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Sixers Draft Index: 2010-2011

Just in case anyone who has espn3.com access hasn't realized it, Espn3 archives games that can be watched at any time. Espn3 has Baylor vs La Salle archived, 2 North Carolina games, a couple Duke games archived, and other colleges with top prospects.

I watched about 20-25 minutes of Perry Jones play vs La salle and overall was a bit underwhelmed by him. His Athleticism and height were a lot of fun to watch, he still has a ways to go in figuring out how to use them to his advantage. I don't think that he will be able to play the 4 in the NBA anytime soon and would be a bad idea of a team to draft him with the intention of converting him to a 4, has potential to be a very good SF.

-Played the 5 in Baylor's 2-3 zone and didn't look good to me, was constantly putting himself in an exploitable position that led to easy points for la salle.
-Loved his rebounding effort, Boxed out on just about every play, maybe too a fault, would box ppl out at the 3 point line instead of going to the basket to get the rebound (not sure if that's optimal).
-He looked tired halfway through the first half, but even in conservation mode he is still effective. In the final 5-6 minutes of the game he was a non factor, just looked like he was out of energy in my opinion.
-Was constantly moving on offense trying to get open.
-Good handle and passing, Has a good shot from 15 feet but needs to work @ finishing around the rim, missed a lot of chances near the rim.

How would the draft positions be determined for the 2012 draft if there is a lockout next season? Would the standings from this season just roll over?

Watched some of Barnes last night(most of 2nd half). Didn't stand out athletically. Needs to get stronger. If I didn't know who he was I really wouldn't have noticed his game. I'm sure he'll progress playing for Williams but if he's the concensus number 1, it may not be a very good year to be at the top of the draft.

deepsixersuede on Nov 22 at 8:20

E.Kanter and Sullinger, to me are two guys to consider if we don't get a top 2 pick. It seems Barnes, like Wall is the consensus #1 and Jones may be the #2. Mason Plumlee may be an option if we start getting wins and drop down a bit.

Derek, Is Jones gonna be a 4 down the road? Is it close after Barnes, between Jones, Kanter and Sullinger, in your opinion? I value your opinion.

I'm a Barnes fan (specifically in terms of fit on this team), but he's not the consensus #1 that Wall was at this stage of the year. Not even close in terms of prospect status, IMO.

Is their a general feeling that next year will be a weak draft. No real can't miss stars and possibly less underclassmen declaring because of the looming lock-out?

I think it's still too early to tell. I would agree that I don't see a "can't miss" prospect in this draft. Right now I'd have Harrison Barnes rated as the #1 prospect in the draft, but I can't say that he's a lock t be so by the end of the collegiate season, and I don't think he's a can't miss superstar like Wall. Each of the 5 top prospects I have legitimate reservations about.

Again, there's a lot I like about Barnes, and about all of the top prospects, but I don't view them as can't miss.

Off the top of your head, is their another Lebron or Shaq out their that is a few years away?

I honestly don't know the prep game well enough to say.


I'm not sure if this is just my pessimistic outlook or what, but it just figures that there's a pending lockout when the Sixers are again probably going to be in position for an extremely high draft pick.

The fact that they have to declare before the June 30th deadline worries me greatly. I don't know how many, but there will be some guys who don't come out because of the lockout, I'm hoping it won't be the top guys, but you can't really blame them. I guess they could potentially sign one-year deals in Europe if the season is lost, but a second year in college may not look like a bad option to them depending on where the CBA talks are by then.

Since the draft is BEFORE the CBA expires, will players drafted be subject to the rookie deal in the new or old CBA? And does anyone really think the rookie salary scale is going to be adjusted much?

Honestly, I still think Stern wants to keep guys in college longer and that he's not bringing it up cause it's one of those minor things he'll slip in after the players and league compromise on the major things, and the players will just be like 'whatever'. I think it's likely that the new CBA will have a '2 year' rule, possibly even 3 (but if you ever read the espn draft initiative thing, 2 years might be enough for good evaluation Insider Only). Stern wants to keep guys in college longer (and honestly, the players should want it too as it can keep older guyes in the league longer) so I see an increase to at least 2 years after this CBA, which doesn't really affect guys who don't come out, but if rumblings start coming about three years, then guys might have to spend an extra year in college after the lock out.

