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Sixers Around the Web - Nov. 21st

Good read, thanks for putting this together GoSixers.

I wonder what else the Hornets were willing to give up aside from Peja for Iguodala. I don't think there's enough on their roster.

There's some tangential stuff out there that COULD spur sixers discussion as well...

Marc Stein wrote this weekend that there are teams out there (Dallas and Houston were his examples) that would be willing to trade for Carmelo Anthony without the extension. The standard 'when he gets here he'll love it and stay theory'. Of course those teams that obtain him can offer him more money (for now) than the Knicks.

Obviously if someone trades for Carmelo without getting the extension, the Nuggets probably get less back but there was also intimation that the Nuggets could still get Favors in a Carmelo deal

Great idea for a column.

Tom Moore on Nov 21 at 11:32

Sixers could benefit from more divisional games:


Tom Moore on Nov 21 at 11:32

Sunday NBA column: Should Sixers' Thorn think more long-term in making trades?


For those who cared, the way the Raptors/Hornets trade worked out - the raptors only used about 2.8 million of their exception for Bayless (who is very psyched to wear a head band again) and Peja's expiring helped them clear an extra 7 million after this season (jack and andersen)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Nov 21 at 12:03

So was it about dollars or sense... or a bit a both?

From everything I've read (I was writing something for Brian yesterday but it's too damn long, anyone here a good editor?) it was mostly financial for the Raptors, they save more money and have more cap space I guess in the off season.

For New Orleans, it was both it turns out, and a little bit more. They are now under the luxury tax which they were loathe to pay while still making their bench depth better as Jack is an immediate upgrade over Bayless. Also, Jack and Paul are supposedly quite good friends, so it also makes Paul happier and that's important to them as well.

Additionally, it makes Shinn less likely to self implode the team if the sale never happens, the sale supposedly will happen but the primary owner makes his money (one way) in oil from the Gulf and that industry has taken a little hit recently.

The sale most likely will happen but no one is entirely sure when it will be complete

It's "loath" to play. Loathe means to dislike intensely.

Yes I'm aware of what it means, I'm also aware that I wrote loathe to pay, not play.

New Orleans was going to make a move to get under the luxury tax because (like the sixers) they didn't want to pay it if they could avoid it. Unlke the sixers, the Hornets were able to make a move that might actually help their team on the court as well. Why's that you ask? Cause they didn't rush (in my opinion) into it like the sixers

And in rather disappointing 'local' to Philadelphia News, my high school alma mater (Lower Merion) is dedicating a new gym to the most illustruous sports alumnus they can think of Kobe Bryant I was notified via an email today (I can't get off the damn mailing list)

Tickets of course are being sold for as little as 25 bucks ($250 for VIP tickets if you want em, a meet and greet with special guests but no mention of Kobe) www.lmsd.org/kobe.

Next year, I believe they will dedicate the history class rooms to that most famous almunus Alexander Haig

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Nov 21 at 12:26

"a meet and greet with special guests but no mention of Kobe"

It is with Kobe:

from that link:

"6 PM in the Aces Nation Atrium WITH Kobe Bryant"
"An Evening with Kobe Bryant: Gymnasium Dedication"

Ah, missed that part. I wonder if my high school will be on natoinal news for a second time due to Kobe Bryant (his announcement from said gym was national news back in the day)

ESPN2 is airing the consolation and championship game from Puerto Rico today, UNC is in the consolation game at 5:30 eastern 2:30 Pacific against Vandy

I'm glad Fagan went to Turkey, this is an interesting article:


Sadly, Iverson played today on NBATV against a legit European team - Webber did the color commentary - and he only scored two points.

I've had a couple days away from basketball. Checked box scores for the first time a couple of minutes ago and was greeted by this gem.

24 minutes, 3/11 from the floor, 7 points, 4 turnovers, 6 fouls. DeMarcus Cousins, ladies and gentlemen!

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 22 at 0:53

Isn't this like last year when I'd go, "Curry had 5 fouls and 4 turnovers tonight" (this actually happened on a very regular basis)? He's a rookie! I'd also note that "Kings rookie center DeMarcus Cousins had a three-point play to cut the Hornets’ lead to two points with 32 seconds left."

Back to Curry, though, I watch a lot of Golden State because I'm a Monta fan and this idea that he's a great point guard is a misconception. Curry will make several pretty passes in a game, but possessions that start with him bringing up the ball end half of the time in Curry pull-up threes, or Curry driving through three defenders to the basket. (This is especially the case in transition.) When he's not taking the shot himself, he just dumps it off and hangs out at the three-point line. By contrast, when Monta's at point he actually probes the defense and creates shots for people. As inconsistent as Holiday is, he's ten times the point guard that Curry is, though nowhere near the scorer or shooter.

Yeah, the main difference is that curry actually produced while making mistakes. Cousins just gives you the bad stuff. And I agree, curry is a shooting guard. I think he'd be perfect next to jrue.

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