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What's the Plan?

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 1:47

I think they're at the front of the line waiting to facilitate the Melo to New York deal. Other than that, I think they're just content to be awful for now

Have Doug Collins run the offense through Elton Brand, he will take 20 shots a night and his numbers will be amazing. Then trade him.

Denver recives: Iggy and Kapono.

Sixers get: Melo and Love

Minny get: Hawes, Speights, Meeks.

Chuck Norris reply to PeP on Nov 19 at 7:00

Really? Minnesota hangs up.

And Carmelo won't sign in Philly so it's a pointless move

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on Nov 19 at 7:04

Do everything possible short of trading Jrue and Turner to get Favors

The philadelphia clippers

This organization is such a disaster that the Inquirer sent Kate Fagan to Turkey to cover AI.

The biggest newspaper in town, sending their primary reporter out of the country to cover a former player...

Williams & Speights to Orlando for Gortat & Orton! This makes a ton of sense as Meeks can provide the same spark off the bench as Williams. Also, although raw, Orton has got skills as he (if used as a C) & Gortat would solidify the position for years!

Orlando wouldn't do this deal...

khouse reply to Xsago on Nov 19 at 18:11

And you know this how exactly?

Common sense

It's a lopsided deal that works out strongly in the sixers favor.

Their GM isn't BIlly King, or Isiah Thomas, or Ed Stefanski

ANd rape is illegal

The best thing to do at this point is dump Hawes, Speights, and Kopono. Find some young promising pieces to replace them with on the cheap and see if they pan out... if not it's not a big loss. Trade Iggy and Lou for the best deal around the trade deadline and hope to get some more draft picks. Once Brand is off the books either by trade or FA stock some more young talent and picks. We are going to be bad for a few years but hopefully will be better off down the road.

Joe reply to azteck on Nov 19 at 9:41

Speights is still relatively cheap next year and his option has been picked up I think.

The window for acquiring Kevin Love has closed, I'm afraid.

If Jersey is willing to part with Favors to get Melo, Rod should make that happen. Playing around with Trade Machine, I can't find a 3-way (Philly, Jersey, Denver) that is even vaguely plausible. The only asset NJ can give up that could get it close to working is Harris, and neither we nor Denver would want him. Would need to get a fourth team involved, preferably one with some athletic bigs and no point guard.

Elton is indeed playing himself into being tradeable. Again, athletic bigs, picks and cap relief.

Marty reply to Matt on Nov 19 at 10:21

I disagree. Something to the effect of Igoudala & Thad to Denver, Melo to NJ, and Murphy (expiring) and Favors to Sixers works. Who isn't doing that deal?

Anthony probably won't resign with the Nets. Without it there is zero chance the Nets would do the deal. And we are not quite sure whether the Nuggets prefer Igoudala and Young instead of Favors and Murphy either.

Marty reply to Xsago on Nov 19 at 10:41

I might be mistaken, but I thought it was confirmed that Melo would sign an extension with NJ or NY. I would be happy to take Gallinari off NY's hands too.

The most recent reports are that Carmelo Anthony would ONLY sign an extension with the Knicks. If the Nuggets move Anthony to any other team than the Knicks they won't get much cause it's a rental, if they choose to deal with the Knicks, the Knicks have the upper hand because they can just wait until the off season.

The entity that 'needs' Carmelo in New York sooner than anyone else is Carmelo so he can sign his extension under the current CBA and not the next one (though I expect his contract will roll back)

I would target Orlando and Gortat. There are any number of combinations that might work. We need a legit Center here. Iggy plus Battie for Gortat plus(Pietrus? or The shooterfromDuke) could get a deal done. Orlando may want to unload Carter. If so, toss in Lou Will or Kapono's expiring may work. Seems like big men just are not out there. In retrospect, since there is such a shortage maybe we SHOULD have drafted Favors.

Joe reply to sfw on Nov 19 at 9:39

Gortat isn't as good as Iguodala and is the same age I believe.

As for drafting Favors, Turner has been fine...