Austin Rivers looks like a more naturally gifted Stephen Curry... He has the athleticism to be good on D and can literally score from anywhere on the court in so many ways. He's one of those combo guard guys at the NBA level though (at least I think) and you can never trust them..

A 2012 guy I have heard all good things about is Ricardo Ledo- Supposedly has all the prototypical SG tools and a solid offensive game.

I like Sullinger the most for the Sixers 2011 draft... but haven't seen much of the other guys outside of highlights.

From the little I've seen this draft is the kind of draft where after #1 (if barnes becomes a consensus) you might draft for need at #2 based on 'equivalency' of talent.

DX has two big men in the top 7

Kanter a C out of Kentucky Sullinger out of OSU

Don't know if you guys know about this (I just found it) but ESPN has this link here lists every division 1 game on a given day and if they're available on ESPN networks or ESPN FUll court (I jumped ahead to a saturday in December and they listed CBS and CBS college sports, so it might be a comprehensive list). Seems like a good thing to check out to see if you can find the player you want to find.

I don't think Barnes is consensus at all.

Well - almost 2 months later no one does - but at the time many people were very high on Barnes :)

what about donta montiejuas? The next Dirk? Sixers like big men that can pass and shoot.

There's an argument to be made that in drafting, sixers don't like Euros :)

When was the last time the Sixers used a #1 draft pick on a guy with a reputation as a quality interior defender? Outside of Sam and Sean Bradley I can't think of anyone since 1985? How do you go 25 years drafting only 2 defensive bigs ion the 1st round?

Of course they have spent a few 2nd rounders on the Sam Clancy and Kebu Stewarts of the world..

Joe reply to tk76 on Nov 22 at 12:52

Jerome Moiso comes to mind. Did they draft him?

Joe reply to Joe on Nov 22 at 12:54

Just checked. Moiso wasn't even here for a season. He was traded here, then traded away 2 months later.

For some reason I thought he wore a suit here for a year.

They traded a #1 for him... so it almost counts.

Should we just wait for Andre Drummond in 2012?

Make that 2013...

Tomas Perez reply to tk76 on Nov 23 at 15:12

Man it looks like that draft will be loaded with bigs.

Projecting the 2011 draft is a crap shoot right now - 2012 is impossible :)

The 2012 draft is impossible to forecast, Drummond is not.

One player does not a 'loaded with bigs' draft make does it?

Lou_23 reply to GoSixers on Nov 22 at 12:55

Ummmmmm Billy King said one day that if Iguodala didn´t drop, Biedrins was Sixers pick

He also desperately tried to trade up for Yi :)

He also preferred Dirk over hughes (or pierce, i forgot how that 3 way that the worst player possible was picked played out) but that's nice and all :)

Although Hughes wasn't as good as Dirk or Pierce, he had a better career than 5 of the 7 guys picked ahead of him.

That's thrilling (I guess) but all that means is a bunch of teams made stupid picks. One of the worst things Larry Brown did to screw over the sixers was mess up that pick.

Wait a minute, better than 5 of the 7?

Vince Carter

Which one of these 3 did Hughes have a better career than?

The more relevant point is that the two players chosen AFTER Hughes had much much (and still going well) better careers than Larry Hughes and in the sixers draft room only one person wanted Hughes while other folk wanted Dirk or Pierce

CM reply to Brian on Nov 22 at 20:20

Is Thad better than Yi?

I'd make that trade. Neither has been in an ideal situation to develop, with Yi bouncing between teams and Thad having a different coach every 9 months.

I'd take the bigger, and in limited observation, more skilled guy.

Tom Moore on Nov 22 at 13:26

Video: Holiday on Sixers' difficult schedule, trying to win two in a row


Tom Moore on Nov 22 at 16:19

Video: Collins on Iguodala returning, four games in five nights and owing the Wizards one:


Nocioni (left foot contusion toward end of practice) is listed as day-to-day.

deepsixersuede on Nov 22 at 20:08

Don't we have to pick for need if the talent level is close? If the Duke p.g. is the 3rd best player and we have the 3rd pick I hope they pick a big or trade down because the dirth of bigs is becoming glaringly apparent.

