just a silly characterization of the offense Jrue creates. Holiday averages more assists on hoops at the rim than Chris Paul. He sets guys up for easy, high-percentage looks. If you want to criticize him for anything tonight, criticize him for the 2 turnovers in the fourth, or the third that went to Brand instead. But he's making plays for a bunch of guys who can't do jack shit if they don't have something spoon fed to them, and a lot of the time they can't do anything with an assist that is spoon fed to them.

AJ reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 22:10

No, no, I was strictly referring to the offense Holiday creates FOR Brand. Brand has become a jump shooter, there is no denying that. And I am not even going to compare Holiday to Chris Paul...I agree the rest of the team can;t do anything, and I agree the Holiday is playing well, but when crunch time comes, the defense locks down, the game is halfcourt - Holiday and Turner have not shown up. They stop their dribble, make innecessary passes and don't take the ball to the basket. I don't mind losing the game...I mind losing the game holding the ball at the top of the key like Holiday, Turner and Brand did tonight.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 22:11

Plus if he's getting the ball to EB in his spots, (however far he is from the hoop), that is good offense. That's all Rajon Rondo does, difference is he has weapons. Not a very good floor game from Jrue tonight, but his line still has plenty of positives.

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 21:40

As mentioned earlier, what did Meeks do last night to not see any minutes tonight?

I'm more amazed that Songaila is seeing regular minutes.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 21:46

Well, my take on that is, Hawes sucks (which DC realizes), Speights is near useless, Battie has bad knees, so there aren't anymore options except to throw anyone out there and hope. Is Doug not asking Ed and Rod to get him Cedric Simmons back at the least? The guy could protect the paint and grab a board or two you'd think.

I wish someone would ask collins POST GAME (you know like they should have asked him about Speights last night) get him when he's more emotional and maybe get an honest answer as opposed to giving him 18 hours to figure out the 'politicalcorrect answer

Collins should be called out for a lot of coaching decisions already and all the writers are going soft on him

Let alone Doug, I think we threaten our health trying to support this team.

The second pick of the draft wheres that swagger at I really hate that word. This dude always passing the ball take that shot show the coaching that this is ur team show the world u was suppose to be the number one pick instead.

Jason reply to Marcus on Nov 17 at 21:56

If ET had the mindset of Elton Brand and EB had the mindset of Evan Turner I would be very happy right now.

i hate to say it...but we need a superstar. we have a team of offensive minded role players.

watching hornets now. jason smith looks good. probably because he plays with chris paul.

am i being rational? i don't know. i do know that i don't expect anything from the crappy 76ers anymore.

Yes, to win in the NBA you need a super star

Which usually means:

A. Getting lucky in a draft with a superstar in it (John Wall isn't one, derrick rose isn't one, and there won't be one next year)

B. Accumulating quality assets to trade for a superstar from a team ready to blow it all up (see the Current Boston Celtics Roster)

C. Taking advantage of a desperate stupid team (no marc gasol panning out doesn't make up for the pau gasol trade, that was a rape)

A. Can't control that
B. Sixers don't know how to do that
C. Sixers don't have a good GM

Hopefully we can get the number 1 pick.

In what's being called a weak draft and might have less underclassmen declare than normal if there's no CBA in place...yes, having the 'best' (25%) chance at getting the #1 pick in such a draft would definitely play with being a sixers fan.

Let's play a game, which player is most likely to Tony Parker a team mate?

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:18

Why are you so sure that Harrison Barnes isn't going to amount to a star player in the NBA

I'm not

He's not the clear cut #1 pick though
And most people seem to be indicating it's a weak draft with few if any guaranteed super stars in it.

I'm not really sure why anyone is ready to say that Jrue Holiday or Evan Turner won't be super stars - but they are.

I haven't paid tons of attention to the draft just yet but form what I've read, while Barnes it the #1 pick (if he comes out) no one is screaming OH MY GOD HES GOING TO BE THE NEXT BIG THING

There's a difference between being John Wall and Derrick Rose and being Lebron James or Oden Durant

Someone has to be the #1 pick every year, but the #1 pick isn't always super star upside, he's just the best available player in the draft

Honestly - why do i think barnes won't be a super star? Cause if he was going to be a super star he'd be all over the place, hyped on ESPN and every blog out there about how great he's going to be...People knew who lebron was his junior year, of high school, everyone knew oden and what he could do before the season started almost...thre's not enough buzz out there about Barnes to indicate people believe he has super star potential...i'm sure he's good, but superstars are more than good

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:31

Tell that Barnes argument to the voters of the preseason All-America Team then, he's the first freshman in history to be picked.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:33

Dajuan Wagner, Eddie Griffin, Jonathan Bender, OJ Mayo(heralded as the next LBJ type impact player) all aren't what they were perceived, and I had heard about them by the time they were juniors in high school

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:37

I would put John Wall in the LeBron/Durant category. Rose, on the other hand, was just the best player of that year.