The Sixers shouldn't have traded Dalembert for pennies on the dollar. That is the real "should have"

sfw reply to Joe on Nov 19 at 9:43

We have a replacement for Iggy. We have no legit center. A center who runs the court, defends, rebounds, has 1/2 a brain and can get you 12 and 10 for 32 minutes would provide greater value than Iggy at this time. Also, reasonably priced. Can Gortat give you that?

Joe reply to sfw on Nov 19 at 9:58


You are talking about pieces fitting together and Turner and Iguodala don't fit after watching them play about 50 minutes on the court together.

I think Iguodala is more valuable than Gortat and I think you are thinking in the wrong way if you are thinking about whether players will fit together right now.

I recognize your point. I think Jeff Adrien and Andre Iguodala are going to give you more than Nocioni and Gortat, though, so I think there are plenty of options available and improving over Hawes is EASY. Improving to Gortat's level... NOT EASY.

At the end of the day, the Sixers should be stacking up pieces even if they don't fit or at least waiting to find out they don't fit before deciding they don't fit.

sfw reply to Joe on Nov 19 at 10:10

I think we agree with the exception of the value of a Gortat vs Iggy. I'm not looking for the pieces to fit. Just looking for a quality big. I believe Gortat is wasted in Orlando for 7 to 15 minutes a game. They could get away with a Battie level backup.

I really don't think it is that difficult.

1) You try to keep your most valuable commodities, unless you get a good offer. So you DO NOT trade Iguodala, Jrue, or Turner. You also try to keep Speights (1 more year) or Lou maybe. Those 2 are fringe and if people disagree, fine. It isn't a major thing there.

2) You try to dump your worst commodities for less worse commodities. If you can't, you don't resort to trading your worse commodities for even worse commodities. So you actively shop Brand and hope the Clippers want him back or something. If no one wants him, you just wait it out and then eventually you have an expiring and maybe you can facilitate with it and get a sign and trade guy... you leave the option open OR you let him expire and you have cap space to facilitate. You try to dump Nocioni for an expiring contract somehow. You try to get a future first rounder for Thad if possible because he is a horrible NBA player, but some people don't think so. You don't bring Hawes back next year.

3) Wait. Things ALWAYS come up and you want to be able to facilitate deals because you get nice stuff when you do like future first rounders or 2nd rounders or a 3-4 year pro who hasn't really quite panned out or is "redundant" on his team.

If you panic and trade Iguodala, you are making a stupid move. A just plain stupid move. This franchise has made TONS of stupid moves already and that is why they are where they are. Trading Iguodala would be another stupid move to make this team worse. It would simply repeating the old stupid moves with another stupid move digging the hole deeper. Stop being stupid, people.

For the most part I agree with your principles.

The problem is that it would mean mostly sitting on their hands for 2+ seasons (until Brand is an expiring.) No one is going to blow their doors off to get Iguodala or Lou. And the other guys are all cheap/young and/or expiring soon.

So if you want to move things up a bit you can try and turn Brands horrible huge 3 year contract into 3 or smaller bad 3 year contracts. Then you hope to package those guys or use them as role players.

Joe reply to tk76 on Nov 19 at 13:05

"move things up a bit" seems like cod for taking back less value than you give out in hopes you luck out and end up with more value.

I'm not willing to do that. If I'm management, I'm fine with holding Brand till he expires and taking the space if need be. That is plan Z, but I'm not forcing anything.

That is fine, and it makes sense.

But it also means most likely the team is horrible for 3 more years before slowly climbing up on a sounder foundation. And I'm not sure comcast or the fans will be happy with that measure approach.

THe only approach that will satisfy fans is instantaneous wins. Fans don't have patience, fans only care about this season and the record 'this' season (whatever season it is)

The sixers must develop a plan that they believe will build a winner, and then the fans will come, if they're scrambling EVERY YEAR just to get that 8th seed to try and con the fans well then they should just give up anyway

Tom Moore on Nov 19 at 9:50

Sixers need Williams to make shots again:


Well i think the situation is quite complicated, which is why a lot of time has passed and no moves have been made.