I wanted to ask Derek about the talent level but I think it's early in the season but I agree with you that if levels are close the sixers need to look at a big man

He looks like a Top 5 pick. Problem looks like his shooting is streaky.

Most 19 y/o's are streaky. I do like Irving. I'll can't really separate them into tiers yet, though.

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on Nov 22 at 23:24

I wonder if Ibaka's success makes a team reach early for the brazilian 7 footer [L.Noquera]. He is years away but could be something. What I do like about the Turner pick was he is a good player in the 1/2 court and notanother athlete that fits our so-called running style.

Just draft solid players that run on occasion instead of trying to put 5 greyhounds on the floor.

I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Sullinger from OSU. Unlike some of the young bigs, his body is NBA-ready. His touch and footwork seems very natural and he seems like a kid who "gets it" aka is willing to work and get better. I was checking out his highlights and what impressed me wasn't his dunks or alley-oops on smaller high school kids, but his handle against guards. His height isn't great (I really hope he's a true 6'8"), but I'll be honest, I see some Charles Barkley in him. Probably closer to Paul Millsap or gasp, a young Elton brand, I would take any of the above. I actually really like the idea of drafting this kid and having him come off the bench for a year or two and learn from Elton.

Did you ever see Corliss Williamson play in college. He was the classic example of a dominant undersized, middling athletic collegiate big.

Barkley was a freak aberration because he was a freak athlete.
Brand has crazy long arms, that makes him physically more like someone who is 6'11 than 6'8.

Sullinger probably has a chance to be the next Boozer- which is still pretty good.

Anyone see Yarou from Villanova the other night? He had 16 boards in 27 minutes, along with 13 points and 3 blocked shots. Apparently he has also only been playing basketball for four years. Derek, any thoughts?

Rich reply to Jesse on Nov 27 at 13:34

He's still pretty raw, but it looks like he has a good solid foundation to build on. No bad habits, good form on his FTs, solid defensive position (although he, like everyone else on Nova, fouls way too much). My one question with Mouph is if he'll ever get a back to the basket game. He's still a face-up guy with no real jumper to speak of.

He probably will stay a few more years there unless he really blows up.

Sixers usually play Portland well for some reason. They're 4-2 against them in their last six games (since 07-08), plus Portland is reeling right now.

Then again, a loss wouldn't shock me.

Really, wrong thread? Dammit.

eddies' heady's on Dec 1 at 22:27

While subject to possibly change, as of right now, assuming no big man distinguishes himself, I'd take Kyrie Irving with the #1 pick in the draft. And yes, even if the Sixers were to end up with the first pick I'd still select him.

Wonder if Jrue could succeed, or be better suited at playing off-guard? When compared to Evan? Just a random thought.

A guy who's been described as the next Rod Strickland?

Looks like he had a great night tonight. It'd be really fun to draft a guy at the one position you legitimately have filled for the foreseeable future. Sounds like something they'd love to do, actually.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 17:42

I think we should hire eddie's heady's as GM, then at least we'd get some NBA blog media coverage for all the loony moves we'd make. He could out-Kahn Kahn.

Watched the Kentucky-ND game tonight and while T-Jones had an impressive stat line (27-17)wasn't sold on how his game will translate to the NBA. I don't think he has the speed or quickness to play the 3, and not big enough to play the 4 in the NBA. Won't be a good fit with Jrue and Turner, doesn't have the shot.

So far not too excited with the top draft prospects.

Jason reply to Jason on Jan 3 at 5:05

NBA draft now has Terrence Jones @ #2, watched him vs Louisville and still don't see him being worth a top 10 pick .

What do people think of John Henson?

deepsixersuede reply to GoSixers on Dec 12 at 16:04

He seems to be improving and living up to the hype this year. And he has an affect on the defensive end. He and Mason Plumlee are my 2 Sixer favorites as of now because they play both ends and have size. Derek, Jones from Baylor and Henson are of similar size but Henson seems more of a p.f. . Can Jones grow into that position or would it be bad to try to force it on him?

I like him. A lot!!! He's the only guy in the upcoming draft that makes sense for the Sixers IMO.