Durant doesn't belong in the LeBron category. That draft was all about Oden before Durant dominated his freshman season.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 23:05

It's pretty sad that we're all talking about the NBA draft 12 games into the season

I'm not sure Wall is there, but i guess we'll see

And as we talk - ESPN sends me a text alert - Oden to get microfracture surgery - out again for the season.

I know people are comparing this pick to the jordan thing, but everyone thought oden had #1 talent.

Though it's interesting, the Blazers took a lot of 'risk reward' guys - and it is probbly a bust with Oden, and Roy's injury issues (which is why many teams passed on him) are already costing him possibly his speed for the rest of his career.

speeke reply to GoSixers on Nov 18 at 2:42

So you say Jon Wall and D Rose aren't superstars and then two comments later criticize people for judging Jrue and ET too soon. You're delusional. and as for Harrison Barnes or anybody else in the draft, they need to be Lebron hyped up to be great. Yea cause D Wade, CP3, and D Howard were all anyone talked about before their drafts and were on magazine covers and shit. Stop talking like an idiot. the draft's a crapshoot in any sport any year. that's the one thing that never changes

eddies' heady's on Nov 17 at 21:58

Turner showed me the same things he showed vs OKC tonight. With Dre out, he does nothing to distinguish himself in the half court offense. He's just out there. Well, except for displaying his want-to to go grab a board. Just another average player in a long line of 'em I guess. My fandom suffers everytime I think '#2 pick?'. Let DiLeo suffer the same fate as Stefanski please.

Your act is tired.

Who did you want @ #2?

He started on Favors, then went to Wes Johnson, who's just really lighting the world on fire for Minnesota. Of course, he's still lamenting the fact that we took Jrue over the oppressed Ty Lawson, so take it with a grain of salt.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 22:18

Remind me when Jrue and/or Turner start setting the world on fire, ok?

I expect more from him than we saw tonight, but you're characterizing 11 points on 8 shots, 12 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals and only 1 turnover as average for a SG, I think you're out of your mind.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 22:09

It's not hard to accumulate stat-stuffing numbers on a crappy team playing against a supposed even worse team. Those numbers ring very hollow when you come up with an L.

So what does it say about Wes Johnson, who's 23, and can't even get stat-stuffing numbers on a terrible team?

Michael Beasley and Kevin Love are both better than Andre Iguodala

Jason reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:56

So far this year yes? Am i missing something? I know AI is respected here but c'mon, he's not himself this year.

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:59

I respectfully disagree.

That's great

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 23:08

Beasley is turning into that volume shooter that he never had the chance to be in Miami. He's hated around here but I think he would've done wonders for our half court offense ( I wanted the Sixers to take a flyer on him at the deadline last year)

Rich reply to johnrosz on Nov 17 at 23:12

With how much of the offense that Jrue initiates, does he fit here? He really needs to be a volume shooter with the whole offense geared towards him. It would be interesting.

He's been very impressive this year, except for the hair.

johnrosz reply to Rich on Nov 17 at 23:23

I don't know if it would have worked but I just thought it was a low risk/ high reward type thing...

I haven't seen enough of him this year to make any real judgment, but I've heard his defense may have improved to "not awful".

Don't hate him at all, think he was under utilized and written off too soon in Miami and believe he's over valued too soon in Minnesota, and he'll pan out somewhere in the middle.

I don't believe the Heat planned to move him mid season, unless they knew far in advance about the 'troika' coming to town and needing to clear as much cap space as possible (did the sixers even have expiring contracts to offer miami for beasley at the time?)

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 17 at 23:25

The Wolves fans call him "Wesley Snipes".

Hopefully your fandom will come to the end of its rope soon, for all our sakes.

Twelve game - twelve games.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:13

The king of ad hominem.

There's that word again
You keep using it
I do not think it means what you think it means

Then again, I don't think you know what straw man, small sample size, common sense or logical thought mean either

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:27

When you figure out what asphalt or maple means, get back to me....

How the hell do you mention small sample size when previously above you make statements like Wall, Rose, and next year's draftees aren't or won't be stars? Did someone mention logical thought?

I'd explain it to you - but it involves something more complicated than simple addition, so it'd just confuse you

So, is this rock bottom?

i remember when LB took over, he gutted the team. i was outraged at the stackhouse for ratliff trade. and i was really sorry to see mark davis go...yea...

anyway, i hope collins guts this team. i know, i know, that's stefanski's or dileo or the new guy's or whoever the f*cks job. but i think that collins, like brown, has the ability to influence the management. that opinion is based purely on observation - so no, i cant back it up.

it just doesnt look like this combination of players is going to win.

