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Game 13 Thread: PHI vs MIL

That's a huge lineup for MIL- Salmons at 2, Mbah a Moute at 3.

Brandon Jennings in a hoopsworld interview said that if there is a lock out next season he'd just go play in Europe, but I'm pretty sure that he can't do that can he?

He can't if there is a strike. But if there is a lock out then he's not being paid- and can play for any league he wants.

If he gets injured while under the contract to the NBA can they void it? (I'm not saying the bucks would but I'm interested in theory )

Some feel ET will turn out to be a similar player to Salmons. So I guess that makes it a good match-up. I'd love to see Turner show that his ceiling is much higher- but I'm not expecting that tonight from "Reggie" Evan Turn-over :)

Turner has fewer turnovers than Cousins, in 143 more minutes :)

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 18:42

Turnovers are the least of Turner's flaws. In any event, I think that, as much as Cousins has struggled, he certainly appears to have a higher ceiling than Turner. When he's played well he's played almost dominantly well. But is there potential for him to be another Eddy Curry? Sure. Turner, though, has the potential to just be a rotation player his whole career, not because he's a 'problem,' but just because of his talent level.

Really, "just a rotation player" is Turner's ceiling now? And I'd say the odds of Cousins winding up like Curry are better than him winding up being even a useful pro in five years.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 19:08

The potential! That's not his ceiling. It's more like the floor, but a floor that's not too inconceivable.

Wow. I've been paying so much attention to Cousins' fouling and turnover problems I hadn't even looked at his other numbers. 41% from the floor. TS% of .488. From a center? Those numbers are pitiful.

Also, I don't get why everyone's in such a hurry to trade for Gortat. Can't we wait until we win the lottery? It's not like they need Lou anyway. Howard picks up lots of fouls at times. They need a Gortat to face some of the playoff teams' big front lines when Howard's on the bench.

Looking forward to a big game from Double Nil tonight. Maybe he can luck his way into blocking Bogut's shot or grab a rebound before it hits him somewhere other than his hands. A couple of those fallaway layups will actually drop and we will all feel better about his game. Although it does appear now that he subscribes to the same workout regiment as Cousins.

I've go the Philly feed on league pass, finally.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 19:09

Hope you enjoy Zumoff saying nice things about Hawes and all of our other great players.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Elton Brand montage to open the broadcast.

And the Spencer Hawes reign of terror continues!

Great offensive possession from EB!

Jesus, they have Bogut on Brand AND they're doubling him on every catch in the post.

Sloppy, sloppy start so far for the Sixers. Ugly turnover there for Turner. Cousins-esque.

Turner running the point here to get the ball to Jrue in the post with Jennings on him. Rushed the shot, though. Like the play.

Sissy hook!

T to J on the break, off the steal. Fun.

Another two turnovers. Shooting themselves in the foot.

Love that Thad gets to play the 3 right now.

Turner in the post. Nice.

Jrue's shot looks off over the last couple games. Need him to hit that catch-and-shoot three.

Oh what a sweet pass by Jrue!

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:21

Aside from that really bad turnover, ET has been the best player on the floor thus far

Hawes is 1/1 w/ 3 defensive boards (one of them bounced off his chin before he grabbed it, though).

Sissy Hook for Three!!!!

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 19:23

Even if Hawes does something positive it doesn't register for me

I liked the blocked dunk attempt. Solid.

Brand missed Jrue wide for 3 on that last possession.

Jason reply to Jason on Nov 19 at 19:25

Brand follows it up with another bad look.

Bogut is a tough matchup for him. All he can get is that fading crap 15-feet from the hoop.

Jason reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 19:29

Yup, but i've been watching brand closely the past few games i've watched and he's been awful (including weds nights 27 pt). He does not pass ever unless he decides to stop 18 feet away from the rim and stand there waiting to hand it off to Jrue. His shot selection is awful, along with passing the ball.

Jrue blowing bunnies left and right. Damnit.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:24

Nice eurostep by Jrue, then blows the bunny.

Ugh, 1/6 start for Jrue.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:25

Wish Jrue had either gone right back up with it or taken it back out to set something up.