Thorpe wrote something about his this week saying he's a top 5 pick but DX has him listed as the 12th best in the draft, so I was wondering if maybe he's one of those talented guys who slip (ala Jrue and Thad) that the sixers seem to do well drafting.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 12 at 18:05

Have you seen him play? I just don't really see the big deal with him yet. I know about the athleticism, but is it that great? His block and rebound numbers are great.

People love his talent, but he's still a stringbean. My other concern with him involves his skill-set. What is it exacly? I guess some people think he could be like a Josh Smith type defender. He would get bullied with his current physique IMO. I'll reserve judgment for later though, haven't seen enough of him to even take a guess at what he might/could be.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Dec 12 at 18:26

You're right, he's just a lanky scrub with no shot outside of 7-8 feet with no defined position. Can't even shoot free throws. He's worse than Brandan Wright or Anthony Randolpy when they were coming out of UNC and LSU respectively. Move along, nothing to see here.

completely different player than wright, and a different mentality than randolph, who's had some some success in the league when focused.

I think 12-15 is about perfect for Henson, where his reward begins to outweigh his risk.

deepsixersuede reply to Rich on Dec 13 at 9:51

His shotblocking is what entices me and that is something our team really lacks. He and Ja. Johnson [Purdue] are stringbeans that are active bigs that block shots and that seems rare in college this season. That is why Jordan Hill intrigues me because I think Collins can turn an athletic, active guy into something here.

Johnson, to me, is more polished at this point. He has some post moves and looks like a true back to the basket player and a true defender at the 4 or 5. Henson's shot-blocking numbers are great, but just going off the games I've watched, he looks like a 4 stuck in a 3's body with the skill-set of a 5. Again, he's shooting over 50 percent, so he's not killing them on offense, but will he get those kind of high-percentage looks in the pros? I could change my mind on him though.

deepsixersuede reply to Rich on Dec 13 at 16:32

Seeing his improvement last year [nonexistant] to this year gives me hope he keeps getting better but I agree with your assessment of his game, position wise. The Brazilian kid may be worth a pick if we land after #10. He could be Ibaka #2 but can this team wait that long .[3 years?]

I'm not sure what this says about Barnes or Henson (or if it means anything at all): It looks to me as if Tyler Zeller is clearly UNC's best player.

The best player on a college team is not always the best NBA prospect on the same college team

Rich reply to GoSixers on Dec 18 at 18:46

Which is why I said I'm not sure what it means.

deepsixersuede on Jan 3 at 9:57

I hope Willie doesn't screw us again with us having to swap 2nd rounders with N.Orleans possibly; R.Jackson, if he drops to the 2nd round could be a nice bench big here and be a R.Evans type rebounder. Everytime I go to watch F.Melo, Jackson stands out.

NBAdraft.net moved Harrison barnes to #10 (ironically teh sixers pick lol) in the 2012 NBA draft.

Would be smart of Barnes to take another year in college imo.

NBADraft.net changes their mocks more than most sites, and it often seems it's done for reasons of increasing traffic (Like bleacher report slide shows) than any change in evaluation of the players themselves.

I don't think the impact of the lockout on the draft is really fixed yet - many experts release conflicting reports. You can't really know until you get there or until potential prospects say 'i'm staying an extra year because of a lock out'. If you think about it, staying an extra year because of a lockout means you'll just be in a more crowded draft. Salary is fixed based on draft position and if all those folks who would be drafted in 11 wait until 12, well some people aren't going to be drafted as high as they thought.

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jan 8 at 16:11

I agree 100% with you that financially Barnes should leave this year if he can be at top 10 pick. That said Barnes is still developing his game (assumed) and would not improve as much in the NBA as a rookie, if there is a lockout he would lose out on a lot of development, if he can't crack the rotation. Long term going to the NFL would hinder is long term progression and keep him from fulfilling whatever his potential is.

Is it better to develop your game in college or being paid by an NBA team?

If your career goal is to play professional basketball and you can be drafted in the top 10 - you go play professional basketball.

It's the same theory that has me concerned that maybe the presumptive #1 pick in this years (now next years) NFL draft doesn't love football, he's just naturally gifted at it.

Jason reply to GoSixers on Jan 8 at 16:28

If a player wants to get paid immediately then he should go into the draft this year and take the guaranteed 10+ million. But lets be honest, these players are going to make a ridiculous amount of money if they get to the NBA. If they want to reach their maximum potential its best to stay in college with the intent to improve your game. Long term if their maximum potential is reached they should make more money than if they took the money while being ill prepared for the NBA game and then did nothing with their opportunity.