I don't think we need to overthink all of this though. My idea of how to go forward follows roughly the following path:

- Do not make moves with the idea to get something in free agency!!! This is the most important IMO. Free agency rarely works, and most of the time you end up with decent but significantly overpaid players. Free Agency is NOT the answer.

- Make a few moves that balance the roster out. Expecting that we'll get someone who will turn the situation around is pointless right now. What we should do is trade the parts that don't fit with each other, and more importantly that don't fit with the desired style of play. Guys that might be moved to do this include: Lou, Young, Hawes, Speights, possibly Brackins and Nocioni.

- Trade Igoudala. I like Igoudala a lot and actually think that he can be a key piece on a contender. However keeping him through an obvious rebuilding process would be counterproductive at this point. We should get something of value while we can. Additionally while i don't think the JTI trio can't play together, it just seems that the team would be in a better position with only 2 of them. With Jrue pretty much being set at PG, i guess the one that should be traded is Igoudala. And in the end lets face it if you wanna get something you gotta give up something as well. Despite what a common fan thinks the people working in the NBA front offices are smart people and you can't get a steal trade every day. Especially now after the summer of 2010, when the value of an expiring contract will diminish IMO.

- going for broke and waiting for the lottery is the wrong move though. Whatever the team out on the floor is they need to give their best and develop good habits. Trade your older players, get younger, put your team in a position when it's impossible to win to many games. But always, always try as hard as possible to win the games and receive the proper coaching (coaching to win).

As for trade options and trade targets i have a few on my mind that might somehow work.

Gortat - While i don't think he's as available as many others think, he's a decent player that can be part of a better future. If you can grab him without trading away Igoudala (nor Jrue or turner of course) you do it without hasitation.

Jason Thompson - he's available and probably cheap and i think is a better fit than the guys we have, I'm not sure whther i would trade Young for him (Young is better IMO), but i would consider it.

Batum, Fernandez - The talented young Portland wings can be good fits next to Jrue and Turner. They are a long shot , especially after rumors that Roy might be available in a trade

Favors - It's a long shot as well but if there is a way to get him without giving up Jrue or Turner, you do it. Plane and simple.

Trades for future first rounders work too, if we are talking about Young, Speights, Hawes, Nocioni etc.

I don't think we have the trade assets to get guys like Love and Horford at this point. But if an opportunity arises you go for that deal.

Trades for future first rounders work too, if we are talking about Young, Speights, Hawes, Nocioni etc.

None of them have trade value for future first rounders unless of course they're top 20 protected first rounders for ever.

Those 4 guys have little to not trade value at this time

Does that mean you wouldn't do a Hawes for a late first rounder trade???? Or a Nocioni for a contract equal to his (same length) + a late first rounder?

Sorry, no, what I meant to say is I can't see any other team taking them on for first round picks - even alte round...

I'm not so sure about that. Late first rounders don't hold much value anyway in terms of players you can draft at those positions. Contenders often give them up for a missing piece on the bench that can give them 10min of what they lack. And in reality a large percent of the bigs drafted in the 20-40 range are as bad as Hawes, possibly even worse. I'm certain someone could take a flier on him.

I suppose you're right, but some of the smarter team use late round draft picks to get young euros and stash them in europe until they're read - so it's a risk reward kind of thing I guess based on the team involved. Other teams continue to find good players even though they aren't drafting until the 20s (spurs) for instance so they might not be as willing as another team with less first round luck low in the draft (the lakers for instance)

These are all great (though mostly untenable) ideas

The Nets aren't moving Favors - I doubt at this point they'd move him to get Carmelo.

The Wolves aren't moving Love - they'll fire Rambis before they do that and find a coach who knows how to make the most of the lovely-bees.

The sixers have bad contracts, no one wants, no matter how well Elton Brand plays his value is depressed because he has one of the five worst contracts in the NBA right now (The Clips desperately want to move Baron Davis, no one wants him either, you don't think the wiz would move Arenas in a heart beat)

Expiring contracts are probably at an all time low in value due to the pending lock out (don't gotta pay anyone), the vast array of expriring contracts on almost every team and teams like the cavs, raps, and others, sitting on large TPE's because of last years frenzy of player movement.

