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SixersBeat Episode Tonight - 11/18/10

Harrison Barnes on ESPN2 right now. Hit a foot on the line deuce early. He's a really under-control, smooth player.

Rich reply to Rich on Nov 18 at 17:14

My bad, it was a three. He's got 8 points in a little over 5 minutes against Hofstra with two threes. He looks like his shooting will be a plus in the pros. I followed his rise in HS, and originally his shooting was his great skill. He looks like he has easy range from deep.

I know he can play off the ball too.

For some reason I thought he couldn't shoot. If he's a great shooter, then there's something to look forward to in the draft. I was kind of dreading winning the lottery for the right to draft another wing who can't shoot.

Rich reply to Brian on Nov 18 at 17:23

He might be a little streaky from deep, but scouts for Rivals and other recruiting sites say his mid-range game is Pierce-like. I don't know if Pierce developed the long ball until he was in the NBA either.

He's streaky right now, but his form is solid. I would expect him to be a + shooter in the pro's.

Any serviceable bigs out there that teams might be willing to trade us? I think even with a halfway decent defensive center or even convertible power forward we'd be light years better this season.

Barnes is on fire! 17 points on 4-4 threes, all of them from the catch and shoot variety.

turner leading the team in rebounds vs. the raptors...12 is a nice number...our bigs aren't so big... it's good the kid's got game right? why does the fact that he led the team depress me?

I'd find it much more disturbing if he led the team with something like 5 boards. They did a really good job on the defensive glass last night as a team, though, so I don't really care who did the dirty work.

Ohhhhhh SixersBeat!! The day just got appreciably better! I don't feel quite as sad about having to watch Double Nil play center every game. When can we get Speights in the lineup? I don't want to see Hawes, I don't want to see Songaila, Battie is good for one quarter at most. Seriously is there any way possible we could get Ibaka? I can't wait for Andre to come back and play strong so we can get something going. But if the sixers had to put him in the trade to get the deal done would you do it at this point? I think I would cause we'll pass the point of no return.

The sixers have 3 pieces that have trade value


If you want to get a trade done in which yo uget a good player back, you have to include one of those three.

Expiring contracts are proliferating all over the league, plus with all the S&T's last year, there are a lot of TPE sitting out there to absorb salary. Expiring contracts don't ALWAYS have value, they often don't, this year with so many out there all all those TPE's available, they really don't seem to be as valuable as they might be

Cool yeah thats what I was thinking, the OKC have an expiring in M.Peterson that the sixers could take back to make the trade work. Could be a good deal for both teams, Westbrook, Dre, Durant, Green, Kritic or Collison and that would be a scary team to matchup against. Esp since Iguodala played so well between Durant and Westbrook in the world championships. It'd be cool to see how he did in a winning atmosphere like that. And the sixers wouldn't get the best player in the deal, but at least a young athletic player Ibaka in the middle with some potential which they need badly.

Tom Moore on Nov 18 at 19:21

Williams is stunned the Sixers are 2-10:


Lou Williams, future NBA GM

Has Jrue's stature raised to the level where he brings back a quality young big? I'd hate to trade him, but its probably easier to land a quality PG with a top 6 pick this year than a quality big.

You guys are off your rocker. You are overthinking it. Iguodala is a good player at fair market value and he isn't old. Trading him doesn't make much sense at all.

Hold onto him and build with him... why is this a bad idea?

I've agreed with this stance for years, and part of me still does. I don't think they'll get equal market value back in a trade, and I'm doubtful they'd even get a piece with the potential to be as good as Iguodala is now (or will be three years down the road), but I can see the logic behind making move at this point. Take a step back and look at the roster. I see three useful pieces in the long term and 11 guys who will/should be gone. That's a ton of holes to fill, without the means to fill them. If you can get a piece, a pick and some cap flexibility for Iguodala, you could potentially fill three of those holes, or two, and remake your roster with guys all in the same age group, who would be coming into their primes at the same time.

When you look at it through that lens, it's a little more bearable, but it's such an unbelievable longshot that the player, picks or cap space would amount to anything as valuable as Iguodala, it's just hard to swallow.

Like I said, trading him for expiring contracts alone is just stupid, and any other deal, I'd need to see what the package is. I'm just not dead set against moving him, and I'm starting to lean toward it out of desperation.

Re: Trading Iguodala - I'd argue that because the team is low on talent and not contending soon, it doesn't make sense to trade Iguodala for a weak offer. He has enough good years left on both his body and his contract that the Sixers should wait for a decent offer.

Sixers got junk in return for Iverson?

Oh yeah, the team just improved greatly... they really got junk.


Management got more value than they gave out in that deal.

For the long-term gain of the team, they got junk. Two terrible draft picks that turned into nothing. For the short term, they got better, which I really don't think was the intent of the trade. Miller was great in his time here, and Joe Smith was actually very good the rest of that season.

Question for the hosts:

Who is a best option at the center position for the Sixers?

Spencer Hawes, Darius Songalia, or Evan Turner?

Joe reply to Joe on Nov 18 at 21:27

Just looking at those 3 players.

Heh. Evan Turner.

I doubt J.OB would ever sign off, but could their be a framework for a Granger/Iguodala “change of scenery” swap? Forget getting Hibbert, because he is probably seen as untouchable there.

Jrue/Turner/Granger would be a great blend of skills IMO. It does not address the cap or big man issues… but at least it pairs complementary players.

And from the Pacers perspective, Collison, Iguodala, Paul George seem to fit well.

That's a talent downgrade. If you want to do something like that for fit, I'd rather do it in the form of a big savings salary-wise and get Galinari from the Knicks in a deal to facilitate a Melo to NYC deal.

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