Hawes is better than Brand today. Plain and simple

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:28

starting to see ET the facilitator? Getting guys the ball in really good spots on the floor

Jennings has Brand on him, settles for a foot-on-the-line jumper. That's bad.

i dont even understand what the 76ers are trying to do in half court offensive sets

Neither do they.

Is this a zone w/ Brand at the top of a 1-3-1?

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:31

wow that may have been the most hideous and slow developing fast break I've ever seen

Yo Bogut was in the huddle before like 'It can't be this easy, right?'

Sixers down 20-25 after one quarter.

Not a whole lot of positives. Turner looked pretty good. Jrue didn't. Hawes with his most-productive stint as a Sixer, yet he still looked like a sloth.

Maybe that one gets Jrue going. One-point game.

Maybe not, charge on the next play for his second foul.

Hate this lineup (and not sure why Jrue can't play with 2 fouls in the second quarter): Lou, Meeks, Thad, Brand, Battie.

Looks like Good Lou is here tonight.

Oh please let Gooden keep shooting threes! :)

yea lou is the only one 'gettin after it'

bogut is back. there goes the half...

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:46

Thad just did a really good job chasing Magette around off some screens.

aggressive on both ends of the floor. i like it.

Good, aggressive basketball played by that unit.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:52

I don't think efending Magette is any small chore,give Thad his props thus far. Especially when you factor in the scoring on the other end

Good Lou!

You can't be upset when a 22-footer from Gooden is the result of your defense.

spencer freakinhawes!


Sissy Hook x 2! Second one falls.

lol "sissy hook"

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 19:55

We're going to have to get Jodie a mullet. Like his energy on the defensive end.

Why did Speights get pulled? Because he was actually rebounding the ball and playing defense?

3 on Brand, wonder if Speights comes back in, or maybe they go small.

Take a bus, Salmons.

Sissy 18-foot fallaway!

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:01

I kind of like it when Jodie is on the floor. He hustles.

Heh, who just saw Thorn's reaction from the luxury box?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 20:02

That's how I feel on the inside watching this team

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:01

What on earth was that pained expression on Thorn's face just now???

10-point lead. Wonder if they'll have enough to fend off the inevitable third-quarter collapse.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:03

Well, at least we can be assured that Rod Thorn cares now.

Either that or he's got a friendly wager on this contest

Get a hoop here to end the half?

I love how Lou Will called a timeout because Turner was planning to take the last shot. Only Lou Will can take the last shot, says Lou Will.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:06

Any time you can get the ball into Tony Battie's hands to end the half I think you have to...

I didn't know he was ball friendly like HAWES

Ugh, contested Lou three.

OK, strong quarter. I was wrong about that lineup, they played very well and Collins was right to get them extra burn when they were clicking.

Sixers 49, Milwaukee 43.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 20:08

I've seen this game before. Bad Lou is going to come out of the locker room, dominate the ball, miss shots, turn it over, and play no defense. The lead will disappear, but Doug will pull him about half a quarter too late

sweet quarter

Hey the 76 showing some energy out there, so far I'm encouraged!

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:17

How many games has it been since we held a team under 50 pts at the half...

it's been 2 days.

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 20:23

Not the best game for Elton tonight

I'm liking Thad's game today. Very aggressive on both ends.

is that a board and an assist for Jrue? Should be.

Haha the Bill Russell tap from Jrue

Until that three, Brian

AJ reply to AJ on Nov 19 at 20:26

Made up for it on that and-one though, hehe

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:26

Thad vying for the extension.

Man, Thad is having a game. Turner looks better tonight, need to get him the ball more.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 20:30

Getting his jumper off a little bit quicker it looks like

Notice how Jrue is checking the bench every time up the floor (not in transition). Looks like Collins may be calling out specific plays on every half-court possession. I haven't seen that before, makes sense, though.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:31

Agree on DC's calls. Esp cause we have the lead.

God damnit. He fucking called that a block first. Probably was a charge, though.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:33

Thad you's a balling boy!

Man, they're really rewarding flops this season. More than I've seen in the past.