Carmelo basically only wants to go to New York, so as I said above, the Nuggets aren't really dealing in a position of strength, and the person most in need of an immediate Carmelo trade is Carmelo to get his big fat extension before the lock out / new CBA shafts him (it might any way but still)

The sixers aren't going over the luxury tax to facilitate a deal. The sixers won't pay the luxury tax if they can avoid it, it's why Andre Miller only got a one year offer, it's why Sam was traded for Hawes/Nocioni even if it puts them over the luxury tax for next season, that's a problem for the next off season (and another bad off season deal made in the name of the bottom line).

The sixers have three valuable trade assets - Jrue, Holiday, Iguodala. Lou Williams has SOME trade value, but not until the sixers start featuring him as a 2 guard and not a point guard, and really he's not good defensively so all he brings is a scoring punch off the bench, and is that something you can really get good value for? Willie Green looks like a scoring punch off the bench now that he's on a team with more assets and being used properly.

The mistakes that led to this current problem go all the way back to 2002. The moment Larry Brown left this team they should have started rebuilding, but they didn't, and they dug their hole deeper and deeper, and now they're screwed.

The sixers are my team, and I'd never give up on them, but until someone whose primary concern is winning and not stock holders buys the team and hires smart basketball people to run the franchise, the team isn't really going to go anywhere.

If you trade Iguodala and are willing to take on a bad contract and pay luxury tax you might get a better overall haul than the way the sixers will go about it.

As far as I'm concerned, the only pieces they should keep right now are Jrue, Turner and Speights (cause he's cheap) and the rest should be moved to collect assets, if you have to pay the luxury tax for a year or two to increase the haul, then do so. If you build a consistent winner, you'll make the money back in time, but from what I see that's not how COmcast thinks. Comcast is looking to improve the bottom line year over year, they need to make their stock price look as good aspossible, they have this NBC merger to worry about, and Ed Snider still cares more about the flyers than he does the sixers.

Step 1. New Ownership, a non corporate entity, devoted to winning, but smart enough to know they need to hire smart people (the red sox model, not the cowboys model) to run the team.

Step 2. Target who you want, be it jerry west or some other person, to rebuild this franchise, give them total authority and pay them enough money to take this thankless job that no one (fan/ media) will appreciate until it shows results, no matter how often you preach for patience or explain it takes time...there is no instant gratification in this plan, even with lottery luck, building a winning team in Phlly will take a long time.

Step 3. Allow GM to pick his coach, give them 5 years (yes i said five) and get out of their way. Listen to the GM's plan, if you believe in it, ignore the record while the rebuilding occurs, ignore the media out cry, stop listening to the fan whining, they'll come back if you win, and your attendance really can't get worse.

The foundation of the building is cracked, it's badly poured and you need to fix the foundation. Admittedly I've never built a house, but I would think the only way to repair a foundation as broken as the sixers is to tear down the entire house, repair the foundation and then build the house properly.

The house is built on land called 'Sixerville". The foundation consists of ownership, GM, and Coach. Until the foundation is rebuilt in its entirety, I don't think the sixers will contend.

Obviously, numerous people will disagree with me, and a few of you will feel the need to insult me personally based on what I just said, but it's just my opinion, but it's been my opinion for a few years now.

Well you could say that Thorn/Collins are the GM and Coach that the team will blindly follow. Probably not the worst guys for the task.

As for the money part, the Sixers have ownership that lack passion but not pockets. The only team that is bad and over the tax in NY. Almost every other club works the same way. they go over the tax if they are winning. They stay under the tax if they are losing.

In fact the Sixers have one of the highest payrolls for a lottery team. They have had a top 10 payroll at least 5 of the last 10 years. They spent 200M one summer on Brand/Iguodala/Lou.

Comcast is not a perfect owner... but their unwillingness to spend has not been the cause of their troubles. The 7 coaches in 7 years and the hope for incremental improvement has a lot more to do with it.