That said I don't think many players have that kind of forsight.

deepsixersuede on Jan 27 at 10:09

An interesting name not currently on draft boards that I caught by accident and was very impressed with is T. Mbekwe of Minnesota. I wanted to see Sampson Jr. and this guy caught my eye; he fits the growing trend of undersized p.f.'s in the league today. He is 6'8" and 240 lbs. and seems to be a late bloomer. Would love Derek's opinion on him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 27 at 12:28

Since it looks like we may make the playoffs in the watered down east which means we'll pick somewhere in the high teens, can we be lucky enough to have Jimmer Fredette fall in our laps? I'd love to have this guy on our team as a backup for Jrue and also to play some two guard with Jrue, if not start. To make first-team all-state in New York for 2 straight years in high school is quite an accomplishment with all the talent that state produces each year.

You really want to try and target a back up point guard with the 15th pick?

eddies' heady's reply to Jason on Jan 29 at 10:42

I'm not quite sure that is all he may turn out to be. Hence, why I said play some shooting guard also. You give the guy an inch of space and he's getting his shot off.

A little take on Jimmer from David Thorpe comparing him to Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry at the NBA level:

"Crawford has a few inches on him (and is longer) and both guys are quicker and better shot-makers than Jimmer."

What does it mean to be a better shot maker? I always get confused on that. Does it mean a tough shot maker? Sometimes, these scouts say stuff that I have no clue what it means. Another is "wiry strong."

It's funny, the night he scored 43 everyone was raving about him. Then last night he looked kind of pedestrian, so now he's not a shot maker.

i wonder what the scouting would be on jimmer if he wasn't so boston friendly

Anyone know anything about Lucas Nogueira from Brazil? He's 18 and a legit 7 footer.

From everything I've read, the top of the draft looks like a disappointment. My buddy is from Cleveland and he's trying to talk himself into guys like Enes Kanter.

Maybe the tank route wouldn't have been great this year? Maybe we can get good middle round value like Jrue a few years ago?

Wouldn't it have to be a kind of deep draft to get good value in the late teens? This one seems flat, but flat in an untalented way.

As long as Dileo is still here - I'm confident wherever the sixers pick will be the best available player - i just hope he's a center :)

Rich reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 19:42

They said the same thing about the Jrue draft too, but that one turned out to be kind of deep.

There's guys that intrigue me in the mid to late first round of boards: Trey Thompkins of Georgia, The Morris twins, Mouph from Nova, Mason Plumlee, Jajuan Johnson. There looks to be some solid role players in the first round, which kind of closes the gap between the top and middle round picks.

I completely agree with this. There are always going to be players that have big potential, and there will always be impact players that have a low ceiling. If you're a team that needs imediate impact, draft rotation guy. If not then draft potential guys.

A "deep" draft just has guys that can make an immediate impact and have good potential. The thing about that is, a draft is deemed deep if there is just 1-2 of those guys.

eddies' heady's on Feb 12 at 18:58

See there's some chatter on Mason Plumlee around here lately, I just don't see him coming out this year. Think it's a long shot. Foresee him staying at Duke for several reasons, one of them being so he can play with all of his brothers when Marshall gets there next year.

Do you think Irving comes out?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 13 at 11:39

After him being injured and probably not coming back at all this year (there's a small window that he may return for the stretch run in the tournaments), I'd say no he won't come out.

The declaration date is so early, I probably agree. Though if he has a legit shot at going #1 overall (which he probably does), that would be hard to pass up.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 27 at 9:41

Who knows, but rumors are Kyrie is as good as gone. And on the weird chatter front, word is that Mason Plumlee is leaning toward declaring and the reasoning is so he can give his brothers more of a chance to play next year, Miles and Marshall. Never heard that one before.

deepsixersuede on Feb 20 at 13:50

Derek, can Deibler play a Korver role in the pros, he seems to give good effort on defense and has a quick release. And with the trend of shorter p.f.'s doesn't J.Johnson of Purdue get his shot off easy at the next level. Why is he a 2nd rounder? Less upside?