Thad gets the full +1 credit for that point on Statman's scale. Huge hustle play, and they needed the hoop.

Why does Turner only have 5 shots while Hawes has 9?

Great D by Turner there.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:36

Good movement of feet Evan.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:37

Hawes doing the disco.

I can't believe how bad Milwaukee is on the offensive end. Don't get me wrong, the Sixers are playing some D, but they shouldn't be able to hold any team to 53 points in 30 minutes.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:40

Man, Jrue should have took that.

21 fast break points already.

Ugh, 4 on Jrue. Now don't screw it up, Lou.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 20:47

Please let Turner run the point if Lou is in there.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:43

Bad shot Noc. And it cost us on the other end.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:43

No 3rd quarter lull yet guys. Finish strong.

It's a testament to how bad a game it is for Brand that Hawes has played 21 mins. At least no sight of Songaila yet.

Keep pushing. Don't dribble the air out of the ball, Lou.

Jesus, how many offensive fouls in this game?

Two bad turnovers. Could have killed the game with those 2 possessions.

Sixers up by 14 after three. FOURTEEN!

Big quarter.

Nevermind, it's only 13. Boo.

Has anyone heard of this guy?

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:55

Dag, this guy cracked on the "Sixers playoff run..", and then bemoaned Meredith.....ha

Going purely by +/- the top 5 players for the Sixers tonight have been Speights/Thad/Mullet/Meeks/Lou.

When our two young guards are struggling we need a superhuman effort from the bench to stay competitive in games. With Brand playing so poorly tonight too, it's amazing Milwaukee has conjured up less than 60 points in 3 quarters. Their offense is much worse than advertised.

Jrue took his time on that three, set his feet and drilled it. Good to see.

Wow, what a finish by Thad + 1.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 20:58

Good pass Lou.

Anyone see Thad box Maggette into the front row there? Where is this coming from?

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 21:00

This is the Thad that gave us so much hope in his rookie season. No idea where it's coming from, but I hope he stays for a while.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:00

Marreese if you are tough enough to stand there and take all those charges, then why don't you rebound that tough every night?

Thad Young baby!

10 boards for Speights, and the 30th charge of the night to follow.

This game gotta have the most offensive fouls.

come on, I wanna see ET out there.

EB made them pay for doubling. Stefanski has wood somewhere.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 21:08

I'll be glad when that name is mentioned on this blog as often as Brad Greenberg's.


Wait. Hawes has one more rebound than Bogut. Shock.

No matter what the team on the floor thinks, this game is not over.

Shit ET just got pulled again.

Collins didn't like that foul. Didn't even look like a foul to me, but Nocioni made a play right away, so it worked out.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:15

It sure isn't over. And good D by Noc on the overplay.

Why did Lou get burned down the floor on that play? He wasn't even involved on the offensive end, did he just fall asleep?

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 21:21

The thing that really annoys me about Lou is that there is no stupid thing on the floor that he could do that would surprise me anymore. He's just not a smart basketball player by nature.

5 turnovers for Jrue. And a stupid one by Lou. Damnit. They're lucky this game isn't 50 minutes long.

Fourth quarter collapse?

Luckily, Milwaukee is too inept on the offensive end to score 10 points in 2:56.

Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 21:22

Well they've scored more points in 9 mins+ in the fourth than they did in the whole third so there's some sense of urgency.

And who are we kidding, any team can score 10 on the Sixers in 2:56.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:20

Time is not on their side if they keep whatever this is up.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:22

Yeah baby!


Alvin reply to Brian on Nov 19 at 21:25

Win #3!

Rodney Buford on Nov 19 at 21:24

Speights...the closer? Where is Battie?

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:24

Thad you amazed me on that last rebound son, where's that been?

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:25

Did you see Doug and Dre letting Thad know that was the effort needed?

Well, solid game on the defensive end and the bench really came through in a big way tonight. Best game I've seen from Thad in three years. Maybe the best game of his career.

eddies' heady's on Nov 19 at 21:27

Don't know where it came from, but it was damn sure fun to watch. Great, great effort.

Starters 43 points. Lou+Thad 42 points. If Speights and Thad give this kinda effort rebounding and boxing out every game we'd be a much more decent team.