Comcast is not a perfect owner... but their unwillingness to spend has not been the cause of their troubles. The 7 coaches in 7 years and the hope for incremental improvement has a lot more to do with it.

How much better would the sixers be if Miller was still here and Dalembert was on the roster?

Long term... not better at all.

When it comes to Sam I totally disagree, I think he should have been kept and extended, yet he wasn't, for luxury tax reasons

Dervin reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 15:49

But what would keeping Sam or Andre Miller give us?
4-8? 5-7? 6-4? Another 1st round exit if we are lucky?

I've accused the Sixers of not having a plan, so any plan would be a step up.
The two basic plans are
1) Get older and make a run now.
2) Get younger and start the run two years from now.
3) Build up from undervalued cast-offs.
4) Get Lucky in the draft with a once in a lifetime talent.

Plan #1 was executed successfully by Boston and pretty much nobody else in the last 20 years. Plan 3, worked only for the Pistons. And only the Spurs pulled off plan #4 successfully.

Getting younger is the best bet for the Sixers.
Every trade must be in direction of having the Sixers get younger (expiring contracts are the same thing).

Will we get equal value for Iggy? Not until two or three teams need him. Will we get equal value for Brand/Lou/et al? No.

But if somebody comes along and offers us Draft picks, expiring contracts or young players, the Sixers should take it.

Keeping Sam under contract gives you one of the best defensive bigs in the league whose offense doesn't suck more than Spencer Hawes. He's still pretty healthy and young enough that he probably has 3-4 more years left

Then you've got Iguodala AND Dalembert with 3-4 years before a decline is coming

Turner AND Jrue on the upswing

That's a nice quartet I believe.

Maybe keeping Miller wouldn't have been smart, dumping sam was stupid short and long term in my opinion, hard to find guys who can defend and rebound like he can


I'm not impressed with Collins so far to say he can still coach in the NBA.

Thorn - well he hasn't done much yet - so we'll see - but the direction the nets were headed is on him.

Also, the reason I think the sixers would need to go over the tax short term has to do with the situation they are in (salary and contract wise) to make trades that help the team long term. The primary goal needs to be obtaining assets that will help the team in the future, youth and picks, the more money you are willing to take on from other teams the more they have to give you what you really want to take their 'bad money' back.

I'm not saying you have to be over the tax to win i'm saying the sixers need to be willing to go over the tax short term to get out of the hole they've dug

Does anyone have any feedback on some of the top college prospects? Tough to tell from youtube mixtapes how good Barnes, Perry Jones, and Sullinger might be and frankly I don't watch enough college bball. I think the best scenario would be where the Sixers make a move to acquire Gortat, or possibly clear enough cap room with a trade to sign Marc Gasol after the season. Gortat will be 27 next season, Gasol 26 - two big, more than serviceable centers for the next 4-5 years. I look at Brand's contract as money that will be used to sign Jrue and ET down the road. And hopefully we get the #1 pick this year and add an impact guy at the 3 or 4 position (assuming we've moved Igoudala).

Marc Gasol is a restricted free agent, you'd have to over pay him TONS to get him and put a poison pill on the front end, I don't think it's very likely Memphis isn't going to match. Supposedly the name in play in Memphis is OJ Mayo because they won't be able to sign him unless the new CBA is very nice to them somehow.

Now, Zach Randolph is a big fat expiring deal that can't work out any arrangment with Memphis on a contract extension, maybe the sixers could swing a deal with Iguodala in it where Randolph helps salary match (that's not all they get) I'm not suggesting it I'm just spitballing.

Gortat has been floated as a 'trade piece' for the past two seasons and all the media and bloggers say 'trade for him' and yet Orlando doesn't move him. Orlando has no motivation to move him at this moment, he's their back up center, he's very good at it, and orlando needs bench depth to contend. What do the sixers offer that make Orlando give up gortat?