Based on how Collins has coached this team so far, my personal hope is that he has no influence on how this roster is built going forward.

A coach only cares about the team while he's the head coach, he doesn't care about the state he leaves the roster in...if anything, the disaster that was the sixers roster when Brown left should make people hesitating about giving a coach control

Jason reply to joeykey on Nov 17 at 22:19

So you are given the Keys to the franchise, whats your plan? how do you gut this team? What do you do?

Depends, is ownership willing to swallow some short team pain for long term gain or do i have to trade sam dalembert for spencer hawes and andres nocioni to avoid the luxury tax for one year?

OT, but New Orleans looks pretty damn good. When Paul has a team that can just stay in the game, his team often has in edge in crunch time. He seems to be the perfect fit for Bellineli too.

Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 22:40

Turner on wanting the ball at the end of games: "Back in college, I took ’em all, baby. When the ball’s in your hands, you have to step up and take the shot. If you’re out there scared, there’s no point in playing."

Jason reply to Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 22:42

comedy gold that quote is.

Alvin reply to Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 22:55

Are you kidding me????

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 22:56


By the way, I think people here, and people the world over, should stop with the so many points on so many shots thing. It's misleading. You say 11 points on 8 shots and that masks that he needed 6 trips to the line to get those 11 points. There's a big difference in efficiency between 5-8 and one three for 11 points and 3-8 plus 5-6 from the line for 11 points. I'd say 11 points on 11 possessions used.

Oh come on - there are still people who think points per game is how to best evaluate a player (regardless of other numbers) performing well...if they've moved to points per shot it's at least a step in the right direction ;)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 17 at 22:55

Points per game has a little more meaning than it's given credit for these days. I mean, you have to take the shots to get the points. You can make a really high percentage of the handful of shots you take a game, but if you only take a handful you're not a great offensive player. And it takes some talent just to get a lot of shots up.

You're right. Points-per-shot is just the first thing I look at when I see a box score.

johnrosz reply to Tray on Nov 17 at 23:59

you're right but you're devaluing that getting to the line is a useful skill and a big part of the game

Tray reply to johnrosz on Nov 18 at 1:07

No I'm not, I'm just saying that foul shots are possessions too.

speeke reply to Alvin on Nov 18 at 2:49


YES. Lets go Sixers lets go! CLAP CLAP.

Plus blow the damn team up already. lol at not wanting Beasley, now he is ballin out of control. Oh well, 2nd round picks are to be used for JODIE MEEKS only.

Tom Moore on Nov 17 at 22:56

Oh, Oden's out the whole season. I guess that kills Oden-Iguodala trade speculation.

There was legitimate Oden Iguodala trade speculation or there was lunatic fringe trade machine Oden Iguodala speculation?:)

bebopdeluxe reply to Tray on Nov 17 at 23:38

Well...if you are truly up for blowing up the team, playing the kids A LOT (to give them the minutes and see what they have as well as to get a lot of ping-pong balls), then why does Oden's injury stop you from doing the deal anyway? You get Iggy's salary off the books, you will have a great shot at another top-3 pick...and if Oden somehow comes back to be a reasonably productive 30 mpg defensive big, you fill the biggest hole on the roster with the "inside straight".

I know...crazy, right?

johnrosz on Nov 18 at 0:45

Great night in the NBA for the Italians I guess...

Gallinari had 27 pts on 8 shots,3-5 from 3 pt range. 16 of 17 from the line. 4 boards.

I'm pretty sure he's going to end up here so I've been following him a little bit lately.

Jason reply to johnrosz on Nov 18 at 0:54

If he ends up here i'll be very sad. I want the main piece coming back in any iguodala trade to be a Big man. Wing players like Gallinari can be found in the draft a lot easier than a big man imo.

johnrosz reply to Jason on Nov 18 at 1:05

I think you could do worse. He would instantly create some space. Great size, great spot up shooter. He'd be decent next to ET. I would prefer a big man but I don't see any realistc options out there worth interest

Galinari isn't comiing to Philadelphia except as a Knick most likely

Tom Moore on Nov 18 at 0:57

DeMarcus Cousins Update: Huge double-double for Cousins tonight, 15 points, 10 boards in 30 minutes. It took Cousins 15 shots (and 6 free throws) to get those 15 points, but on the bright side, he did turn the ball over 5 times in the Kings loss, pushing his impressive assist-to-turnover ratio to 12/27.

In fact, our own "turnover prone" rookie, Evan Turner, only has 25 turnovers in 369 minutes, while Cousins has 27 in 226 minutes.

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