Thad has been a monster offensively thus far in 13 games. 56% from the field.

Starters 43 points. Lou+Thad 42 points. If Speights and Thad give this kinda effort rebounding and boxing out every game we'd be a much more decent team.

It's more likely that Milwaukee had a bad night than this is the beginning of a trend.

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 22:05

Milwaukee did have a bad night. I was trying to make the point about the two of them making the effort out there. It frustrates me more than anything when they don't seem to try hard enough.

What frustrates me is people who make such statements about players 'not trying' hard enough or not 'wanting to win' when there's no possible way to discern such things on a tv screen

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 23:56

You can totally see not trying hard on a tv screen. Do you honestly think you can't see effort, and the lack of it, when you watch basketball? I don't know if you can see wanting to win; it's, of course, possible that people like Vince Carter and McGrady really wanted badly to win, just as much as a Jordan or a Garnett, and genuinely thought that shooting lots of long-range jumpers and playing much worse defense than they were capable of was the way to accomplish that. I think Iverson really wanted to win and didn't know how to play or handle himself in a way maximally conducive to doing so. But you can get some sense.

We can say whatever about Milwaukee having a bad night. At least Speights got some minutes and grabbed some boards. And Young showed some scoring potential (could we flip him for a 1st rounder???).

Although I wish Turner would've gotten some burn in the 4th...

Young has shown scoring potential before.

It's one game on a team that's still 3-10, I wouldn't get too excited, and neither will anybody who actually works for an NBA team after one game

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Nov 20 at 4:14

Wouldn't mind having Thad in the starting lineup instead of Nocioni. I realize this is one game, but evaluating Young is more intriguing to me than getting Nocioni minutes, especially if an Iguodala trade occurs down the line.

guruvoodoo on Nov 20 at 8:04

Is Young Thad TRANSFORMER-ing into Baddeus? That'd be a stroke of luck in the Dreguo-For-A-Bigstakes.

It's been knowledge that Roy had knee problems and this was a risk since the draft, the blazers are the high risk high reward team (or were with the old GM) they took the good players with the injury risk that other teams shied away from, and as long as they stay healthy they look like genuises, but now reality has hit, and the other shoe dropped. The Blazers won't contend and now Roy is an albatross contract.

In other news, the first 'major' move of the season between the Raptors and the Hornets? Interesting to see the Hornets 'rock the boat' off to a best record in the league start

It's interesting to see how little value a huge expiring contract holds this year...

I know I've mentioned it a couple times that in my opinion the 'expiring contract' value is always dependent on many things. For instance, last season expiring contracts had more value because of the free agent bonanza. However that free agent bonanza created many TPE's for teams (like Toronto) and there's a ton of expiring contracts all over the league and not a huge free agent market and the coming lock out so they have a lot less value this year.

Peja is expiring but Toronto has the big TPE so they don't need to cap space though New Orleans probably gets to maintain theres?

Peja is probably included because it's a 2 for 3 trade and New Orleans needed the extra roster space?

Tray reply to Xsago on Nov 20 at 13:38

So the Hornets get what out of this? Why not just let the thing expire? Jack's too good to be a backup, David Andersen adds nothing they don't have, and they have to give up Bayless to make this happen?

They get 3 players who can contribute to strengthen their bench. They improve their back up rebounding with Andersen. They clear playing time for Thornton (maybe), and Jack may be 'too good' to be a back up, but that's what he's going to be so they upgraded their back up point guard.

It's a solid trade for the Hornets, they think they can contend this year so they strengthened their bench. (I still think the West is the Lakers to lose even if Bynum isn't there). Remember though, all Hornets moves have to also be looked at the prism of 'Chris Paul will want to leave if we don't try and build a better more competetive team'.

Peja was gone and Bayless was useless, this move strengthens their bench

Seems like an odd trade to me. I thought Willie Green was their backup PG :)

According to the yahoo depth charts, Bayless was (Check it, no willie) their back up so maybe Jack is an upgrade over Bayless and or Willie, but who knows how reliable that stuff is.