Marty reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 11:27

Orlando is looking to win championships, right? So even though they are dominant on the interior w/ Howard, wouldn't they stand to improve their chances by improving their perimeter D (especially if they have to beat the Celtics, Heat, or Lakers)? Nelson is a nice player but not a defensive force, same with VC, and which of their SFs are true "stoppers"? So...what about Igoudala and Battie for Gortat and Pietrus (and maybe a pick)? Orlando would then have Nelson, Carter, Igoudala, Lewis, Howard with Duhon, Redick, QRich, Bass, Battie, and Orton. It also would allow them to let Carter walk after the season, replacing with a cheaper, younger Igoudala. Do you think that's not enough for Igoudala?

So...what about Igoudala and Battie for Gortat and Pietrus (and maybe a pick)?

Orlandos picks in the first round have less value than a second round pick early in the second round actually.

The Magic have a system, they think they can win with it, to change that system they'd have to change their coach, and Iguodala ain't fitting that system (and Vince Carter is an expiring deal that Orlando would move for the right piece)

Not to mention I think Gortat is very over rated around here and is a nice solid bench player but not a huge game changing kind of player.

The core, really, is Jrue and Evan, if you're rebuilding, that's your core, and if Iguodala is 'too old' to be part of the core for the time being, why isn't Gortat?

I actually agree with GoSixers that Gortat is slightly overrated. And as i said before he's not the kind of piece you move Iguodala for. If you can trade for Gortat without giving up JTI, go for it. Otherwise Gortat is not worth it.

So to answer Marty's question: NO, that's not enough for Andre.

khouse reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 18:34

So of those who currently sit on our bench would you describe as "solid"?

No one on the sixers bench is solid - lou does one thing - when it doesn't work - he stinks

khouse reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 18:36

You trade them Williams who would provide scoring off the bench!

I'm not going to be upset if the sixers don't trade Iguodala, because at this point I have very little faith that the front office will make a good deal that will benefit the team going forward. But I don't see why they wouldn't at least consider it if the sixers could get a good young frontcourt player like Ibaka that would compliment Jrue and Turn......Ohhh what's the point? If they do trade Iguodala it will be for a bunch of useless crap anyway. I'll just be resigned to stabbing myself in the head repeatedly with a fork for the rest of the season watching Big Spence try to rebound the ball with his face. :(

I don't think the Thunder would give up Ibaka for Igoudala. They don't have enough contracts to facilitate a trade for Igoudala (Peterson is the only guy they have), And in the end Ibaka is closer to a PF than a C, mostly because he's slightly undersized for a C.

The Thunder are another team that is going to have to pony up more money soon and decide what to do with guys. The Harden pick was a mistake and to become a real contender they have to accept that.

Ibaka should be starting on that team and they should figure out what Westbrook and Green will cost them long term.

I think Iguodala fits on a team like New Orleans, or Portland (now that Roy is basically done being healthy and at a high level, out indefinitely, that 'high risk high reward picks' coming back to bite portland in the ass) if they want to continue to try and contend with their hobbled players.

I think Iguodala is a strong trade asset but I don't think he fits every roster, which is a problem

Yeah I see what you're saying, but Iguodala for Ibaka and Peterson works cause OKC is under the cap right now. I think they would consider it because the trio of westbrook, durant, and andre would be awesome plus Green is more of a power forward, right? They need another good defensive player to really compete out west and Iguodala would be so good playing off those 2 guys. But you're right it probably wouldn't happen anyway because the sixers don't even have that kind of stuff on their radar. Instead they will target LaMarcus Aldridge. Great.(shaking my head)

I've so far seen every minute of every game those guy have played, but you're talking about out of conference games against inferior comp, so it's hard to take too much from.

I like Barnes a heck of a lot, I think he'd complement Jrue and Turner very well. Doesn't project to be a Durant type game-changer because he's not an athletic freak and I don't think projects to be a dominant slasher. But I think he's going to be above average at virtually every facet offensively, and should be a very good perimeter shooter when all is said and done. He gets good elevation on his shot, and should be able to get it off with ease in the NBA, it's a quick release, and should be able to extend it to nba 3 pt range with ease. Like I said, I don't think he'll be a great penetrator, but I wouldn't call it a weakness either. He's not a poor ballhandler and he has good touch. Plus he's an extremely hard worker and doesn't need to dominate the ball to be effective. He's clearly the top prospect in this class, and I don't expect that to change. The only guy right now I really feel has franchise player potential, although Kyrie Irving might.