Spencer Flaws on Feb 23 at 22:57

look at harrison barnes's draft stock drop like a fly. Im glad he didnt sign with duke.

Guys what's your opinion on Nikola Mirotic? He's an intriguing guy IMO and is playing well for one of the better teams in Europe. Unfortunately he is probably a PF in the NBA and we are sort of set at PF. Derek what's your take on him?

eddies' heady's on Mar 18 at 21:23

Never thought I'd say this, in the same way as Ty Lawson but, wonder if we could be lucky enough to put something together to end up in a position to draft Harrison Barnes?

He would thrive with our current makeup. He'd be everything Doug would need to execute those isolations he and most every coach relies on, particularly at end of quarters/games.

Still haven't seen him play at all. Maybe I'll catch their next game.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 18 at 21:35

It's just, I really dislike unc, but I really disliked Larry Bird, as well as Michael Jordan. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't have had either on my team.

deepsixersuede on Mar 25 at 8:18

Derek, is Derrick Williams a 3 or 4 in the N.B.A. ? He reminds me a bit of S. Abdur-Rahim, who seemed to be a tweener for most of his career. He would look good in a Sixer uniform and worth trading up for.

Sullinger said last night he won't be entering the draft

DraftExpress's mock draft as of April 1st has us taking Jimmer at 17 over players like Jordan Hamilton, Kenneth Faried,Bismack Biyombo (a really interesting defensive big) and Markieff Morris. I personally think Hamilton and Faried are better prospects and better fits for our team. What do you guys think is the better decision?

Rich reply to adamfelz on Apr 6 at 2:38

I have an irrational love for Jimmer, but with the emergence of Meeks he would be absolutely superfluous. That would be a bad pick.

I'd love a chance to get Markieff Morris right now. Chris Singleton really intrigues me too, he looks like a plus NBA defender already. He could be like Bizarro Thad- just a tough matchup for anyone to score on, at the 3-4 position, and a little raw on offense. Not sure he can defend fours though, maybe someone else could chime in?

Yeah, Jimmer does fill the same role as Jodie. Faried is such a great rebounder that i'd love to be able to grab him, but a guy like Markieff or Biyombo could be the defensive big this team needs. Although, alot of players might stay in school so these guys could all be gone when we pick

Most Jimmer love that has people taking him in the top 5-7 seems to be irrational - dudes a bench go with no true position and not enough athleticism.

But man they love him in Utah (PS - check out Utah Jazz history drafting guys from BYU that the fans would drool over to see - not as much as you'd thin)

CM reply to adamfelz on Apr 6 at 8:55

I believe that DraftExpress' mock does not take team needs into account at this time of year

Perry Jones staying is an incredible mistake. He's not at a program that will help ready him for the NBA.

I guess it'll work out well for him if the entire season is lost to a lockout.

Bet you 100 bucks if he goes back for a second year of college he's drafted lower than he would have been this year. Lock out or no. Going back when you're as raw as Jones is is a bad idea

I only make $25K bets if there's escrow involved.

This is not about his draft positioning. This is about the inevitable lockout in the NBA. A lockout for a rookie is the worst thing that can happen to them, which is why a lot of people all season long have sent warnings that this years draft will be terrible. I don't understand why people are surprised, i actually expected half of the top prospects to stay in school because of the lockout. So far we have Sullinger, Jones... And i wouldn't be surprised if some of those that did declare will withdraw as we hear more and more about the lockout.

We get what it's about, we aren't stupid individuals, and I still believe you're wrong. It's a bad idea to go back to school if you're one of those raw talent guys cause more flaws are exposed, more work is required and yo're a year older, your value decreases just by being a year older.

The presumption that an entire season is going to be missed is a bad presumption, it might happen, or they might be forced by a judge to go into federally mandated mediation like the NFL.

Going back to school when you're a top 5 lottery pick is a bad idea. It always has been. (PS, there's no guarantee the new CBA doesn't have WORSE rookie contracts than this one so you might be costing yourself money as well if you aren't drafted under the old CBA - though I don't know for sure how it works.

I'm not discussing their decision to stay just the facts that they will decide towards staying more than in previous years. Staying when you are a top 5 pick this year will probably have a negative financial effect, but a positive effect in terms of improvement as players. So it's a matter of perspective nad how that decision impacts the player itself, the college and the teams high in the draft lottery.