Hornets strengthened their bench maybe, that Andersen kid can rebound better than Smith can can't he?

Solid move for New Orleans, and Toronto uses their TPE to get Bayless who supposedly just needed ' a new setting' away from Portland.

Always remember, that in the Bosh to Miami deal, the Raptors passed on Beasly.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 20 at 13:53

Jack is a huge upgrade... but when you have the best point guard in the league, I don't think your backup needs to be very good. As for Andersen, over his career he's averaged roughly a rebound more per 40 minutes than Smith. Of course these guys don't play 40 minutes so we're talking an extra rebound every 2 or 3 games. Bayless could ultimately become a really useful bench scorer. And, you know, Peja can still hit threes. He showed that a couple games ago. I would just sit on his contract if I were given that offer.

As for passing on Beasley, I don't think his recent hot stretch means much. It's been largely built on canning long twos at an unsustainably hot rate. Last night he went 25 and 10, but on 22 shots and 6 free-throws, just one attempt at the rim and 3-12 from 16 feet and out. That's more like him. Blatche, who Beasley reminds me of, had a really hot stretch for a few weeks last year.

The Raptors are talent thing, real NBA talent thing, when Reggie Evans is carrying your team, you're screwed. Beasley would have been a low risk take, it was a stupid move by the Raptors to pass on him.

One more thing to consider about Jack (aside from Brians comments about playing them both at the same time), Chris Pauls injury history, and how bad the Hornets are without Chris Paul. I thik obtaining a starting caliber point guard as a back up to Paul is genius because it allows you to maybe cut back on Pauls minutes if you need to and have some insurance of staying at least competitive if he misses some games due to injury.

Bayless hasn't shown squat in Portland, he hasn't shown squat in New Orleans. It's possible all this talk about what he might become is just crap that people talk because they haven't moved past draft night

Bayless reminds me of Anthony Randolph - oh boy fresh start in NY - he's going to rock - but oh yeah - he still sucks

Talent thin that is :)

hornets trade

Looks like Jack, Andersen, and Banks for Peja, Bayless.

On the court, it seems like a solid deal by the Hornets.

Bayless has been just pathetic this year. Jack is an immediate upgrade over Bayless and Green.

If Thorton gets minutes now he is going to be better than Peja for the season.

And Andersen, well, he isn't a downgrade compared to Smith or Mbenga really.

The Hornets did get better with the trade but not by much. I thought Stojakovic (an expiring) + Bayless (young talent) was worth more than Jack and Anderson. I was already low on the value of expiring contracts but this is ridiculus value... It's absolutely hilarious now that the Hornets actually offered Stojakovic for Igoudala :)).

Joe reply to Xsago on Nov 20 at 13:52

Bayless isn't young talent.

well he's young (only 22) :)

I thought he was one of those "he just needs a fresh start" folks?

I like Jack and he's got decent size so I don't think you're limited to using him only when Paul is on the bench, you could probably run both of those guys for stretches. This move also saves NO a lot of money while upgrading their roster, it's like the opposite of the Dalembert trade.

I don't know how these damn things work, but obviously Toronto gets the majority of Toronto's TPE back - but is it the whole thing or just a portion. They can't be combined right - so it's two separate deals?

Peja for the TPE - Bayless for the other guys?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 20 at 13:57

That's true, you can play them together. That's a backcourt that actually has its advantages over Paul-Belinelli. Of course the guy who should really be getting play is Thornton, I don't know why Willie Green is taking his minutes. In fact, Green's often on the floor at the end of games.

tk76 reply to Tray on Nov 21 at 0:09

Coaches love WG.

Oh, one other thing. This trade was a huge boost for the Harrison Barnes sweepstakes in Toronto. Jack was one of their best players.

I think the sixers are terrible, but I don't think they're the worst team in the league, I mean they beat Milwaukee without Iguodala, so they have some stuff in them. Even with no Iguodala I think the sixers are only 'as bad' as top 5 bad, but that's not a bad thing cause if you look at the modern (14 team) lottery - the worst team doesn't win that much (except of course when cleveland tanks to get lebron - but no one mentioned conspiracy there)

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 20 at 13:55

Well it is a bad thing, while the worst team rarely wins because it only has a 20% chance of winning or whatever, any given team in the top 5 has a very small chance. Combined they have a better chance than the worst team and so you bet the field against the worst team, but it's not like any one bottom 5 team has a good shot.