I think both Jones and Sullinger are overrated at this point. I see Jones as more of a perimeter 3, but I've got a lot of questions on him putting his physical tools together and maximizing his ability. His effort can be inconsistent, his shot selection sometimes questionable, and his peripherals not as good as you'd like.

Sullinger's a man amongst boys right now, but I have major reservations about his post game translating. Right now, Buford and Craft have been getting him a lot of easy, uncontested dunks. He's still a little methodical in the post, and his lift isn't all that great. He gets it off against the collegiate players he'll see, but against NBA length and athleticism, I don't think he's a post player you can run your offense around. He should be a very good rebounder and a good defender, although his physical limitations could show up on the defensive end as well. But, he seems to rotate well defensively and hustle shouldn't be a problem, and should be a force on the defensive glass. Another hard worker/good kid.

Doesn't Barnes translate as a back court player in the NBA?

Do you think Turner could be an NBA 3, or Barnes?

He can play either. He'll have the size to play the 3.

See the comment below what you wrote, i actually for some reason got the impression barnes was a guard...shame on me for chad ford :)

My bad, for some reason I thought Barnes was a guard, not 6'8 :)

Hersey Hawkins on Nov 19 at 12:40

Gortat=Scott Williams

The error

Tweet from Fagan-

"AI wouldn't talk last night, and he's not expected to talk tonight. Word is he's only talking to HBO. And we're not HBO."

Holy shit what a waste of money to send her over there.

It was a waste of money the moment they decided to spend it. Iverson is not relevant to the nba any more

Rich reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 13:14

They shouldn't have sent her there, she's the Sixers beat writer. When they did, they should have confirmed he's talk to them.

Still, he's probably the highest profile player to ever play overseas. It was a huge story when he went to Turkey, so he still has some relevance. He's also beloved in the city, I could see the logic if they thought it would sell a few papers.

sfw reply to Rich on Nov 19 at 13:11

I guess he's looking for an HBO documentary OR maybe already has one.

Might just be a real sports segment, makes some sense. A whole documentary about Iverson probably wouldn't draw (HBO does some asesome sports documentaries, the OSU Michigan one is classic) but they have their monthly real sports.

The question is is it about Iverson or is it about faded NBA stars who go to 2nd tier euro / china leagues (starbury) to try and continue their careers?

As a hypothetical, I was trying to come up with a Boston-like scenario using these parallels:

The year before the KG/Ray Allen acquisitions:
-Iguodala like Pierce misses a ton of games with nagging injuries... padding the loss column.

-Pump up the value of young guys (Jrue, Lou, Turner, Speights, Thad) by helping them pad their stas on a bad team.

Then make a series of moves to land 2 stars using your young guys and the next 2 years #1 (unrestricted) draft picks.

-Not sure who you target. Maybe Melo and CP3? (once they start losing.) Then in 2 years flip Brand's expiring for a big.

So maybe:

Jrue + Speights + Thad unrestricted #1 in 2010 and 2013 for CP3 (like the KG trade.)

Turner + Thad + Lou + 2011 #1 + expirings for Melo.

Min guy (Dampier?)

Then trade Brand as an expiring for a C in 2 years.

Rich reply to tk76 on Nov 19 at 13:49

If only those two guys weren't headed into their prime now You used Thad twice too.

Yeah, the age thing majorly increases their value as compared to KG and Allen, who were both in their 30's when acquired.

But I can't seem to ID any similar slightly past their prime players. Maybe Duncan and Rip, but Duncan will retire a Spur.

Rich reply to tk76 on Nov 19 at 13:59

Add in that those were two fleecings even with their advanced ages. I don't know if we'll ever see that happen again. The C's really had Jefferson, and that was it as far as valuable commodities go.