Good thing we didn't tank this year btw...

. Staying when you are a top 5 pick this year will probably have a negative financial effect, but a positive effect in terms of improvement as players. S

It doesn't improve draft positioning because the draft will just be deeper next year and the 2012 #1 (assuming no second year is handed out) has already been anointed as Doc Rivers Jr. it seems.

How do you know it's a positive effect in terms of improvement as a player? Most colleges don't play NBA styl basketball, the rules are different and most rosters are lucky to have 2 nba players, at most, so it's more like playing in a crappy NBDL which doesn't help development at all.

All the reasons for a guy like sullinger or barnes skipping the draft are mostly crap, but I love how people keep shoveling.

I believe it was Mike Dunleavy Jr who said something similar (was on a Simmons podcast). He wished he came out earlier because practicing against NBA players was incredibly more challenging then playing college ball.

How many guys were 'high lottery' picks who went back to school for a year (or two) and slipped down the draft after they played more in college and exposed more flaws (yeah you Hansborough)

Derek can probably give us the exact numbers but high lottery picks hardly ever improve their draft positioning by going back to school

Do you guys think we should trade the 2011 first round pick for a 2012 first rounder? Would any team even be interested in such a trade?

Are we moving someone or getting a piece back in the deal? I'm sure we could and Thorn is probably savvy enough to make it worthwhile.

Barnes, Zeller and Henson all staying @ UNC.

Thinking about making my Final 4 reservations now...

eddies' heady's on Apr 22 at 23:40

Well, is it disappointing that Jordan Hamilton delcared and is hiring an agent and says he has a good feel for where he will be drafted? I'd say so because there's no way he falls to #16. He wouldn't declaratively come out for that. oh well...he would have been nice

Spencer Flaws reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 23 at 6:12

i like alec burks from colorado more than jordan hamilton.

eddies' heady's reply to Spencer Flaws on Apr 23 at 13:33

I like him too but not sure about his range from deep and weight and defense, though defense is a major concern with Hamilton too. Just was mentioning who may be around when we pick, as I think Burks will be gone in the lottery.

Spencer Flaws reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 18:38

yeah maybe he will be gone by then. I would try to get faried then. He's a nice rebounder and shot-blocker. I just hate that he's like 6'8

eddies' heady's reply to Spencer Flaws on Apr 25 at 12:09

Yeah, I feel the same way on him. Like some of his game but can't get past the height thing too. What about the Harper kid from Richmond, he's around 6'10, only saw him maybe three times at the end of this season. Like him better than Faried?

Spencer Flaws reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 25 at 17:48

i've never seen him play but i know who you are talking about.

Spencer Flaws on Apr 26 at 18:11

i looked up harper's numbers and it looks like he doesn't rebound anywhere near enough to last in this league.

deepsixersuede on May 1 at 8:29

I wonder how Brackins rates compared to the p.f.'s in this draft, the Morris's in particular? Can he ever get 8 rpg. at this level ?


I see Brackins as being very similar to the Morris twins.

No, I don't see Brackins ever being much of a rebounder.

If he measures out to a legit 6'10" Sixers will take Jordan Williams @ #16 - you heard it here first.

Huge mistake.

(BTW, you're not the first one to suggest taking Williams at 16 after his weight loss, so it most certainly wasn't heard here first).

He measured short - forget it

eddies' heady's reply to CM on May 18 at 19:52

I kind of like this guy, just can't get a hold of how his game will translate to the next level. He's got a little of both a face up game and back to the basket game.

deepsixersuede on May 19 at 7:24

Derek, I saw on the other thread that you aren't high on Tristan Thompson; I thought he was our best "big" option at #16; what are his shortcomings and how wide is the gap in upside between he and a guy like Bismack? Thanks!!!

Ai-Love_Hate reply to deepsixersuede on May 19 at 23:26

Thompson was listed at 6'9 w/o shoes for the combine which is not short for a power forward at all. If im the sixers, i would stay pat and look to get Tristan Thompson with this 16th pick.

God, this draft sucks...

If I were a GM I'd trade my picks just so I didn't have to watch it and/or be associated with it when it is looked back upon.

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