I'm well aware of how the lottery works and how probability works and my comments were mostly tongue in cheek (which you do usually miss)

Also, since you always feel the need to correct even my smallest errors - it's 25% not 20

BTW - Barnes was awful last night :)

So I was watching Cousins last night, who looked good even though he didn't play too well (10 rebounds, but 8 points on 8 shots and 5 FTA), and it strikes me that a cause of his turnover problems and inefficiency may be Westphal's baffling decision to primarily play him in the high post. Cousins passes well out of the post, but I don't think he knows what to do with the ball in the high post, and playing him there encourages him to take the jumpers the defense gives him, or to drive to the basket from well beyond the foul line more often than you'd like him to. At the basket itself, he's making 80% of his attempts, one of the highest marks in the league.

Yep, it's the coach's fault today. Tomorrow, it'll be Tyreke's fault. Never Cousins' fault. At least he only had 1 turnover while he was wasting possessions left and right.

Cousins turnover rate last year at UK (where he didn't even average 25 MPG by the way) was 16%. This year it's 18.8% so far. Maybe he just turns it over a lot?

AST% 9.1% at KY and 8.1% this year

I'm sure it was Calipari's fault, or maybe John Wall.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Nov 20 at 17:11

Doesn't turnover RATE have nothing to do with how much you play? It's a rate, not a counting stat.

Yup, I'm aware of that, so I'll simplify it for you

1. He barely averaged above half the minutes in a college game - basically the eqvuialent of averaging slightly more than 24 MPG in the NBA - and he was a 'very good' player. Why didn't Calipari keep him on the floor more?

2. The rates indicate that he turns it over a lot and doesn't like to pass to teammates a lot, be it in college or the NBA. That's not the coaches fault - that's his, two different coaches two different systems, same problem.

To you, Cousins is blameless for his flaws...

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 20 at 17:29

I would just suggest that you have a rookie who's only played 11 games, in a role in the offense that makes little sense given his skills, and you've already decided not only that he's a walking turnover/foul machine, but that that's the case because he has mental issues. Turner, on the other hand, who I take it we drafted for his offense and how he reminded people of Grant Hill in Detroit, Brandon Roy when that was a huge compliment, and Paul Pierce, isn't scoring, is fairly inefficient when he tries to, doesn't have a ghost of a three-point shot, and you'd say that's okay because it's early. We haven't decided that he'll always be this much of a non-factor, and we certainly haven't decided that it's because of some fatal mental flaw. Nor should we - at this very early point in rookies' seasons, I think that how a player looks tells us a lot more than what their stats are. Turner to me looks like he'll eventually be a pretty good player, and Cousins, even on his bad days, looks like a serious NBA big man. On the other hand, some rookies don't look so great. I watch Paul George and he looks like a Brandon Rush clone. Monroe does nothing for me. James Anderson hasn't put up huge numbers but he looks like a fairly polished NBA 2 guard already. Wesley Johnson clearly has a great future ahead of him as a solid role player and/or an overpaid swingman on a bad team.

tk76 reply to Tray on Nov 21 at 0:19

I'm amazed at how people (not necessarily directing this at you) are already so decided on what these rookies will be. People either love or hate Turner, Cousins, Favors etc solely based on College or a few things they read. IMO it's way to early to "take sides" about these guys. Let them play a while.

The same thing happened last year when there were Jrue and Ty camps. I just don't get it... do you really have to hate one guy if you are a fan of the other. I think Jrue and Ty are both developing into quality NBA players and I don't have to be against either. And as for Cousins/Turner, they both have a ton to work on to be high level professionals on and off the court. I'll be interested to see how they turn out. I actually wanted both of them to be Sixers. And I also think that after Wall the 2010 class will go down as below average overall.

Don't get me wrong- I think its great people have strong and informed opinions. I mostly don't understand the either/or mentality.

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