Rich reply to Rich on Nov 19 at 13:59

Oh and Rondo(and maybe Perkins) too. Didn't give him up though.

And PP is better than AI.

But since the Sixers have potentially more tradable commodities, maybe they could pull it off?

AI as in Iguodala

Rich reply to tk76 on Nov 19 at 14:07

No, I don't think they could really come close. That team would be great though.

There is no move that can be made to put this team up for "contention".

This has to be blown up - the problem is we can't get rid of Brand. No one will take him. Ever. I am sure of this. So we have to suck up the 3 years and $50M left in his contract and that will hamper our rebuilding.

After that, I think we have to trade Iggy. I like him, and he could/should be an impact player for a very good team as a 3rd-4th option where he only has to worry about defending and moving without the ball. But, for us, we hames too much money and we don't have a light at the end of the tunnel. I would like to see management try to get maybe 1 or 2 young pieces and salary relief for him - and I am fairly certain we won't be able to get a blue chip prospect for him. But guys like Batum, Chase Budinger, etc will have to do. I mean, we are not getting Derrick Favors.

Lastly, I do not dislike Collins but I was really disappointed they brought him in. I mean, the outlook for this team was never THAT good (at best an 8th seed), then why bring that type of coach? Why not roll the dice with a young coach who would cost less money and would grow up with the team? I was hoping for Dan Majerle or something like that but it didn't happen.

So, I think we should trade Iggy; give Jrue and Turner 38 minutes a night; see if we can get any future 1st for Lou/Thad; and hope we can land a big man in next year's draft. And PLEASE ban Spencer Hawes.

Iggy for LaMarcus Aldridge?

You just made Brians day

But seriously - why would portland make a deal like that?

Joe reply to GoSixers on Nov 19 at 16:03

Christ, why would the Sixers make that deal?


This team doesn't need a big who can't score remotely efficiently or rebound. We have a surplus of them already.

If you want Aldridge, just play Speights and Brand... Aldridge lies somewhere in between.

Actually, I was joshing Brian. Brian wouldn't make that trade either, he has hate in his heart for 'super star' Lamarcus Alrdridge :)

Yeah, I agree. No way the Blazers make that deal. As it is, the Blazers are thin in the frontcourt (only Aldridge, Camby and Przybilla), why would they trade him for another wing?

I say the Sixers likely trading partners look something like Houston, Orlando, Dallas (not that they have anything interesting), Minnesota (probably not anymore). Could the Clippers or Oklahoma City make an interesting offer?

The clippers couldn't really make an interesting offer (I don't find Davis or Kaman interesting ;)

I already stated why I ddidn't think OKC would.

Houston I guess, but aside from all of NY's draft picks what do they have they'll give up and they just got rid of Ariza, do they want a slightly better ariza?

Dallas, meh - nothing of interest - no good youth, no draft picks any time soon

I don't htink Minnesota was ever a player for Iguodala if Love was available...

I honestly think the best place for Iguodala is probably New Orleans but I don't know there's enough there to satisfy the sixers without a 3rd team

Joe reply to AJ on Nov 19 at 16:29

Aldridge doesn't make them thick in the front court. That is for sure...

I wouldn't move anybody until the new year rolls around. I'd be looking to move Lou or Thad or some of our expiring contracts for a middle 1st round pick. I'd move them to a team that's looking for some bench scoring (hello Memphis or Houston (with an extra pick to burn)).

As far as the draft goes, if we couldn't luck into the 1st pick for Barnes, what about the possibility of drafting both of the bigs from Lithuania?

johnrosz on Nov 19 at 18:10

Gallinari is the best that this team can do in an Iguodala trade IMO. Not ideal, but he's young and a definite piece. I actually don't think I'd do it, I only want front court players in return for Iguodala. Talent wise, I think Galo is their best realistic option though in any swap

If the sixers end up with Gallinari in any trade of Iguodala I might finally become a clippers fan

Just got home. Great thread, guys. I actually feel a little better after reading it than I did when I wrote the post. Not sure why.

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